Full text of Usmanov letter to the Arsenal board


Alisher Usmanov and Red and White Securities have written an open letter to the Arsenal board, the full text of which can be seen below.

Red White letter to Arsenal

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The timing of the letter itself really does lead to questions, but for now just have a read.


  1. Easy to see why he released it now, he hopes to tap into angry fan feeling towards the board. I’m not in the mood for another backroom tussle though.

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    • They are saying the truth. We need them to wipe off our tears. Mr Kroenke is fool of shit. If this was happening once in a while we can understand but it is happening every season with our best players. I don’t know if you guys are feed up, for me i am quite frankly pissed off.

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      • Yes, i fell for it. Am not in any way doubting Wenger here but even he most have taken this news yesterday very hard if indeed it was his first time hearing it. Kroenke and Gazidis should come forward to explain things to the fans.

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      • Yes AG! He did, but do you really trust our present Board that Arsenal will be strong again? I do wonder how would you feel if they sell Walcott and Song and then Wilsher and Ox?

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      • No one outside knows who’s telling the truth or not. Perhaps the board have been feeding us lies about Red an White , and the fools are the ones who believe them.
        Our best playing will be leaving for the second year in a row. That’s not the message Arsenal should be sending out. Something needs to change.

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      • Well said Tee.
        Forget about Usmanov and Red & white Holdings for 1 min.
        tell me there’s an Arsenal fan thats happy with the fact that we keep losing our best player every season and then we call them cunts!!!
        They cant all be cunts, the board is incompetent, whether we like to admit oit or not!
        How can Gazidis not know that Usmanov has shares in Megafone?
        Somethings not right, and we all know it

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      • You do realise that David Dein is Usmanov’s right hand in this? And Darren Dein is his son? Darren Dein has seen off more Arsenal players than a rabid cross of Martin Taylor and Ryan Shawcross’s giant mutant love child

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      • The whole thing is the bullshit you get when you add capitalism to football. It’s not going to stop, and it sure isn’t going to get better if you put a shady character like Usmanov in charge.

        Ideally I would want the club to be owned by the fans, but wishful thinking (that Usmanov’s letter is full of) is quite different to reality.

        Clubs like Montpellier prove that money isn’t everything. And if QPR didn’t roll over for Citeh like a bitch people would be singing a different tune.

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      • Ever had of a gigantic waste of time?, well analysing some fatcunts letter is.

        He’s just who wrote a letter, i’m sure each and everyone of us can manage that if asked to.

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    • how does it feel if every arsenal fan in the world says ‘oh i love arsenal but i watch it only on TV.we don’t go to the emirates’

      just like this everyone at the club is pretending as if they give an arse

      except arsene

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    • Mr. Kroenke is just a business man and has never been a fan of Arsenal. The feelings of not winning a tittle doesn’t carry the same weight to him as they are to most of us. In contrary, Usmanov and his team are all vivid Arsenal fans and they carry the true feelings of a fan despite having invested in the club. We need passionate investors not just money making Bain Capital type of investors.

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      • hahahahaahahah the fat git is a manchester united fan he try to buy them before, you now fell in his trap,
        i m not glory hunter i dont want a fat rich cunt paying his way to league title and sacking manager after manager like the twat chav.he dont give a shit about you or any other fan like all football owner,thats include stan.
        people are deluded if they think any football team owner give a toss about fan.
        do you really thin roman give shit about any chav fan,no he is self glory seeker ,he just using chelsea as his own advertising play thing

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      • I don’t know enough about Usmanov to really comment, but I am confident in saying that Kroenke is not the man for the job. Being from the states I know what he has done to the Denver Nuggets and St. Louis Rams. Both teams in recent years are constant disappointments, selling away marquee players and falling from relevance in their prospective leagues.
        It appears as though Kroenke has brought this same attitude across the pond. I am positive that he does care about Arsenal and most likely does not know the first thing about football. He saw the majority ownership of Arsenal as a sound investment and is more than happy to sell away top players for financial gain.

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      • I don’t know enough about Usmanov to really comment, but I am confident in saying that Kroenke is not the man for the job. Being from the states I know what he has done to the Denver Nuggets and St. Louis Rams. Both teams in recent years are constant disappointments, selling away marquee players and falling from relevance in their prospective leagues.

        It appears as though Kroenke has brought this same attitude across the pond. I am positive that he does not care about Arsenal and most likely does not know the first thing about football. He saw the majority ownership of Arsenal as a sound investment and is more than happy to sell away top players for financial gain.

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      • @Lit: I’m not a big follower of Kroenke’s Colorado teams, but lots of folks in New York think that the Nuggets did a nice bit of business with what they got in trade for Carmelo Anthony.

        If R&W want more than a self-sustaining model… why don’t they donate some war chest and challenge Kroenke to match it 2-to-1 (in the ratio of shares)?

        This is just shit-stirring and political maneuvering.

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      • Lit, you have no clue what you’re talking about. First of all, there’s no selling of players in the states. The Nuggets traded Carmelo Anthony, and they’ve been much better without him. The Nuggets haven’t won a title under Kroenke, but they’ve NEVER won a title, full stop. They’ve always been good and under his ownership they’ve been one of the more creative organizations in the NBA. As for his ice hockey team, the Avalanche, they’ve won the Stanley Cup (the championship) under him. Colorado Rapids, his MLS team? Won the title year before last. His NFL team, St. Louis Rams? they suck BUT he just bought them. He hasn’t “sold” or traded anyone off their roster. I’m not saying this makes Kroenke the greatest thing to happen to Arsenal. I’m saying his ownership record in the States is very good to excellent. Take that for what you will.

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    • So Usmanov is not causing unrest by writing an open letter when the club’s ‘ambitions’ are being put under the microscope – playing the fans off against the board and finding fault with everything the current board is doing?

      Must be the same way RVP didn’t disrespect the club by not divulging what his disagreements about the club’s ‘ambition and direction’ were while telling the club he won’t sign a new contract and doesn’t believe his teammates are capable of winning trophies all in a public forum.

      I don’t really like Kroenke and am wary of Gazidis most days but I find it infinitely easier to have respect for guys who go about their business and don’t go out of their way to sling mud on someone who is apparently in ‘crisis’ and make petty claims about how the guy that is down is also apparently dirty.

      The timing of the two outbursts since they’re in essence nothing more show insecurity, uneasiness and desperation more than anything on the part of those who have decided on this course of action. RVP realizes the club will hold him to the last year of his contract if he doesn’t sign a new deal – so it’s time to hide behind the ‘ambitions’ of the club. The same ambitions that actually allowed someone like him to be signed by the club all those years ago. Even if we were to concede that everything he said was true, I’d rather not have a player dictate club policy and decide on the track to follow when they’re fully aware that in a few years they’ll be retired/sold and no more part of that policy than anyone else. So tough luck Robin, you’ve lost a lot of respect and you’ve come out of it looking childish.

      As for Usmanov, I don’t subscribe to the ‘he’s immoral – we don’t want him’ viewpoint but almost all of his actions are borne out of desperation, frustration or a false sense of being some kind of messiah. He’s trying to take advantage of apparent anger that the fans have towards the board over RVP’s future. He’s taking cheap shots at Gazidis and claims to support Wenger, the same Mr. Wenger who RVP has a lot of ‘respect’ for! See a trend developing? Nobody really like Gazidis and that’s quite normal, it’s easier to make him look like a villain and claim to back Wenger since most fans will subscribe to such a viewpoint. I find it petty and silly for these guys to have to resort to such means to get their point across. I am very pleased with our PR response this time- it was nothing more than a calm and measured ‘fuck you’ to RVP and his team. There is no need for the club to come out with further statements. They talk about ownership and other things regularly with the AST, fan groups and others through regular meetings and open forums.

      I don’t like Kroenke’s methods but to me he appears more professional more stable and less prone to wild outbursts and attempts to bring others down just to further his own cause. Usmanov feels that he’s good because he’s not like the current board? That’s like saying Squillaci is a good defender because he’s not Silvestre. Always easy to kick a man when he’s down. Red and White like many posters and trolls on this site, have nothing to say when things look good, but at the slightest hint of trouble they come out with their knives and proclamations of ambitions and knowing exactly what it takes to bring success. And all this love for the club is hogwash. Gazidis is an employee, he works for the club. R&W are on the outside and are as much in it for the money as Na$ri at whatever club he goes to. The only ones who love the club are us fans and we’re being played off against the board to further Usmanov’s pet project.

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      • Haha.. just watched Arsenal last 5 seasons…

        1 word SHOCKING.

        last 3 seasons since Gazidis came.


        carry on feeding Stan with the expensive tickets, he wouldn’t mind… he would also continue to sell players to repay his own debts.

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    • The truth of the matter is im fucking fed up being the only “top club” that endures this transfer saga every year for the past decade. I love that we have a self sustaining model, but howcome it is arsenal that seem to be playing by rules that noone else has to.

      If it is a case of FFP, then how the fuck are all the other clubs continuing to spend and we do not. Is it a case that when FFP is introduced, Arsenal will be the only club from england in the champions league?

      people go about the rightous ways saying how we need to protect the future of this club and be responsible, there is no future of this club if we continue like this. Are you telling me that Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool and QUEENS PARK RANGERS. (ALL CLUBS WHO SPEND MORE THAN US) WIll all become the next Leeds united and will all be playing in the championship in 20 years time cos there throwing about abit of money now? Give me a fucking break.

      The era of these players who are leaving us all came to the club at a time when we were winning trophies and now that era has all left us. There is no future to this club if people see this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, rather than the place that they can achieve success alongside world class players.

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  2. At one point I thought Usmanov should be given a chance, but this opportunistic behavior has shown me that he is bad news. Since things were going well with early signings we heard nothing from him, soon as there a sign of trouble he comes out of the woodwork for his own agenda.

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    • I respectfully disagree with your comment because at the beginning the signings and the impression for the fans by ( AW, management ) was that RVP will stay and that kept us all calm, but now what is happening is copy paste last year and we will not even hold RVP for this year because that will be just stupid: 1. He doesn’t want to stay.
      2. We lose him for free next year.
      If us fans are thinking of nationalities of people running the team then excuse me we are fools, this letter IF TRUE!!!!!! Just indicates that someone is finally sharing our views as fans in the shareholders and he seems interested in what we FANS want for the club. The timing might have been bad but still it doesn’t mean that the guy is talking nonsense because you know deep down that every thing he said about the trophies and the ambition of the club is 100% true.

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      • No, it just indicates that it’s very easy to put a finger in the wound, especially as this new one is just one day old.
        And the timing is most excellent although a bit too obvious. Well, not for everyone it seems..

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    • Your red tinted glasses seem to be a fashion staement on here. Too many people are on the Kroenke gravy train. At least Usmanov is telling it how it is and almost ensuring that the board will now have to openly respond and state their position. i think it was a great thing to do even if it is timed to perfection on his part. I’m certainly no Usmanov fan but I think if he was given a place on the board we would know a lot more as fans. He is also spot on regarding investment. How much has Kroenke actually invested? Oh and since he has held the reigns we have lost Nasri, Fabregas and RVP. If you’re happy with that then cover your eyes and ears and whistle dixie for uncle stan

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      • “I’m certainly no Usmanov fan but I think if he was given a place on the board we would know a lot more as fans.”

        I certainly get that feeling by the way he gets his lawyers onto people who keep asking the wrong questions about every single one of his previous businesses.

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      • Usmanov is an avid Arsenal fan unlike Kroenke who doesn’t even know the important players. We need passion in the boardroom and Usmanov team has it. Remember David Dein, as a CEO, he led the Arsenal to successes and is in Usmanov team. On contrast, Gazidis is a fan of Manchester City since childhood. Will Gazidis care on our feelings, absolutely not.

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      • npojpp are you trolling us ? Whether or not Gazidis is a City fan (first I’ve heard btw) is not really really relevant. You have plenty of similar cases in board rooms up and down the country – these guys are professionals though and do the best for their employer despite any past sympathies.

        And if you want to play that game, it’s been well documented that our dear friend Jabba is a United fan – so I guess he wouldn’t have our best interests at heart either.

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  3. “We don’t want to create confrontation…”

    It’s right up there with “teh cheque is in the post” and “I won’t come in your mouth, promise”

    what a horrible devious thing to do, an open letter which carries direct appeals to the fans reading it on the internet, prepared for just this moment

    god football is a shit business to follow sometimes

    wish we could just roll on with the new season. full house at the grove, warm august afternoon, the air of excitement and expectation (despite the knowledge it will be deflated at some point over the season), can’t fucking wait. all this shit can fuck right off, though.

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    • Also up there with:

      “Out of my huge respect for Mr Wenger, the players and the fans…”
      “I love the club and the fans, no matter what happens.”

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    • “” It’s right up there with “teh cheque is in the post” and “I won’t come in your mouth, promise”

      what a horrible devious thing to do, an open letter which carries direct appeals to the fans reading it on the internet, prepared for just this moment “”

      Are you referring to Usmanovs letter or Van Persies “Dear John” letter ¿?

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    • I agree. It’s like blogs always says, none of us really know what goes on behind the scenes so it’s very hard to comment, but I’m going to anyway. The letter seems to tick every single box that an angry Arsenal fan might have on his check list of ‘Things that piss me off about the Modern Arsenal’. It also supports the Manager which allows for the sympathy of fans that aren’t necessarily Anti-Wenger but still question the way things are being run. The timing of the letter will certainly give it maximum impact as well. All of the above seems to make the whole thing very suspicious and I’m sure we all have our pinches if not pouches of salt to hand. BUT, what if we really are in the wrong hands with Kroenke? Is this a situation where we will all be voting for either a Giant Douche or a Turd sandwich?

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      • Obviously this letter is designed to capitalise on the unrest caused by RVP’s statement yesterday but that doesn’t make the criticisms of how the club is being run any less valid. It is impossible to build a title winning team in one season and at the moment it’s like Wenger is playing wack a mole. Got the defense sorted? BOOM, midfield crisis. Etc. I’m not saying I want us to be a billionaire’s plaything but we need to be able to spend enough to keep our best players. If we can’t then we might as well focus our efforts on the cups cos we’ve got fuck all chance of winning the league.

