Report: Arsenal 1-0 Man City (inc goal)


Arsenal blah blah something with Man City at the Emirates this afternoon.

Arsene Wenger went with the same team that started against Sp*rs, bringing Yossi Benayoun back to play on the left side of the attack, and the Gunners started brightly, immediately dominating possession and winning a series of corners.

From one of those we should have taken the lead. Koscielny headed on at the near post, and Robin van Persie’s header was going in before it hit Thomas Vermaelen’s head and deflected onto the bar.

A few minutes later City should have been down to 10 men. Mario Balotelli’s nasty, studs up, over the top challenge on Song ought to have been a red card, but somehow Martin Atkinson failed to see it. The mistake compounded by the fact his assistants missed it too. It was a disgraceful tackle which could have resulted in very serious injury.

The Italian continued to career about the pitch, his studs up in tackles, and twice he caught Sagna eventually resulting in a yellow card. He then deliberately handled the ball and Atkinson allowed him to stay on.

Arsenal continued to dominate but didn’t make much in the way of goalscoring chances.

The second half saw City start more brightly than they did in the first but without really threatening the Arsenal goal.

And it was the home side who looked most likely to score. Robin van Persie hit the post with a header after a Song pass dropped beautifully over the top of the City defence. Sagna then set up Walcott whose first time shot forced a save from Hart who touched it onto the post, the rebound fell to Vermaelen who seemed to slip as he it, it squirmed across the goal and hit the other post.

We had the ball in the net but van Persie was just offside when he picked up Song’s pass, but it was always Arsenal who looked like scoring.

It took until the 87th minute for us to get the goal and when it did it was worth the wait. Mikel Arteta intercepted a Clichy pass, drove forward and then unleashed an unstoppable shot low into the bottom corner. A brilliant goal from the Spaniard and nothing less than Arsenal deserved.

The pantomime wasn’t over yet though. There was still time for Mario Balotelli to pick up his 2nd yellow for another foul on Sagna, and that was nothing less than he deserved either. And Mancini for stupidly leaving him on. And Nasri for being a cunt.

There was some late danger when City got a free kick 25 yards out but it turned into a chance for Arsenal, Santos broke and played in Ramsey who was clean through. He cut back inside and could have sidefooted home or played in Oxlade-Chamberlain or van Persie, instead he blasted a shot high and wide.

Still, it didn’t matter and we go back above Sp*rs, 5 clear of Chelsea, and have finished Na$ri’s chances of winning anything this season. The cunt.

The only downside of the day was Laurent Koscielny’s booking which means he has 10 yellow cards and must serve a 2 match ban, but let’s worry about that another time.

Up the arse!


  1. Haha scum Na&ri, $Clichy$, Moneybayor and others, hahaaa. And very well done to the Arsenal, cโ€™moooon, and what a beauty that was from Arteta. Posession 62%!!! Koscielny out for 2 now, so will have to depend on our Swiss friend. And another late goal, Iโ€™m getting used to it. Bring on chavskis. What a miss by AR16 ๏Œ
    Being a gooner in Manchester my Facebook wall is full of united supporters thanking me and our team ๏Š And I guess Citeh is looking for a new manager ๏Š
    What about referees again, look at Old Trafford and the penalty/sending off what was never a penalty (although Mark Huges deserves every bit of cr@p anyway). Then Balotelli v Song, no foul, no card.

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    • Bit harsh on Clichy, he was good for us and deserves more respect. Nasri on the other hand…hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

      (Sorry in my excitement I replied to the wrong post earlier!)

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  2. Days like this I am so glad I was born a gooner.
    Was an honour to be there and watch that display. Pure class and guts.
    An honest victory for an honest team unlike the teams from Manchester.
    Suck on the nasri you cunt.

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  3. that goal made me think of partridge… “SHIT!….He’s Got A Foot Like A Traction Engine!”

    NASRI YOU’RE SHIT… fans aren’t that passionate, pfft do me a favour you chinless cunt, what’s the scoree?

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  4. great all around play by the team , defense was rock solid, midfield looked good, van persie’s having a bit of a torresy time right now, was unlucky not to have a brace to his name and theo walcott was..well hes walcott, but i have to say arteta and song were brilliant today, kept possession, won possession, dictated the pace of the play and were superb and of course the goal from arteta is just too sexy to write down.. GO GUNNERS

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  5. What the fucks going on with David Splatt by the way? They force feeding him jam roly poly? He could donate one of his chins to our friend Samir.

