Benayoun thanks Gunners as he confirms exit


Yossi Benayoun has thanked Arsenal fans for their support this season after confirming the end of his loan spell with the Gunners.

The Israeli international returns to Chelsea tomorrow with several notable appearances in the red and white under his belt, but looks increasingly unlikely to pen a permanent deal at the Emirates.

With 12 months left on his contract at Stamford Bridge he’s still very much a man in demand, despite being at the tail end of his career, with the likes of Ajax, QPR and former club West Ham United all batting their eyelashes in his direction.

Writing on Twitter, the 32-year-old stated: “My loan spell with arsenal will be officially over tomorrow..I want to say again a big thanks to the fans and the club.

“For the opportunity and the great support and I wish this club all the very best!”

With six goals in 25 appearances, including a great display against Sp*rs in the 5-2 win, Benayoun leaves the club on very good terms with the supporters. While many have expressed a desire to see him handed a two-year contract, it’s more than likely that the player himself will go in search of more playing time elsewhere.

The official opening of the transfer window on 1st July, also sees a flood of loanees returning to London Colney after a year away.

A tearful Denilson has missed out on a month long extension of his loan deal with Sao Paulo after they failed to make the final of the Copa do Brasil, while the likes of Nicklas Bendtner and Carlos Vela return in the hope of making a swift exit. Joel Campbell will also return from Lorient hoping he’s done enough to secure a work permit.


    • Don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to sing to that tune when the chinless wonder visits next season!

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  1. Could be a big loss, at times it looked like he was the only midfielder trying. Was immense against WBA when others like song went walk about again.
    Total respect for the bloke. A proper professional.

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  2. Farewell Yossi! You were immense, scored crucial goals for us, and played an integral role in helping us secure Champions League football. You will be missed!

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  3. Goodbye Yossi, you will be sorely missed. One of Wengers better sigings last summer. I hope who ever he plays for when he comes back to the Emirates he gets the respect and applause he deserves.

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  4. Definitely changed my opinion of Benayoun from dismay at having to make a loan signing from Chelsea to one of pride with his attitude and professionalism, not forgetting some top performances and crucial goals (including away at Villa).

    Cheers Yossi!

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    • @ sean

      At least you are honest. I remember so called football experts on here after 1/9/11 saying he was finished in terms of being a good player and now the same guys are saying AW is stupid not to get him back.

      I do not want AW to get Yann M’Villa. I think he is no different to denilson. The fans who slat Alex Song are clueless about modern football tactics. If you watch where DM for teams such as Italy, Portugal, and Germany play, they are further forward than their playmaker ie Bastian Schweinsteiger plays behind Khedira, Pirlo plays behind De Rossi, Moutinho plays ahead of miguel and even Yaya Toure for Man City. The reason is to allow the most mobile player to win the ball further upfield in the opponents half. The issue with Arsenal is that the full backs all attck at the same time whilst with other teams only 1 attacks at a time thereby having 3 at the back most of the time.

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      • Why rate Sean down while I dont totally agree on the M’Villa as bit as he will make a difference to Arsenal the rest does make sense.

        I hate it when the forum trolls rate down but dont have the guts to speak up.

        Anyway I am all emotional now as I keep having nightmares that iniesta is in fact Gary Newmans love child and keeps signing cars to me in Spanish !!!

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      • i agree that we shouldn’t get M’Villa aswell. i don’t quite understand why there are so many calling for a DM, whoever we bring in arnt going to perform nowhere near aswell as arteta, song or jack in our system. i would rather buy another CB and push vermaelen in to midfield; hes great on the ball and never gets caught in possesion, he would flourish imo

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  5. Damn. Sad to see him go. He is a big loss in terms of influence and experience on the pitch and giving 100% in every game he played. i hope other players look at his determination and don’t slack off in a competitive game he

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  6. Sad to see him go. Did a job when required and was thoroughly professional when he wasn’t played. Scored a few vital goals along the way. Good luck to the man. Thanks for everything

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  7. this guy was a class act from start to finish.

    it really is a shame it didn’t work out, i had a soft spot for him even if he never really made the cut for a regular starting position.

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  8. He did a good job for us, but we have to move forward.

    I’d personally like to see him go back to West Ham, they loved him there and he’d be a good senior player for them.