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      • @ Titsan Arse – the letter is wonderfully constructed – reminiscent of Campbell in all his glory in the Blair Abomination (sorry administration!) the thought that Kroenke maybe no better than Usmanov long term has not crossed many minds…..

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      • You did well with this post and the SP reference was spot on. I think the board has had any easy out for years now of substandard work and poor planning. They can and do regularly shield themselves behind Mr. Wenger the only person in the office with enough history and clout amongst fans to stand up and articulate their “plans” and then take the beating from media and fans that follows.

        I believe our financial positioning has not saved the club money, but rather cost the club money. Whether that be lower fees with regards to sponsorship deals and other commercial opportunities or lower transfer fees for marquee players without titles. Things like that matter and when an offer comes in for a player, one that has captained or played a key role getting his side a trophy gets a premium.

        I think as fans we all want to see players in our kit hoisting cups. That is the goal for every fan. But that can only be achieved if those controlling the available funding are also working towards that end. This letter (well timed) does not state anything that shouldn’t have crossed the mind of even the most rose tinted Arsenal supporter. Are the right people running this club? Is their goal to win or simply compete? Is reporting strong earnings each quarter more important than giving the manager the tools required to capture titles?

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      • @ashburton Grover- I would like to assure you that the future of this club is in safer hands than with alisher usmanov. Be assured that the future of the Denver nuggets, I mean rapids, I mean rams, fuck Ivan which club is this again?
        What the fuck is arsenal?.. are they from Arizona?

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  4. he has a point though… Barca didn’t become Barca just by relying on homegrown players, they bring in 2 or one big names to the club to bring stability and depth to the club. The whole reason RvP is going and the reason Wenger is forced to sell our captains, our guns is because of the board just grabbing the cash

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    • No, Barca becme Barca by building and maintaining an enormous stadium, investing heavily in a youth academy, and by taking a huge slice of TV revenue all for themselves. Arsenal have done steps 1 & 2, but cannot do 3, and the English top division is better and more competitive for it. Also, players get taxed much less in Spain… and that’s not working out too well for the Spanish economy…

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      • @Mills7. I beg to disagree sir. La masia may be an amazing academy but if those kids were left in the tutelage of average players like the one we bring in then they will be wrecked by now and Barca would have had little or nothing to show for it. If you are not convinced let’s do a little maths. Right full back -Alves. Left full back – Alba anD Adriano (Valencia), abidal (not a la masia product), Central defense – Mascherano and Gerrard Pique. That’s just the defense. Factor in players like Villa, Sanchez and even Fabregas (La Masia-DNA but would have been nothing without us) all 30+million buys and you’ll see that Barca aren’t as homegrown as you actually think. Eto, Henry, Ibrahimovic, et al also left them in no too distant a past. In this business the rule still reigns – NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED. This aint no telematch – let the men come and play.

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  5. Usmanov talks about wanting to match Chelski and Citeh but the only thing he wants to mimic is the fact that they are owned by dodgy billionaires.

    As for his respect for Wenger, it is hardly respectful to openly criticise the self-sustaining model that the manager has championed for over a decade.

    While the promise of player investment and silverware today may be tempting, the threat of unsustainable spending leading to reliance on one man and potentially bankruptcy (particularly given the opaque nature of Russian politics and business) is too great to be ignored. The fact is that Arsenal, by building the new stadium and keeping player wages in check, has invested for the future. Prudence may sometimes be disappointing, and I’m as fucked off with Van Persie as the next man, but if it comes down to choosing Wenger or Usmanov’s vision then I know who I trust (and he’s not a lardy Uzbek)

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    • City owner is dodgy???? Keep telling yourself that to make you feel happy.

      Villa, Sunderland, Manures, Liverpool and The Arsenal are all owned by yanks. What is in common between all of them? They are all blood suckers, they hand no feeling for the club.

      You are a yank by the sound of it, I want to tell you this things run differently here and football it means more than just business to people.

      Here is a question for you…..

      What does Stand and all the yank owners check more The Arsenal and their clubs results or the account sheet??.

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      • Mansour is the brother of an autocratic dictator who has gained his wealth by, in your terms, ‘sucking the blood’ of his powerless subjects. I consider that pretty dodgy.

        I’m actually an Englishman who has lived in London for past 22 years. I think I’ve got a pretty good grip on how things are run here.

        I have no idea what the yank owners check more but I certainly check the results first. That’s what fans do. Good fans also refrain from laying into fellow Arsenal supporters because they disagree…

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      • I’m a “yank” and the only blood sucking I’ve done was to save up to fly over and watch my beloved Arsenal in person. That, and get up at ungodly hours to fist pump in the dark. Please don’t tell me I have no feeling for the club.

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      • I disagree that the City owner is dodgy – there is plenty of evidence illustrating the fact that all the money he’s pumped into that club is as a result of him liberating it from the people of his own country, where such things are seen as more important than elected representatives or a free and honest judiciary or decent schools and hospitals or paying indentured foreign workers a fair wage.

        It’s also clear to see that statements like “Sports teams in America are soulless corporations, while teams in England are small, homespun family operations where the owner personally serves snacks and tea to the players at half time – pretty much like they are in Usbekistan which is why Usmanov is so great for Arsenal and sport in general” are also based on hard evidence and not bullshit.

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      • You’re both cunts. First poster, Why are you pitting Usmanov vs Wenger? They can coexist. Also youre generalizing every wealthy man from Russia… hoenstly. Second cunt, sounds like you just really hate Americans. Fuck off we know how sports work everywhere you prick. Bloodsucking billionaires exist everywhere, not just America. Cunt.

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      • Brandon, whilst I absolutely agree with your points, I think there’s no need for us to turn into a club of headless chickens. Let’s reserve the cunt labels for Na$ri and I’m sad to say van Per$ie and co. We’re all Gooners here, bro.

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      • Of course Wenger loves the model. Who wouldnt love a model in which he is paid the famous 200K a week. He wont allow his players to get it, but he can get it? I’m seriously tired of Wenger. People keep saying he’s great, he’s awesome! Really? Cant win us any trophies, keeps loosing the best players, cant attract any big players, has opinions about everything from California to Osaka through Paris and Delhi, repeats the same shite about mental fucking strength and imaginary resilience… Wenger is a not a top-four-in-the-world manager and he should stop pretending to be, and he should not be paid as such. Not with the job he’s doing at Arsenal. Either he is the reason for our 7-year mess, or he’s covering for some real financial troubles we are actually in. Either way he is the #1 reason we are average and reduced to celebrating 3rd fucking place!

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      • The Davies….

        Obviously you know nothing about the UAE (7 states all self govern Abu Dhabi, where his father was the ruler, not his brother is the richest of them all) and where Mansour came from. You just read what the Sun and likes tell you and you come to open your mouth here like you know it all..

        As for C, my apology, I didn’t mean the normal yanks I was responding to that person as he made it sound as if all other club owners are dodgy and the yank owners are the only one that clean.

        THEREISBEARCUM, The income of an average person in the UAE is the highest in the world, so still deprive his people??? I guess you should travel more and experience things yourself instead of reading the bullshit you want to read.

        Brandon, you are just an idiot not worth responding to you.

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      • Cygan’s Left Foot…

        Here are a few things I know about the UAE and Mansour:
        1) His brother is the Emir of Abu Dhabi – hence my reference to him being the brother of an autocrat
        2) The UAE is not an electoral democracy. All decisions about political leadership rest with the dynastic rulers of the seven emirates, who form the Federal Supreme Council – hence my reference to it being a dictatorship
        3) The judiciary is not independent, with court rulings subject to review by the political leadership – hence THEREISBEARCUM’s well placed sarcasm
        4) The UAE’s mostly foreign workers do not have the right to organize, bargain collectively, or strike – hence THEREISBEARCUM’s well placed sarcasm

        I tend to stay clear of the crap contained in the Sun. Which newspaper do you read? Given your views, I wonder whether it is one of the heavily censored newspapers printed in the UAE

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  6. Pfft. Poor timing (or excellent timing, depending on how much pure evil you hold in your soul).

    Ah well. Arsenal were in a worse situation last summer, and we all made it through that. Let’s just stick through all the shit that gets thrown our way and remember that our beloved club will still be standing for centuries to come.

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  7. Good one…about time some1 who has some standing with regard to the ownership of the club stepped up and questioned the high & mighty

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    • So a drug trafficking rapist is the guy you want questioning the morals of our “high and mighty?”

      Get a grip, mate. Seriously.

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  8. this is a bit underhanded to say the least.

    I don’t want this man anywhere near the club, his money was made under extremely acrimonious circumstances, and I just get a bad feeling surrounding him.

    releasing this letter right now given the Van Persie news yesterday is a ridiculous power play. please guys, don’t fall to his ploys. The model we have now is the right one for the future, establishing a self sustaining business is key to maintaining a club that can remain among the top for decades to come. the board haven’t made a ton of great decisions in recent history, but letting this man anywhere near the club is a mistake.

    The idea of immediate funds and players is tempting, but in a football world about to see the implementation of FFP, this is a bad course of action. Wenger could do with some added support (his legend status is being tarnished a bit by this swathe of recent departures) but Usmanov isn’t the way forward

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  9. Where is the fun to watch football anymore?! It’s becoming more like a god damn fucking drama between 2 fucking rich billionaires. All I fucking want is my Arsenal to have just 1 fucking preseason without drama. Too many freaking Primadonnas and power/money hungry bastards in the game nowadays.

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  10. As I mentioned on a couple of other threads, Arsenal have never won anything by buying big. The Invincibles were not multi-million pound buys and most of the players we brought in weren’t exactly household names. Henry wasn’t a household name, neither was Viera. You don’t solve everything by throwing cash at it unless you have the bottomless pockets that Man City’s owners have. Even then, they barely managed to win the PL last season and probably won’t win it this time around.

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    • Not true at all. You show a limited knowledge of the history of the club – just the thing you’d probably accuse Usmanov supporters of doing.

      Arsenal’s rise to greatness in the Thirties coincided with huge (for the time) expenditure on players and a reputation as the “Bank of England’ club as there seemed no end to our wealth.

      Success in any period – whether linked to spending or not – is relative to the competitive environment a the time. Today, in an league which has turned into a Billionaire Boys Club, we are no longer competitive. We are not able to target the finest talent and we can’t even retain our own best talent. For better or worse, Usmanov’s reading of the situation is accurate.

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      • Tell them Sam, most don’t know we were called the BANK OF ENGLAND for a reason. We use to get any player WE WANT.

        Now we just a THE FEEDER CLUB OF ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

        It hurst? Yes I know.

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      • Maybe in the 30s but I wasn’t alive then. I don’t remember us splashing huge amounts of money to buy players for the double winning team in 70-71 or the double winning teams in Wenger’s era.

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  11. How dare he criticise our club’s glorious financial model, which we as fans hold so very dear.

    I can’t wait till February – and Deloitte’s new money league table – so that we all have something to celebrate.

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  12. What the hell is going on at our club!
    We can dismiss Usmanov as opportunist cunt all we want but we can’t bury our heads in the sand!
    There is a lot of truth in that open letter & I refuse to be a sheep & follow the masses! Deny it all you want but if Wenger leaves we are seriously fucked!

    Thumb up 71 Thumb down 6

  13. Board fighting is not good for the club, but it’s only fair for someone to ask questions when things aren’t going right, I don’t think is hard to at report a loss for one season buying 4 good players for 15 mil and release the ones who will not make. Yesterday was 1 of the worst day of my life when I read the statement by rvp, I cried, watching arsenal makes me happy when I sad, anything to make arsenal better I’m up for it. Gooners forever, life or death

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 3

  14. Surely this just stinks of Dein involvement? perfectly chimes with RVP’s statement… all very convenient!
    On the other hand they do make a very valid point in stating that while no dividends were taken the former shareholders have made a fortune through selling those shares after loading the club with debt. It may be a roundabout way, but if they were genuine they would have used the increased share value to create a rights issue in order to release equity from the intrinsic value of the club and pay off the debt? The value of their investment would have stayed the same then and the club would be debt free.

    The bit about us hitting up Usmanov’s mobile firm is cringeworthy as well!

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 6

    • they’ve made a fortune selling shares because Jabba has been hoovering them up so desperately that their value is sky high, another little factoid omitted from the red & white screed

      if he really wanted to make a point he could sell those shares to me, say, for a fiver. that’d value the club at £15 and really fuck over kronke.

      come on usmanov, why don’t you? you want the fans involved and on the board after all?

      pfft, what a sack of lying shite

      Thumb up 27 Thumb down 20

      • You could say the same about Kronke, why not ask him to sell all his shares to you for a fiver??
        Forget about Usmanov & Red and White holdings, the way the club is being run equals no success and when Wenger leaves it’ll get even worse.

        Every year our players leave saying more or less the same thing yet we choose to ignore what they say and believe the guys(board) that never say shit!!!

        Are you guys that afraid of change that you cant see what’s happening right in front of you??? Its almost like you’ve been brain washed, open your fucking eyes for Gods sake.

        Ive had enough of hating all our ex-players, from Cashley, Flamoney, Adepaymore, Na$ri, they all left saying the same thing but no there are just a bunch of mercenaries and should be grateful they played for Arsenal.

        wake up guys, this board aint taking us anywhere fast.

        Thumb up 22 Thumb down 4

      • Please can no one weak up The Only Sam, he is happy with Stan the Man, how the club lose all our top player/s EVERY year and us being called a Feeder Club!!!!!.

        Thumb up 1 Thumb down 12

    • Correct!

      “Odd” how this letter – mentioning van Persie’s note of 5.30 last night – was all written and ready to go this morning…

      Or maybe not so odd. This is no coincidence.

      Thumb up 34 Thumb down 1

      • Indeed. David Dein, ally of Usmanov. Darren Dein, agent of RvP. Imagine they have been having a little chat, father to son. Any group who would employ this sort of power play with a club they supposedly love, instantly strikes sour with me. Taking power through opportunity – work and bread…

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  15. Any gooner who thinks Jabba would be good for Arsenal needs to ask themselves:

    when we were getting all riled by RvP’s back-stab yesterday afternoon, what were Red & White up to?

