Fabianski: I want to leave


Having fallen behind compatriot Wojciech Szczensy, and seen his chances of playing for Poland in the Euros this summer evaporate, it’s no surprise that Lukasz Fabianski is looking to find a new club this summer.

Clearly any player worth his salt simply wants to play football and life as a number 2 goalkeeper really doesn’t allow for much of that. Speaking to the Polish media today Fabianski was asked if this was his last season with Arsenal, and said, “I hope so. However, I’m unsure whether boss will let me leave.

“I told him my own ambitions and targets that I have. Obviously, he knows everything about it. My only focus is Euro 2012, and I’ll leave the other things to agents and managers who are responsible for them.”

Fabianski’s chances of playing for Poland are slim due to Szczesny’s emergence, but he has played down reports that his Arsenal team-mate was prefered to him even though he was suffering from an injury in the final stages of the season.

“Szczesny’s injury wasn’t too serious, do not overdo it. There are many players who play with such an injury week in, week out. I didn’t play few months, while the club played really important matches which would decide whether or not they’d be in the Champions League.

“There were three matches left to the end of the season and boss didn’t want to call on the person who hadn’t played much at all over the season.”

He also revealed that Arsenal received offers for him during the transfer window but Arsene Wenger refused to let him leave.

With Fabianski’s desire so clear, Almunia’s contract up and Vito Mannone also looking to leave, it means that a goalkeeper will have to be on the manager’s shopping list ahead of the new season.

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    • And I mean that in the nicest way possible. He would be a great keeper at a team like Sunderland where expectations, and there for pressure is alot less

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      • Agreed, no decent keeper wants to play number two when they know they could get regular first team action elsewhere. It is a shame we are losing him as just knowing he was there as a decent back up was good enough for me this season. This may be a recurring problem for us, but unfortunately not one I can see a long term solution for… where on earth do we get a keeper who is good enough for us but bad enough that he is willing to sit on our bench season after season?!

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  1. I don’t think any arsenal fan will ever be confident with Fabianski in goal, wish him all the best I think he really tried when given the chance but never had the mindset or the physical presence of a top class keeper. I think with him and almunia going and possibly mannone it would be nice to see Martinez, Shea and Charles cook as the backups with one of them loaned to a league 1 or 2 club like szczney. Have to say though with szczney in goal for the foreseeable future I have no worries with goalkeepers at arsenal anymore

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    • I think Martinez might become number three but we surely would need a number two with some kind of experience. Finding a good no. 2 has to be one of the trickiest things in football. People like Cudicini or Harper who are willing to sit on the bench for years and years don’t really grow on trees.

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      • Quite agree about backup for Szczesny being a priority. I liked the look of Martinez when I saw in the under-20s but not sure he’s ready – and his ignominious 90-minute loan spell at Oxford United wasn’t reassuring.

        I’m worried that Szczesny’s back could do a Wilshere (just a little niggle that’ll be fine with a rest… oops…) and Wilshere wasn’t even on pain-killing injections this time a year ago. A couple of heroic leaps and stretches from Szczesny at the Euros and we could be totally buggered for the season. I know a second-choice keeper is a dead boring sort of signing but it could be the one on which our season depends.

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      • Stone (are you the action hero?),
        The trick to getting a good goalkeeper to play number two to a superb goalkeeper is to own a money tree like Chelsea or Shitty. Some good second keepers will happily sit on one of those. Most teams can only offer a run out in the League Cup (or whatever name it advertises under now) and perhaps a game or two if a freak injury happens or the wrong sort of lasagne is served to the first team.

        However, we could keep a young goalkeeper happy as number two if he were guaranteed League Cup and the Under 19 Champions League as well. He’d know that the number of games he played in the season was at least partly under his own control (win and you stay in the competition). Even an older goalie could play in the U-19 competition as one of the three overage players.