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  6. What a game I loved it we wanted it so bad and the fans doing the Posnam really was just the best for me.

    However I was laughing at the fans screaming “Nasri whats the score”.

    To me Sagna and Song where just awesome love it love it love it

    Happy Easter guys !!!

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  7. today we won against man city and atkinson.
    quite an achievement.
    also rambo did that on purpose, he didnt want to kill another person.

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  8. Great result, just kept on going. Beautiful strike from Mikel. Balotelli is a joke, disgusting challenges and diving to win free kicks. He sums up why City won’t win anything this year. Love the fans Poznan celebration. Take that Samir.

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  9. What a strike. So happy to see Na$ri subbed. What were we singing at him? Really want to know.


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  10. `”And Nasri for being a cunt.” Classic. Always was happy he was gone, as he is not that great, just good. 25Mil in our pockets. good business. his and gael season looks like ours of last years. they were the cause. they can fuck off.

    to be gooner

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    • Bit harsh on Clichy, he was good for us and deserves more respect. Nasri on the other hand…hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

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  11. Was like watching a a totally different team from the one that played at QPR last week. Good result and a very solid defensive display finishing 3rd will give us a huge platform to build on for next season as clearly we can play with the best teams in the league we just need to do more of the same at times against the teams that like to slog it out and rough us up.

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  12. Celebrities around the world must have heaved a massive sigh of relief when Ramsey took pity on them.

    Best sight for me?
    Van Persie’s pure delight at OUR goal against Manchester City.

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  13. Great result, but sadly Ramseys time is up. Not quite the same and it’s fucking Shawcross’ fault.

    Still sentiment shouldn’t cloud judgement, he won’t be a first team regular (if we are looking to win things).

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    • Jesus, can everyone get a grip about Ramsey? It’s been his first full season after having his foot literally snapped off, he wasn’t even supposed to be a first team regular this season but unfortunately Jack has had one of ‘those’ injuries. Give him a bit of time to find his feet, after all, how long did we stick with Song before he started paying off?

      On a more positive note, great win and fuck Na$ri! (obviously)

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      • Well said. Also, let’s not forget that Ramsey was actually very good in the latter part of 2011. After the nightmare start to the season, he was one of the players who really picked up his game and helped us to achieve that unbeaten run.

        His talent hasn’t disappeared. He’s simply worn out from having to fulfil a demanding midfield role, in a season where he was originally meant just to rotate through. Being able to rest a bit over the summer will do him some good, and I’m sure he’ll bounce back sooner rather than later.

        Wilshere’s on the mend, Rosicky has turned back the clock five years, and Arteta’s performances are almost as impressive as his hair. Song’s come good and Benayoun’s provided able support whenever he’s been given the opportunity. Ramsey will rediscover his form: in the meantime, keep calm and carry on.

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    • Give Ramsey a break. He’ll come good. The same people that are shouting about how shit he is will be praising him next season when he gets on a good run of form.

      Brilliant effort from the Arse today. 3-0 or even 4-0 wouldn’t have flattered us, we played them off the pitch. If the goal was a couple of inches wider we it would’ve been 3-0! Brilliant strike from the sexy Spaniard, but also kudos to Yossi and Rosicky who bossed the midfield I thought. Their workrate and determination is exceptional.

      Great day for the Gooners, now let’s keep the momentum going…

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      • I’m still hopeful that with the summer break & a proper full season under his belt that Ramsey will come back as we hoped he would be. Whatever is said, I think he seems to have character & sometimes you can see he’s got class.. He just hasn’t been able to maintain consistency this season, but he’s still young & with our crop of midfielders he can be eased in again without needing to start every match. I do think he’ll come good.

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    • Ramsey’s time is up ???? He is only 21 ….. what is wrong with people ?? I can’t wait to see people ganging up on Wilshere if/when he has a run of bad games … everyone has ups and downs ….

      I only hope all the negativity doesn’t reach Ramsey or doesn’t affect him ….

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      • But surly we should set the same standards as how a lot of fans have hounded out Arshavin and Chamahk surly they’ve only had a marathon of bad games?

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  14. So…
    Is Balotelli’s challenge up for a review by the FA since Aktinson did nothing to punish it on pitch? And if so, can he be banned further for the incident and perhaps fined?

