Woj-Czech: keeper loves Rosicky


Everyone at Arsenal seems to love Tomas Rosicky. Arsene Wenger declared his love for him a few short weeks ago, Robin van Persie was next on stage to big up the Little Mozart, and now Wojciech Szczesny has given his two cents on a man many had given up on.

His litany of injury problems and two years without a league goal hardly augured well for his future but his displays in recent weeks have hinted at something of a renaissance, the Rosicky of the last few weeks has been the Rosicky of old (perhaps as old as Dortmund, but still).

“He has been fantastic for the last few weeks now, scored a great goal against T*ttenham and was my man of the match in that game,” said Szczesny.

“He was great again here and hopefully he can keep going because when he plays like that he is a fantastic player.

“He can take people on in the middle of the park too. I think we dominated the midfield in the first half and he made the difference. He is fantastic.”

In a profile piece on The Guardian, Amy Lawrence quotes Cesc Fabregas, one of Rosicky’s best mates while he was at the club, speaking about injury problems.

“I have spent a lot of time with him and I know how he feels,” said the former captain. “I know what he wants and I have never seen a guy being so committed, so professional and never giving up. If this happened to me I probably wouldn’t want to talk to anyone, I would be always down and angry.

“But he’s unbelievable. He’s the type of player you enjoy playing alongside and as a guy he’s amazing. He has been through a lot. I told him to be strong and to keep believing in himself and that he could play football again.”

Rosicky’s injury was so rare that it is now the subject of case studies. Basically a tendon lifted away and then sat back down in exactly the same place, so on scans etc it looked as if everything was normal. He’d try to play, he’d have pain, play, pain, vicious circle, until he was opened up again and they realised what had happened.

At 31 he has probably been robbed of the very best years of his career, but having spent so much time out perhaps he’s got a bit more left in the tank than others of the same age.

With a crucial league run-in to come over the next couple of months let’s hope he can stay fit and this old-style Rosicky continues to contribute.

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