    Wetting themselves with excitement, that’s what. Seeing it as an opportunity to rub salt into the wound. Giving each other high fives and whooping with joy that after signing a couple of experienced goal-scoring international players they finally had their chance to twist the knife.

    Not really sure I can see how they’d be good for our club in all honesty, but I can see a hell of a lot of downside. And that’s saying something given the utter bollocks who holds 59%, for fucks sakes.

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 19

    • Actually no Sammy.

      I don’t think they were, I think they knew it was coming. This letter wasn’t written in haste, it was well written by yesterday afternoon and ready to go.

      In fact Robin’s “post” on his website now looks to have been written by the same person that wrote this. “Future direction of the club” etc etc.

      Come on Robin, front up. Out of that famous “respect” you claim to have for us all.

      Thumb up 30 Thumb down 2

      • Not really CLF.

        Do I want Robin OUT NOW!!!! Yes I do.

        The boardroom shenanigans though I find repellent and duplicitous. I admit admire the way we have stuck to our guns wrt the correct running of the Arsenal enterprise. And I really admire Mr Wenger.

        Would I like to see more investment and more success, yes – do I want to throw the “well run club” baby out with the bathwater – absolutely not. There is a happy medium I think. But not with a Russian oligarch please, or a sheik. This is Arsenal after all, not one of those other second rate clubs. I think that type of “investment” might even be a step too far for me.

        And I really REALLY resent Jabba describing Robin as our only world class player, and that – by implication, the rest (most of them internationals it is worth noting) are somehow makeweights for Robin’s “talent” – well where I come from, they are all Gunners, and for that I would never EVER disrespect them in the manner Fatso (and his sidekick Inky Dein) has. They, and others like them carried our team to CL qualification year after year when RvP was (getting paid to sit) on the treatment table.

        Go Robin and go now. And for fucks sake see if you can manage to keep that Dutch cake hole of yours shut.

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  16. “Since the purchase of our first share in the Club, we have not only steadfastly adhered to a policy of non-interference in the running of the Club, but have consistently supported the management and given no reason whatsoever to be accused of subversion and sabotage.”

    That self-serving statement simply is not true, while the rest of the letter is plainly designed to do exactly what R&W denies here.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 11

    • “non-interference in the running of the Club” etc…

      By including this very statement and opening such a can of worms therewith you ARE interfering with the running of the club.

      Look at the divisions already.

      Divide and conquer as they say.

      Will Red and White holdings stop at nothing until they get what they want? Gangsters the lot of ’em.

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  17. Opportunistic or not ..

    RVP had a burden on his chest to mask why he wasn’t happy and in his last statement spoke up to the fans and cleared his conscience.

    Fat Jabba did the same ..

    What RVP and Jabba said is exactly what the vast majority of Arsenal fans have been saying on Forums for the past few years ..

    We can’t keep paying top dollar and mislead by the club .. Financial prudence my arse !

    A COLD MARKETING CALL .. What are we trying to sell ? cheap broadband ? Disgusting !

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  18. Another relaxing summer for Arsene then! Wonder what he makes of it all.

    Usmanov people just saying what people want to hear- though they would nt be able to do this if things were better at AFC. Its untenable to keep losing our best players so something needs to change- more of a modification of our model than an overhaul I reckon. Have no desire for Usmanov at the club but don’t think they are going away any time soon so will have to work something out- its not the Arsenal way to be airing their business in public. Sad few days. Roll on first league game.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 3

  19. He is a 30% shareholder and supporter, yet people want him to keep his mouth shut while they talk shit all day about how great Wenger and the board is.

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 28

    • If he is not happy about the way the club is being run as a minority shareholder, he has an option. Sell off his shares.

      Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

  20. my only doubt is if this letter was for arsenal board how did it get leaked to twitter and other sites?
    or is it the board finally gave what usmanov wanted business dealing to be made public.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 7

    • we are not liverpool. this is now getting depressing was looking forward to next season but because of some cunts and their cuntishness.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  21. I think the comments about the board are valid, however this letter is way too opportunistic. Usmanov really has no seat in every board he could be a part of, but other than that this sounds like he is trying to win the fans when they are being emotional about RvP.
    Still I think Kroenke needs to go, all the clubs he “leads” are mediocre at best, except for Arsenal so far. I worry he will turn us into a mediocre club just so he is successful. I doubt Kroenke has any real interest in Arsenal FC itself but just the money it makes.

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  22. Timing is dubious but the points he makes are not. We are in a circle of decline and supporters need to wake up and smell the coffee. The less we are able to attract and pay for top players, the lower we will sink in the League (notice I don’t say win less as that would be impossible). The lower we are, the less we can recoup through commercial avenues. We finished 3rd last Season mainly because of RVP’s efforts. This season is going to be interesting.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 4

  23. I’m with Usmanov only because everything Kroenke touches turns into shit. Look at the teams he has a hand in in America. All garbage. Total. Fucking. Garbage.

    Thumb up 26 Thumb down 14

    • So you looked at SK’s other assets and formed a view. That’s good. Made a similar effort to look into Mr U’s assets and background? No? Thought so. Stick to American football buddy-joe.

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 21

      • Thanks for jumping to the assumption that I hadn’t looked into Mr. U’s assets. Wouldnt expect anything less from a limey bastard such as yourself. Ha!

        Thumb up 9 Thumb down 10

      • What a stupid comment you make. You need to compare apples with apples for this to have any weight. Usmanov doesnt own any sports franchises to compare to Kroenke’s. The fact is, Kroenke does not really have an avid interest in football, just the turnover it creates. Usmanov has stuck around on the fringes for almost 5 years. Would someone who diodnt have a vested interest really do that? I think he would have cleared off ages ago and invested his money elsewhere if he didnt want to see the best for our club but you carry on being dilussional mate. IAWT?? My arse

        Thumb up 17 Thumb down 8

      • Actually most of Usmanov’s investments have been pretty good. He’s shown himself to be an astute business man capable of getting the right people to run companies.

        Thumb up 18 Thumb down 4

  24. That was a very long and carefully worded letter to write so quickly.

    Unless they already knew what RVP was going to write in his announcement …?

    Or maybe young Darren Dein wrote both of them?

    Thumb up 26 Thumb down 5

    • ???? – Dont you think they have professional writers?? If my company have to release a press statement they can turn out a 100 page dossier in a day so this two pager is nothing

      I think your conspiracy theory is way off track. Next up the twin towers for your thoughts mate

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  25. Vomit. Eeeeeeeuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrgggggggh. I’ll be amazed if the original didn’t come dripping in slime.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 7

  26. A public letter of this length, detail and signed by Mr U himself takes several days to write. This begs the question of Mr U’s involvement (if any) in RVP’s announcement and vice versa of course…?

    Either way it’s clearly self-serving bollocks. Disgruntled shareholders always have one option: sell.

    Being the subject of Mr U’s attention is like being circled by a vulture crossed with a buffalo – a Buffaluture or, perhaps, a Buffacunt

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 11

    • I don’t know what to say, laugh at you or answer you!!!!!!!.

      Do you think RVP has any connection with “Mr Us”?????.

      Some people will go to any length to defend their beloved “SK” or “IG”.


      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 13

      • Well the Dein connection is highly visible in all of this. David Dein is in with Red & White (as he has always stated) and Darren Dein is van Persie’s agent but you go ahead and bury your head in the sand while claiming “if i can’t see it, it’s not really there” if you want.

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  27. I don’t care if the club was on the verge of ‘doing a Rangers’.

    I would not want that **** or a single penny of his money anywhere near my club.

    It’s what makes us different from the Russian gangster’s bitches.

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 20

      • Hes obviously a ‘picture person’ and didn’t read/know how to read the letter. There is quite a few of them on Arsenal sites. They also swear at you if you disagree with their opinion.


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  28. So they cold shoulder him as an Arsenal investor but ry to extract money via sponsorship from a telecom company he part owns – except Gazedis doesn’t appear to realise he does own it !!

    No wonder Usmanov wonders if the Arsenal Board know what they are doing -and he’s not the only one.

    Very good letter with plenty of pertinent points. I wonder if the Club and Gazedis in particular, will have the courage to publicly respond ? I think we all know the answer to that one. It’s the same as whether van Persi stays or goes.

    But it’s good to know Usmanov is sticking to his guns (sic). Because with ‘Send in the Clowns’ being the theme tune for the current Board, we need someone with a bit of nous to take charge when the farce finally reaches the point of collapse.

    How much damage will be done in the meantime is anyones guess ?

    Thumb up 26 Thumb down 12

    • @Rob’67: Fat U’s dig at Gazidis contacting one of Mr U’s companies is a pathetic, PR-driven piece of snivel-shit. It’s also a very, very, very (have I made my point?) similar dig to RVP’s about Gazidis being on holiday when he wasn’t.. ie it’s cheap emotional/political jab aimed at de-stabilising the club.

      Why would Gazidis contact Mr U about commercial sponsorship? Mr U isn’t on the board so has no executive control (pffft!). I think Mr U owns shares in Facebook – you suggesting that Gazidis should contact him about the club’s account on FB? I own shares in Coke but, boo hoo, no-one asked me if they should sponsor the Olympics…

      The bigger question is what involvement did Fat U have in RVP’s letter. Hopefully Fat U will have the courage to answer that question don’t you think Rob-baby…

      Thumb up 21 Thumb down 14

      • “I own shares in Coke but, boo hoo, no-one asked me if they should sponsor the Olympics…”

        You own 50% of Coke? And you still have time to spend on Arsenal forums 🙂

        Sorry but if the 2nd biggest shareholder of the company you lead is the biggest shareholder of another company you target as a sponsor then it’s basic sense to contact him first and not just send a cold call letter, even if just for the curtesy for him to be informed.

        Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

    • “except Gazedis doesn’t appear to realise he owns it !!”

      OR perhaps he does and is calling Usmanov on a bluff?

      Usmanov keeps saying he wants what’s best for the club and saying he thinks major shareholders should throw their money at the situation. Well, here you go Usmanov, have your company sponsor Arsenal. I’m sure the board would be happy to have MegaFon giving them millions more each year.

      The problem is that wouldn’t give him any control of the club.

      Why can’t people read between lines? He says he doesn’t want a place on the board for “himself.” He’s not saying he wouldn’t want one of his lackey’s on the board, or a say in who sits on the board.

      This letter is filled with BS designed to win the sympathy of supporters who are upset right now. This letter does not have the best interests of Arsenal FC in mind, but the best interests of Red & White Holdings. And if the van Persie situation is seen as an opporunity to further the interests of R&W at the expense of destabilizing or creating conflict with the Club, what kind of judgement would we see if this guy actually had any power on the board?

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  29. Anybody seen that youtube video of that fine gunner venting out to robin van cuntri?
    We all have internet connection but to do that it takes balls!!!.
    That right there is an arsenal legend.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  30. “We own…almost 1 in 3 seats in the stadium”. Nauseating. No, you own 1/3 of the company. This is not the same. A cheap rhetorical trick to seek alignment with the hard of thinking. If a trick as cheap as this is not below Red and White then what is?

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  31. I don’t get you people, fine I know his letter had an under motive but truthfully was anything he said a lie, we have gone from a cup who wins trohpices to a club who prays to make 4th so we can play champions league not just so we can win it but just to make more money, we used to buy players who could win us something, now until last season we just bought players who had resell value, RVP has not lied about the club not wanting to win anything how do you explain selling our best players to a revival club you aim to overcome to win all the trohpices we were after, just because they offered more money, if the club can do it why do we blame the player for wanting to move for more money. The bottom line is this board needs a shaking and it needs it now

    Thumb up 17 Thumb down 9

    • It is true that our position is slipping and we find ourselves at present having to lose players but you can’t put it down to poor management. The reason is that we don’t have a white knight or sugar daddy with bottomless pockets.
      So what is your solution? Sell to Usmanov? No fucking likely. Arsenal is a class club and will remain so.
      We are not doomed to failure because of this; it just admittedly makes it a damn lot harder.

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 6

      • Your wrong its poor management are you telling me a bank manager who keeps loosing his top customers for 2 years in a roll still be allowed at the bank, we have a board who does not want to win anything, my people say there is no smoke without fire, if one person leaves thats ok but when you have more than 2 then something is wrong, cese left to win stuffs, clicly left to win stuff fuck face Nasir left to win now RVP who is the next in line to leave,

        Thumb up 3 Thumb down 8

    • The point is what we’re being asked to accept in order to rectify the situation. The fact is, Arsenal are not some mid-table always-room-to-improve side – Arsenal are one of the top 10 sides in Europe: The margin between winning big and coming oh-so-close is super thin.

      Therefore, the only plausible ways to get that extra step is:

      – Rely on the patience and trust of players and support as the manager attempts within his financial means to build a team he believes can challenge for honours on a consistent basis. Or:

      – Bust out a cheque for £500m and buy whoever is valued most highly at that present moment in the hope that you will get a cup right there and then. And then hope that you have deep enough pockets so that in five years time, when you’ve been guzzumped to several other such players by the two or three clubs in Europe who can bust out £800m cheques, you can match them.

      The course is clear, if Usmanov wants see his desired results – stop bitching a write a cheque. Personally I’m happy enough assuming that Kroenke is aware of the principle that he’ll make a lot more money the more successful Arsenal are and that therefore there must be some other reason why he isn’t just going around Europe hoovering up players with £350k p/w contracts.

      But maybe you know different, I dunno…

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  32. Sounds like a bloody cold war! We honour our legends with statues, think we might have to change our policy and put a few headstones outside the emirates stadium: Fabregas, Persie?

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  33. We criticize RVP for his mercenary move from the club; deciding to drop integrity and class for short term financial gain.
    Those who want Usmanov’s money are doing the same thing; throwing away AFC’s class and history for short term gain.

    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 7

    • That logic is as distorted as possible, Der Springer.