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      • I think while it is possible that szczney might be injured I don’t really want a player who is happy to sit on the bench and take his wages, the other problem is with small squads Martinez and Shea won’t need to be registered giving us more room to buy players. Id rather have talented young player who is hungry to learn and will seize his chance than a player who will sit on the bench and do a fulop when he is needed to play

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      • They are only allowed to be 19 or younger. The overall age limit is 18, and you are allowed to have three overage players, but they can only be a year older.

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    • He’s better than sitting on the bench. He can really do job for a club at top but not in English league. Anyone for Craig Gordon as a no. 2? If i am not wrong we tried signing him once but we failed.

      The rumor that made my day was Dortumand want NikB.

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  2. Oh dear God!!! Fab wants to leave!He’s the only world class midfielder we have!?! Hang on a minute…

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  3. Odd. If he was so keen you’d have thought he’d have been able to stake a claim for a starting slot on more than one occasion this season. For all his bravado and undoubted ability to instill confidence in the back 4, Szcz hasn’t been without fault this season – if he’d had a truly ambitious alternative breathing down his neck perhaps he’d have been better, who knows?

    So if Fab wants out because he can’t convince AW, let him go. Just get a fucking good replacement (not Mr Fulop please). ‘arry will probably get rid of Brad Friedel over the summer, I’d be happy to see him teaching our young Pole a thing or two from the bench next season.

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      • ah i was just harking back to the shilton/clemence detente of the 70s and 80s.

        it’d be nice to see that again but with us benefitting from 2 international keepers at the top of their game

        ah well

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      • Yep, but so will all of our potential replacements for him.

        We’ve got to use the U-19 Champs League overage player slots wisely this year, and hope the competition gets some sort of decent profile. A goalkeeper seen to be doing well in that (and the League Cup) would hopefully not be overlooked for international duty.

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  4. Fabianski is a decent gk, hes just not good enough for arsenal, let him go to a mid table pl team and get some games

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    • If you see most mid table teams have decent goal keepers. Chelsea–Cech, Ecerton–Tim Howard, Liverpool–Reina, Fulham–Schwarzer, Sunderland–Simon Mignulet, West Brom–Foster. Plenty of them are there. I really think his time in England has ended.

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  5. I saw Fabianski a few seasons ago in a friendly against sevilla in Amsterdam. We played with our second team, because the players that had played the day before weren’t participating, against a pretty strong sevilla side and they dominated us. The game still finished 1-1 and it was mostly down to Fabianski, who had a excellent performance. I thought he could go on to become a very good player, but from there on for every good performance in an Arsenal dress he also had a bad one (he was consistent in patches as Theo would say). And with the emergence of SZCZ I can’t see him become number 1 at this club anymore. Understandable that he wants move on frome this situation, that is bad for him but good for us I guess

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    • It’s unsurprising, but it’s a shame that no-one here seems to remember that before he had that injury (the one that let Chez take his chance), he was actually in pretty blinding form.

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      • Spot on. Don’t really get the negativity. Before his injury, I thought he did a damn fine job of shedding the Flappyhandski moniker. Well done to him, and I hope he finds a good club.

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      • Yeah you’re right, what I wrote sounds too negative, I don’t think that he’s a bad goalkeeper at all. It’s just that he produced some real shockers that stick to peoples memory, and for me he doesn’t seem to have a strong enough presence to succeed at Arsenal. I just feel more assured to go with SZCZ to st*ke then with Fabianski. You’re completly right his form was fine before that injury, but SZCZ was pretty amazing right from his first game and I can’t see Fabianski getting past him.

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      • The problem is, that with all the negative hype from the press about Arsenal playing without a goalkeeper any mistake by an Arsenal goalie was held up as the height of incompetence. Almunia and Fabianski were put through the ringer for 18 months or more for laughs in the press.

        Fabianski was never as bad as people made out, and when he finally started winning people round he gets injured and suddenly we have a fearless confident aggressively positive super Pole in the Goal, and Fabianski never really got a serious chance afterwards, as he was frozen into the time warp of “Flapianski” along with Almunia.

