M’Vila set to make Arsenal his home


Having vowed that he wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of last summer, it appears Arsene Wenger is in transfer signing overload with news filtering through from several reputable sources that Arsenal have agreed a club record deal with Rennes to sign French international Yann M’Vila.

The 21-year-old enforcer is understood to be moving to the Emirates in a four year deal for a fee in excess of £16 million with French football specialist Julien Laurens, claiming both on Twitter and Le Parisien (malheureusement, avec ‘un paywall’), that the player has opted to test his hand with the Gunners rather than Inter Milan.

M’Vila has long been touted as a possible Wenger acquisition and looks likely to provide much-needed competition to Alex Song in the defensive midfield position when he returns from international duty at the European Championships.

Having added much necessary firepower to the squad in the form of German international Lukas Podolski, it certainly looks as though Arsenal mean business as they prepare for next season.

Indeed, if a statement of intent were needed to persuade the likes of Van Persie and Walcott to sign new deals, they’ve certainly been given it.


  1. HUzaaah! Good signing. But sadly, Jan Vertonghen seems to have chosen Totnum. Can’t get ’em all. But Huzaaaah!

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    • whoever choses sp*rs over ARSENAL is an idiot and i dont think vertonghen is one so he wont be going to sp*rs.

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      • Yeah, it’s certainly not a case of him choosing the scum over us. It’s simply that we’re well covered in his position and we don’t have the space for him in the squad.

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      • He said earlier in the season that arsenal were his preferred destination. I think now that we haven’t put in a concrete offer and spurs have, he’s had to take that option. I would still love to see us sign him but I think he’s destined for shite fart lane.

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      • “Tottenham are absolutely my favourite,”

        Then again, he was being quoted by the Mirror, so it’s probably a good idea to take it with a couple spoonfuls of salt.

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      • RVP tweeted him… Something about him deserving MVP of the Dutch League… I think he should have just said “Congratulations! But have you seen me play? Yes? Now do you want to be infront of me or behind me?”

        Heh, he’d be signing everything Arsene pulls out of his ass!

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    • Vertonghen will only go to sp*rs if he’s guaranteed champions league football. Let’s hope they finish 5th or 6th!

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      • I read he wants regular games, bar injury, If he were to come to us, that gives us four options at centre back (the BFG’s only flaw is his pace), not to mention Djourou.
        He may well go to Spu*s to get more play time, history tells us no one really likes the arsenal bench all that much.

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    • Personally, I think we are well covered in the center back position. Koscielny and Vermaelen as first choice, Mertesacker is a more than satisfactory deputy, not to mention Djourou who I don’t think is half bad (he had that period in which he was phenomenal and our best defender by a mile)

      I can’t see Vertonghen leaving Ajax for anything less than a significant amount of playing time, and seeing how well Koscielny and Vermaelen can pair together when they aren’t playing like headless chickens, I can’t see him getting too much of a run out

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      • For whatever reason he just hasn’t been close to the level he was at before his shoulder injury–in the second leg against Barca, I think it was.

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      • Everyone is forgetting that Kyle Bartley will be back next season. He has been a regular at Rangers. Big, athletic and ready to play. Much different from Squillaci.

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      • Im not sure vertongen would improve us that much actually, our problem for quite some time has been lack of defensive midfield cover for the defence. Our defenders are fine. They just need protection. Now we have it!

        M’Vila, Song, Arteta, Wilshire, Rosiscky…Its making me feel frisky!!!! Kabooooom!!

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      • I don’t think so, we really needed a tall strong defender/defensive midfielder, I like m’villa a lot but verthonghen is more of a 100% proven player. Really hope he doesn’t go to spuds, that would be a travesty. At the same time, its funny hearing Harry call for heavy investment , thats kinda like his ‘thing’; show some relative success by spunking all of his employer’s money, then success stalls, redknapp jumps ship and the club is just left with lots of debt and players they can’t afford i.e Portsmuth

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      • Agreed completely, Vertonghen is overrated. He is soft. More of a long passer than a ball winner. BFG has more experience. We don’t need him.

        Of course Frank De Boer’s going to say “Vertonghen is better than Vermaelen” because De Boer knows he’s going to sell Vertonghen.

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    • Now that we have M’Vila I don’t know how we can find space for Vertonghen. We’ll have Song, Coquelin, Frimpong as cover. We’re pretty packed in the CB position too. And anyway, I never really rated him as much as M’Vila. Also M’Vila is some 3 or 4 years younger. So all in all a good deal.

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      • I think you’re getting ahead of yourself, he’s far from ours. All these reports can just be bullshit or he’ll get pinched by another club last minute

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      • So arseblog doesn’t have his own insider sources lol, he got from a newspaper just like everyone else

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    • szczesny
      sagna Kos Verm Gibbs
      M’villa Song
      Walcott Poldi

      Subs: OX, Rosicky, Santos, Gervinho, BFG, Coq, Mannone

      that team is doing some serious damage

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      • You’d keep Song in the team who’s been relatively shit and drop Rosicky who apart from Van Persie has been our best player?

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      • I think I’d have Arteta in that team ahead of Song, but he didn’t even make your bench, and Arteta for mine was our 2nd best player for the season.

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      Supporters of the Arsenal please refrain from getting excited ( I know its hard to do) about Internet rumours re a linked player.

      If and when M’Vila was to join the best club in the UK, and its confirmed by Arsene and the Dot.com, its best if we all just smile and nod, especially when the news comes with the tag “Inside Source” or an Twitter person whose aim is to increase his followers.