      First of all Robin is not a mercenary because he wants to play for a bigger club (yes, Juventus is bigger), he is only a disgrace because of his open letter, otherwise he has the right to leave. Had he not damaged the club with such a partonising letter he wouldn’t be attacked so heavily.

      Seoncdly, how do you think Arsenal is 3rd in the league? By MONEY!!! Or do you think Stoke could afford Robin’s wages? Do you think Everton has got a similar training centre to Arsenal? We all bought it by CASH. Investing in players is NOT devilish in any ways, teams have done it, and will do in the future. Right now we are not investing, only replacing and making reactionary signings.

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 17

      • @progman07: Yes, Arsenal are in the position we are in by money. The difference between your comment and a reasonable, properly thought-through opinion is that the money that has got us here comes from the pan-generational steadfast commitment of fans, shareholders and directors to slowly, but surely and safely drag us up the rankings in a secure way.

        Sadly, the money you’re talking about is the one-off, flash in the pan, Sugar-Daddy ejaculate that the slow of thinking seem to be acquiring a taste for…

        Thumb up 17 Thumb down 3

  34. the stuff about the russian telecom deal is laughable if it’s true. at some point this afternoon will release a statement along the lines of “as a shareholder the board respect the rights of red and white to air their opinions. we have no further comment to make. robin van persie remains an arsenal player”. well done red and white for acting so swiftly on this. the gloves may well and truly be off now.

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  35. Usmanov has a point, and the timing is obvious, I don’t see anything wrong with that. I guess they were surprised by Robin’s open letter just as we were.

    Stop being hypocrites, FFS… you cannot blame Usmanov for attacking the board after attacking the board yourselves for years.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 6

    • My guess is that they were not in the least bit surprsied by RVP’s letter at all. No sir-ee. They saw it coming a mile-off…

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 3

  36. I dont understand why ppl r slating usmanov. He has a point in everything he has said. Not being run buy a Russian but by an American is making our club a laughin stock. Every year our best player and more often than not these days our captain is leaving because they have no faith that this barren run of trophy less seasons will not end. I dnt care who runs this club I want to see investment. And Kroenke needs to leave. He only cares about making money and when arsenal are clear of debt will sell his shares for a hefty profit.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 14

    • I keep seeing Kroenke buying teams, but I’ve yet to see him sell one…

      It amazes me that people will continue to criticize Kroenke for his alleged motives (even though you know nothing and have no evidecnce of his true motives), and yet exalt Usmanov as a savior, despite the mounting evidence of his motives, telling us we should ignore his motives because he tells us what we want to hear!!

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

    • Yes because the Uzbek billionaire isn’t in it for the money at all, just the love of the club….give me a break!
      The letter makes a lot of fair points but also has a lot of stinking bs in it.
      Will be interesting to see what the reaction of the Board is to it.

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  37. Alot of people in here calling Usmanov all sorts of names.are you so blind to see the facts in the letter stated?if RVP who is only a player can speak up his mind about the direction and ambitions of the club then what do you expect of a person who owns 30% of the club?to sit down and sulk like we all do every season?celebrating a third place position like we won the CL?it is time we woke from our slumbers and embrace the harsh truth that the board is composed of greedy self-serving and totally disillusioned individual. He’s on point so deal with it.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 15

    • Usmanov s blood is not blue enough for some of the arsenal fans! That s the only problem. I don t want us to became new fuckn City but what Board has been doing for the last 5 years is really full of crap. They are all about money so why Rvp has no right to speak, even if it was not very balanced letter? It s his life and he just opened some wounds from the last summer. Who is our next player to hate? Walcott? Song? Wilshere? Where it ends? we are not far from Everton despite the amazing 3rd position which we have to be greatful to Rvp also!

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 12

  38. Yes, he is trying to get his way by releasing this at this point of time. But, he does have a point. Truth is that we haven’t delivered in the last 8 years now… It is all too natural that RvP thinks of us to be directionless.
    I don’t care anymore as to who has the largest share of the Arsenal pie as long we’re reasonably stable and able to hold onto our ‘marquee’ players.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  39. Honestly what is up with you lot??? Usmanov has quesioned the cureent boards motives. Thats exactly the same as we have all been doing for the last couple of seasons yet he get lambasted for it. I urge him to openly express his opinion and highlight what the real agenda is in our boardroom. Thats not to say I want him to take over but a seat on the board would be a start he seems to tell it as it is and is certainly more of a supporter of football than Uncle Stan. Usmanov appears to be in it for the long haul as I cant see someone hanging around on the fringes for 4 years who doesnt have some real concerns. he would have just fucked off and taken his money elsewhere

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  40. The timing of Usmanov is excellent, trying to win the hearts of fans after a terrible day we fans had yesterday. And I think there are some points in his letter which are true. For instance, our captain, RVP, does leave, last year Fabregas etc. This seems a structural problem and it has to dealt with.

    However, the end of his letter sums up his intentions: ‘we will continue to purchase more shared in the Club’. The only thing he cares about is his money. Feels a bit similar to the statements of RVP yesterday: he loves the fans, has huge respect for the Boss and the Club, but anyway I’ll be leaving you.

    What worries me the most is the thoughts other players of the squad might be developing: RVP leaving, open complaints from share holders, no trophies for many years, what’s next?

    Absolutely gutted.

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  41. opportunistic or not – the letter is right, what he has to say about the running of the club. the old guard filled their boots with gold whej they sold arsenal FC, which was then laden with debt. they sucked all the cash out, inflated share prices from the new stadium and revenues, and took all that cash for themselves and now the club is struggling under this ‘self sustaining’ model as Kroenke looks to do the exact same thing. i’m not ‘pro’ usmanov – i want henry and wenger to own the club, with a large fan shareholding, but he is very right and i share his concerns. we were brainwashed with this ‘financially responsible’ bullshit and i really believed it myself, but as usmanov points out what is financially responsible about the owners of a club making hundreds of millions of pounds for their shares, simply because we bullt a new stadium which we are now struggling to pay off. i say struggling in the sense that we are comfortable in making the payments, but can no longer compete with the big boys for titles. it is down to the genius of wenger that we’ve made the champions league the last few years, but also very much down to the suprising struggles of chelsea and liverpool. neither of these things are a given in years to come.

    we continually hear stories of ‘financial responsibility’ from the baord, and how we’re praised for having such a grat ‘model’ yet there are people making a FUCKING MINT from this club, because of the developments which were financed not by them, but by debt, and wengers brilliance. that doesn’t seem balanced, nor financially resposible, it sounds like how its going for the rest of us out here. banks making a fucking killing and we’re the ones laden in debt, starting to struggle.

    i’m excited about next season, was prepared for van p’s departure, as i believe was wenger, and i think we’re not done in the transfer market so am optomistic. van p won’t have the impact of cesc and nasri last year, and we’ll have to be luckier with injuries, so we should be in a stronger position in the league this time. and we proved we could go toe to toe with city last year and that was in a game where van persie struggled to make an impact and TV nearly grabbed us a point at the end.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 2

  42. will the poorly educated please leave the running of football clubs to the men in suits. Armchair managers are bad enough thinking they know how to pick the team better than the manager. Armchair chairmen seem to think they know how to run the club. If you knew how to run a £1billion enterprise why are you living in a 3bed semi?

    Usmanov is the wealthiest man in England, and for good reason. He has many investments, and the second point made at the top of the letter is a total embarressment for the club and Gazidis. At my company we like to research our potential commercial partners, and 5 minutes online would tell you who owns them.

    If Kroenke is avoiding a meeting with Red & White this is a very sad day. On what planet can the 2 main shareholders of a company not sit down without a board and discuss informally their opinions of their investment.

    Spend now, because when FFP arrives in a year we can’t. Right now we should be building revenue streams so that when artificial funding is outlawed we have built a product which is highly sought after.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 4

      • Doesnt he own 31.1% (23.1% through said secondary company) of the shares, according to the wikipedia link you posted? Which is still more than any other owner. Also, quoting wikipedia isn’t a good example of “doing your homework”. Atleast above secondary education level.

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      • Very impressive – quoting someone of “not doing their homework” – I still read one link more than you!

        if you would read the next line – it says there is a battle for control over the “secondary” company you mention. If he cannot control that company, the shares he has is pretty much useless.

        Still, 23% is a long way off from being a 50% owner, as the article states… Being the largest owner means eff-all if you cannot form a majority…

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  43. I was intrigued by the letter until I got to the words “war chest”. Clearly a letter meant for the public not the board!

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  44. Offer RvP 300,000 a week to stay, then, in your capacity as “owner of 1 in 3 seats”.
    Go on, you’ve timed this to coincide with a bad day, you want to put your money where your mouth is?

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  45. I don’t think Arsenal are lacking funds. Because in Premier League, they have the most net income among the other clubs (including Chel$ea and Manche$ter City, and even the “almighty” Manchester United, that have Old Trafford long before Arsenal have Emirates built).

    What I don’t really like from this situation are:

    1) RvP said in the middle May or early May that he would stay if Arsenal bought some big-name players and yes we fulfilled his hope by buying Podolski and Giroud. But the fact? He turned it down, I don’t know how’s Giroud feeling because he said that “I’m not a replacement for RvP, maybe I can play together with him” — might be just a dream.

    2) There are so many ping-pongin around. We — as a fans — couldn’t know what’s really going on there — between the Board and RWS. Open letter like this might contain some lies that can make everything worse than now. But I think Arsenal themselves must enlighten the fans so there will be no conflict between the fans, the board, and RWS.

    3) Crisis? It’s usual in Arsenal. We have been in crisis last season and still getting 3rd despite all “tremendous” scores, 8-2, 0-2, 4-4, etc. But yeah… it’s sad that within the space of 24 hours, two problems appeared.

    But as a Gooner, I wish everything went well in the end.

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  46. This letter is so obviously hypocritical and contradictory that it has me wondering if it is a spoof. How did it get into the public domain?

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    • Hypocritical and contradictory?? Please explain. If you need clarification on the meaning of the words then try google

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      • I appreciate that you feel a need to educate us ‘mongs’ who don’t have your obvious command and understanding of the English language, but I find it rather difficult, as one example, to reconcile the wholly confrontational nature of this letter with the self-serving assertion:
        “..the fact that we are loyal supporters and we will never do anything that would destabilize or “create conflict” at the Club”
        However, I haven’t googled ‘create’ or ‘conflict’, so what do I know?

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      • I’ll sum it up:

        – Usmanov claims Gazidis picked up the phone out of the blue to talk to one of his companies about sponsorship stuff – including shirt sponsorship – even though Emirates have dibs on that for the foreseeable future. That we’re expected to believe that Gazidis is so much of cretin that he would be lining up deals that contravene already extant contracts, or that he somehow didn’t know Usmanov owned half the company concerned speaks very much to Usmanov’s past as a Soviet minion, where the state would routinely broadcast complete bullshit at the population who had no choice but to appear to believe it or fuck off.

        – Usmanov also claims that his concern has never been to secure a position on the board – even though his actions in hoovering up any available shares totally contradict this statement. Again, see my above statement about the Soviets…

        – Usmanov claims that Kroenke and co. are only interested in the club so they can make money, not to win silverware. That clubs make more money when they’re winning silverware is not explained. He insinuates that he is the one who is interested in winning silverware and not merely by making money by dangling the spectre of the massive amounts of money he has at his disposal to both clear debt and buy players. Given that Kroenke, if he has a brain will never simply say okay and sell enough stake to Usmanov to simply allow him to do what he likes, Usmanov has three choices:

        1) Out of the goodness of his heart and love for Arsenal – pay down the debt of his own volition and give Wenger a personal cheque to buy whoever he wants at whatever wage they demand.

        2) Fuck off and buy another club and do that to whatever manager is in charge there. I suggest Leyton Orient.

        3) Keep whining like a bitch.

        I think it’s clear to see what course he’s taken.

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      • And again you dont back anything up??? What exactly is Hypocritical in it? What exactly is contradictory in it?? Now if you had said it was released to “create conflict” then I may agree with you but the fact that you are entirely unable to back up your argument only goes to prove what an ignoramous you must be. Its so easy to throw words around without any fact based evidence. Bufoon

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      • @ the reply of shockandaware…

        I can imagine the said person saying that standing up, hands on hip, in a loud, whiny mono-tone… hoping that the dullness of their voice should drown out the contradiction in their statement…

        But, here they are typing it away… and still not finding anything wrong with it…

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  47. I’m sick of hearing Wengers done all this for Arsenal, he’s the man who’s made Arsenal what it is ….. What’s the point of stating the obvious. Compare him with Fergie for example, over all his time at Old Trafford, he’s adapted and changed depending on how the game was in that time, Wenger believes he can bgo around spending 9mill hear and 12mill there and expect to compete. 7seasons no trophy, how long is the man going to live off his past success, some one needs to hold him accountable. Majority of our squad will struggle to get in the spurs side for god sake! The games changed, if your not willing to pay up, you won’t win, because there’s other who will snap them up without a second thought. When fabregas left, they never re-invest in ‘trying’ to replace him, RVP will leave and it will just go into the rest of the money we have just sitting there, in our profit pot.

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    • Do you honestly believe that all of the signings Wenger has made were because he relishes the challenge of buying young/average players and making them world class? That that is the ONLY reason? No he doesn’t have the funds available like other managers do.

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    • The game hasn’t changed that much, just the amount of players There were still players being bought for ludicrous sums of money when Wenger put the invincibles together. They didn’t cost much and they included free transfers and our own youth products.

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  48. The question I ask is, as a football fan, would the tem have been more LIKELY in the recent years to win trophies under Dean / Usmanov or Kronke / Gazidis. With Dean’s knowledge of the game and Usmanov’s backing unquestionably yes. Dean is simply better at his job. Usmanov is simply a better investor. If Kronke is not going to shell out cash then give me the role! I hate the americanisation of our football club and this ridiculous cold war in our boardroom. All areas of the club apart from the top are meritocracies. I have never understood the antipathy towards Usmanov and Dean – this recent piece of politicking is nothing compared to the way they have themselevs been publicly undermined bye the club

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    • “I have never understood the antipathy towards Usmanov and Dean”

      Perhaps you should go figure that one out then. If you can’t grasp that concept, then you really shouldn’t be commenting here.

