Silent Stan talks Arsenal…very briefly


Arsenal’s majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has backed Arsene Wenger by stating that the Gunners will only spend money on players deemed value for money.

The American businessman has steadfastly lived up to his nickname ‘Silent Stan’ since completing his takeover at the Emirates in May with fans agitated at his failure to speak on his vision for the club.

However, questioned by the American media in a press conference held by the St Louis Rams, his NFL franchise, Kroenke played down the idea of spending big money on transfers at Arsenal.

“There’s a risk of going backwards if you overreact and start throwing money around in an attempt to solve your problems,” he reflected.

“Unfortunately we saw that with the Rams several years ago. Signing a bunch of free agents wasn’t the answer. It set things back, and it took us a while to dig out of it. Our track record is out there for people to see. If we think there’s good value, we’ll spend.”

It remains to be seen whether Kroenke chooses to address Arsenal shareholders and fans in the coming months, although Arsene Wenger hinted last month that the new owner would become a more familiar personality at the Emirates.

“He is a man who loves sport,” said Wenger. “No matter how rich you are, if you own four different sports clubs it shows you that he is deeply passionate about sport.

“Until now I think he lets people who are responsible inside the club work, which is a credit to him.  On his personal side I don’t know him well enough to speak about him.

“I think you will know him better, he will turn up [to matchs] much more than he has done until now and we will learn to know him.”

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