      Arsene would not buy a midfielder for £18m.That price tag alone is a clue

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    • ill give you my box of Kleenex after im done……ummm….how to put this politely??…..look im just really happy right now ok dont judge me

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  3. Great to see, as it’s not always the Arsenal way, that lesson were learnt from the transfers clusterfuck that occurred last year.

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      • Very true, but while each of those players grew into their respective roles (injury misfortune aside), it effectively led to the writing off of a large chunk of the season while we were waiting for that “growing” process to happen.

        The old team of champions vs. champion team adage applies: all were good players well worth the money, but it took time for them to gel and develop a good understanding. We want that “time” to take place in pre-season, not during the first two or three months of our league campaign. That, combined with the fact that we might not always get so lucky on deadline day, is why it’s so important to get things done earlier.

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      • Surely I’m not the only one who’s said this, but while the haul of players was certainly good (I like all of the players we brought in, with the exception of Park, who may be a ghost), had they been signed maybe a month earlier, a lot of angst this year could have been avoided.

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      • Yeah, I fully agree that if we had Arteta, Mert, Yossi and Santos at the start of the season, we could be challenging for the title. Those first couple weeks cost us big.

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      • I can only suppose that AW was completely blindsided by the departures of Cesc and Nasty. He was certainly wrong-footed, uncharacteristically so.

        Under the circumstances, he found and brought in some great buys, none of those who have played in the squad I would willingly part with. They have all made valuable contributions, and are the reason we are where we are today – third and with our CL fate in our own hands.

        I do wish Arteta was available against WBA. We are much better with him in the side.

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  4. Great news…cant wait until the deal is confirmed,not seen him play,but have heard a lot of good things about his game

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  5. I bloody well hope this is true! We need somebody to cover Alex Song’s itinerant ass in midfield!

    21 is pretty young, mind, but if intent needed to be demonstrated, we could’ve done much worse than this!

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    • hell, im through with signing 30+ year olds, lets get some talented youth now and with all the experience we bought from last summer lets destroy the bpl

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      • lol weren’t people bitching so much about all the youngsters we were signing and now it’s that we have too many 30+ signings? never satisfied, you lot

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      • I’m tired of all these signings, and reputable source claims of signings.

        It feels weird being a happy Arsenal supporter, normally my summers are filled with sorrow and tears. This happiness just feels so foreign to me

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      • Van Persie in the video wearing the new kit, possibly two signings before the season’s even ended… light at the end of the tunnel?

        Lets just hope that the boys got a rocket up their asses after the norwich game and they go and get 3rd place at West Brom on Sunday: we can’t rely on Fulham to get a result at WHL.

        Next season, the competition in midfield (Arteta, M’Vila, Wilshere, Diaby, Rosicky, Bennynoon, Oxlade-Chamberlain) will mean that Song and Ramsey have to compete and earn their places…hopefully that will cut out the sloppy displays they’ve been putting in recently.

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      • Fantastic! If this is true, and they keep going like this, we won’t even know which player to whinge about wanting!

        The price seems a bit steep to what we usually pay for that kind of player too, Are we witnessing a bit of a shift?

        Please win the last game, Please, guys! Next season is going to be great! I love having all this hope, this past season started so terribly, I expected it and it went even worse! Off to order the jersey…. loving all this HOPE! COYG

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    • I think that next season if diaby and jack are 100% fit coq and ramsey will go to loan in midfield we will have jack,song,rosicky,m’villa,arteta,diaby, I don’t see ramsey cut it so I think he will go to loan to find his talent again, and also I think that wenger bought m’villa to play together with song and secure our defense like the invincible time when we were plating with to holding midfielders with vieira and gilberto.

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  6. Is getting Hazard too much to ask for now???

    Anyway a great signing and I’m glad we are getting these done and dusted early.

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    • hazard just declared the color for him is blue, i.e Manchester City or Chelsea’s money bags.

      i dont want that mercenary scumbag anywhere near my beloved arsenal no matter how talented he may be. im not entirely convinced he’ll be a sensation in England either, Gervinho was a better overall performer than him in the same team last year, and he has most certainly underwhelmed this season

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      • @Gandlaf Yes Agreed on Gervinho, did u see him destroy Norwich or did u see him destroy Norwich………sadly our Defence decided that that would be the day when they will do their best headless chicken impressions as well.

        I just hope they got it out of their systems.

        But Gervinho what a performance against Norwich, lets see you destroy West Brom on Sunday, and help us get third and onto the league title next season.

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      • Why do I get the feeling that if Hazard turned around tomorrow and said he’d signed a four year deal with Arsenal, your posts would be slightly different?

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      • Could he have meant our away kit? Because i think Man City’s kit is *green* money green… Prolly called Nasri and asked him what car he drives… the ‘Acuntador’

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    • I do not want this guy – been saying for a while he looks very much like a Nasri type and the fact that its being reported that Man City are hesitating over his wage demands rather proves the point if that’s true, he must be asking for a bloody mint if they have a problem with it!

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  7. Wasn’t he arrested a week back? Hope his temperament is not an issue. Bad habits die hard; just ask Pennant.

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      • Yeah because Vieira, with all his yellow and red cards due to his tough tackling stance, disrupted our entire team and we had no unity…… Oh no, wait that’s right; He became club captain, captained us to honours and only his recent job role with City has dulled his legend tag slightly.

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      • He wasn’t arrested on the pitch, was he? As long as he’s out by game day and doing the business where it matters… Oh and not crushing cars with Cuntermoles… He crash cars with ummmm… Fabianski if he wants though… And smoke shisha with Chamack? heh

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    • I don’t think his temperament is an issue. I think i read somewhere that he averages around only 0.8 fouls a game and has only been booked twice this season.