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  49. The timing of the letter is opportunistic but it basically summarizes what I read in the comments on a weekly basis from Arsenal fans. Its interesting Kronke won’t meet with Red & White but Garzidis calls Usmanov’s company to negotiate a sponsorship deal. Bottom line is we are not competing at the highest level, what is the board doing to correct that at the moment? There is no excuse to lose your best performer every summer

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  50. this is terrible arsenal are turning into an ajax mould club selling our top talents every season, the difference between ajax and arsenal being that ajax win trophies in a poor league and arsenal scrape 3rd to 4th place in the toughest league on the planet. ajax have one true competitor in psv whereas arsenal have just added newcastle tottenham and liverpool to a list of 7 clubs fighting t out for 4 places. 6 of the 7 are willing to spend on top quality talent and will match offers from the biggest clubs to ensure their top players stay with them, arsenal however have turned their captains armband into a for sale sign and persist to act as a feeder club to man city. players who pledge their love to arsenal are seen as easy targets by many clubs(van persie, vermalen) many of these players leave such as the likes of van persie nasri fabregas.
    but wait there is still hope….for alisher usmanov is willing to erase the debt of our new stadium provide our fantastic manager with the funds to rebuild our great club as we all know he can, and provide him with the money to keep these players at the club…..but what stands in his way…….a greedy american who only cares about profit and must be very high if he thinks arsenal are going to win trophies carrying on like they are STAN KROENKE AND IVAN GAZIDIZ OUT ALISHER USMANOV IN

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  51. What would happen if Usmanov took over? I believe he would invest serious amounts of money and we would win things. We have an almighty history along with amazing stadium already so we wont get the shit club no history slant thrown at us.
    As supporters, what do we want? Success? or integrity?

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      • I like football. I could give two fucks about two mega rich cunts a board arguing.

        Fact is, I love and support the arsenal even if we fall to the third division. As far as I’m concerned, rvp both dein boys, usmanov

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      • …..kronke, gazidis, they can all suck a fart out my ass. You know who the arsenal really is? It’s me. I pay with har earned money, love an tears. They mean fuck all to me.

        No matter what bullshit they come out with next, the arse will roll on. Bring on Sunderland.

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      • Top comment mate. Credit to you. I don’t like Kroenke, can’t really trust Gazidis, most definitely do not trust Dein and don’t like Usmanov either. At this point in time I’m very slightly in favour of the current setup because they haven’t gone out of their way to stir up unrest, play the fans off against RVP or make petty claims about one another. They may not be doing a stellar job but they’re doing what they’re paid to do, the efficiency of which is of course open to question.

        RVP (agents), both Deins, Usmanov and the likes can go fuck themselves and their love and respect for the club. Kroenke means nothing to me either, but at this point he has paid and bought shares at the club and is the majority shareholder so he has to be tolerated. Usmanov for all his love and abundant riches cannot it seems afford to buy out Kroenke who is apparently in it only for the money or chooses not to. If Usmanov loved the club so much and Kroenke only wanted the money, it’s pretty simple isn’t it – make him an offer he can’t resist, plot the future of the club and bring back the ‘glory days’ like you claim. Talk is easy, even for Usmanov. It’s easy to make promises and clutch at heart strings when you’re not in power and kick people when they seem down.

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      • spot on Frog!

        AR, too true, if Jabba wants arsenal so badly why not give Stan a big fat profit, own 100% then he can do or say or spend what he likes, he owns the show. if not, shut the fuck up and drip his poison elsewhere

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    • Why can’t we have both success and integrity? Usmanov does not have to take over, but he can still play a part and hold Kroenke accountable. Why is everything so black and white in here.

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    • Erm…Integity actually. It’s not even close to being a choice. Anyone who thinks that’s the wrong answer is a glory hunter and there are plenty of other succesful teams they can go and support instead. Some of those teams have oligarchs who don’t like people to know where the money comes from, and some have owners who borrow heavily to finance speculation in “sports franchises” and load the club with their business debts. Take your pick

      Arsenal is the greatest club in the world because of its values, one of which is fair play. That means fair play on the field and fair play off it. It may sound naive but I am ashamed of Arsenal if I ever hear that they let anything other than this famous principle guide their football dealings.

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  52. Kroenke has an undeniable history of creating unsuccessful sporting franchises. He’s always been more interested in turning profits rather than winning. There is no reason to presume that something different is going on at Arsenal.

    While we all know Kroenke buys teams for profit potential, we also know he is not necessarily a sports enthusiast. On the other hand, Usmanov has been a long term Arsenal fan. I don’t see any reason why so many commenters distrust him.

    Many people seem to be raising questions about Usmanov’s past. You seem to forget that in second/third world countries the only way for an uber-rich businessman to survive (yes, there is a constant danger to life) is to consort with not so trustworthy characters. All uber-rich from non-first world countries, like Slim-Helu, Ambani’s etc have had controversial pasts.

    The two points that I did not know and that Usmanov raises in the question are really shocking and the Arsenal board should answer.

    a) Is Kroenke’s long term loan (which he used to buy Arsenal) creating a pressure due to which Arsenal is having to post profits every year?
    b) Why did the Arsenal board not take a smarter strategy for raising finances for the Emirates. Did they really sell the “profits without investments” mantra to Kroenke?

    In addition to all this, Usmanov also states that he will keep Arsenal debt free.
    Why are we still so skeptical of him?

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    • I can’t see how Kroenkes personal debt would have any impact on the club, my mortgage doesn’t have anything to do with my house price, if the asset depreciates it doesn’t change anything in the loan conditions.

      I’m skeptical because words are cheap, and you won’t find out until it’s too late if he means it or not. Technically Man City are now debt free, but we all know how long they’d last if the current owners left tomorrow. Your version of debt free might be a very different concept and personally i don’t want to find out.

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      • If you own a company (own it or say own a big share of it, like say 60%) and you need money for something else(say a loan repayment), you have two options.

        You can either sell your share in the market or else you can have the company stop reinvesting its profits and declare higher dividends for its shareholders.

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    • Name one unsuccesful sports franchise he created. The crush don’t count because it was the league that folded, not the team. The team was very successful. His sports franchise ownership history has been to buy teams that are already mediocre. In fact, many of his teams have experienced their most successful moments when Kroenke owned them.

      The only team to decline under his ownership is the Avalanche. The NHL was a league that saw player salaries reaching levels that could not be sustained by the revenue being generated. The Avalanche was filled with highly paid world-class players. Play was stopped for a full season while the owners and the players worked out a new collective bargaining agreement. In the end, the NHL adopted a much more restrictive financial model to foster parody among its teams. The Avalanche have not recovered from this.

      Perhaps he doesn’t want Arsenal to have the same problems with the implementation of financial fair play?

      Perhaps the billionaire has a better understanding of how this stuff works than the drunk fans down at the pub?

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  53. Look regardless of what anyone thinks of Usmanov, everything that was stated in that letter was absolutely spot on. I think everyone has made him out to be this big fat ogre who’s coming to destroy our beloved club but what exactly is this based on and what makes him any worst then Kroenke? Yes I agree that he could of gone about things better and the whole situation stinks, not to mention I was one of the fans who originally didn’t want him anywhere near our club but what exactly is so much better at the moment? We are constantly losing our battle to keep our star players, we can’t attract or even afford top quality players and as much as I am a fan of our financial model, times have changed and we are no longer a club that can be mentioned in the same breath as barca, real, bayern and united. Yes this letter may have been oportunistic but maybe he is actually a fan who decided this was the last straw… I for one am at a loss with our current board and I’ve been there biggest supporter for as long as I can remember but the faith I’ve put in them doesn’t seem to be returned. I’ve been one of those fans that have had wengers back through the hardest of times and please note that I still do! I’ve not got upset at the thought that we’ve not one anything for 8 years as these things happen in cycles and all good clubs go through it but SOMETHING has to change

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  54. i agree with it completely,,i dont care if it is opportunist or not. He is saying what we all think…yesterday everyone was ranting “i dont blame wenger or rvp i blame the board” well here is someone blaming the board and yet some of you are opposed to it? dont be stupid, we have an owner that does not contribute y not have one that will. And if Usmanov takes over you can gaurentee Dein will be involved which would be a god send for Arsenal. Like it or not the self sustaining model is a poor one in terms of pushing for league titles which at the end of the day is what fans want. It also will not attract the massive players or the fans who pay ridiculous money to come and watch their team under perform. Last season we got 3rd yes,,,but how many teams had to mess up for it to happen, seriously gooners look back at chelsea and spurs, they really threw it away and we gained. Lastly i agree no player is bigger than the club,,but we dont want our club to be smaller than the others

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  55. Why are people so against Usmanov anyway? Because he’s fat? What has Usmanov ever suggested that’s so anti-Arsenal? We do not know he would be a bad investor, we do not know that he will pump billions in – we don’t know what he would do. What we DO know, is that Kroenke does fuck all – he doesn’t even attend matches. He just seems to be sitting there waiting for the debt to be driven down so he can sell on for a fortune when the time is right. Usmanov should not be made an enemy until there is good reason to.

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    • I think it’s more like fans want the club ran by a plurality of shareholders, not a single billionaire. Obviously, Kroenke is also a billionaire with complete ownership aspirations, but outwardly at least he doesn’t have the shady baggage that’s associated with Usmanov (which, admittedly, folks seem to know very little about).

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      • Yes, but Kroenke tried to get rid of that plurality through a 100% takeover. He would buy Usmanov’s shares if he could and compulsory purchase the rest. Usmanov has never suggested doing that.

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    • OR he’s left the clubs operations to be run by people more knowledgable about football…

      Would you rather he come in and decide we need to spend 35mil on Carrol?

      Would you rather he be mike ashley and decide he knows more than anyone on his staff and any other fan. That he sell all of his best players because he’s smarter than everyone else?

      You’re right, we do not know what Usmanov would do. But we do know a little bit about what he’s done. And that’s enough to know I don’t want him running Arsenal FC

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    • But Kroenke hasn’t sold any of his franchises so far. As far as I am aware he hasn’t even made attempts to sell any of the teams or his shareholding in those organizations. I mean no such information exists that the public can claim to know. He may own a bunch of teams that are mediocre and mid table to borrow the phrase but he doesn’t declare dividends, doesn’t sell or attempt to sell so clearly saying he’s waiting for the big payday is as bad as claiming Abramovich will one day leave Chelsea floundering or that Usmanov is not a good owner because of a shady past. These are all just assumptions based on a varying degree of common knowledge.

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    • This is the whole ‘this is not about who Usmanov is, what has Stan done for you?’ thing that’s been launched from Usmanov’s PR department, and some people have obviously bought into it. Judging by his past business dealings, I would bet that Usmanov could only be worse. And if you think it can’t be worse, just look at the Glazers and what they have done to one of the most successful clubs in the EPL, look at Blackburn and how it’s been destroyed by bad management, look at clubs like Portsmouth, Leeds and Rangers and the way mismanagement drove them into the ground… So tell me are you willing to gamble on Usmanov, knowing who and what he is, knowing that shady businessmen have destroyed (or are on the way to destroy) a lot of clubs in recent times? I’m not willing to make that gamble.

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  56. Its so suprising the situation at the moment with the board,van persie,etc in that usually we keep things in house and the arsenal have and always will be a class club that does things the right way.we need to sort the mess out quickly before the season kicks off because arsenes job is to manage those players on the pitch and we certainly dont need any bullshit going on especially team wise.if you want to stay ie van persie,walcott,song then commit 100%,if you want to go then fuck off to the highest bidder.if van persie does go to city it wouldnt bother me because we all know why he’s gone there so history will show this little club helped pay off a lot of our debt.to finish whenever things seem bad always remember those who will always be true gunners henry,adams,rice, etc.coyg

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  57. I’m shocked how many of us want to bend over for the first fat Russian that comes waddling down the street with a pile of cash in his pocket. He has no love for us. We’d be a nice play thing to entertain us till he gets bored and finds another whore to move onto.

    Maybe I’m idealistic but this whole issue speaks wider to me than just in regards to football. I don’t want to accept that the rules that govern the world are simply that the man with the most money wins. But we all seem so desperate for a shiny toy to put in the cabinet. Personally, if we were bought by Usmanov, purchased a trove of world class talent and won the Champion’s League I don’t think I would feel joy. I’d feel like someone had drugged my club, dragged her down the surgeon’s, turned her a fetishised projection of their own ego and had a wank in front of the world.

    Fuck that.

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    • Crap. What love does Kroenke have of Arsenal? None. Arsenal already exists under the model you speak of. Heartless and soulless.

      Are you telling me Abramovic does not care about Chelsea? The gulf between him and Kroenke is massive, evidently. Get off your high horse and start living in the real world.

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      • I don’t like your ‘real world’. It’s dark and cold and I don’t see a future in it I want to be a part of. I don’t want the magic of this club to be destroyed by capitalist realism. This club stands for the right things to me – a club where the revenue from the fans is directly linked to the success of the club (I know the ticket prices are fucked, I’d like to see them lowered as well), a club where investment in the ideals and values of the club actually matter, a club where the fans can actually own part of the club. City could play in a half empty stadium and without FFP (which is clearly not going to eventuate) it wouldn’t matter a jot.

        Believe it or not football is about more than the top four clubs and their billionaire owners. What does it say about the sport if the only clubs that can be successful are funded by sugar daddies? Where does that leave Swansea, Norwich, Southampton and any other club that wants to invest in youth, build a team and aim for success?

        Instead you’d prefer to just accept that it’s impossible to build success and it needs to be purchased? Are there enough billionaires to go around?

        What does a purchased trophy mean to you anyway? Something you can brag about to your mates down the pub? Are we really such a bunch of fucking wimps that we can’t grin and bear it to try to support something that actually makes football a viable business rather than a plaything for megalomaniacs? That’s something that would have some meaning to me, I supported a club through extremely difficult times and through my support helped them succeed. Or, I whinged and moaned because I want my toy and I want it now! And goddamn it if you won’t give me my toy I’m going to have a tantrum and demand someone else buy it for me. So, who really needs to grow up?