        Chesney looked to be the perfect goalkeeper when compared to the image of Fabianski that had been placed into our heads by the press over 18 months of concentrated venom. We haven’t ever really compared Chesney to the real Fabianski because “Flapianski” is always the first word uttered whenever he is chosen to play.

        He will never get a truly fair chance here so sadly he will have to go elsewhere so that he can be judged fairly on his ability rather than being prejudged on his nickname amongst Arsenal fans.

        And no, I don’t blame Arsenal fans for it, I blame the press that brainwashed us all over a period of 18 months where no Arsenal goalkeeper could do anything right.

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    • That was among the better goalkeeping performances I have seen. It was in a friendly but still, he was simply amazing that day.

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    • I saw Fabianski in a preseaon friendly against Huddersfield soon after he came to us, and if Buffon and Casillas had been in goal together they couldn’t have made more and more astonishing saves. But ‘preseason’ and ‘friendly’ are the operative words – he can only do it when nobody’s watching, so unless we’re going to all look away and talk among ourselves whenever the ball crosses the halfway line, I suggest he isn’t the keeper for us. Great shot-stopper, but a bundle of nerves who will turn even Mertesacker and Santos into jittery wrecks.

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  6. Kind of feel sorry for Flappy, but he just wasn’t good enough.

    He was literaly handed (or should I say fumbled) the starting berth from Almunia, but ironically like so many crosses into his box he just couldn’t hold onto it. Plus he was prone to dropping clangers of Keystone Cop proportions.

    I’d still wish him good luck at wherever he lands.

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    • Not reply to you to imply that you’re the only one doing it, but…

      … its funny how good we all are as Arsenal fans at remembering every little thing an ‘unfashionable’ player did wrong and forgetting everything they did right, and applying the exact opposite standard to the players who are in the ‘in’ crowd.

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  7. I wish him well. He clearly has talent but just hasn’t had the oppurtunity to prove himself for a lengthy spell.

    Good luck Fab.

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  8. Joke figure….”to do a Fabianski”….to Fuck up your big chance, to choke, to shoot oneself in the foot, to spill your pint…..
    We will laugh about him in years to come. Knob.

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  9. Love fabianksi, anyone who doesn’t rate him forgets how good he is after a good run of games. He just doesn’t have what it takes to be a second choice . I wish him all the luck in the world, he deserves it .

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  10. This could lead to one of the most important signings in the summer. Competition is important and we need to bring in someone who can at least challenge Szczezny and be able back-up should he suffer an injury. I don’t think the youngsters would be a good idea, we need an experienced number 2. Any ideas?

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  11. Following that penalty save against partizan belgrade (i think?) he had a pretty decent run in goal. Although he still wasnt convincing enough i was glad something had finally gone right for him, poor bloke.
    A fine shot stopper on his day, but had too much trouble with crosses,
    indecision and the physical side of the game to be a top keeper.
    I wish him all the best wherever he ends up.

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  12. Like most reserve keepers ours are unhappy. what ever happened to the days when you had rhys wilmot paul barron alan miller etc etc. keepers that new they were the 2nd choice keeper. they accepted it were.professipnal about it and when called upon put in a decent shift even though they knew they would be 2nd choice.again when no.1 was fit. there are plenty of decent back up keepers available at the moment. personally i would get shot of almunia fabianski mannone shea and mcdermott and bring in 2 keepers that know their position. kirkland adler jusskalainen robinson gordon sorensen any 1 of these plus another decent u21 keeper that has the potential to be better than sirchesney and martinez.

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  13. I think with Sczcznesy and Martinaz coming through Wenger can let Fabianski g and brought he an older secnd choice somone like Jääskeläinen would be ideal, Good experience solid if needed and he is avaialble on a free.