      And like Ali said. I think we need it, even though we’ve got Santos who takes care of some gays.

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    • We really could do with some bad boys in the middle of our midfield……..If he is type who is gonna go to jail for kicking people up their backsides, I look forward to his arrival even more keenly

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    • Akilla
      May 8, 2012 at 9:29 am
      Would you not fight for the honour of your only sister?… that is what he did

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    • Pennant is a drunkard. I didn’t believe Gibbs can physically intimidate any EPL attacker until I saw what he did with Mr. Drunkard

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  8. If true this is absolutely brilliant. 2 top class signings wrapped up before the summer has even started.

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  9. It would be the best summer because if that’s the case, van pets is defiantly staying.

    Our squad with mvilla and one defenfer will be much improved. Specially that we will have Campbell, ryo, and frimpong.

    Let’s hope for a great gunner side that brings our first trophieS to the Emirates.

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    • knock on wood there buddy, but I sincerely hope he stays. If he does, we are pretty much set for present and future. Van Persie is the worlds best striker right now, if he can maintain that for another 2 or 3 seasons, we have Podolski just coming up on 28/29. Blood Joel Campbell and Benik Afobe in this time period, not to mention ryo and ox. And by the time the present cycle of strikers has ended we could potentially have a world class strike force that are still in their early to mid 20’s. I realise people have been saying this for the last several years, but I have a really good feeling about these kids.

      Ryo and Ox are genuinely gifted, I cannot wait to see what they can become

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      • Much as I love RvP, he simply isn’t the best striker in the world right now. Messi is on a superhuman 72 in all competitions, RvP ‘only’ on 39.

        Thank Chist we have him though, without him this season just think where we’d be!

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      • i suppose messi is playing as a striker now huh. When i think of players, Messi and Ronaldo tend not to come to mind in terms of comparisons as they are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else.

        Van persie is better than everyone else though. Rooney may be close, but fuck Rooney right.

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      • How many goals do you think van Persie would have gotten this season playing in La Liga (clearly one of these easiest leagues to score in) with one of those teams? I reckon even me, with my limited football skill, could get 10 goals with those midfielders providing the service

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      • Completely agree! Ive been excited about our up and coming youngsters before, but this feels different. It is that intangible, difficult to describe ‘X factor’ that I see in the styles of Sczc, the ox, the coq, jack and ryo… It makes me positively wet! Don’t get too excited about m’vila before it is ‘OFFICIAL’ mind… We have all been disappointed before! However, if it is true, it is indeed mouthwatering. To make this our best summer for as long as I carte to remember, I would add vertongen and belhanda to the mix….

        Buut, counting chickens and fat ladies and all that….

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  10. Absolutely amazing signing, if this turns out be true. M’Vila is a very good player and his market price would certainly go up after the Euros. This would give us great depth to our midfield. Song, M’Vila, Arteta, Wilshere and Rosicky, plus Ramsey, Coq and Diaby. That´s pretty impressive!

    I really hope this will happen.

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    • Not that high as he’ll most likely now be used as a deep-lying playmaker rather than defensive midfielder. Song is still young, still very able to produce performances and also, Arteta will only get older and Song will take that position as well

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      • Agreed. If the M’Vila rumours are indeed true, think of the flexibility! If we want a bit more defensive stability, M’Vila in the holding role with Song ahead of him. This then negates the massive gaping holes he leaves when he attacks which basically led us to conceding 2 of the goals against Norwich.

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  11. Reports that City are baulking at Hazard’s wage demands. Um, if that’s true, he is 100% not coming to the Arsenal.

    As always, let’s see the Mvila deal on the dotcom, and then cue celebrations. I’ve always felt that with having a French manager, we must use that advantage to tap up top French talent. Like Ferguson at ManU, signing, er… Fletcher.

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      • Very true! He’s the current “must have” property that all the usual suspects who like to overpay for players feel like they have to get in on. City the most cuntish of the lot.

        How many players have City now purchased (for more than they should) and sold at a loss or had to loan out because they weren’t any good?

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    • the team that pays gareth barry and wayne bridge over 5 million a season is baulking at his wage demands. He really must be drinking his agents kool aid huh

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  12. I think the quick snap ups are because Wenger knows if you get them after the Euros, it’ll be much more expensive. Wenger’s trying to get the best bargain out of deals

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    • Our summer will also be disrupted because we will be on tour for most of it. So if we don’t sign early, it will have to be late again.

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  13. Good lord this is too good to be true – if it is indeed true! Bit nervous about getting too excited yet, I’ll do the tried and tested ‘wait for it to appear on Arsenal.com’ 😉

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  14. Wow Awesome…….if it is indeed a done deal…….We still need two more players I feel……..a defender who can play on either left or right as I feel we are well covered in the middle. Also we do need another striker, As Chamakh and Park in all likelihood leaving, having only two strikers only leaves us a little short upfront numbers wise. Podolski quality wise is better than both Chamakh and Park put together, but I think we need more thna just 2 strikers in the squad.

    Having said that we have just had the one striker this season and I suppose 2 is already an improvement on one 🙂

    Good going though and lets get third place sealed up against West Brom who are going to make things difficult, but then again, if u can’t beat West Brom, in a desperate must win game for you and with the other team nothing to play for then you don’t deserve to be in the Champs League after all.

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    • People may be getting tired of this, but for me the next striking addition is Dempsey without question.

      He’s versatile, and he’s put in quite a few goals for Fulham this season. I’ve been following him way back since he first popped up on the scene and was viewed as the messiah for the US National team (unfortunately there haven’t been a whole lot of other players coming through).

      He’s available for relatively cheap, and I think we’d be foolish to not at least give him a look in.