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  9. I in particular wld miss Bennie, Bennie was and is a Professional! He played big games, made marks, scored goals, I wish he was 3yrs younger, I’m cock sure Arsene wld have had a re-think. Buh its cool, I personally, individually and collectively wish YossiB all the best….#class-Act

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  10. Not to put a downer on his time with us in any way, but he was most likely on a rather tasty wage packet at Chel$ki that Arsenal would probably be unwilling to match. A team like QPR would more likely be willing to flash more cash in his direction, plus give him a starting role and a two year punt.

    He was a model pro last season, took his chance when it came along and contributed well above what most people (myself included) would have expected. He is still a very good player with top experience, and deserves a starting berth, which he won’t get at Arsenal every week unfortunately. Best of luck to him!

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    • No, not qpr. Don’t want him and that joey barton fella mixing it up.
      Southampton would be nice though, a little wisdom for the young players. Plus his determination and drive will be an inspiration for staying in the league.

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  11. all the best Yossi u did us good. i personnaly would love to see u stay @the emirates but my hands are tied and hav no choice. wish yu well in ur entire career keep on going.

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  12. When he was signed, many thought Arsene had lost his marbles, and was thrashing about because the Arteta deal was in doubt. Then Arteta signed and Yossi seemed surplus to requirements. Nonetheless, he got on with things in a professional manner and proved what a class act he is.

    He’s been a great servant to Arsenal in his short time here and will be missed.

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  13. Well Yossi I have no much to say then to say thank you and God bless you and wish you luck where ever you find your’self. Up GUNNERS !!!!

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  14. I must admit, I wasn’t fond of him when he was a Shitpool player, and was very surprised when Cuntsea signed him. But I have to say I had a change of heart after we had him on loan, and now I’m sorry to see him leave after what he showed at the end of the season. Would have like to have seen him for another year as I still think he’s got it in him to the business for us!

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  15. Will miss him.
    He kept both jol and harry in their positions. Out of the champions league.

    Hope he sends the LWC down before he retires.

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  16. If he was that good why do we not keep him?

    Belongs at the likes of QPR etc.

    Useful player, with some good performances but some of these comments make him out to be player of the year.

    Thanks for the laughs people.

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  17. well done yossi. u did a gr88 job while u was with us an give your heart an soul out there on the pitch….btw i need to ask u fellow gunners a question y im not hearin us linking wit a cb???

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      • haha u serious smh well isnt it the same defense who had the worst defensive record in arsenal’s history smh u got to b kiddin me …an dont blame it on injuries …a big strong commandin cb wit good physical presence ..cuz i never forgot the game against qpr bobby zamora was to physical for both koscienly an velameen i dont see merta comin in their an makin a difference cuz he is clumsy an for a lad who is 6 4 he not that commandin in the air an to slow to react ….

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      • Dear Ben,

        If your going to be obnoxious, be spell correctly. It make you point a little easier to swallow, even of it is a bit lame and counterproductive.


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      • O man, as I’m talking shit, the iPhone spellcheck has done me again! Anyhow, what I meant was, if you’re going to be a dick, spell properly.
        Fail on my part eh?

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      • merta is clumsy an he isnt suited for the PL look at the simplest mistake that almost cost us games for eg nowrich at the hawtons, wen he was out muscled an fell, chelsea ,an sunderland yall need to go on youtube an look at the sort of goals he let in …an i no yall will use koscienly as an eg when he just arrived at the club…atleast i no from day 1 that kos had some potential an i never doubted that he will become the player he is today cuz i watch him at the pre season an the most notable 1 is the game against barca when he had messi quiet for the entire game…but as for merta he never impressed me … even ian wright ,kweon Ljungberg dixon says we need another center back so y cant yall see that also smh

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  18. A real stinker that he can’t stay with us. Even worse is the shit stain of a club he’s returning to. They don’t deserve him.. D:

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  19. But why hasn’t he been offered a contract? He was a very useful squad player who gave 100% last season, so why didn’t we keep him? It sounds like he hasn’t got a new deal sorted out and is looking for a club.

    With so many crap players in our squad, why are we letting a class player, and a committed performer, slip away?

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    • I don’t think he wants to be just a squad player. Agreed though, if we could convince him to stay, we should.

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    • Please correct me if I’m wrong, but he’s Chelski property. It’s not up to us to “offer him a contract” without buying him first.

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    • I think that even if we had offered him a contract, he wouldn’t sign. He’s 32 years old, he has 2-3 years max to give. He wants a regular playing time, which is understandable, but we could not promise him that. Too we didn’t sign him few year ago, the lad has a lot of character and passion for the game (which exactly the things that we lacked).

