Wenger likes Hazard, club requires profit

Eden Hazard

Arsene Wenger has admitted he’s a fan of Lille’s Edez Hazard but says that Arsenal have a requirement to make a profit of £15-£20m at the start of each season.

Speaking to Belgian paper, La Dernière Heure, about the winger everyone believes will turn us into Champions and trophy winners again, the boss said, “I like him a lot, and for several reasons. His creativity, his ability to unbalance the opposition, his vision and his consummate art of giving the final ball make him a player coveted by many.

“Hazard has the right profile to play at a top level club, and Arsenal is a top level club.”

Yet with the price tag likely to be very high for one of Europe’s most sought after young players, the boss sounded a warning, “You have to know that at every season’s start, Arsenal must imperatively make a profit of between £15m and £20m. I’d add to that that one of the missions of a coach is to always buy at a price he judges to be right.”

He doesn’t specifically say that the profit must come from transfers but given the way we’ve done business in the past it seems the easiest way to achieve this.

That said, with news filtering through that Arsenal will tour the far east and Nigeria this coming summer, it looks as if the club are looking at other ways of achieving that surplus. If the requirement for that profit is true, however, it might well suggest that Wenger is a manager whose hands are more tied than people think when it comes to the transfer market.

As for Hazard, he has already said he’ll be playing in England next season, it remains to be seen with who.

Hat tip Ollie for translation.

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