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      • Dempsey would be a great addition. If we can get CL football guaranteed, he’d be mad to not jump on to a top club. He’s been good for Fulham but he’s not getting any younger.

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      • I wouldn’t mind Dempsey as a third choice Striker…………..except he is not a striker………..and while I don’t doubt that he can be worse than Chamakh as our third choice, I would still have an out and out third choice striker rather than a make shift one.

        I still think we should get Dempsey as will bring a creativity that we need and which we sometimes lack.

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      • As a US gooner myself, I have long toiled with the thought of having an American on my favorite team, and whether it would even be worth Dempsey’s effort just to ride our bench when he is clearly a player who needs constant games to stay at the level he has played the past few seasons. Ultimately however I would feel a great deal of pride if we had an American gunner, and Dempsey is the only player (short of Donovan) who has a skill set that would allow him to succeed.

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      • @Ca$hley Cole,

        I’ve felt the same. Half of me wanting to see an American at Arsenal, the other half wanting whatever would be best for the player. The great thing about Dempsey though, is he can play either wing or as an attacking mid. Would fit in any formation that Wenger wanted to use. He also plays with more effort than most. You won’t see him walking back when Song turns the ball over. While I don’t think he would start here, I think he would see a lot of time subbing. And time in the cups, of course.

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      • Given that we’ve played RAMSEY with regularity, I could see Dempsey starting…

        (Don’t thumb me down, Ramsey lovers… I don’t hate him, but I do think Dempsey’s played a much better game all season.)

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      • Lest we forget, we’ve still got Joel Campbell coming back from his loan spell…
        He’d make an adequate support striker for both RVP and Podolski.

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      • I’m also conflicted here, it could kill his career. He could play ATM, striker, or wings. but we have so much in those depts, maybe we are short on the ATM, but with Gerv, Walcott, Ryo, and Ox we have wingers all covered.

        That said, a little experience and maturity, guile… could work out

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      • Another vote for Dempsey! He’s quality and a very hungry player. You won’t see him just wandering around like Arshavin. He can play a lot of positions, has proven premiership credentials and he’s got more to prove than anyone out there being an American.

        He would be another Arteta like signing where it’s not all flash but it is much needed experience and quality that you’d realize how important he is once he’s gone.

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      • So as I’ve called American home for the past 12 years I’ve seen my share of the US national team. As far as I’m concerned, we, the arsenal, would be better off buying altidore I were going to buy an American. He’s younger, and he actually plays in a position we need. Plus he has huge “potential”.

        But let’s be honest, I’d rather have that brasilian striker.

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      • @Frog – I’ve been following the US national team for a long time. Altidore is not good man I’m sorry. Dempsey is the only American short of Donovan that could play for Arsenal. He works his ass off, is pretty skilled on the ball, and can shoot very well from range (something I think Arsenal are lacking right now)

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      • apart from m’villa assuming park is out and IF chamakh leaves or goes on loan we should get dempsey and del piero(for free)/any other quality low cost player in the striking dept.
        for me the players coming in this summer would be:
        del piero/hoillet/arshavin/joel campbell
        lansbury(may be).i dont think this lad can be a success.he is decent and should get playing time elsewhere.
        lastly one low profile versatile defender.

        fabianski(may be.i want him to stay)
        benayoun(may be)
        arshavin(may be).

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      • Hopefully Dempsey can score the winner against Sp*rs at the weekend and help us towards nailing on 3rd spot. Then he’d be welcome to name his price as 3rd choice striker; a more welcome bench warmer than either Park or Chamakh.

        [This is the point where someone tells me he’s injured for the Sp*rs game…]

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    • not to mention it’d probably do wonders for both shirt sales and awareness here in the states.

      I can state for a fact that I’d get a dempsey jersey, and probably several of my friends who dont support arsenal would too (they got landon donovan everton jerseys afterall). An american playing at the highest level is a big deal, partner that with a long overdue US tour… Yessir

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      • Really don’t see much good in getting Deuce. There are just so many better options out there. He’s a decent player but you know Fulham are gonna want a sizable fee for one of their top players, he’s too slow for our game, especcially on the wing. For the money it would cost, he’s too old, only has a few years left in top physical shape. We need to be investing in higher quality players then we already have to compete with Man City, he’s not that. This has been his best season, who knows if at his age he can produce that conisistently. I say no thanks, there are much better alternatives if we’re shopping for that position. I feel like he’s turning into this summer’s Cahill a little bit. If you guys can’t think of much better options, I can make you a list

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  15. So, if this is actually happening then that can only mean, Diaby out?
    If this is true, the idea of a Song, M’Vila, Wilshire pivot sounds brilliant. Can wait to actually have a decent bench again.

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    • More importantly it means Ramsey out……..(yes dislikes I know, but my pateince with him ran out against Norwich……I know he is young and can learn, but he must do so on at another team where his lack of tracking back, being caught in possession and taking ages to think about which pass he needs to make, and then choosing the wrong option, won’t lead to Arsenal dropping points).

      Also the midfield trio (if it indeed remains a trio next season with Wenger hinting that Podolski is gonna play with RvP through the middle) rotating between Arteta Song M’Villa *and* Wilshire (who you left out will be awesome). I seriously think though that we are in for a serious change of formation next season, and are gonna revert to the 4 2 3 1 that made us invincible.

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      • nah thats fair. I rate ramsey, but will willingly admit he hasn’t been up to scruff this season. He’s still extremely young, and he has the world at his feet with the talent he has (and has shown during that stint before the ogre incident). A year on loan would do him good. I have faith he’ll come good

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      • Ramsey was never supposed to be ‘first choice’ this season, he was supposed to be covering for Cesc or Wilshire. He should stay at the club, keep working hard and try to perform well when called upon. I wouldn’t mind him going out on loan, but he can contribute something to the first team as long as there isn’t a mountain of pressure on him.

