Arsenal and Bolton confirm Miyaichi loan move

Ryo Miyaichi leaves Arsenal on loan

Arsenal have confirmed that Ryo Miyaichi has signed for Bolton Wanderers on loan until the end of the season.

The Japanese youngster has made two Carling Cup appearances this season but suffered an injury problem which set back his development. With the emergence of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Miyaichi’s chances of first team football were limited so a loan to toughen him up and to get him better used to English football is a sensible move.

In recent weeks he’s spoken about the benefit of training with Thierry Henry, saying, “He was one of the players I really looked up to. It’s a priceless experience to play and train alongside him.

“Every minute detail in the way he plays is quality. You look at everything he does and he’s an example to behold. I try to watch players like Henry in training and watch what they do.

“He’s the player I want to be like.”

And while he might not find anyone of Henry’s class at the Reebok, playing regular football will do him the world of good and allow him to push properly for a first team place next season.

Bolton manager Owen Coyle is glad to have another of Arsene’s youngsters, saying, “He’s a very talented young player, who is quick and exciting,. He had a great spell on loan at Feyenoord last season.

“He’s a young player with tremendous promise and potential and hopefully at Bolton we can give him a platform on which he can display his qualities.”

Good luck, Ryo.


  1. Excellent move. I hope Ryo scores the goals that keep the Trotters up and send the Blackburn scum down before returning triumphat to the Grove

    Look after him please, Bolton.

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  2. According to physics, every action has a reaction.

    So with that tenuous set-up done, I await a player coming into the squad, now one has gone out.

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  3. Good luck Ryo. I hope Bolton still have to play United, City, Sp*rs, Liverpoo and Chelsea this season and that you rip them all a new one, and then do the same for us next season.
    Great move. Bolton play the kind of football to accommodate him and I’m so glad it’s not the Championship. Shame Lansbury didn’t get a Premiership loan move.

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  4. This sucks imo.

    We should have loaned him somewhere else (surely there’d be takers?). After the way Bolton treated us over the Cahill transfer in the summer we should have told them to do one and told them we won’t send any players on loan there again.

    Why should we scratch other clubs back when everyone mugs off ours?!

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    • well they did the right thing by us in saving us £13m for Cahill, IMO. Thanks Owen!

      And they did the right thing by Jack when he went on loan there.

      In fact since Coyle has taken over, Bolton have gone up in my estimation for playing better football than they used to. Mind you, there’s still Kevin Davies…

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  5. Excellent move for both Arsenal and Ryo. He’ll get some quality time on the pitch like Jack did. All the best of luck to Ryo. Can’t wait to see him on the pitch more.

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  6. At least at Bolton, there’s a strong chance he’ll play and it’ll be in the correct position unlike Arsene is trying to do with The Ox by keep playing him on the left.

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