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  15. BBC Sport Headline : “Balotelli sent off as Arsenal beat Man City:
    Mario Balotelli is sent off as Manchester City fall eight points behind rivals Manchester United at the top of the Premier League.” So Balotelli is more important than Arsenal?

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    • Seriously you an Arsenal supporter ?? That’s how the scum from shite hart lane talk ….

      free advice ….. GET A LIFE!!!

      Ramsey will come good …. mark my words.

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    • you can take take that comment and stick it far up ballotellis arse
      and btw

      bobs your uncle is a very famous arsenal supporter who has supported the club for years, who are you, a cuntish selfhating fake arsenal supporter

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      • not actually the same guy.. didn’t realise I have somebody else’s handle..oops.. will have to change.
        but I really don’t get where this guy is coming from… so much hate for a young player at our club.. he should be happy he was obviously never around for guys like steve morrow, or glen helder, . or david hillier.. all not so great arsenal players.. all guys i wish all the best for in health and happyness.
        time to start thinking about what it means to support a club mate.

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      • steve morrow scored a winning cup final goal for us, no one in this squad has yet do leave morrow outta the david hillier bracket pls, oh and i quite liked helder he couldnt play much football but fuck he was quick!!! may hav been running from money chasing loan sharks!!!

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    • @CygansMiddlefoot. I’m with you boss. Some people are just downright dishonest and rigid. We talk about Ramsey when we loose and when we win. There sure must be a reason. A million flies can’t be wrong, shit must be good. Dont know when we are supposed to start assuming Ramsey is shit: when his penalties start ending in throw-ins?

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      • So you are saying you like shit. A million flies can’t be wrong right? Or is that just what you said to your Mother when she caught you masturbating in your own feaces?

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      • “We talk abour Ramsey when we lose and when we win” not because he necessarily deserves it, but because some fans have got it in their heads that we need to keep rubbishing him day in, day out.

        Today people are blasting Ramsey because of his missed chance deep into stoppage time, when the game was all but won. But why are comparatively few people talking about Walcott, Vermaelen and Benayoun all managing to fluff that golden chance in the 76th minute, when the scoreline was still deadlocked? Anyone looking in from the outside would conclude that the criticism of Ramsey was disproportionate.

        Let’s have some consistency here. Vermaelen’s been ordinary on many occasions this season, case in point the game against QPR. But we still back him because we know he puts in the effort and is committed to this club’s success. Let’s give Ramsey that same support, because if there’s one thing you can say about him, it’s that he has an exceptional work rate.

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    • Fuck off Cygan’s middle foot you stupid fucking cunt. You wish injury on a young man who had his leg snapped to fuck just a couple of years ago? You are perfectly entitled to your opinion on a player, but i’m sure every FAN on here will agree you’ve outstayed your welcome here with that shit.
      Now, fuck off and support the spuds you FUCKING CUNT.
      Oh, and Arteta, i fucking love you, handsome!
      And Na$ri’s a cunt. . . .

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    • Just my opinion but I believe this anti-Ramsey brigade will be made to look foolish. However, given the nature of some of their comments, I doubt many will be man enough to admit that when it happens.

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  17. Man of the match – Rosicky worked his bollocks off all game, so did arteta, so did benayoun, so did sagna, so did song.
    Should have finished 3-0 Arsenal but for some inexplicable goal line phantoms manipulating the laws of physics in man city’s favour. As much as we were good, man city were poor. Balotelli’s self detonation was as fabulous as a prima donna diva queens fart. The knob could have done serious damage to Song, only saving grace is that Song is made of bricks and mortar.
    The fact that it was 0-0 after some 80 or so minutes made me worry. Credit to Arteta he saw a chance open up and grabbed it when City were backing off him. Which brings me on to Ramsey…*sigh*…..if he had missed that sort of chance at 0-0 I would have **********. Anyway, how Ramsey managed to make space for the shot was a great bit of skill itself. Did i mention how great Rosicky was and how much a cunt na$ri is?

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  18. “City deserves the title, and Na$ri has fantastic bone structure” #ThingsNeverSaidByAnyoneEver

    Anyways, UP THE ARSE!

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  19. Hey i was reading the live blog as well and does kos gets a two game ban for the yellow or was it cleared up before the city game so that the yellow card today doesnt result in ban.

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    • My commentators were saying the deadline was 11:59 pm tonight. That means a two game ban. Out for Wolves and Wigan, but back in time for the massive tilt with Chelsea.

