Arshavin in citric streetcar mystery


Andrei Arshavin, on loan at his old club Zenit St Petersburg, was vocal in the past about his thoughts on women drivers.

Quite what Mrs Arshavin, who looks like she could take him with a sideways glance let alone the back of her hand, thinks of that is anyone’s guess, but perhaps she had a small chuckle when she heard about her husband’s slight accident in Russia this week.

Thankfully nobody was injured and Arshavin took to his personal website to explain what happened:

In order to avoid rumors and false information, I decided to clear things up regarding the car accident I got into. The accident occurred near the “Ozerki” metro station. I’m all right, no one was hurt.

What struck me is that the driver of a passing streetcar gave me a grapefruit.

For all his laziness, roundness of belly, and obvious fondness of cakes and scones, it’s things like this which help me retain the soft spot I have for him.

Only in the eccentric, surreal world of Andrei Arshavin could somebody involved in a traffic accident be handed a grapefruit by the driver of a passing streetcar.

“Had an accident, Andrei?”

“Yes, nothing serious though. Everyone’s ok!”

“Great. Here, have a grapefruit.”

“Don’t mind if I do!”

Does this driver carry around a basket of citrus fruit to hand out when he chances upon minor prangs on the Russian highways?

Bumped into the car in front? Here’s a net of 5 limes! Tyre blown out? These clementines will help! Side-swiped at a crossroads? Why not feast on these kumquats till the AA get here!

Arseblog News does not have the answer sadly, perhaps we’ll never know, but we do know that Andrei had a zesty, slightly sour breakfast one morning this week.

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