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      • Ramsey is an attacking player. This signing does not change anything about his status. Yeah he’s been dreadful playing DM, so hopefully we’ll have enough depth now to ensure he stays up top.

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      • Too Drunk to be Offside wins the arseblog news award for “most words contained within brackets in a single post” award. (Take a bow son) 🙂

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    • Sounds good, but I’d like to see M’Vila, Arteta and Wilshere out there. Arteta’s proved himself to be invaluable to us. Song would have to rotate in/out w/ M’Vila.

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  16. “M’Vila is also known for his disciplined style of play”- A defensive defensive midfielder? FUCK YES

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  17. Please Please Please let it be true and lets get rid of some of the wasters now all we need is for the team to smash 10 past WBA get 3rd then we are set for a wonderful 2013.

    I am so looking forward to saying goodbye to this really bad season where we have all been in the shadow of some real shit teams.

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  18. If true and it goes through, it’s just what we need.

    There are two caveats though. It seems our main rivals for M’Vila is Inter Milan who still has an outside chance of overtaking Udinese, Lazio, and Napoli for the Serie A third place.

    Also, it’s very possible that signing M’Vila will be dependent on us finishing third ourselves.

    What is good is that he’s a six foot proper defensive midfielder whose disciplinary record in Ligue 1 is surprisingly low on cards. And that we could sign him ahead of the Euros where he’s every chance of making an impression.

    If M’Vila isn’t a show of intent from Wenger, then I don’t know what is.

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    • Doubt many people here have seen him play, but going by reports of people who HAVE seen him play, he’s class. I read somewhere that Laurent Blanc built the French NT around him. When you consider that they have players like Ribery, Benzema etc, that’s quite something.

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

      • I have. He may not be the finished article yet but he’s fit and energetic. And is good enough to be the first-choice midfielder for Laurent Blanc; starting all 8 internationals this season.

        Put it like this: he’s existentially better than both Cabaye and Tiote. So if you thought we lost out on either of those – then think again.

        An often-repeated quote is “He reads the game like Claude Makelele, has the presence of Patrick Vieira, and can pass the ball like Yaya Toure.”

        Also Marcel Desailly said recently that he’s better than Vieira was – so there.

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    • Have seen on Youtube for several minutes, his playing style is very similar with Alex Song, he can chip, he can defend. What a plus he is just 21. I see him a successor for Alex if he leave.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

    • he’s quality, I first heard about him right before France picked their squad for the 2010 World Cup, he didn’t quite make the cut but he made the final 30 and as a 19 year old that is pretty impressive. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of him since, but at 21 and a proven international, we have a quality player than Wenger can mould and groom as only Wenger can.

      Solid pick up if you ask me

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    • I’ve watched Rennes’ last 5 games or so , and can confirm that he really is class, reminds me of a sort of Xabi Alonso with his passing range and the odd midfield-splitting dribble a la vieira. He’s also more often than not in his own half, which is somewhat more than can be said of Song (not to criticise a man with about 15 assists this season).

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  19. I think this is definitely gonna take us back to our Invincible Years Formation. Song and M’Villa are gonna play together much like Gilberto and Vieira used to play together.

    Next years Formation 4 2 3 1


    Sagna Koscelny Vermelen Gibbs/Santos

    Song M’Villa

    Rosicky/Walcott/Wilshire/Gervinho/Arteta/Podolski/Ox (any three)

    RvP/Podolski (Ofcourse when he is playing upfront Podolski is not part of Att Mid Rotation)

    Looks like a solid team, with tonnes of good bench strength, including Mertesaker, Whoever of the Att. Mid Rotation who miss out, Coq, Santos/Gibbs.

    League title beckons, its been long enough

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  20. I just hope that’s is true after all the speculation of the last 24 hours. My hunch is that it isn’t. I don’t see Wenger signing M’Vila when we have Coquelin and Frimpong as defensive midfielders. I’d rather he spend our club record signing on Eden Hazard or an attacking, creative player.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 32

    • Hazard has City baulking at his wages, do u think we will ever manage to pay him his wages.

      Plus from all the talking he appears to be just another Nasri, looking for a big payday.

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 0

    • Hazard declared blue his color. That means city or chelsea, and as chelsea are utter shite, that probably means city.

      anybody that wants to go to man city I’m not interested in. You look at their squad and you can’t possibly imagine any player goes there solely to play. That squad is huge, and players they’ve paid huge sums of money for in the past are just being deemed unsatisfactory as they make another 30m+ signing.

      No player can go there expecting to further their career in my opinion, money plays too much part in it. bad for the game

      and on a side note, i hear CITY -the team that pays gareth barry 5.5m a year -are baulking at his wage demands. fuck that

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    • Frimpong and Coq are raw talents, very raw. You will get moments of brilliance alongside moments of madness. We need these young players to provide cover and rest for our best 11. Also, less prestigious and ( financially) rewarding competitions are the traditional training grounds for our emerging talents

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  21. If this is true we have rvp to thank. Playing hardball with wenger. so who next? i think a CB and a flair player to cover rosicky/yossi.
    think LB position is also weak.

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  22. i got to see m’vila play last night as fox soccer televised their recent match. he was making plays all over the place and had quick and fluid pace. get excited arsenal fans, get very excited.

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  23. This is awesome news. and screw Vertonghen, it looks like he wants to be a Spuds player. We’ve got good defenders already. BFG, Verm and Kosc are good enough.

