Arsenal bid for Mata confirmed


The father of Spanish international Juan Mata has confirmed that Arsenal lodged a bid to sign his son, only for the Gunners offer to be rejected by Valencia.

Arsene Wenger is known to admire the player’s qualities and with Barcelona thought to be closing in on a deal to sign Cesc Fabregas it has been widely speculated that the 23-year-old Los Che midfielder is the number one target for the Emirates outfit.

Speaking to, Juan Mata Senior confirmed:

“Valencia simply rejected their offer. After some hesitation they answered ‘no’ to the Gunners’ offer.

“So my son remains a Valencia player, for now. But I don’t think it’s their last offer.

“There are several offers for Mata and I think that Arsenal will come forward again. The situation is still evolving.”

It remains to be seen whether Arsene Wenger sanctions a second bid for Mata, however, with several reports indicating that the player’s buyout clause has more than tripled following the passing of a July 31st deadline, it appears that Arsenal could have to pay more than the original supposed £17.5 million asking price.

The situation is further complicated by reported interest shown by the likes of Tottenham Hotspur and Inter Milan, although Mata Senior remained coy on a bidding war:

“The Inter team has never directly contacted me. I read the newspapers and I know through mutual contacts in Milan that my son is in high esteem. We’ll see if Inter will step in directly. But I repeat: everything depends on the president of Valencia.”

If Inter Milan do prove to be one of Mata’s suitors it would represent the second time this summer that Arsenal have gone head-to-head with the Italian giants for a player’s signature. Last month Argentine winger Ricky Alvarez opted to move to the San Siro despite a prolonged attempt on the part of the Gunners board to seal a deal with his side Velez Sarsfield.



  1. Good news to hear that we have actually put a REAL bid in for a player of class,bad news that the bid was rejected.hope we sign mata!

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  2. Mata is already quality with a huge up side and age on his side. He won’t and shouldn’t be cheap so whoever signs him is going to have ti stump up a good sum. We’ve got cash to spend so unless it’s an oil money club, we should be able to outbid most teams including Inter. Let’s get this kid Arsene!

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    • i know barton isn’t everyones cup of tea, but I think he could be exactly what we need. We lack that real bite in midfield, someone who isnt afraid to put a foot in to win the ball. Barton has that, and although he’s controversial at best, hes a free transfer and the risks are minimal!

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      • not my cup of tea? cup of cyanide more like. We have go Frimpong backing up Song thanks. Remember anyone who uses the phrase in Arsene we rust is merely explaining to you that they are a moron.

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  3. Im afraid Arsenal are 24 hour too late

    A clause in his contract if Arsenal had signed him by yesterday he would have cost £18 mill

    as it is, he will now cost around £30 mill thanks to Spurs interference and delaying tactics.

    £30 mill is just way outside Wengers safety zone, the blokes got no bottle

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    • Haha, what a joke. How come nobody mentioned this before today eh? Everyone seemed to know that there was a clause for €20m in his contract, but nobody knew about this other ‘minor’ detail? I don’t buy it, just more transfer garbage, there’s no such ‘new’ clause.

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    • Aicher you obviously work fir arsenal probably at board level with your knowledge of players contracts and the clauses within. Either that or you’re a prat.

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  4. I’m not sure what to say really.

    In one hand, i’m glad we tried and it shows we have the right intentions…

    On the other hand, I just know Wenger isn’t paying over £25 million for a player.

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  5. There is no way a contract will contain a limited buy-out clause this is absolute rubbish. What good would it do to have one in there? I hope that we are looking seriously at this Mata (Pun Intended) without the Fabregas saga being a related issue. I still feel it could happen but i’m not getting any hopes up, would be a nice surprise though.

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  6. Even if (trying not to jinx here) we sign a player i’m worried that it might be a bit to late for the start of the season. We have an exstremly difficult and important start, so it’s beyound me why the club hasn’t bought anyone yet. Do they have time to blend in with the rest of the team?

    Barton is a fuckin’ madman but maybe it’s what we need. Not for tackling opponents, just for telling everyone at the club that next time you dont chase the ball to the very end you’ll have your eyes burnt out.

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  7. In other news, apparently Stoke are lining up a £9m swoop for Mick Bednaar. Surely we wouldn’t even let them have the crack addict, one would hope. Unless it was deliberate, then it would be OK, as the minimum 9 points he’d cost them might well be enough to get them relegated.

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    • eh… 145 apperences 47 goals from bendtner…thats his stats…so spooner..what about reading other newspapers that the 5 day old Sun newspaper you read while you are taking a crap…

      we should keep bendtner….

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  8. So then we didn’t fail to make the offer, the bid was rejected. The idea that you would have to pay 25m before August 1st to me seems nonsense, surely an agree

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  9. I love Wenger – and totally support him – but let’s get these transfers done! It’s getting more than a little crazy. This August is so important. We need to get on with it.