    I think Fab has ability it might be a good option to loan him out hoping he performs well so a good price could when he sold

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  14. Even though he did concede a number of soft goals, i would’ve taken him over Almunia any day. The guy’s not getting any younger so its natural for him to want first team action.
    Wish him luck elsewhere, if he does manage to wriggle free that is.

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  15. dinner then, saw “fabianski wants to leave arsenal” ………..needless to say I didn’t choke on my stake like other head lines tend to make me, example.” Diaby suffers hamstring, won’t be available for selection’…i kid I kid neither does this…….

    Long story short as mr john laurinaitis would say it – i wish you all the best on your future endeavours.


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  16. He also had too many vowels in his name for a polish guy.

    To be fair to him both cech and reina have been as error prone this season.
    Good bye and good luck flappynszczky

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  17. Nice person, but he was never good enough for the Arsenal. It is bad having defenders we cannot trust, but having an inconsistent goalkeeper,is too much of a gamble!!

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  18. He went from flapihandski to flabuloski just before the injury!
    Sczc took over and there’s no stopping the kid
    All the best Lukas!!

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  19. I don’t think I blame him for wanting to leave to play first team football……….I think he suffered from mixture of poor performance and having the wrong person ahead of him. I am sure he fancied himself when Almunia was there, and then when he got the chance he didn’t really cover himself in glory……..and then Woj emerged and is clearly better than him, so he has no option but to move on. If Woj was 34 35 one might make an argument for Fab to stay and wait, but with a quality 21 yr old keeper ahead of him there is no option for him but to leave.

    As far as next season goes, I want our number 2 to a GK in his thirties who will bring a lot of experience to the training ground and will be happy to be on the bench knowing he is past the time where he could do it week in week out.
    Jussi seems like a good case and I am sure we would get him for virtually nothing. The only thing that doesn’t go in his favor is that I don’t think he is home grown, and with only 17 non home grown players allowed, I am not sure its a good idea to waste one space in the team on a reserve GK, and so perhaps an english GK in his 30s past it would be more like what we are looking for. Don’t know if there are any, at the time. Paddy Kenny jumps up, but then I am not sure he is 30 and not sure what kind of experience he will bring. Perhaps some upcoming GK from the Championship then who will be tripping over himself to sit on the Arsenal bench, like Joe Lewis perhaps at Peterborough, or…..well he is the only one I recall at this time.

    Not an easy decision to make and there appear to be too many boxes to tick as far as our number 2 keeper goes. The most important box is that of him being home grown as really one can’t really waste a non home grown squad space on a second choice keeper.

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  20. No. He’s still flapihandski. He got that nickname for a reason.

    Decent (not great) shot stopper but very little confidence in commanding balls in the air. Fat Sam Allardice would probably lick his fat, jowly lips in anticipation of seeing him start in goal for us.

    Best of luck to him. Let’s see what our youth brigade has to offer. If they’re good enough, we need to find out now.

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  21. Personally i would bring in Jussi Jääskeläinen, or even Thomas Sorensen. Someone with experience, but who would be a good #2. Kind of like the Mart Poom situation a few years back.

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  22. It’s like you have all erased that FABULOUS Man City performance from your minds. I will never forget when Arsenal a corner (against a team in blue red or white) Fab4 wouldn’t listen to Fab24 and he dragged him exactly where he wanted and the corner came exactly where fab24 put Fab4.
    Sad to see him go but can’t really blame him. Keeper with lots of talent behind one of the greatest keeping prospects of our time. Needs game time to progress would be a fantastic backup, but he needs to develop. Hope we get a buy-back clause, percentage of next fee or something; TOO MUCH talent to go to waste.

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  23. He’s in the same situation as Senderos. Plenty of talent, but it is never going to work out in an Arsenal shirt. Good luck to him.

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  24. “With Fabianski’s desire so clear, Almunia’s contract up and Vito Mannone also looking to leave, it means that a goalkeeper will have to be on the manager’s shopping list ahead of the new season.”

    I seriously doubt he’s going to clear out all three of them in one summer.

