Hill-Wood hits back at Lady Nina

Kroeke and Peter Hill-Wood

Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood has hit back at claims by former director, Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, that the current board should resign.

Speaking on Twitter earlier this week, Bracewell-Smith called the Arsenal board ‘passe’ [sic] and said they had no more left to offer. However, speaking to the Daily Star the chairman said, “I wouldn’t pay any attention to it myself. I don’t know why she is suddenly sounding off.

“She put something like £100m in her pocket and she didn’t earn a penny of it. She should keep herself quiet and not complain”.

Bracewell-Smith acquired her shareholding via her marriage to Sir Charles Bracewell-Smith and became a non-executive director of the club in 2005. With £120m+ in her account since the sale to American Stan Kroenke, she can often be found on Twitter, opining about Arsenal.

She has since deleted the Tweets in which she said the board should resign and, after also criticising David Dein, backtracked and posted a glowing testimonial to the former director, who sold the shares he bought for £300,000 to Uzbeki Alisher Usmanov for £75m in 2007.

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