Wilshere surgery goes ‘according to plan’


According to the doctor who performed the ‘minor’ surgery on Jack Wilshere’s knee, the operation was a complete success.

Håkan Alfredsson is a specialist at the Sports Medicine Clinic in Umeå, and although he’s been instructed by Arsenal to give away as little information as possible about the details of the procedure, he told fotbollskanalen.se (Swedish) that there were no complications.

“Everything has gone well, entirely according to plan,” he said. “We performed a surgery on a tendon in his knee.”

When asked about the typical recovery time from such surgery, he said, “The normal recovery time is usually two to three months”, which should give Wilshere a chance of being fit for the start of next season. That said, with up to three months rehab ahead of him, Arsenal’s definition of ‘minor’ seems a little off. Perhaps a better word might have been ‘routine’. Unless they were comparing it to a knee amputation in which case they’re spot on.

Jack missed the whole of last season with ankle problems, which has also ruled him out of the European Championships and the Olympics, but fingers crossed this operation is the last one he’ll need for some time, and we can see him back in red and white as soon as possible.


    • “normal” recovery time presumably refers to joe public rather than a super fit athlete with access to hyperbolic chambers and magic buttons etc etc

      hardly a surprise, though. far better than reading that the surgeon was discovered slumped in a bar, drunk, crying about the career of a promising young footballer he’d just ruined because he’d operated on the wrong knee. using his left hand. after a bottle of whisky. *that* would be bad

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  1. I’m glad the surgery was success.. Hope Lil Jack’s recovery goes as planned.. I’m not expecting him to be a regular next season(at least the first half) and allow him to take his time recovering properly and not hurrying..

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    • He won’t make it until Christmas at best. Instead of signing Arteta like the year before, our fraud manager destroy the kids promising career.

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      • I know from a source within the club that Wilshere begged not to play anymore games, but evil, greedy Wenger forced him to. It’s all part of Arsenal’s most successful manager’s plan to make sure that Arsenal never ever again wins a trophy. Oh and my reliable source also told me that we have a lot of money, but Wenger saves it to build a gigantic statue of himself outside the stadium. Made out of poor gold. True story

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      • Hey everybody! Somebody wished one of our injured players a quick recovery again!!!

        It’s the absolute, perfect opportunity to slam Wenger yet again!!!!!!



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  2. how do these footballers who are out of action for such a long time not put on substantial weight.. has anyone got the answer ?

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  3. Any more surgeries and his leg is gonna look like sarah jessica parkers face!.

    Anyone seen the bitch?, trust me she ugly.

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  4. Has there ever been a surgery done that wasn’t reported as a “complete success”? Just once, I’d like to hear a surgeon say “Eh, really didn’t go that great.”

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    • You’d “like to hear a surgeon say “Eh, really didn’t go that great.””.

      Well how about right after your triple bypass, or your breast augmentation?

      Leave our Jack alone. Get well soon!

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  5. I have already accepted that he will never play football again, so whenever he returns it will be a nice surprise.

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  6. We may be forced to make a new breed of super footballer from what´s left of Jack and Frimpong. I´m sure Ivan has been working on this for months, it´s the footballing equivalent of recycling (DIaby was the guinea pig but there´s nothing left on him worth saving).

    The burning questions are how many squad places would this franken-footballer take up? And has anyone seen Vela and Bendtner since they returned from their loan spells and were shown the new lab for the first time?

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  7. Call me a cynic, but Arsenal asking the Doctor no to mention anything about the surgery sounds really fishy. Shouldn’t they want to encourage fans by saying telling what was done & the particulars so it sounds optimistic? Much like the RVP scenario, when you give the fans little communication as seems to be the way with everything coming out of Arsenal it leaves a very uneasy feeling in our stomachs.

    The communication between the club and fans has got to improve almost as much as our injury record.

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    • May be they don’t want the opponents to target the operated parts, like what happened to Diaby (by that worthless CL winner Essien) and Sagna (by that whoever who plays for Norwich).

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    • You don’t need the details. I have heard about the operation. Doctor Alfredsson told me,

      “First we removed a small piece of tendon from Jack’s penis, Here is a photograph of…..”

      Why ruin your summer by inventing problems at the start of it? All that does is bring out the idiots with smart-arse replies. 😉

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  8. He’s actually on vacation. Wenger paid the doc to make up this procedure to ensure he would be safe from international duty for the summer.

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  9. Cygans LF
    Spot on buddy. We still have quite a few with their blinkers on lol.
    Arsene is god. (is he fuck. Sack the cunt. )

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  10. Wish him a quick recovery. Wouldn’t want to jinx it by speculating on his return.

    Good thing is that now Pearce can suck it.

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  11. i love how we pretend jaks having surgery just to stop him being selected for the pointless olympic team! class! keep our player and he keeps respect of the nation… amazing. jack wilshere pfa player of the year 12/13 season.

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    • Haha. I bet you were tempted to say Robin van Coqsacker first. Glad you changed your mind, it was a terrible idea.

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  12. Yep, but I’m sure the people in the lab must have mulled over the idea. After all, they gave us a tall guy called crouch.

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