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      • Kroenke has no love for Arsenal but then beyond the fans and to an extent Arsene Wenger, I can’t think of anyone that does. People are either employees or directors with a vested interest and it is naive to think that everybody is in it for anything other than themselves. The fans are the only ones that can actually ‘care’ or ‘love’ the club and are almost always attached to the same club for an entire lifespan. The whole premise of this Usmanov/ Red and White strategy seems to be 1) “Kroenke and the board don’t care about the fans or the club” and 2) We’re not Kroenke and the board. Therefore considering 1 and 2 above we are good for the club.

        Like I mentioned in an earlier post – that is like saying Squillaci is not a bad defender because he’s not Silvestre. The only one who can sell to Usmanov is Kroenke and he seems to have any intention of doing so. Usmanov can moan and whinge all he wants, until he makes Kroenke an offer he can’t refuse – it’s going to count for nothing. Fuck him and everyone else. Nobody loves the club like the fans do. These guys are just leeches riding the bandwagon. The current dinosaurs on the board might be living in the past and might be filthy rich but at least they’ve been involved with the club all their lives and for generations in some cases. That to me comes much closer to ‘love’ for the club than any ‘changing with the times’/ ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ bullshit.

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  58. Remember AW saying he can write a book about last summer? And his quote earlier this year that he has to earn a 15 million profit each year before buying anyone? The latter especially sounded a little strange, coming from Wenger. But who knows, this whole boardroom saga may be exactly what he was implying. For this to happen to Arsenal is just sad, more than anything. One way or another this needs to be sorted.

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    • The £15M he is referring to is the debt service (interest + principle) payments.

      It’s really quite a stupid statement considering that the debt was used to find a new stadium which generates much higher revenue than our opponents. It’s called leverage.

      We would probably have a tougher time if we were still in Highbury.

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  59. shockandawe July 5, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    I appreciate that you feel a need to educate us ‘mongs’ who don’t have your obvious command and understanding of the English language, but I find it rather difficult, as one example, to reconcile the wholly confrontational nature of this letter with the self-serving assertion:
    “..the fact that we are loyal supporters and we will never do anything that would destabilize or “create conflict” at the Club”

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    • So your explanation of how the letter was Hypocritical and contradictory is ????? Basically you have made a statement and then backed it up with nothing. Hoorah

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      • It is self-evident that this letter was intended to create conflict. You only have to look at the 129 comments above. Have you googled ‘create’ or conflict’? Maybe I overestimated your command of the language.

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      • And again you dont back anything up??? What exactly is Hypocritical in it? What exactly is contradictory in it?? Now if you had said it was released to “create conflict” then I may agree with you but the fact that you are entirely unable to back up your argument only goes to prove what an ignoramous you must be. Its so easy to throw words around without any fact based evidence. Bufoon

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      • shockandawe

        1) you “may agree” that it was released to create conflict
        2) the letter states that R&W would never do anything to create conflict

        do those two points not contradict each other in your mind?

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  60. Hi you all, the recent lack of management of players contracts and corperate sponsership are well known but nothing seems to be done to resolve them, perhaps time will tell on these issues. This situation needs to improve however one of the many reasons I love this club so much is its history. I do believe that mistakes have been made in the past which will hopefully be corrected.
    I may be alone in thinking that this letter almost mirrors RVP reasons for not renwing his contract, let me know.
    In the meantime please lets go for evolution not revolution, its a tough old financial world out there as is reported in the news each day, so lets not do what we criticise players of doing……jumping at the cash…. it may not be there tomorrow.

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    • This letter too neatly mirrors RVP’s reasons for leaving, if you ask me (see my post a couple below yours…) Two possible reasons for this: RWH are capitalizing on a very touchy and very public subject to press their own agenda, or RVP’s announcement was manipulated to provide a platform. Oh, I suppose the other option is that they are actually reacting as fans and saying what they feel in the wake of RVP’s statement… but who honestly believes that? 🙂

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      • The other possibility of course is that both letters were two parts to a pre-meditated campaign. Considering the overlap between RVP’s representatives and those associated with Red Holdings and the degree of similarity (eg the pathetic little digs at Gazidis) and the fact that a high profile and provocative letter like Fat U’s doesn’t get written in 30 minutes and we have an interesting situation.

        It stinks in my view.

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  61. Until we get a fat sugar daddy (my idea of hell) players will always leave for the big bucks (wouldn’t you?). We simply can’t compete with citeh, real etc but we can run the club correctly and hope for the day that the sugar daddies get bored and bugger off. I’ll still be supporting AFC next season as always.

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  62. Conspiracy theory time, folks. It has been widely reported that RVP’s statement was written by his “agents and lawyers,” which I’m pretty sure includes Darren Dein. Next day, a statement comes out lambasting the Arsenal board written by a group heavily connected with David Dein. Was VP made a pawn in the larger political struggle of the Arsenal shareholders?

    Did Usmanov’s letter say anything that hasn’t been written a thousand times on this website? Nope. Sure, it seems pretty self-serving, but then when you boil it down so does the policy currently being implemented by Kronke and co.

    Our club is being torn apart from within, and our players are starting to become weapons for the factions to use against each other. I’m feeling pretty sick about this whole thing. Can’t really believe either side any more, and its starting to shake my faith in the club. Never thought I’d say that. I hate this.

    Come on next season, lets put this nonsensical shitstorm behind us and get back to what is truly important, the team and the football!

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    • Are we alone in this or do other teams suffer the same shit.

      You are right in saying we all read about the problems day in and day out.

      The question is do we have faith in the current club (not team!!!!) management to resolve the sponsorship and contract issues and to provide a united (no pun intended) and strong policy to resolve the situation.

      AW said he could write a book about last summer, I would love to read his book about his tenure as our manager if it is ever written or published.

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  63. Baron greenback verses officer kroenke..

    Looks like a messy few years ahead lads.

    Fuck I wish fanshare was about a couple of decades ago. Would love afc to be wend by the fans.
    Live in Germany now, we’re it is illegal for owners to act in the way epl owners do. You can’t profit from the clubs an so they remain with fans. Unlike our poor bastard English clubs. Raped fom all sides by men in I’ll fitting suits.


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  64. Least me now know what Mr G does when he gets bored in the office…

    *Ring, Ring*
    “Hi is that Megafon? Can I speak to your boss?”
    “I’ll just go get him…”
    “Hi, this is Mr Usmanov speaking..”
    *hangs up*
    “Hello? Hello? Fucking cold callers”

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  65. Spartan making sense there.

    You don’t have to agree with Ursmanov, agree with his methods, or want him involved with the club to see how poor the current situation is. Kroenke could not give less of a shit about the success of the club, just likes play things, and we are right at the bottom of his expensive interests.

    The letter is timed to take full advantage of the current situation, and why is anyone surprised by this? It’s what people do. And frankly the timing to me is a complete non issue if the content is true as it makes the current setup look comical.

    Leading nicely on to Gazidis? Well, if i was as tragically shit at my job as he is, i wouldn’t be in it anymore. That simple.

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  66. Why is it any business of Usmanov to know the details about the loan Kroenke took out to buy the club, it’s none of his concern. Kroenke did not pull a Glazer and saddle the debt on the club, it’s his personal debt and Usmanov has no right to demand any details about that as long as it doesn’t effect the finances of AFC, which it doesn’t.

    Agree with others, a letter like this takes days to write and proof read, it’s almost like someone on their team is related to RvP’s agent…can’t imagine who that might be.

    Fuck these spineless cunts and their games.

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    • (Copying my reply from above explaining why a majority shareholder’s personal debt is also important).

      If you own a company (own it or say own a big share of it, like say 60%) and you need money for something else(say a loan repayment), you have two options.

      You can either sell your share in the market or else you can have the company stop reinvesting its profits and declare higher dividends for its shareholders.

      If Kroenke has a huge personal debt, he could, as the majority shareholder just be forcing Arsenal to release huge dividends rather than reinvesting that money in the team.

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  67. Surely it’s about time someone started asking these questions of the board, maybe the motives and the timing suggest less than noble intentions, but if anything much of this should have been asked a long time ago. Maybe this letter is by someone who is also feeling the upset of his club going through the same thing again. It seems the only lesson we learned from the shambles of last summer was to prepare for when our best players leave – we should have been working out what we need to do to make them stay.

    I for one have no ill feeling towards RVP – he’s entering the twilight of his career and wants to win things. Gazidis was the one who came out and started saying he was staying/not for sale, effectively breaking the agreed silence. This letter in many ways validates his decision to leave. We know Van Persie loves the club, but if they couldn’t sell the so called ‘vision’ to him then we as fans should all be asking why.

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  68. Perfect timing in my opinion, its wat u call a PR masterstroke. Hate the man all u want but he has a heck of a point. If dis is wer our so called “self-sustaining model” has led us, den I’m all for trying sumfn new. Football is a business, he is a business man, let him invest, wats d worst dat could happen,we buy a few world class players and actually WIN TROPHIES? I’ll take dat everyday over dis pussy kroenke.

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  69. fucking hell isn’t there any grey areas anymore? why is everything so black and white to most of you.

    the self sustaining model is not balanced which is obvious, fleecing the fans and selling our top players is a massive problem and has to be sorted!

    isn’t there an option for a share holder to invest a small amount of money and not become a full blown “sugar daddy” ? e.g. Arsene made a statement earlier in the season about signing neymar if he had the money, couldn’t a shareholder come in an finance this deal and the leave the club sustaining in the background? or maybe someone could chip just enough to take the pressure away from fans to pay higher ticket prices ?

    p.s mr wenger should be commended for hows he been taking the flak for how the board have been running the club,. hes only the football manager FFS he doesn’t make all the decisions, especially not the financial ones. truth is without wenger we would be in a much worse position, why do so many of you refuse to believe this

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  70. Kroenke Inc. are doing to us what Hicks/Gillete did to Liverpool…. anyone that thinks that Kroenke Inc have Arsenals best interests in mind is nuttier than a squirrel turd and bordering on delusional…
    The path they have set for the club is to become the English version of Ajax.
    It is the Kroenke business model… takeover followed by selling the best assets…Just go onto the supporter blogs for the Broncos, Nuggets & read for yourself what they have to say about Kroenke….

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    • wow. ignorance and arrogance are not a good mixture.

      Kroenke and Hicks are two very different situations.

      Hicks went bankrupt. He never truly owned Liverpool. He never purchased any portion of Liverpool. It was all smoke and mirrors finacial games. His whole invest idea is to “purchase” a club, splash a lot of money buying a big name player to get the fans excited, then sell the team for a profit as soon as the return was high enough to pay off his debts and fatten his pocketbook. When the financial meltdown started, banks stopped refinancing deals for him. He was forced to actually pay back loans or default and lose the clubs. He chose to default. Wasn’t his money to begin with. So when the dust settles, teams are sold at auction for a fraction of their worth, fans have lived with crap teams during this mess, and he goes back to his mansion in Austin.

      Kroenke invests in a team. He hasn’t sold any of the sports teams he’s purchased. He’s built new stadiums and facilities and helped improve the clubs on and off the pitch. And it doesn’t appear he’s going to be selling anythime soon either as he’s already handed control of some of his clubs to his son.

      When has he sold a team’s “best assets?” You do not sell players in the US leagues.

      And Broncos and Nuggets fans are not exactly the brightest crayons in the box. There are a lot of Arsenal blogs out there operated and frequented by some real idiots. Would you want all of Arsenal FC to be judged by what is read there?

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  71. Usmanov in this letter is using the timing as an opportunity to say what all fans have been thinking for a while… That when Dein left… we are now fuckin useless. And in this letter he is right. The timing is absolutley perfect to put his point across, its very simple. Usmanov or Kroenke is irrelevant… the arguement should be “Fix the problem…” I think most people on this site are well intentioned passionate gooners… The issue is that we have lost RVP and he has done it in a cunt fashion and as a club we have not learned from Nasri or Fabregas. That is the issue, we have not learned… Sure we got Giroud and Podolski but you can Fuck Off if you ever thought that we got those guys to compliment RVP. Management knew he’d flown the coup at the end of the season.
    Arsenal need to sell RVP to Juventus or some other fuckin team outside the premier league at whatever price… Id take $5mio and send him to Monaco… He will be a dissapointment to wherever he goes and I hope his medical bill etends past his wage. Fuckin CUNT. RVP is my 4 year olds favourite player… explain that one Daddy.

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    • I haven’t been thinking it, so don’t claim you know what all Arsenal fans think, or want, or do. You are an individual with an agenda of your own. Don’t ever suggest that I am in agreement with you.

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  72. Manipulated two days in a row.

    Tomorrow, I anticipate a phone call from my grandmother demanding why it is I have not called her yet this month. She will tell me she loves me, but insinuate my brother is the better grandson.

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  73. I know that some of you are, probably rightly, worried by Usmanov, but under the current management of Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger we are going nowhere.

    Our club is being horribly mismanaged, and has been for at least the last four years. We have a manager who has far too much power, and seems answerable to no one. And we have a majority shareholder who clearly is only interested in making a tidy profit at the end of the financial year. And disgracefully, he can’t even be bothered to communicate with the millions of our fans.

    We need change.

    There was nothing in that letter that I particually disagreed with. Bad Board decisions have got us into this downward spiral.

    I don’t understand all this venomn towards Usmanov. Kroenke has proved to be a disaster so far, so why shouldn’t the Uzbek be given a chance? He certainly deserved a place on the Board.

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    • Kroenke has proved to be a disaster so far,

      Indeed he has, except for the following :-

      Kronke himself who has seen the share price continue to rise. Why is he so keen to prevent Usmanov or anyone else seeing the full accounts ? Could it be because the cash receipts generated by player sales, are helping him pay off the loan he took to buy the shares ? It’s called a lever edged buyout.

      Hill-Wood whose fat arse continues in the Chairman’s Seat.

      Little Friar, with his Bust and his bridge.