      I can understand now why the fans of every team he played for liked him so much. He’s a real professional and a great person. Wish him all the best.

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  20. Would love to see him stay, but understand that he wants regular playing time. With our packed midfield, that won’t happen.

    Thanks for the memories Benny, you were one of the good ‘uns. Wish you the best.

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  21. I was skeptical to begin with, but he won me over with some great performances and some very important goals. Good luck Yossi!!

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  22. I never expected such commitment from a loan player. I thought he would be going through the motions but he really got stuck in and did himself and us proud. This guy has one of the best attitudes i’ve ever seen from a footballer and I wish him well.
    Just one more favour if you don’t mind Yossi? Kick John Terry up his ugly girl hole before you leave Chelsea won’t you? Ta

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  23. thanks yossi, i’ll always remember the goal you scored against 5pur2s whilst playing for west ham on the final day of 05/06 that crushed their champions league dreams. top man

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  24. Benayoun did great for us, also scored the first intue last two flgames that got us third, bet he wished he was w Chelsea a week later though

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  25. Sad to see him leave but the positive that I’m hoping to take is that Arsené is now very much of the opinion that we need some older heads in the squad to guide the youngsters. The loan route allows him to bring these older players in without having someone in the way of the younger players looking to make the first XI on a permanent basis. I’m fully expecting to see another loan signing of this ilk during this transfer window and I must confess to being quite excited to see who it may be this time.

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  26. No brainer to take Yossi on a permanent deal, think AW has missed out there. Appreciate he woudn’t want to simply be making up the numbers, but he showed in the 2nd half of last season that wouldn’t necessarily be the case.

    Good professional, good experience, good all round player. What does it look like we are getting instead – Denilson: questionable professional, no experience, poor all round player.

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  27. Everything I admired Benayoun for, has already been written earlier. Just a suggestion:
    Na, na, na, na, na, nana na
    Lukasz Podolski
    Lukasz Podoski-i!
    – yeah??

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  28. Rats! I’m sorry he’s going. I have nothing new to add but to repeat what everyone else is saying about Yossi–he contributed mightily when he was on the pitch (and they should have played him more) and was truly a class act.

    Good luck wherever you go!

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  29. ok lets b honest which postion u all will like to see arsenal strengthen base answer must b based on results from last season???

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      • an your’re a unrealistic cunt …we all no that we need to add to our defense an yet for all ppl like your self just keep denyin it ….past players who came out an said it their selves that we need to add to our def…ateast a quality cb ..

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      • And why would we need more defenders? What we actually need is to defend better, which can be achieved with the players we have. We have Kos, Verm and Mert, 3 quality CBs which can be used depending on opposition. We also have 2 decent backups in Djorou and Miquel. 2 excellent LBs in Gibbs and Santos and 2 excellent RBs in Strong Tackle Bacary Sagna and Jenks.

        Personnel isn’t the problem, it’s them performing their job better that’s the problem, which can be fixed on the training ground.

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      • so u all really think djorou and merta is quality lolllol smh if wenger doesnt sort this out an goes with the same players he has at his disposal at the back i can see you all callin for wenger’s head again when things not goin to good lol wait an see….

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      • Past players like Paul Merson who hates Wenger or Ian Wright who doesn’t have a good word to say about Arsenal despite the fact we made him the player he turned into. How about Piers Morgan, I bet you’re a big fan of his.

        You talk down to everyone who comments, with an obnoxious, condescending tone and just come across as a bit of a prick

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  30. Will miss Yossi a great deal, I was so happy when I saw his name amongst the new signings last season even as he was on loan from ch**shit.

    Hope he could stay, he is a true and decent player, worthy Professional.

    Good luck Yossi Benayoun!!!

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  31. Yossi, you showed yourself to be a true mensch during your time with Arsenal. Now please come join Titi here in NYC with the Redbulls. You’ll be a hero–you’ll find New York is the only place more Jewish than your homeland!

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  32. Yossi really does show some of the better qualities of the professional footballer; humility, patience and perseverance. Something we should all try and achieve me thinks.

    Just to confirm, Na$ri has none of those qualities.

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  33. We could yet buy him. Unlikely but we could. It’s his loan that’s come to an end, not the transfer window.

    Ccacking attitude from the lad. Just what we needed last season.

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  34. Yossi has alway’s be my player since he was @ westham. Losing Fab and Nas was big blow in ma head but seeing Yossi in the squad was a massive work done! Thank you for your assitance and u’ always be remembered. Good and may the God be with you.

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