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  24. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    Poorly-rated Thumb up 3 Thumb down 85

    • The last I checked, RVP, TV5, Arteta, Walcott, Rosicky, Song, SZCZ, Gibbs, all of them being starters and all signed by Wenger, are not from French league or national team.

      Man City’s key players are probably Hart, Kompany, Yaya, Silva, Aguero. Out of these lot, only Hart is British.

      Chelsea has a strong British spine? Where are they now? And don’t say Champions League Final. I doubt they will win it.

      Only Man Utd probably has a more or less “British spine”, but even them has struggled at times this season. If not for the lack of competencies of those around them, they would not even be in the race for the title.

      Liverpool bought a lot British players. And I’m damn relieved that I’m not a Liverpool fan….

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  25. Is there any chance of Wenger dusting off that Magic Hat of his, with all this recent transfer activity and new number two ???

    I do jolly well hope so !

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  26. I don’t care who comes in, even if it’s M’Vila or Wilshere, Arteta must be in our starting midfield next season. He may no longer be our new, shiny player come next season, but he’s definitely our most important midfielder, even taking into account any new transfer-ins or LANS.
    A midfield axel of Wilshere-M’Villa-Arteta would be a dream, that is, IF the transfer is comfirmed.

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  27. @nycpunk 77 We will be very excited when the news has been officially confirmed by the club, thanks.

    Arsene is kinda doing a great behind the scene job, don’t you think?! *smile*

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  28. 99% of people creaming themselves over a player they have never seen play. And no, he’s not giving up on Diaby, he’s giving up on Ramsey who just isn’t good enough.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 38

    • If you cannot be a wee bit excited about a player who is widely touted, highly regarded by most, potentially coming to your club, then I suggest you go take up a new interest instead of football.

      Thumb up 38 Thumb down 0

    • It just goes to show, you can only please some of the people some of the time. A marquee signing in the works and still some of us bitch and moan.
      Arseblood, anyone you’d care to see sign instead of M’Vila?

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    • What are u talking about. there is no way he is giving up on ramsey. sure off form but an international captain at 21 years of age and very rarely does he get injured – shawcross leg breaks aside. i will take him over diaby everyday of the week. the only midfielders i see leaving are benayoun denilson arshavin. there is room in a 25 man squad for 6 or 7 midfielders of 21 and over in a 25 man squad. song arteta rosicky mvila ramsey diaby lansbury plus unlimited u21s wilshire coquelin frimpong ozyakup henderson eisfeld. if i was replacing any of those over 21s now it would be diaby out and a creative attacking midfielder in.

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  29. M’Vila is a wonderful player.

    I think Song has been fantastic for us this year, but i do wonder sometimes whether he plays with the speed required for a defensive midfielder,and also his discipline in the position. There have been countless times when i’ve preferred him to rein in his attacking instincts (on saturday against Norwich for their 3rd goal for example) and maybe Wenger feels M’Vila is a more ‘fluid’ option when in possession rather than Alex Song.

    Then again maybe i’m completely wrong and is planning on playing them together.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 0

    • I don’t think speed is the issue with Song, Gilberto was great for us and he is definitely no speed demon.

      The problem, IMHO, is tactical awareness of when to push up and help out in attack and when to just sit back and protect the back four.

      And of course some common sense of not attempting crazy, Hollywood passes when leading by one goal, with only minutes left on the clock, in your OWN BLOODY HALF.

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  30. So is THIS guy the new Viera? Or was it Yaya Toure? Or Diaby? Song?

    Been to many “new” Vieras. It’s time for the “first” M’Villa.

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  31. Yaya Toure is by far the closest thing there’s been to a ‘new Vieira’. We missed out on him, unfortunately, when he had a trial here as a youth. Not sure the background but at the time we were had gilberto vieira, edu reigning in a top top;team so not much space for him sadly.

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    • It was never that there was no space in the Squad, just that he was never eligible for a work permit. We made sure he ended up at Beveren, and three years there and he would have become a Belgian national, and then he would have snapped him up dirt cheap. However he lost patience and at the end of Second Year moved to some weird team in Ukraine I think it was, and that was the end of him ever moving to Arsenal.

      By the time he qualified for a Work Permit through the National Team Route, Barcelona had moved in for him.

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    • Not really, he’s 21 and can’t even get into west ham squad, any of our other starting reserve mids are better

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  32. We need a beast in the mould of SAMBA!!, someone capable of putting his body on the line for the teams cause. Kozzer showed that when we played norwich while verminator seems to be winning me over aerial-wise. Vertonghen can play in almost three positions and this is right up there on wengers street so it’s a possibility.

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  33. If we sign an out-and-out striker now, I have to say I am satisfied with our squad.

    Although even if we go into next season with this current squad, assuming M’Vila comes, I’m cool with that.

    Scez, gibbs/santos, vermaelen/djourou, koscielny/mertesacker, sagna/english bloke, mvila, wilshere/rosicky, song/arteta, walcott, podolski/ox, van persie/out-and-out striker.

    That’s bad boy.

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  34. Players are told to play their natural game where possible. Song isnt naturally a dm, but just as much as he has to cover the defence he also had to drive the attack when it was being blocked out by 6-8 defenders, who were being occupied by our front four and arteta/Ramsey.

    Leaving song to play quarterback. In most games he can do that and is the only one with time and space, you still have to applaud him for developing this side to his game which is a natural step up.

    Now we have MVila he can continue to become more of the Arteta role which is deep playmaker.

    I think he is being groomed for that role and Wilshere and Rosicky will fill in for AM.

    Though we need goals from that position which Rosicky and Rambo haven’t given us.