      And that\’s about it ! In other words the current board are doing very nicely. It’s just the rest of the Club that ain’t so great.

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      • My dear financial expert,

        Wouldn’t you say that the club paying off their debt makes Stan more likely to come under the threat of a leveraged buy-out?

        Or did you just google the word?

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  74. […] The nature of the statement was what (rightly) caused a lot of anger, and the transparency of his failed PR move has backfired badly on the club captain who probably thought that his position as the best player in the squad (or even the league) allowed him to step so far out of line. Arsenal then responded with a curt statement of their own, essentially saying ‘that’s fine, but you’ve got a contract, so you’re going nowhere unless we say so‘. I’ll cover this whole saga in another post later on, but I want to deal with today’s events – Alisher Usmanov, and Red and White Securities’ open letter to the board. […]

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  75. Puppyguts

    Do you seriously for one minute think wenger only deals with the managing of the team, dats hilarious. Wenger is as much to blame for this as the board are. He’s no fool, he knows 7 seasons without a trophy is unacceptable especially by he’s standards, but he seems to have Arsenal fans in a trance that securing top four finish is something to celebrate, (Its only the board celebrating that). The worst thing about it is, that we’ve secured champions league football, but deep down we all know, we don’t really have a chance of winning it, with our squad! I for one am not ‘angry’ at RVP, he only has to look at his mate Nasri who left and won the league, so it shows atleast he’s got more ambition than Arsenal as a club do. Wenger is a playing a big role in this mess at Arsenal, don’t be fooled.

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    • the reason we don’t grind out dirty wins is cos the players know there is no competition, their playing in the first team is secure.

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  76. 1 in 3 seats….

    Does that mean he also owns 1 in 50 accounts on Facebook? Now I know who creates trolls….

    Oops, I forgot we were not to discuss his past life here…

    Btw, according to wikipedia, the fat cunt only directly owns 8% of MegaFon – plus he does not sit on the board of ANY company he invests in… why then should Gazidis ask Jabba for sponsorship…

    Hey, now, that’s an idea… if Usmanov really wanted to help Arsenal out.. how about bankrolling the club – official deadwood sponsor… how about investing 200 million in that, eh? We will have Denilson, TGSTEL, et al wear Usmanov’s face – on the garmet that TGSTEL loves to have sponsored!!!

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    • And there is your problem – relying in Wikipedia

      Go search: Megafon Usmanov

      To see that he has full control of the company and immediately declared a dividend upon gaining said ownership.

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      • heh… true that… damn the fool who did not update wikipedia…

        Still would love to see Usmanov sponsor Arsenal, if indeed he wants the club to do well… after all, it is not a seat in the board that he desires or anything…

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      • Beastista, Usmanov already heavily sponsors his favourite team, Dinamo Moscow. The fact that he doesn’t sponsor Arsenal suggests that he does not love and support Arsenal in the same way that he loves and supports Dinamo Moscow.

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      • Gutbukkit Deffrolla, that could probably be true. In fact, I am even willing to accept that Arsenal could be the Jabba’s favoritest team in the wholest world. At the same time he has to realize that if he has put in 200 million, Silent Stan’s stake in the club is worth something close to twice.

        And, of course, like any other fan, I’m not completely sold to Silent SK. In fact, I would not even be as bothered if Usmanov is the owner as long as 11 players decked in red and white took to the pitch every season – whether they can challenge for or win something is also not as important. I don’t believe that shareholders HAVE to be the BIGGEST fans of the club – as long as they can keep it running as a business I am fine with that. Of course, I’d expect more, but I can still live with it as long as we play football – for we are, after all, a football club.

        For this reason, I am not as riled by the Van Persie statement as the fact that a fat cunt who a few years ago we had not even heard of thinks that he is winning the fans by taking a pop at the club we all support.

        In fact, I am glad that Usmanov does not have access to the club’s accounts. To be fair, I am all for accountability – as long as it is objective. I find it hard to believe that Usmanov would highlight anything positive in the club’s books.

        So, even if I accept what every one is saying… the club lacks direction, we need a cash inject, even if Usmanov is the one to supply it… I will still hate him for this letter.

        A guy who treats the club disrespectfully before he comes on board cannot be trusted to be respectful of the club’s history even if he is given control. End of.

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  77. Last I check Stan was a shareholder, thus he has the right to voice his opinion against the board. He wants to buy the club but was blackballed by the very board that calls him shady and give the go ahead to Stan after rejecting Stan at first. Wasn’t the board being shady also. He is in his right to take opportunity at every instances where the board fails or show a crack. Just as the board takes opportunity to get higher ticket prices from you by making it seems every summer will be different. Just as they black ball everyone who disagree with them. And you call the Us-man classless. We need to start questioning the board harder, cause this could leave a lasting imprint on this club (I am not talking ’bout this letter but rather the reasons why our players leaves). It started with players over 30 leaving because we wouldn’t sign them to more than 1 or 2 yrs no matter how good they are or have been, Now we turn back to signing older players when that strategy of buying the younger player hoping they become good wasn’t working. Now young key players who call the manager father are wanting out. All with the same line “the club lacks ambition”. That is the pattern since Henry. These players have been offered more money and big signing bonuses. Cesc signed a long term contract only to force his way out a year later. I don’t believe that the key issue is money, these players are in the club and in these negotiations, so they know what they are talking about. They see and know what you don’t see and know.
    Hate and call Usmanov all the names you want, but he has a point. Are we now so desperate that we have to beg for sponsorship. Calling a Russian company own by a fellow we deemed as shady for sponsorship, but don’t want him around for his shadiness. I hope this is not true, cause you might have just allow him on the board.

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    • A shareholder that does everything in his power to drive down the share value of the club is no friend to Arsenal. he isn’t in this as a supporter of Arsenal. it’s all about control and power.

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    • The “pattern” is Darren Dein helping our best players to exit the team ever since daddy got the push from the club. Darren, Daddy, and Uncle Alisher. What a bunch of charmers.

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  78. We will never be able to compete with citeh or chelski with a self sustaining model, no matter what. That is a fact. If, as fans, we are happy with that, then we have to accept that we will lose our better players to clubs who are self-sustaining. More and more we will see our ‘moral’ club fall behind our competitors. In Business, there are not many Billionaires who have not made their money through some sort of immoral doings. Fact is, I will support AFC no matter what, but would love to see them being successful rather than going through this shit every summer.

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  79. Well, Jabba the Hutt said the right words as far as we fans are concerned. And there’s some truth in what he says. But, just as obviously, he’s just fishing in troubled waters.

    These are unhappy times in N5.

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  80. That awkward moment when you’re trapped between an aloof, incompetent board and a dodgy fat cunt. That….

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  81. I must admit, this is the first time I read anything from this guy and his Red & White. All my opinions of him have been shaped by the Arseblog and the board. I am neither a fan of him nor Stan, just a disgruntled fan (for some time now). Could somebody please disprove the points made in this letter, one by one and factually, before we lable the guy one way or another

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  82. I took my time to read all the comments. I began to follow arsenal at age 11. Football changed during my time following Arsenal, I have never been to Highbury or the emirates, but I was so lost when Barcelona beat us in 2006. Since then we have lost at important Carling cup matches to Chelsea and save last season when we were knocked out by Sunderland(in the same style Blackburn did several seasons ago whenever we play 2 or 3 matches against the same side in a short time frame) we are second best in London, no matter what we tell ourselves. Chelsea may have defended their way to a Champion’s league title, but then can we remember it was the same way Arsenal bundled itself all the way to the final in 2006. For the past 8 years we have not beaten Man united more than 4 times in all competitions.
    Well on Nov 3 2012 we will be facing United again and I must say if we don’t win I do not know what I would say except, it seems they are always doing that to us.
    Truth be told Wenger is a good manager, but our financial position is not good. One may question Usmanov’s motives but the fact remains a fact, Usmanov’s money will give us trophies, Kroenke’s style will leave us drooling at the end of next season(wanna bet?) so the open letter comes from someone who owns a stake that is comfortably close to total estimated revenue for all season tickets summed together, isn’t it fair that he speak his mind? for me here in Nigeria, I have to say the Board has not really struck me as being proactive, this letter attests to the fact.
    Football is a sport, sports demand energy, energy needs liquid fuels to keep it running smoothly, money is the name of the game in Modern football.ask FIFA…. or Sepp Blatter or Jack Warner or paddy power

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  83. By the way, Mr. Blogs, someone suggested that this may be a good time for a special Arsecast. How about it?

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  84. I feel like I need to stop doing anything but watching games. The business side of football is just awful and it depresses me greatly. Maybe what they said in here is true and perhaps this bloke is a great guy who really does want the best for the Gunners (unlikely). But it is just as likely that this is simply a well timed powerplay to grow support for his group during the backlash of supporters. Everything that is going on…it is vile and it is an embarrassment. I might just tune and and then turn on the first game to the season and see who is starting.

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  85. shockandawe July 5, 2012 at 3:52 pm
    And again you dont back anything up??? What exactly is Hypocritical in it? What exactly is contradictory in it?? Now if you had said it was released to “create conflict” then I may agree with you but the fact that you are entirely unable to back up your argument only goes to prove what an ignoramous you must be. Its so easy to throw words around without any fact based evidence. Bufoon

    Well now, let’s try again: the letter says ‘we will never do anything that would destabilize or “create conflict” at the Club’
    You now say, above, that you can agree that the letter was released to create conflict – the opposite of the virtuous intentions Red And White claim to hold.
    I think I am being uncontroversial in saying that if you publish an open letter claiming an ethical philanthropic approach that will never create conflict and immediately proceed to do the opposite, then that is contradictory and hypocritical.
    Clearly you are struggling with this concept that even an ignoramus can understand, but you don’t have to sign off as ‘Bufoon’. I’ll help you through the proposition.

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  86. I think everyone should calm down a bit. We all hate the likes of City and Chelsea and what they stand for, so why does everyone want to be like them all of a sudden.

    I want players who want to play for Arsenal. We’re not gonna win the wages battle so if a player wants the cash we should let him go and move on. Who’d really be happy with a City situation, watching mercenary wankers turning out in Red & white every week ?.

    Football is fucked when everyone believes shit like this from a bloke who pretends he’s got the club’s interests at heart…My Arse !.

    People should remember why they started supporting Arsenal in the first place. It’s a proper football club run in the proper way, always has been & hopefully always will be.

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    • I remember why I started supporting Arsenal. It was a great club, playing sublime football and winning things. We had a solid team that played together for many years. The reality is that the landscape has changed. Footballers are human too believe it or not. Many of us Arsenal fans have unrealistic, idealistic expectations of the players. Who amongst us would turn down $250,000 per week because of loyalty to our present jobs? Not many. People change jobs for small increases in pay, yet we expect players to be different. Yes, we can antagonise Robin, Nasri, Adebayor, Cesc, Thierry, Toure, Clichy, Flamini, Vieira all we want, but ultimately, they moved on to greener pastures like most people do when opportunities arise. We can call these guys greedy all we like, and most were motivated by money to leave the club. But they, like us, want to win things. and they felt that staying at Arsenal did not present the best opportunity to do that. So they left, and all went on to win something, no matter how insignificant. Now, we can praise the club’s financial model all day long, but personally, I don’t give a shit about that. I don’t get a single penny when the dividents are paid out. As a fan, the only joy I get is when my captain lifts the trophy at the end of the season. So if our financial model fails to deliver that for 8 years then fuck it, lets try something new…

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      • “Who amongst us would turn down $250,000 per week because of loyalty to our present jobs? Not many.”

        I’d say none who are on or close to the average industrial wage. Its a slightly different proposition for a footballer whose already on $125,000 per week though.

        “People change jobs for small increases in pay, yet we expect players to be different.”

        Yes if they’re already earning ridiculous sums of money and have previously professed their “love” for the club. Its not like the normal joe earning more so he can afford a second holiday a year, this money is just accumulating in their bank accounts or being spunked on pink landrovers. Its just greed.

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      • I appreciate what you say but someone who starts supporting a club in an era that may never be repeated is set for years of heartache and disappointment.

        Like many fans I started supporting Arsenal so my dad didn’t kick me out of the house when I was a kid. I watched David Hillier and Jimmy Carter week in week out and trust me you don’t know how spoilt you’ve been in the Wenger era. Watching shit for so many years makes stuff like Anfield 89 all the more special…..call me old fashioned but supporting a team through shit and champagne is what being a fan is all about.

        I’ve seen the cracked ‘arsenal in crisis’ badge more times than some of our younger fans have sat on the toilet so just enjoy what you are watching right now, cheer on the boys (whoever plays) and a trophy will come eventually, just like it did in 71, 89 etc.

        Be careful what you wish for, cos if you get it we’ll end up like the rest of em!

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  87. So maybe he is being opportunistic. In fact, I’m sure he is. But that doesn’t make all of this completely wrong or untrue. I myself, as a curious Arsenal fan, I’ve had nothing but lamentation about what the heck is going on in that back room, that no one seems free to talk about. All we get, as fans, is news that we’re losing players, and no one wanting to tell us why, “out of respect”. RVP was the first to come straight out and say it has nothing to do with wages or contract.

    I disagree with the timing, like most of you, but I love the little bit of transparency this affords. Hopefully this forces a response from KSE and Gazidis.

    Also, transparency aside, can KSE really turn down meetings from a 30% shareholder? And can Gazidis really not have known Usmanov owned half of that company? That’s a bit insulting, if you ask me…

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    • As an American, I never really say cunt, I think bitch sounds much better. You can combine it many ways too. na$ri is a baby back bitch. na$ri is half a bitch. na$ri reminds me of a bitch I once knew.

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  88. Well done Usmarov, a true fan does exactly what you have done, voice your opinion. On the other hand, Kroenke doen’t even know who Robin van Persie is. They say that a board with Usmanov will be a problem, but is there a bigger problem than a board that can not deliver even after 7yrs? If we need to progress and compete with the likes of City, Chelcea, MUTD, Barcelona and Real, then we need Usmanov or Dein in the board. People who are willing to dig deep down into their pocket to help the club.