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  20. Man of the match???
    I think every one did their best to contain City and Trouble them on the same time. City should go and fuck themselves, now and forever.
    Scz – got a vital vital interception (Balotelli scoring, I would’ve smashed the TV)and one miss kick and nothing too much to trouble
    Sagna was Sagna
    Gibbs was good but pushed too much ahead exposing the flank.
    Santos did well to keep the composure around the area.
    Vermalean was too eager to do something, 110% of your effort can hurt some times.
    Koscielny had a clean game.
    Walcott really battled hard along with Sagna, and did really well.
    Arteta is the new god of Thunder. That was skill, power and left City speechless.
    Rosicky – Man of the match.
    Song – Man of the match too ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Van Persie Should be getting some goals, else you might be in a tight race with the perpetual penalty scorer Shrek. He was superb lying deep and peeling off, its an honour to watch you play, sir.

    YOU CANT BUY CLASS Mr. Sheikh…

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    • And Benny did some great work on the left and cutting in. Thats what Ramsey supposed to do every game, a perfectly balanced half winger role.

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  21. Absolutely brilliant. Did City ever look threatening? We hemmed them in their half for large parts of the game. Fully deserved 3 pts when you consider the 3 posts that were hit!

    And in regards to Koscielny, yes it sucks but luckily Wolves/Wigan are the next 2 opponents, they can cope!

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  22. Amazing defensive performance today. Arteta was just brilliant all day long. I was screaming all game for someone to take a shot from distance, and what a shot. Arsenal need to learn from that! Too many times we can rip a shot from outside the 18 and we try cute little passes. And I would also like to thank Nasri. I feel like his summer move and ridiculous comments only served to galvanize the Arsenal supporters. Maybe it’s just me, but the atmosphere in the stadium seems to be back and I feel like we owe it to the cunt for waking everyone up. COYG

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  23. Massive credit to the team and Arsene Wenger. They’ve made mistakes, they’ve bounced back and made some more mistakes, but every time they make me so proud to be a gooner! From September 1st onwards it’s been a pretty good season albeit with a few slumps in form but then we’ve had that even in title winning seasons. Let’s finish strongly and 3rd place is a great achievement considering the circumstances! This is The Arsenal! I love this club!

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  24. Who’s the MAN? Up Arsenal, na$ri the cunt was removed can you imagine?….the idiot wants to win trophies by sitting on the bench doing nothing! Moron!!!

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  25. Ramsey will come good guys …. I mean give the guy a break …. he is just trying too hard right now …. hearing abuses towards him won’t make him better …. I see him as Arteta’s bakcup for now … its just that he is being played out of position for some reason …


    and ohh ya f*ck off Na$ri …..

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  26. They did what we all were expected, an awful game and quality. but still i think Ramsy should not play . anyway Wenger knows better i believe and trust. CONGRATULAATION TO ALL GOONER FELLOWS.

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  27. Lemme guess what was going through Ramsey’s head when he played that shot…got it: he was thinkin about who next to kill

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  28. Guys, if it was 0-0, ramsey fucked it up, and the next counter attack, clichy scored a goal. Would u give him a break?

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    • Probably not but no call for abusing him and berating one of our OWN…. as i said he is trying too hard knowing he is not playing well and with other players in his position playing much better (Rosicky) and some to come in (Wilshere, Diaby) he is under pressure thats all …. plus he is being played out of position …

      I dont believe a few games change the perspective so much … he might be a better player out of all this next season …

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    • what is the point in this football theory bs?

      it doesn’t work that way mate.. players take risks when they think they have won.. since it was nearly the last kick of the game our boy Ramsey stupidly got a bit selfish.. I’ve seen it before a million times with players (mostly because they are trying to get out of a slump) but rarely when the result is not secure.

      it was selfish and dumb, but not the way you figure it. because that way only exists in your fantasy.

      if you don’t like a player’s actions in a game. please use real world examples rather than ”they didn’t go to the moon” theories .

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  29. Let’s be honest here, you can only defend Ramsey for so long! What he did today could’ve proven costly no doubt about that. And if u don’t think so then u are just biased. Two things to consider:

    1. I was scared to death when I heard Ramsey was coming on, and surely the tempo of our game dropped down alarmly fast!
    2. Again he proved that he is not ready yet or will never be ready. Poor passing, poor positioning, poor defending, poor finishing and now a poor team player.