    (I need a very cold beer.)

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    • Well said mate. Lets all try to stay relaxed and not gobble up every piece of trash from our twisted full of shit media. They literally lie. All the time.

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  10. Here is a theory…
    Wenger lined up Mata as the replacement for Cesc not to play alongside. Would a formation with Mata AND Cesc be feasible?
    I think i remember Wenger gave Barca a CUoCO deadline of July 31st and said he stays if they don’t make a reasonable offer by then. So perhaps he knew about the clause?

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  11. what’s with this “if u pay after this date,the price will be rise” clause?can u really have sumthin like that in the contract?utterly nonsense!!!

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  12. Why do we arsenal fans have to be put through this agony. Who is responible for the negotiating of these transfers. Whoever it is are very bad a conculding a deal. We all kbnow that transfers to day are virtual public and you must move fast , before others move in . Wenger himself said that everyone is after the same players, so offer the money and close the deal. I bet we offered something like 13m when we all know there want at least 17m. Where are the new defenders????????????????
    I have said this before and I will say it again. This will be Wenger’s last year in charge of the Arsenal. He is playing games with us and you can see the anguish and frustration of the fans & player already and it only preseason. What happened to doing the transfer business early, what a load of B/S.
    I think it would be a breath of fresh air if we had a new manager, cause I for one can’t take much more of this procrastination. I also believe you will start to see half empty stadiums.

    Sorry to be so negative but I have had enough.

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  13. To little to late but hang on team there is a wanker on the free that will have Arsene rubbing his hands together “Great business lets put the tickets up some more and offer 2m for Messi”

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  14. Same old same old every summer very very frustrating we must have the worst negotiators out there . We need players in certain positions just go out and fookin buy them ………you have the money , tightarses!!!!

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  15. It may be what We should be doing anyway, but it’s good to see that an actual bid was made for Mata. I call that (slow) progress.

    As for Barton, We need a combative midfielder and this one’s free. He’ll never win a Nobel Peace Prize however he’ll give Us a spark at least. It’ll keep Song and Frimmers on their toes also.

    Come on Arsène, think outside the box.
    Oh, and a CB needs to be signed pronto!

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  16. Hargreaves is a free experienced and combatative midfielder, would be experienced backup for Song and at CB. Worth a look for the leadership alone surely?

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      • Haven’t seen much of him but I was wondering if he is ready, especially as he is very young for that position and experience seems to be a problem. He’s that good then (I hope so)?

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    • paying 7-9m for scott parker is way better business than taking hargreaves on a free.

      there is too much youth in our team. song should be playing backup to a player like parker – a warrior. getting chances in the cups and in squad rotation.

      instead we have song as first choise and a kid as backup. learning form the inexperienced song, who has no-one to learn from himself.

      with all this youth our players have to develop the long and hard way. would cesc have been so good so soon had he not shadowed vieria for that time?

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  17. Yeh, and at least Theo would have someone at least a bit English to keep him company in the treatment room……

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  18. Any one else get the feeling we are making low bids for players just so they can say they tried to strengthen the squad?

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  19. Don’t get me wrong, Frimmers looks like the young possible long-term backup to Song, but surely we need one other, with more experience, seeing as you know both of them will be injured at the same time at some point this season 🙂 Hence my apprehension regarding Hargreaves AKA Sicknote.

    A little more experience is what we require all over the park in general. That’s why I hope the ‘imminent’ CB signing is a Jagielka or a Hangeland* (*in my dreams!)

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  20. Since sacking Claudio Ranieri in June 2004 to appointing Andre Villas-Boas in June 2011, Roman Abramovich has reportedly coughed up over £69m in various compensation pay-outs to managers and clubs (including the hiring of director of football Frank Arnesen). During the same time, London rivals Arsenal have kept faith with Arsene Wenger and made a profit of £20.56m on transfer fees.

    It should also be pointed out that, during this period, Arsenal have won a single FA Cup, while Chelsea have won three Premier League titles, three FA Cups and two League Cups. Both clubs have also lost a Champions League final.

    Who do you think has got better value for money? Have your say by commenting below and take a look at the stats, here…


    Claudio Ranieri (sacked June 2004) £4m compensation

    Jose Mourinho (hired June 2004) £1.7m compensation to Porto

    Frank Arnesen (hired June 2005) £8m compensation to Tottenham

    Jose Mourinho (sacked September 2007) £18m compensation

    Avram Grant (sacked May 2008) sacked £5.5m

    Luiz Felipe Scolari (sacked February 2009) £12.6m compensation

    Carlo Ancelotti (sacked May 2011) £6m compensation

    Andre Villas-Boas (hired June 2011) £13.3m compensation to Porto


    2004/05 net spend: £2.55m profit
Players in: Arturo Lupoli £0.2m, Manuel Almunia £0.5m, Vito Mannone £0.35m, Emmanuel Eboue £1m
    Players out: Giovanni van Bronckhorst £2m, Martin Keown Free, Ray Parlour Free, Kanu Free, Francis Jeffers £2.6m, Igor Stepanovs nominal, Sylvain Wiltord Free, Rami Shabaan Free.

