Thursday, September 18, 2014
Giroud is 90% an Arsenal player – Wenger

Giroud is 90% an Arsenal player – Wenger

Arsene Wenger has more or less confirmed the signing of Montpellier striker Olivier Giroud, saying he’s ‘90% an Arsenal player’.

Speaking to TF1, Wenger spoke about the 25 year old’s Euro 2012 tournament thus far, saying, “Giroud didn’t play much, but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90% next season.

“I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing. He’s a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.”

Giroud scored 21 goals in Ligue 1 last season, helping the French minnows to the title, and it looks like he’ll be wearing red and white next season.

Wenger also spoke about confirmed new arrival Lukas Podolski, who made his 100th appearance for Germany against Denmark.

“Podolski did a great job for the German team, he has superb team work. He plays in a cautious way sometimes, but he’s still scored a very important goal against Denmark for his 100th cap.

“I am very happy with what I’ve seen from him.”

Thanks to Ryo_Cleverfish for the heads up and Ollie for the translation

Source: video in French



  1. Question for Goonerettes and/or non-homophobic Gooners:

    Giroud or Arteta…who’s more attractive?

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  2. So far so good Arsene. Already looking forward to next season, with or without RVP.

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  3. This is so out of character for Wenger, no? Can’t believe he’s spoken on a transfer that isn’t completed yet. Anyway, I like it, and beats the wry smile and “When we sign a player, I’ll tell you.” response.

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  4. Well done Agent Lolo. Now for M’Vila.

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  5. The 10% left is made up of 7% medicals and 3% signature!

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    • arsene’s code cracked

      1.if he doesn’t like the player he just comes out and denies it.
      2.if he likes the player he talks about the player’s qualities regardless of wether he is coming to arsenal or not.
      3.if he puts up that “bitch please” smile it means he’s working on signing the guy and he wants the media not to fuck it up for him.
      4.if he doesn’t react to anything by saying ‘i don’t wanna talk about it.we have to focus on the next game’ it means he is not evenly remotley close to achieving anything
      5.if he likes the player and thinks we have a good chance of signing him he will talk about the qualities and will also mention that the player will integrate well into arsenal.
      6.if he openly admires a player even if it’s a spud maybe it’s out of respect and also with an objective of getting some goodwill which would inturn help him sign the players’ grandson.(exception:john terry).
      7.if he says the deal is 90%complete it means it’s already done and dusted.

      the reason this guy has been a legend for so many years is because of his under commitment and over performance.arsene is god.i just hope his players win it for him.

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  6. It’s really cool of wenger to tidy up every transfer business. waitin for you GIROUD

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  7. Let’s hope he has more work ethic than Chamakh and parties less

    Oh yeah, and that he’s not shit

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  8. Come on wenger let’s add some sugar onto the starting line up. What a handsome man he is.

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  9. In the virtual world, I have Giroud, Podolski and M’Vila in my starting XI for Arsenal on FIFA12 and Arsenal is 4.5 star without Van Persie and Song.

    Don’t know why I think they’ll both be sold before the season starts.

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    • I don’t understand people saying we can’t have 3 strikers in our squad, remember the days when we had Henry Bergkamp Wiltord and Kanu to pick from?

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    • zzzz

      i played monopoly today

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    • Yes, we yes, we can have 3 strikers in the squad, especially as Podolski will play out on the left like a winger most of the time. But I can’t be the only one worried that they may be bracing to lose RVP… i don’t know why. I just won’t be settled until he does sign. He really will be LANS

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  10. Nice one Arsene now please get us m’vila and a right full back as cover for sagna someone like debuchy. Keep the good work going Boss. In Arsene we trust

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    • Actually, I don’t mind Coquelin and Jenkinson as RB cover. And I know the boss seems to think Djourou can cover there as well (he can’t). All that to say, I don’t envision us buying any defenders/fullbacks this summer.

      But M’Vila? Yes please.

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      • Djourou played at RB because Jenks had a fractured spine or some weird injury.

        Too bad, because that kid could run forever.

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  11. News to me!

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  12. Don’t worry guys, I’m 100% an Arsenal player, through and through :)


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  13. high five guys! high five!