    People( Brits) may not like this, but we can’t afford another bertner, denilson….blah blah blah

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    • It wasn’t the fact that he missed a sitter that gets me annoyed but that he didn’t pass to RvP who was in a better position to score. He has been skying those shots all season long and would that in mind passing it to RvP would’ve been a better option .

      I don’t think he has been costing us points per se and infact he did help in winning a vital game for us against Sunderland and once he comes back afresh next season I’m sure he will have those shooting boots back on because he can score from distance and also his decision making will be better.

      However regardless of his age and injury problems he has been one of our poorer players this season but that isn’t essentially his fault but more of lack of personnel.

      He will come good next season is something I am sure of.

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  30. Good result, but Ramsey totally froze on that last attack. He could either have shot earlier, or squared it to Robin or The Ox. Instead he was like a deer in the headlights finally skewing the shot miles off target.

    There’s only one thing to conclude from this: someone has swapped Ramsey and Rosicky’s boots around.

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  31. Inspired team selection by Arsene. I really would like us to keep Benayoun next season but I don’t think he’ll accept being just a squad player. A real shame if that is the case but understandable.

    Rosicky, little Mozart. Magnificent.

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  32. Did you see Joe Hart (who is a class act just like Chesney and doesn’t deserve to
    play for Shitty) when Balotelli got sent off.He was going berserk and just shows what a disorganised bunch of tossers they are.
    Great show by us today

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  33. “As soon as I saw the space and I
    saw the centre-back coming
    towards me, I just said I have to
    strike it and it went into the back
    of the net.” is what he said to the press.

    ” And i knew that cunt was watching” is how he laughed it off later, pointing at that twat with no chin

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  34. Arteta’s goal made my pants much tighter than they were before. And Kos being out for the next two games is going to be a big headache, he has been simply top class for us, and I hope a TV5/DJ middle D will work out well, or any other combination that we have.

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  35. I will laugh at your faces once Ramsey comes good for us next season. You’ll see. Can’t expect a player to have a beast of a season just after having his leg broken in two.

    I would love to see you in Ramsey’s place. Let’s see how you’d fair. Huh

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  36. All I want to say…our Number 8 shoots from where he wants!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wenger genuis…sells some lesbian for 25 and buys class for 10!

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    • I’d like to think that is a comment from the real RVP. With all those exclamation marks, it just might be?

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  37. In fairness to Ramsey, we DID score the goal after he was brought on, and he provided valuable COVER for Andre Santos’s special Brazilian brand of left back positioning–he was pushed further up and further to the middle than Ramsey at times!

    Why not take your ire out on Vermaelen for his Bendtneresque moment of stopping on the Man City goalline what would have been a crucial Arsenal goal? Or Vermaelen’s miss from 2 yards out with an empty net when the game was still 0-0? Surely that’s a more egregious miss than Ramsey’s, considering the difficulty of the shot and the nil-nil scoreline at the time!?

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  38. Call it the way you see it.a player is shit if he plays shit.ramsey was shit today.he was shit against qpr.before that he was shit.when he comes good,trust me,nobody would call him shit.until then. . .
    Darn,wished tr7 was a few years younger.he is just breathtaking

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      • Hear Hear.

        I have little respect for so call fans/supporters who call our players “Shit” This world is made of different types of people and I’m pretty sure there is no nationality called “Shit”.

        Please remember that Ramsay is 21 years old, furthermore the same so call fans/supporters who lord Rosieky now are they same ones who wanted to sell him less than six months ago because he was a waste of space and bench warmer. Get a grip people on Ramsay and understand players learn and grow at different rate in their careers.

        Not everyone can be a Messi and Cesc at 20 years.

        Have patience my friend, have patience with the boy and with Arsene, He knows whats needed.

        Form is temporary, class is permanent.

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  39. I can forgive Vermaelen, he is a defender. At least he does his job and can defend! Ramsey on the other hand is supposed to play the fabregas role, yet Vermaelen has more goals than him! Looool, what a stupid comment to make!

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    • By the same token, Van Persie should score in every game since he’s a striker.
      But he did not score in 4 games now. So he’s shit.

      Who said Ramsey is supposed to play the fabregas role? Check your facts before you spill the venom.

      By the way, did it make your comment stupid?

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    • If you’re criticising Ramsey because he’s not filling Fabregas’ shoes, then I think the problem lies in your expectations, not Ramsey’s performances.

      You may as well rip into Vermaelen for not being Franz Beckenbauer.

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  40. Why are clowns having a go at Ramsey? Fuck off clowns.

