Wenger: it was all Arsenal


Arsene Wenger has paid tribute to his side’s performance after their 1-0 win ensured that $amir Na$ri would remain as free from medals as he is of a chin.

Mikel Arteta’s late goal sealed the deal for the Gunners, but Arsene always felt we were most likely to score and that after some close calls, including hitting the post three times, the goal would come.

Speaking at his post-game press conference, he said, “We had a consistent domination in the game. I think we had over 60 per cent possession. They had one or two good periods, Man City, but overall after 10 minutes in the second half it was all us.

“I always felt the goal would come but it was very tight and in the end you feel it is important not to lose. But we kept going and at home recently we have produced some outstanding performances against any team. I am very happy that we got the win and the team continues to grow in quality.

“We started strongly and stayed strong for nearly 80 minutes. I feel we had a little weaker period at the start of the second half where Man City came out a bit. But overall we had a consistent domination, we won the duels, and overall I believe the result is logical.”

It might have been an easier day for Arsenal if Mario Balotelli had been sent off for his assault on Alex Song’s knee but Wenger refused to be drawn into a discussion about what Roberto Mancini should do about the madcap Italian.

“I don’t know him and it’s not my job to do that,” he said. “I don’t want to interfere with Mancini’s job. Everybody has his cases in his own camp and I have enough work.”

And when asked about $amir Na$ri, Wenger laughed and said, “Who?”*

*not really but I choose to think he did


    • Truly another great win. But it was more than that to me. It’s a highly symbolic and deeply satisfying win. Our club, who does it the right way and with class, ended the title challenge of that oil-funded club, the club that has assembled a team of mercenaries, skewed the transfer market with their insane spending and gaudy contracts, and sought to destabilize our club on multiple occasions by targeting key players. Oh yes. It feels real, real good…

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    • last year it ws na$ri who was taken to anoder level by wnger… bt that cunt wanted mre and lost his talent to warm up benches… and nw its arteta…. v all luv u man…

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  1. Whilst we probably should have scored more, it’s not relevant because the important thing is we outplayed City, for all their $$$, and took three points thanks to a very good goal.

    So once again, mind the gap please Sp*rs.

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  2. Mancini has said Balotelli won’t play for City again this season and will probably be sold in the summer.

    No doubt Sp*rs will try to buy him. He’d probably fit in really well with all the other cunts in that team.

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    • Mancini also said Tevez would never play again for City. Mancini cannot be believed! Nevertheless, who cares about City. We’re the second favorite club in Manchester! As a fan from Singapore. I enjoyed this match a lot, and although i have cable tv to watch the match live. Arseblog text commentary never fails to crack me up.

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  3. I am sure the neighbours probably would have called the cops if I had gone on shouting and jumping after we scored …

    fucking AWWESOME!!! ….. GO GUNNERS!!!!

    I am hoping Man$hitty implode and we can somehow snatch 2nd from them … that would be LWAT (like winning a trophy) considering the start we had …. maybe I am dreaming but ….

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  4. Told you this was gonna happen. We win again today and R.vP is not on the score sheet I kind of feel good about it cause it proves we are not a one man team. But I know for sure Robin will deliver in our next game and he’ll surely be the MVP and win the golden boot as well.

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  5. AW actually said I was looking forward to seeing Na£Sri but it was a shame he wasn’t playing today

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  6. I thought we could only win when RVP scored? Funny how our best run came in his worst run (it hurts to say it).

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  7. Why is there no praise from Wenger now? His tactics were spot on today. Benayoun had the same job as Ramsey against QPR, and his work ethic helped us dominate.

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    • Because this is just his usual tactics. For much of the previous three seasons we’ve used a left winger (Arshavin, Nasri,, etc.) who loves to tuck into midfield, helping us win midfield and opening up acres of space for the left back on the flank.

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    • YES!! and Benayoun was doing the same thing Ramsey was doing . getting inside . that tactic helps us keeps possesion .

      Ofcourse the difference Benayoun played it better than Rambo and we totally dominated them from start to finish

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    • I totally agree with you, it’s nice to have a quality bench. Youssi was just that extra man in the midfield always running, and with him there Gibbs had enough space to run down the line. Good match tactics

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  8. That’s twice this season we have outplayed city. As pleased with the performance as much as the result. The irony will be lost on a money grabbing mercenary like nasri but it’ feels so sweet with us having spent so little in relative terms compared to them.

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  9. I woke up on the west coast of California (the east coast of California is Lake Tahoe) and checked the score on my trusty rusty phone as the hills here have no free WIFI… and saw the one nil to the Arsenal! The cat and I did a dance that if done with a voodoo priest will make Na$iri’s chin even smaller(I know I know its hard to belive!) And thanked the heavens for the glory that is the Arsenal! Oh to be a Gooner! To Chin/Chin

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  10. Look at that worried look (wenger) Is a picture of a man that’s in love with his club but has suffered so much lately. Hope the job isn’t killing him.

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  11. Baloballbag! The man needs to sort his head out. I like his soap opera life but tackles like that….fuck off back to Italy!

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  12. In retrospect, it’s a good thing Balotelli was not sent off earlier cos’ I feel more pride in winning the game 11 on 11. That truly showed our class!



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  13. Great win. And life got a little bit better when I discovered that if you have several drinks, take a few steps from the television and really squint your eyes, yossi looks ever so slightly like Bobby Pires. Giggity.

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    • I don’t expect mancini to succeed with these sort of players. if he is still on the job after summer i expect him to off load Bali and tevez.

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  14. I bet when Arteta got the ball n we all saw the space.. We were all shouting..
    What a brilliant performance from our three in midfield!

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    • Yes. It’s amazing how quickly your mind can process things. In the instant that I saw Arteta with the ball in that space I thought of his free kick from two games ago, then “hrm, he’s got a great shot’, and then screamed “shoot”. And he did not disappoint.

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  15. I must say I was a bit sceptical about Gibbs, perhaps showing my short sightedness due to his injury prone history, but really after a few games on the trot now, what a fucking player, he offers us so much balance to the back 4, he doesn’t seem as raw as Ca$hley did defensively when he first took over silvinho. it’s like having 2 Sagna’s and that can’t be a bad thing.
    I was a bit miffed as to why the Ox has been excluded recently but I reckon he’ll play 2 in a row now where he can drive at brittle defences before reverting back to Benayoun/Gerv/Ramsey for the Chelski game, 7 pts out of them 3 wld be much appreciated pls AW.
    Anyway I’m gonna hold back on wearing my injury tinted opinion building glasses and see if this Diaby fella people keep talking about is any good!!!

    Come on The Arsenal

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  16. Arsene deserves more respect. he has completely turned us around. Just complete the transfers earlier this time and we have a shot at the title .

    In Arsene we trust

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  17. What is Diaby, Chemark, Calos Vella, Squillachi still doing in Arsenal? AW plz sell off this guys so we ca have more space in the team. Arsenal! We are the gonners….

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  18. Fantastic win yesterday. We deserved to win it by at least three clear goals after dominating it for almost the entire 90 minutes. The only disappointing things were that RvP didn’t get the goal that he deserved, and that cunt Balotelli wasn’t sent off in the first half for that assault.

    I can’t stand Chelsea, but you just know now that they are going to catch Spurs, don’t you? The game’s up, Harry.

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