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  14. Nice one mr wenger,the remaining 10% is for medical and go for m’villa and a right footed. In Arsene we trust

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    • if you trust him, why tell the world what you think he should do instead?

      2 international signings before the end of June.. primo!

      twitter is awash with rumour and speculation about every clown in a suit.. great to see put his talking hat on.

      top trumps cham&park verses poldi&giroud.. happpynewyear!

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    • The best players are, statistically, left-footed as they work on their weaker foot a lot more than right-footed players. So you can keep your right-footed players

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  15. Bet the last 10% is the goalscoring ones :-)

    All puns aside I don’t entirely get why Wenger buys a big lump, when he already had a half decent one in Little Nicky.
    But I guess Giroud is more efficient.

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  16. We are buying some handsome players at the Arsenal. the days; Giroud and Polodski. Expect a few more new supporters this season.

    Arsene saying Giroud is 90% complete must mean we just need his signature… is that not making us vulnerable to gazumping.
    M’Villa was suppose to be 99% complete as per Twitterdom, especially one Twitter Prince who is so sure we’ve got him… he teases he followers with certainty and assurance and his followers have increased from 1124 to 3700 in three weeks … yet Arsenal and Arsene says nothing…. Curious

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    • We need to show respect to the French national team and wait for the Euro’s to be over, so that we don’t distract any of their players with our contract signing party.

      Wenger: You can all sign up right now… Except Samir, Patrice and Gael. You 3 must wait in the hall.

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  17. Giroud is on the Arsenal team list column on NEWSNOW. Has been most of the week. ;-)

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  18. And thats already 90 % more than that chinless cunt na$ri ever was.

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  19. My son wants to win the league with arsenal,arsene is a fantastic coach,my son also told me that Yann is almost done.what i need right now is a place where i would live in london so as to constantly see my Olivier

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  20. I am.

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  21. No news on Titus Bramble?

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    • I heard a rumour that he’s going to redo the living room walls this weekend. Betfair are giving 7/1 that he goes with ‘Autumn Peach’.

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  22. I love the club and all these trophy-less years have done nothing to change that.

    However, there’s something to be said for all this transfer activity in the beginning of the summer. I’m really, really excited about next season!

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  23. Why is that guy staring at Giroud’s ass in that pic?

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  24. only 90%? WENGER OUT! USMANOV IN!

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  25. *Somewhere in a deep cavern in North London*
    ‘Well done Agent Koscielny. But Master Wenger still wants a right back, so feel free to use our Starbucks gift card and have talks with Debuchy.’
    ‘Now, Agent Sagna. Your work on M’Vila appeared to have been complete, but Agent Ribery the dirty prick has come in to try and hijack a deal and bring him to Bayern. Whip out the heavy artillery if you know what I mean.’
    “Agent Santos, Neymar likes good looking ‘gays’ and fish and chips. Do what you have to do.’

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  26. I bet he will thrive on those jenkinson’s crosses. Finally someone to put a finish on those lads wonderful crosses. I hope.
    This time when we visit stoke i would love to see once a long throw from our side to get converted (mert,verminator,kos,sagna,giroud,persie,podolski).

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    • Why does everyone think he bangs in lots of headed goals. He only got one last season.

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    • Is he any good?
      Saw Podolski play in the Euros, to much sideways and back passes for my liking.

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  27. Does this signal a shift in Arsenal transfer policy where we only go for the good looking lads instead of the dodgy hair brigade?

    It might sell some more kits off of and fund future transfers.

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  28. RobSchneiderDerp

    Even if we don’t have a good season…at least we will look good doing it. I don’t want a bunch of Dirk Kuyt’s running around giving children nightmares

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  29. Bendtners Pants

    Just a thought……and I’m expecting a lot of stick! Flamini return? Good versitle player!

    But he’ll yeah how good looking is our team!

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    • I repeat Flamini fucked off to milan after running down
      his contract on purpose. The troll promised he
      would stay but instead chose to play us like he
      did when we got him from marseille. So as far
      as this goes, he can fuck off to a lower league
      like say brazilian and get kicked in the face
      acouple of times when the endless riots come
      up time and again.