    But naturally their step up in level would include this, and if not then they should be making space by drawing opposition away and allowing others a chance in an advanced position and in space

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  35. I think it should be worth noting that Inter are in 6th, so CL is looking slim for them. Udinese need a solitary point to clinch, plus Inter are at Lazio on the final day who themselves are gunning for that 3rd Italian CL spot. So Arsenal should have the inside track here…

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  36. Calm down fellas, the deals not done yet. A wise man once said ‘just because she let’s you touch her tits doesn’t mean your going to get laid’. Knowing the way be do transfer business, a large dose of Rohypnol will be required.

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  37. In the 2010–11 season, M’Vila led the league in passes attempted (2341) and passes completed (1989) finishing the campaign with a passing percentage of 84 percent.[53] He also finished third behind attacking midfielders Yohan Cabaye and Morgan Amalfitano in balls played.


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  38. Has anyone seen Vertonghen play? I have not but is it the case of he wants to come to Arsenal or do we really want him? I think we should bring Klye Bartley as a replacement for squillici. I have seen M’villa play, I still think Song is a better player but he is welcome to Arsenal FC. I think its good news.

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  39. this is great news as an arsenal fan,but i cant be convinced until I see him doing his medical.because arsenal always seem to get their fans excited remember MATA? he should be a gunner

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  40. Great, if this is true. This guy will improve our defence with his discipline

    Now, we just need a creative goal scoring midfielder!

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  41. M’Vila has been quite poor this season. He has quality for sure, but need to get his head right, not, as a father and husband, spend the night after an international duty in an hotel room, with two hookerlike, let them robbing your stuff, then call the police and let everybody aware of what happen. Not smashing the young guy who dates his sister. Go home after training. Hanging around with the right people. He’s not Balotelli, but to a certain point, he lacks a lot of maturity.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 5

    • Well I second that, plus you guys should know that even if everyone was in awe after his first Equipe de France displays, he, like a Marvin Martin for example, has shown that he is not yet up there with the best.

      He’s good, as in “not bad”, but I am under the impression that seen from the english speaking countries he is a half god of sorts.
      Guys I don’t want to rain on your parade, I wish he was top class in the making, like a Henry after his bad Juventus spell, but at the moment he is not. Far from it.

      It scares me to see that much money spent on him.
      Podolski, yes, is class. M’Villa… I mean come on. Hope he prooves me wrong but please people, check your facts. it reads like you are expecting the best DM of the world : /

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      • I bet when Wenger signed Vieira, Henry, Pires, Wiltord, etc.. you probably complained then and decided you knew better than our manager and scouting team.

        I can think of another player who came with disciplinary issues. His ex-manager was quoted as saying “His behaviour made it impossible for him to remain in the squad any longer so he will join the reserve side for the time being.” He is now club captain and the player we want to hang on to more than any other.

        Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

      • I wasn’t talking about discipline.
        I know about Viera trust me.

        I was talking about football, pure and simple.
        When and how often did you see him play ? This is what I was talking about. I did see him play.

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      • How often have you seen him. I’ve only seen him 5 or 6 times and couple for National team, every one of those he’s looked more then decent. This weekend I think they showed a rennes game and he impressed

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  42. keep it up wenger.he is showing signs of a listening ear finally. we have been yelling for such transfers since 2006!! but good people juventus won a trophy since 2003 if I ain’t wrong (ignore the number of coaches fired) shows there is still hope.

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  43. Is this for real? I ask it because one of my fun summer activities is going to to ESPN site and tracking activity on their “Transfer Blog.” And I always think that “Transfer Blog” should be renamed “Fiction Writers’ Workshop.”

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    • I am generally skeptical about Transfer Rumors too. But when Arseblog says something it’s gotta be true 9 out of 10 times.

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

      • Not at all Jack, arseblog is getting it from newspapers too he doesn’t have his own sources so its just as reliable as Telegraph or Mirror, don’t be so gullible

        Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  44. Not getting my hopes up until arsenal have confirmed signing.

    One more attacking midfielder after Mvilla and we can challenge. Preferably someone with more quality than Dempsey with young potential to exploit. Goetze? Eriksen? Hazard has too much of the na

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

    • Out of these two, Eriksen is the more likely looking. I doubt Dortmund will want to sell Gotze and he said that if he left it’d be for La Liga. That said, there’s been a lot of links linking Eriksen with Man United when there was all the talk earlier in the season, though.

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  45. I would like to think that the brief return of TH14 has reminded Le Prof of how great it can be to have quality backup in a side.

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  46. I am happy if this is true as I have said in my numerous posts upfront.

    On a side note what purpose does it serve to make a signing and not announce it.

    The only reason I can think of is that the Selling Club woudn’t want everyone to know that they are losing one of their key players before the season is done and over with.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  47. Yes! Keep Song, Theo and RVP and this team can push for glory. We need to sell off Denilson, Arshavin, Bendtner, Squillaci, Park, Chamakh, Vela, Botelho and Wellington Silva. Trim the fat and bring back Bartley, Ryo and Lansbury. Perhaps even Mannone.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

    • Why sell wellington, we got him last year, he hasn’t had a chance at all. Have you ever see him play. Or Botelho, he actually starts for Levante who have done very well this season, unlike Lansbury who is older ad can’t even get into west ham team. Don’t believe things other people say, make up your own opinions by actually watching these players and not relying on other equally ignorant fans

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      • Its about value. Lansbury’s value is slim right now. He hasn’t got many games for West Ham, so nobody’s going to want to pay money for him.
        Wellington Silva is impressing, but is he ready for the English League?Certainly Ryo is closer to the first team than Wellington. Sell him now while his demand and value is high and our need for him is low, rather than holding on to him to be a Carling Cup substitute for the next 3 years and diminish his value, like we did with Vela. Vela would have been worth 3 to 4 times more after his first loan spell at Osasuna than he is now.