    2005/06 net spend: £5m loss

    Players in: Nicklas Bendtner undisclosed, Alexander Hleb £11.2m, Vassiriki Diaby £2m, Emmanuel Adebayor £7m, Theo Walcott £5m, Mart Poom undisclosed
Players out: Stuart Taylor undisclosed, Jermaine Pennant £3m, Patrick Viera £13.7m, David Bentley £3m

    2006/07 net spend: £0.7m loss

    Players in: Tomas Rosicky £6.8m, Fran Merida free, Alexandre Song £1m, William Gallas swap, Denilson £3.4m

    Players out: Robert Pires free, Sol Campbell free, Pascal Cygan £2m, Ashley Cole £5m (swap), Anthony Stokes £2m, Lauren £0.5m, Sebastian Larsson £1m

    2007/08 net spend: £19.9m profit

    Players in: Lukasz Fabianski £2m, Eduardo £7.5m, Bakary Sagna £6m, Lassana Diarra £2m, Luke Freeman £0.2m
    Players out: Fabrice Muamba £4m, Jeremie Alaidiere £2m, Thierry Henry £16.1m, Arturo Lupoli free, Fredrik Ljungberg £3m, Jose Antonio Reyes £6m, Matthew Connolly £1m, Lassana Diarra £5.5m

    2008/09 net spend: £20.75m loss

    Players in: Aaron Ramsey £5m, Samir Nasri £15.8m, Amaury Bischoff free, Mikael Silvestre £0.75m, Andrei Arshavin £15m
Players out: Jens Lehmann free, Mathieu Flamini free, Alexander Hleb £11.8m, Gilberto Silva £1m, Justin Hoyte £3m

    2009/10 net spend: £31m profit
Players in: Thomas Vermaelen £10m
Players out: Emmanuel Adebayor £25m, Kolo Toure £16m

    2010/11 net spend: £6.44m loss
    Players in: Kyle Ebecilio £0.58m, Laurent Koscielny £9.7m, Sebastian Squillaci £3.3m
    Players out: Eduardo £6.34m, Jay Simpson £0.8m

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  21. So Cesc goes Barca. Nasri becomes a mercenary and goes to play for some Arab and we might get Mata. That’s 1 great player down in the squad and yet again Wenger feels are defence is strong enough we just need to practice set pieces. Don’t make me laugh. We have slowly become a feeder clud for Man shity

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  22. Where is the signing of Cahill, jagielka, samba and has Wenger totally forgot about a back up keeper for scezny. If he gets injured Fab goes back in goal. As a club we don’t seem to be going forward. What happens if Liverpool pull a fourth finish out the bag, unlikely with there ridiculous over rated signings but if it does happen where dies that leave us without champions league funding!!!

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  23. from what has been said by mr wenger and what has happened so far im starting to get VERY VERY worried about the new season. yeah we have a fairly talented bunch of kids but they aint gonna win us anything… IN ARSENE WE TRUST…… BUT ITS GETTING HARDER TO !!!

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  24. Sunny – great analysis. So, if your figures are correct, Chelsea have made a loss on their managers alone that is three times the profit we (ie Arsene) have made on all of our players. Quite extraordinary! From where I sit, this sticks one right up the Boo Boys and those few “in Arsene we rust” (yawn) self-indulgent tossers.

    Integrity and heritage over trophies any day so long as we’re in the mix and in with a chance

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  25. The sum of it all is that we have one great signing in Gervinho and a kid defender from League One. We tried the kid route already and it hasn’t worked. Our boys are really good, but they need just some proven winners in the mix to make them great. We have money to buy 2 great players available without hurting the books, but it seems we’re drawing deals out too long and getting pipped (Alvarez, possibly Mata)

    The preseasons did little to settle anybody’s nerves about the defensive situation or our lack of ability to finish chances. Sure, the actual game doesn’t matter but the lesson learned by the fans was that the same brittle style we finished with last season is still the status quo. If we saw a different style/ attitude and lack of errors, but got the same results, I don’t think we’d be as worried.

    I don’t think we’ll challenge for the title. It will be interesting between us, City and Liverpool who comes 3/4/5 – but we shouldn’t be in that position again. Still time in August of course, but on the whole a very disappointing summer when we all thought that it would be a crossroads to victory.

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  26. Did a little scouting of my own yesterday. Saw Mata and he was virtually none existent against a very average Liverpool side.

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