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  25. arsenal positives-
    good football check
    infrastructure check
    world class gaffer check
    good finances check
    good fan base check

    now,coming to the negatives

    unwanted injuries check
    bad player management check
    no trophies check
    shite board check

    for me the positives far outweigh the negatives yet,every summer we have to go through the shite transfer sagas.i am sick and tired of this.i hope RVP stays and we bring in players to convince him to sign an EXTENSION(which would signal the club’s long term ambition).let all those players who don’t want to play for arsenal leave excepting RVP because that would mean we have no ambition.
    we have seen yossi benayoun this season.a player on loan from our rivals.not being played at the start and working hard to earn his place.
    if you look at our best players this season.RVp had a motivation.kos had a motivation to get his place for france at the euros,rosicky was motivated to find his form.
    but,for me the real deal was benayoun and arteta.they are class acts and i want every arsenal player to be like them.true proffessionals.if you put those two in any club in the world they will always try and give 100%.
    i really hope we put an end to negativity this summer.i have seen our own fans in lot of posts saying sell RVp get cash and re-invest and i go again like ‘oh dear’ and frankly i can’t take it anymore.

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  26. Thanks for the service Fab. There were certainly many positives in his Arsenal career but unfortunately became a bit of a flapper. Can’t blame him for wanting to leave. Every player wants to play and he has no hope with the powerful Scez between the sticks. Good luck for the future!

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  27. We shoudl sell RVP now. Are you sersiouly telling me that the fist time he thought about the pros and cons of singning a new contract was at Arsene house on Wednesday morning?

    He is our captain, and we have shown him a lot of love for his service this season, and patience for all the other seasons he was injured.

    TIme to put an end to these fucking transfer sagas, and man-up. We are Arsenal – not that lot down the road!

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  28. toodaloo – dont trip on the way out – no that you would even make a mess of that

    Worst goalkeeper after Howlmunia at Arsenal. Time to get rid of this dross, that think they are better they they really are.

    I would thank you for your service, but I think you should be thanking us for mugging us for all these years by claiming to be a goalie

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  29. Craig Gordon would be a good replacement. Great goalkeeper, lots of experience and a big presence. Very similar to Chesney although he’s crap at saving penalties

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  30. Sczc has a few wobbles this season but has the potential to be a great keeper, but Lukas has also got huge potential and will mature as a keeper, Brad Fredial had a real dodgy time at Liverpool they moved him on, but improved with age. Lukas is too good to sit on bench and I admire his ambition and he also recognizes Sczc’s talent and that barring an injury or complete loss of form he won’t dislodge him. Best of luck to him

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  31. Was really unlucky with an injury just as he started looking decent.

    At least he has behaved with a bit of class after losing his place, and will probably not badmouth the club after he leaves, unlike a certain chinless passenger.

    I wish him all the best.

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  32. I guess if we are looking for some good backup keeper in form then we can probably put in a bid for Wayne henessey.
    And no the game he played against us wasn’t just one of those games.

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  33. Wasnt the Schwarzer chat a couple of years ago linking him with a potential coaching job as well? Could do a lot worse than try .& tempt him in again. Not jaaskalinen for me though

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  34. I kind of feel sorry for him. He did very well when he came in before his injury. Having said that, he was probably just less scary. My knees would quiver every time a back pass went to him, or the opposition had a corner. When he didn’t fuck up the sense of relief I felt was astonishing. I feel bad for having felt that, but I did. He’s clearly a confidence player. Stacks of ability but just needs to get a few fuck ups out the way with a constant string of games to build it up. I’m sure he’ll do alright wherever he goes.
    He’s just not at Arsenal at the right time really, if he was a few years older we might have had him playing consistently well enough for him to keep out old Sad Sack from being our number one for the last 4 years.

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  35. Fabianski could have been good once, but he’s had too many knock in an Arsenal shirt now… Keepers need to exude confidence. Unfortunately ‘Fabs’ is alike a void which consumes confidence.

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