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      • I think one of the problems with our wage structure is that we have players wasting away in other leagues. I’ve seen Botelho play twice. He is electric. When are we bringing him to England? He has been stuck in Spain for four years. Why is he on our books? In other words, shit or get off the pot. Wellington has been dropped from two different teams in Spain. Yes he scored this weekend but he is definitely not making glory for himself in the Iberian Peninsula.
        A big clear out is needed in my opinion.

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  48. M’Vila looks like a great signing if it’s true. This guy has captained teams since he was a teenager. I think he will be more mature than his age.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

    • I think Song is a goner and Arsene knows this. Song’s actions after the Norwich game seemed to allude to his departure. All speculation of course but I just have that feeling.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 7

  49. Twitterers are going mental. Now there is talk about us going in for Hernanes and Afellay. The transfer madness has begun ladies and gentlemen.

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  50. what’s gonna happen to my darling coq now? he’s just a year younger than m’villa but what can we do now…. looking forward to arsene new team next season? who’s looking at ma pant?

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  51. I think my head might explode if this really is a nailed on transfer!
    Great to have competition for Song and another player for Le Coq and Frimpong to learn from.
    If we can keep the others whose contracts are running out next season (i needn’t bother mention names) then I think we’re all set for a great season next time.
    The defence, although leaky, are actually pretty good in my opinion. With Bouldy on board and some extra protection in midfield I think they’ll do alright.
    One last push against West Brom then. RVP hat-trick please, then maybe a couple more, just in case.

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  52. This is why wenger wont sign vertonghen.
    1. He wants to come to arsenal
    2. He plays with verm well at international level
    3. Arsenal fans want him at arsenal
    4. Wenger is our manager.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 35

    • yeah exactly! stupid wenger not signing players despite them obviously being perfect fits for our squad and the league.

      Thumb up 0 Thumb down 2

  53. Re: Vertoghen going to Spurs… Good ol’ Agent Redknapp is just doing his job of crippling Spurs for good.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  54. Important!
    If M’Vila comes to us Ramsey should be sold to AC Milan or 5pur2!
    If M’Vila doesn’t come Ramsey should be sold anyway!
    1. He is not very intelligent player
    2. When he runs there is an invisible force puling his ass otherway (simular to 5pur2 Niko Kranjcar, amazing coincidence)
    3. When opposition has a ball and arsenal forwards are running to take it Ramsey is running like a bee from flower to flower not even thinking that he can win it.
    4. He didin t have a decent shot on goal for a looong time
    5. Remember Rosicky or Rvp faces when he fucks up a goal opportunity
    6. As long as he stays at the club the reason why he s there and playing in first 11 will be a sort of conspiracy theory (Welsh football asc is paying the same way like somebody is playing for Park to sit on the bench or what?)
    I can’t believe that it is not Ramsey himself who is constantly posting against antiRamsey comments on this blog

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 32

    • I love how this article has absolutely no mention or relation to Ramsey and yet theres still this type of talk all over the place. They don’t play the same position, there is no reason why having one means the other must go.

      Ramsey is young, give him some time for christs sake. He was never meant to be placed into the focal point of our midfield so early. He’s out of his depth at this point in his career

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

    • hmm, funny post. theres a guy with a big red nose, won a pot or 2 at a little club up north, who DESPERATELY wanted to sign Aaron. suppose hes an idiot, just like the welsh F.A., and our coaching staff.

      A big part of the reason ” 4. He didin t have a decent shot on goal for a looong time” is that pillocks that know very little are constantly on his back, blaming him for everything, poor team displays, world poverty, war in the middle east, even Whitney Houstons death! ( and posting negative shit about himself……..eh? )

      He is a young guy, recovering from serious injury, being played out of position, and getting booed by his own ” fans “, hardly a recipe for confidence.

      Isn’t it getting a bit full on that ‘wagon?

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  55. All this scoring 60+ goals and winning shit is getting very boring, I want to go to Sunderland to partner The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived. Please sign me little squeaky man

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  56. What are people thinking when they question song’s position??? He’s been great this season and he’ll continue to improve! Plus now he’ll have the opportunity to play forward as well.. M’villa would be a great signing for us!

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  57. Arsenal will never comment on a transfer until its done for obvious reasons.

    Ask Wenger.. he is says “He is a good player,we like him” and then does his little telling smile…

    There might just be something in it.

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    • yeah, but when all the podolski rumours were flying around he publicly said we were close to a deal. it’s really unfortunate cos i’d love us to sign m’vila but unfortunately i beleive arsene on this one and think that we’re nowhere near signing him.

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  58. If it is indeed between us and Inter for M’vila, it makes this weekend’s games that much more important, and I think the journalist’s tweet made mention of that. There is so much on the line this weekend, obviously for more purposes than this signing as well.

    Inter are in 6th and will need some help to make the Champions League. We all know what we need to do. If we make it and they don’t I think it’s a done deal, he will join.

    But if they do make it, we will lose a negotiating advantage, and then will likely lose a bidding war for the player (like we reportedly did with Ricky Alvarez last summer). Or we’ll sell Song to Inter and buy M’Vila as a replacement.

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  59. Can anyone explain how these signings can be agreed when German and French transfer window won’t open until 1st July (see UNFP and DFB – and apologies if this has already been pointed out). I presume no actual signing on the dotted line is possible until then but we can do some kind of deal to commit a player to signing?

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  60. This player is quality and could provide both strength and depth to this great Arsenal side!He is also young, which is key!

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