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      • From what i know is flamini is that he had been offered to many clubs before that season but there were none. So Wenger (i guess this was his words) said you be at Arsenal this season lets see what happens next season. Now he performed really well so he did deserve a little pay rise ( very much like what we have done given with arteta ).

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      • @fatcunt

        moral:never do business with marseille

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  30. Personally…I’m underwhelmed with Giroud. I think the Prem will be too fast for him. He looks lightweight. Might as well go for Micheal Owen for free!

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  31. Dirk kuyt is one ugly fucker….FACT

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  32. Arsenal are the prems most handsome team…FACT…..
    Arsen…..yo a genius……refs wont be able to send off giroud n podolski….lol……..they jus aint worth a red…

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  33. Mission Accomplished. Onto the Next One. Mission M’Villa and another surprise signing. Get In Wenger.

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  34. I’m in heaven!

    I’m off to the store to buy the latest copy of…uh…Tetu?

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    • If you look closely at one of the other pics you can see No 52 without his paddy powers!

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  35. Eric Irish gunner

    Ben arfa being mentioned aswell can’t wait for the new season to start

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    • I’d be surprised at Ben Arfa rumour being true.
      Diaby and him are not best friends at all unless they’ve made up since their clarefontaine days
      google or you tube search diaby ben arfa fight

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      • we also thought RVP & Vermaelan wouldnt get along due to their scuffle yonks ago? now look at the happy gooner family.

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      • Who the fuck is diaby?

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      • “Diaby and him are not best friends at all…”

        I just had a vision of Ben Arfa keeping schtum and playing through the pain, to avoid having to join Diaby in the medical centre.
        This could work……

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      • Eric Irish gunner

        They were 15 year old kids and were actually good mates when that happened and they have no problem with each other now so could’ent see that being a problem

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  36. The potential new signings are exciting news but just as exciting is knowing how next season the squad we have will have grown that little bit more together and the youngsters in the team are really coming will be nice to have some fresh faces but personally cant wait to see wilshire,arteta,diaby,sagna,ox and theo all together and on form.maybe it has to be our year?

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  37. Overheard at training in the Czech Republic camp (probably):

    Tomas Rosicky: “Oi, Jiracek!”

    Petr Jiracek: “Yeah? Well yer a Czech too…”

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  38. It’s an exciting prospect with these additions to our squad (if the majority are fit come August) but I desperately hope to see 442 again at The Arsenal, what’s the point in several good strikers if you only play 1 and that 1 is a nailed on starter for every match, anyway if I think back a few months we definitely need to sort out the amount of goals we concede!

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    • Both Van Persie and Podolski can play either side (or just behind) a proper centre forward.

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    • Why not continue with 433 and play 3 forwards. no point going back to 442 that would be like scrapping mobiles and going to the phone box again very tedious. 2 banks of 4 yawn yawn are u roy hodgson?

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      • Because putting RVP on the right would be an absolute waste. He doesn’t have the speed to counter an elite full back, and his positioning is immaculate as a CF.

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  39. What go back to a formation where we’ve had plenty of success, when we used to end games with 3 or 4 strikers on the pitch yeah I imagine it would be quite dull

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  40. Can someone find that Park guy and ask him for the number 9 jersey back?

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  41. Merlin's Panini

    I still can’t feel comfortable with this until I see him on the official site in the new kit. The player hasn’t said anything himself to back it up. Now that’s either because he might just snub the move or because he’s a classy motherfucker and respects the fans at his current club. Obviously I’m hoping it’s the latter.
    I hate the summer, it puts the shits up me. Having said that, I like the way we’re going so far. Much more encouraging than recent years.

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  42. He’s a good looking guy. Just not as good lookin as I.

    From what I have seen, he is a better footballer though.

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  43. good news now let’s sign a creative midfielder that can score goals

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  44. Name (who cares?)

    I like the cut of Arteta’s gib, and Giroud is very easy on the eyes, however I would have to say that regardless of their looks Joes Barton still remainds a complete fucking cunt.

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    • Name (who cares?)

      Sorry, that should read Joey Barton… and however you spell it he is still a fucking cunt..

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