    So proud of the team today. City were odds on to win the league for so much of this season and we made them look like the pieces of shit they are. I may be in danger of ejaculating prematurely here, but given the averageness of the Manchester United team bound to win the league this season, City’s mercenary cuntiness and our ability to play like we did today I can see us really going for the title next season. With a few additions of course.

    Arteta… hero. Always appreciated him but today I grew to truly love him. This bank holiday I shall sacrifice 2 goats and a virgin in his honour. The virgin shall be CygansMiddleFoot, if I can locate him. If not, I guess I can make it work. Though the sacrifice of a massive cunt is always preferable.

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    • Just to be honest here. Ask ourselves, how many times we have this kind of form before, even years before. The problem is we can’t have a consistent performance. We did good against big teams, and next few games of draw, or lose against lower teams. The keyword here is complacency.

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      • Maybe the key word is injuries. Like big one ones to tr7 , diaby,van persie , jack, ramsy, santos, sagna, the bfg, and even Walcott have had massive lay offs over the last few seasons.

        Sometimes we have been complacent, but many times we just haven’t had our best players in key positions.
        I’m not hoping for the treble next season, or looking for just forth place. Just hoping that we can keep this team together and fit. And that the crowd keeps up the amazing support it has shown at times this season.

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  41. “There was still time for Mario Balotelli to pick up his 2nd yellow for another foul on Sagna, and that was nothing less than he deserved either. And Mancini for stupidly leaving him on. And Nasri for being a cunt.”

    Typo in the last $entence, methinks.

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  42. I look back at photos of Arteta in the Everton kit and it just looks wrong. I feel like even though this is his first season with us, it looks like he’s been an Arsenal player for as long as I can remember. The way he wears the shirt, the way he plays. So much class.

    Also the way Rosicky does those sexy turns when receiving the ball and dribbles away from his marker is just awesome. He just glides across the pitch.

    Does anyone feel like we could use the ball better than pumping in crosses?

    Great performance from us. I hope Gibbs is okay – he’s been great for us. Lets get behind DJ for the next few games.

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  43. The same people who criticise Ramsey are the same people who wanted Rosicky and Walcott sold and Arsene sacked. Fickle.

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  44. As a brazilian gooner, I feel Santos will provide much more attacking power to the team as he adapts. Very useful against opposition parking the bus, the extra width today was noticeable! Defensively he still scares me…

    Also, Ramsey missed a great chance he created himself, in all fairness. He did great to cut to the center and should never have passed that ball. The finish was tragic, but sometimes that’s what happens when you’re out of oxygen from running the entire length of the pitch.

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  45. As long as Roscisky, Gervihno, Walcott, The Ox, The Coq, Frimpong, Wilshere, Henderson, and Benayoun are available, Ramsey should not be need a football pitch! Why are people so fackin delusional!???? Think with ur head not ur heart!

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  46. I know he missed a sitter but there is no reason to criticize Ramsey. People seem to forget that he is only 21 (and missed a year b/c of a massive cunt) which makes him a very young and inexperienced player. Playing him out of position on the left does not help either but is understandable with the form of Rosicky and Arteta. He is going to be an exceptional player for a long time.

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  47. The only thing sweeter than a convincing victory over The-Best-Team-Money-Can-Buy was watching Na$rat come off the pitch without having done diddly squat!

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  48. @Andrew..I am sure you belong to the group
    who criticized Rosicky not too long ago. Also people seems to forget Ramsey has dragged Arsenal midfield along during the Oct-Dec period during the injury crisis. So layoff him.

    What a win though for Arsenal! Well deserved! Arteta, What a classy shot! As someone said Arsenal needs more long shots! COYG! 2nd place up for grabs anyone?heh!

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  49. On the 31 August 2011, just before midnight. Arsenal bought in three players, one of which I thought was a great buy, another I thought “Oh my Lord what is Arsene doing” , the third player I no idea who he was and still don’t know who he is. Arteta was the player I thought was a great buy, Yossi was the second and Park… well you know.

    To this end… I want to say the following… Thank you Arsene for seeing the possibilities in Arteta and bringing him to the Emirates and I conclude by saying thank you to Senor Mikel Arteta for being a player who will be in our history books as making a difference to our 2011/12 season no matter where we finish along with RVP, SONG, SAGNA, KOS, ROSIE, THEO ………The whole team.

    Arsenal supporter… until I die

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