Robin honestly loves Theo

Robin van Persie & Theo Walcott

Robin van Persie’s goalscoring feats are well known to everyone at this stage. In his last 41 league games he’s scored a remarkable 40 goals*.

His hat-trick on Saturday included two assists from Theo Walcott, meaning 10 of Walcott’s last 11 assists have been for the Dutchman*. Yet while the skipper has spoken before about how much he enjoys getting on the end of Theo’s passes, he reckons there’s more to come from his Action Man haired chum in terms of scoring goals.

Walcott has been criticised recently for some sloppy finishing and wayward shooting, but van Persie believes there’s more to come in front of goal.

“I love him, I honestly love him,” Van Persie said.

“Theo was sharp, he was playing fantastically and, like anyone, he misses chances – but I miss chances. Ronaldo misses chances, Messi misses chances. It is life, you know.

“Sometimes I feel that people are a bit harsh on him. I don’t know why. If you look at his assists rate then it is unbelievable.

“Theo will score. Trust me, he will score. He will get 20 goals at least every season. You will see. He will, trust me. Have faith in him.”

Arseblog News would never try to suggest we know more about the game, or one of his teammates, than Robin van Persie, but 20 goal a season Theo, every season, would surprise us. In a very nice way, we’re happy to admit.

Right now, we’d settle for a bit better in front of goal Theo. Let’s do this step by step.

* Stats via @orbinho

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