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    • Arsenal don’t mind taking money from him for his executive box though do they, which has just been rebuilt at considerable expense.

      All big business and politics is mired in corruption, the other stuff could be based on slander – you don’t know the facts that’s for sure.

      UEFA is corrupt from top to bottom, so perhaps you stop supporting Arsenal who receive millions of pounds in Champions League money from them. Try thinking before you type.

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  89. Fancy castigating Usmanov for being opportunistic, Gazides is never opportunistic is he, like when Wenger says he will buy A, B and C prior to ticket renewals?

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  90. I can’t understand how you can view Usmanov as a potential owner/saviour after a letter like this. Forget our problems or RVP for a moment- a simple fact that this kind of letter exists, is public and is addressed to a Board of Directors shows Usmanov as nothing but an oligarchic bully. Personally, I wouldn’t trust him my car insurance

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    • Yes I agree but that doesn t mean that our Board is doing their best to keep arsenal as important as it was. They are to blame for RVP exit not him.

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  91. Not a lover of Usmanov in any shape or form but he pretty much hit the nail on the head with this statement. The issues he raises should be the main talking points and not his background.

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  92. It’s very clear to me that Robin Van Persie’s statement was carefully synchronised along with Usmanov’s today. The key denominator: The Dein’s. For the few that don’t know Darren Dein is agent to RVP (Kees Vos took a bullet by accepting blame for yesterday) and David Dein is benefactor to Usmanov (an investor Dein thought suitable for Arsenal for as long as 10 years).

    Hill-Wood imposed a period of silence, not to avoid a disruptive Euro 2012 or any other footballing sentiment as Van Persie was made to believe, but to allow Gazidis to sign the replacements for Van Persie. He has been made to look like an idiot by the board, and basically put him in a position to enslave himself to a new contract with no strategy discussion or look like a worse version of Samir Nasri.

    I commend the Deins and Usmanov. David and Alisher would have been storing some of the insightful ammunition in the above letter for the perfect day. The document answers countless amounts of questions we have been speculating on for years, or at least opens an inquiry.

    I am a proud supporter and it does hurt to see our sensibilities go out of the window in this manner. Until this morning, I didn’t even agree we had fallen too short behind our rivals ( i.e after beating City we were only 7 points behind, beat Barcelona last year, ) . However, after hearing Dein’s manifesto my demands have been restored to that of our glory years . As a paying supporter I AM supportive of an equity investment with the structure that was explained. We don’t struggle to acquire, we struggle to retain. Who gives a fuck if we pay our own players the market rate. Who doesn’t want to see three or four other Bergkamps join the club and become a legend.

    So my main point is the spirit of Dein is very much alive in our club, and as that spirit drove our club to euphoric heights – I am prepared to listen no matter how messy it gets. He is the most respected figure around FA and Premier League corridors, and is being denied his chance to innovate the game with our club. The complexities of this story should actually get the Arry’ go lucky press off our backs so im prepared to see this one get messy indeed.

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    • By the way Ashley Cole is where this all started for me. There is no way we should have stalled on his salary. I’m just saying for me, that’s when I was alarmed. In my opinion, IT WAS an insult of an offer and his choice to move has been vindicated on 6 separate occasions. The only reason I don’t mind is because he was good enough for more money, and was entitled as the best young left back in the world to demand more. I actually get embarrassed when our fans boo him, one of the finest players of our generation and surely an Arsenal legend for all those TITLE winning goal-line clearances.

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      • I don’t remember, wasn’t Dein there when the Ashley Cole stuff happened?
        And fans don’t boo him because he wanted a small pay increase. They boo him because he has no class. And how exactly has he been vindicated? The team he moved to won a few trophies, that doesn’t mean he’s not an ass clown.

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    • I don’t understand why he has no class. We had no class by trying to shortchange a winner. Dein was not at the table at that point no….

      The way you say they won a few trophies is completely ignorant. We need to stop circumventing our problems and accepting them head on.

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      • People keep posting that everything would be wonderful if Dein was back, that we would never lose our best players if Dein was around. Dein was Vice Chairman when Cole left.

        Cole has no class.

        1) Lifting his skirt up for Chelsea while still under contract at Arsenal. Do many players do this? sure. But that doesn’t make it right. And how many of those other players end up getting fined because of it?

        2) Constantly cheated on his wife

        3)Wrote an autobiography at 25!

        And I don’t think ignorant is the adjective you mean. Ignorant would imply I am not aware of their succes. (1 premier league title, lucking into a champion’s league victory this year, and yes they’ve had an excellent record in the FA Cup.) Flippant is probably the word you want use. And I’m flippant because I do not believe that trophies justify a lack of class.

        Perhaps Arsene looked at Cole and saw a damn good left back, but a complete ass clown. Then looked over at Clichy and saw a guy that was on the verge of breaking through and suddenly Cole wasn’t worth as much to Arsenal.

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  93. Been through a 3hr lecture so i might have skipped some of the letter. Im nt usmanov’s biggest supporter but he makes a point about how the debt was handled. Might have to go through it again but the mix of non dividend equity and debt would have been a safer bet for Arsenal. Anyhuuu lets move on from here. Robin wants to leave so lets replace him with quality additions.

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  94. As a very new fan of the Gunners (2 seasons now), I’m still figuring out the machinations for control of the club as well as the economics that govern European soccer leagues (gave my home country away there, didn’t I?). Self-sustained financing is a long-term strength and a sugar daddy can be a short-term boon, but a power struggle like this is the gift that keeps on giving.

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  95. Perfect timing and a great opportunist. Doesn’t take much to figure out why he’s so fucking rich. I’d take him over Uncle Stan and his money leeching scheme any day.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 3

    • Please back your statement up with some facts.

      Exactly how is Stan leeching money? To my knowledge he owns some Arsenal media rights (Arsenal Tv) but other than that, he might earn a nominal management fee. That’s it.

      Perhaps someone on AST could quantify Stan’s compensation. I assume it will be nowhere near the Glazers’.

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  96. If you love the club so much and dont want to actually be a board member then show ur good intentions and just give Wenger a fat cheque to buy and pay who he wants 😉

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  97. The salient question has yet to be asked – does Usmanov own three out of ten stadium seats just so he can fit his fat ass inside the stadium? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  98. Yep, always the boards fault. The modern landscape of football doesn’t really cater to Arsenal Football Club, nor should it. I don’t want to hear people bang on about Arsene’s spent in the past, why doesn’t he do it now blah blah blah. This summer has already been a busy summer in terms of Arsene and marquee signings. Please don’t point to ‘oh he spent on Reyes’. In the past it’s generally been 1 maybe 2 marquee signings a summer. The truth is if that sugar daddy clubs didn’t exist Arsenal would be fine in terms of winning trophies, but the Chel$ea’s and Man Citeh’s of the world have ruined that landscape. If some of those naive fans think there are going to be multiple 25million pound signings/summer you’re taking the piss I’m afraid.

    It’s just so frustrating how some fans just don’t get it. This isn’t Football Manager and Arsenal can purchase whoever they want. It is what it is, so please support the club going forward. If I lived in London I would excitedly and welcomingly go to as many Arsenal games as I could, because I love & support the club. I’m a Canadian, and I’ve taken vacation days in the past simply to watch Arsenal games. Obviously I’d like to see RvP extend, but now that isn’t going to happen so have to get on with it. Obviously I was crushed yesterday but it’s something you have to accept. Players come and go.

    I know neither of these paragraphs are specifically linked to one another or follow any string of logic, it’s more of a vent. This is how Arsenal do things and how they will continue to do things. I for one do not want to see them “buy” trophies, it cheapens it quite frankly. Arsenal will rise again in terms of on-field success, I’m sure of it. In the meantime I am still going to support them, RvP or not.

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  99. shut up, shut up, shut up shut up! another day, another public statement with the intent to destabilize this club… not saying there are not valid points in the owls letter, but be fucking professional about it… releasing this in public is not at all a service to this club… not as damaging as that guy who used to be our striker’s statement, but fucking cock-bollocks nonetheless… what the fuck is going on with this club? Hopefully the players that want to be here can concentrate on their football.

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    • The guy has no say whatsoever in how the club is run despite spending vast sums of his own money to acquire a stake in the club, what else is he supposed to do?. If he were allowed on the board (or a representative of his) we probably would not here anything.

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      • Bollocks. He does have a say as part of his shareholder vote. His letter even refers to it, or didn’t you read it?

        Also, he bought the shares in the full knowledge that buying shares in any company is no guarantee of becoming a Board member.

        His letter is deliberately worded to create the impression he’s invested 200 million GBP in the club, but has no Board seat. That’s rubbish. He spent that money buying shares, so that cash went to shareholders, primarily David Dein who sold him his stake, not the Club.

        The only people who have benefited from Usmanov’s interest are the Deins, who sold out their stake and now continue to sabotage the club at every opportunity by publicly attacking the Board, sowing division amongst fans and facilitating the tapping up of our players. It seems they’re entirely prepared to destroy Arsenal Football Club as part of a personal vendetta between David Dein and the Board members he had a falling out with. Sickening. At this stage I’d almost prefer if Kroenke was able to make a compulsory purchase of the remaining shares and become 100% owner, as the lesser evil.

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      • Wholeheartedly agree sven, and well said. The deins are most assuredly key players in the treachery we are witnessing unfold at this club. The more and more that I hear about the back room dealings of the deins and usmanov the more convinced I become that there needs to be a full scale investigation into what is really going on. Usmanov’s history is shady at best and david dein obviously is harboring some sort of vendetta towards the current board of this club. I am convinced that the law is being broken somehow in this systematic attack of the club. As unconvincing as Kroenke has been, I have to agree with Sven and say that he is indeed the lesser of two evils. Thank god for Arsene Wenger… If we were stuck with one of the Harry Redknapp’s of the world I would have no faith in the future of this club.

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      • All the previous board members have made vast sums of money from selling their shares to either Kroenke or Usmanov and correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t that the whole point of owning and selling shares.
        As for his say in how the club is run, yes he does get a say, once a year at the AGM and as the statement says they have always kept their mouths shut to prevent conflict.
        Now don’t get me wrong, my eyes are wide open to what Red & White have been up too and I would dearly love for Usmanov to take DD and his wretched family for a long walk off a short pier but that doesn’t look like happening any time soon, So the point I was trying to make is that Kroenke may have to allow Usmanov (or representative) onto the board to prevent further public outbursts like we have seen here.

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  100. I remember why I started supporting Arsenal. It was a great club, playing sublime football and winning things. We had a solid team that played together for many years. The reality is that the landscape has changed. Footballers are human too believe it or not. Many of us Arsenal fans have unrealistic, idealistic expectations of the players. Who amongst us would turn down $250,000 per week because of loyalty to our present jobs? Not many. People change jobs for small increases in pay, yet we expect players to be different. Yes, we can antagonise Robin, Nasri, Adebayor, Cesc, Thierry, Toure, Clichy, Flamini, Vieira all we want, but ultimately, they moved on to greener pastures like most people do when opportunities arise. We can call these guys greedy all we like, and most were motivated by money to leave the club. But they, like us, want to win things. and they felt that staying at Arsenal did not present the best opportunity to do that. So they left, and all went on to win something, no matter how insignificant. Now, we can praise the club’s financial model all day long, but personally, I don’t give a shit about that. I don’t get a single penny when the dividents are paid out. As a fan, the only joy I get is when my captain lifts the trophy at the end of the season. So if our financial model fails to deliver that for 8 years then fuck it, lets try something new…

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    • Your only joy is when the Captain lifts a trophy? Bloody Glory Hunter.

      Lets not try Usmanov. He manipulates people’s minds. You don’t even know he’s done it to you. Was this your attitude when you started supporting Arsenal? If not, what has changed?

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      • Ah, sorry, just saw it. You started supporting Arsenal when they were winning things. Predisposed to Usmanov’s campaign against a well run club then.

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      • Ah, glory-hunter… I remember those days when it actually meant something…

        Seems to me the Johnny-Come-Lately’s take it as quite a compliment nowadays… Someone should remind these guys that we don’t quite have the trophy cabinet that Manchester United, or even Liverpool have amassed over the years…

        All people want to see if Arsenal win for a few years and go bust… That would free them up to go support some other free-spending oligarch I suppose

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  101. Usmanovs a moron. Its him red and white holdings and the dean family that are constantly de stabilizing Arsenal all because porr fucking David wanted to be the number one director at AFC so get the son to sell everyone and keep putting pressure on every chance they get.

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  102. It is a conspiracy.

    He got the main part of his shares from David Dein.

    Darren Dein is the bloke encouraging our players to leave for Man City…always the same place.

    Van Persie’s letter looks like one written by lawyers, and driven by Darren Dein.

    Usmanov has his statement out, in all it’s detail, only hours after RVP releases his.

    The flood of players under Darren Dein all leaving year after year is designed to destabilise the club to the point where Usmanov can step in as the hero that saves the day.

    Who is Theo Walcott’s representative now? It used to be his dad. But now?

    This has been years in the planning and execution.

    Fuck Usmanov. Fuck the Dein’s.

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    • Call me crazy if you like, but if you do it means you’re one of the flunkies Usmanov gets to write anti-Kroenke, anti-board statements here in response to almost every news item, regardless of original subject.

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      • It’s happening on all the Arsenal Blogs. Ever since Arsenal.com started referencing them and adding links to places like Arseblog Usmanov has had his people on the blogs attacking the board and Kroenke. Prove me wrong, if you think you can, Soviet drug-dealing gun-running flunkies.

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      • Agreed. This is the first direct reference I’ve seen to the long-suspected deliberate infiltration of blogs by Fat U stooges. At times it’s been blatant and clearly co-ordinated between several new posters. If it’s true, it’s another example of Fat U’s disregard for freedom of speech even within the Arsenal community.

        Blogs – something to keep an eye on I’d suggest…

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  103. Who will Usmanov support if Arsenal are ever drawn against Dinamo Moscow in European competition?

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  104. Here’s my simple view from across the pond. I have watched both of Stan’s teams over here (Rams-NFL, Rapids-MLS). The Rams are a dreadful organization. If there was relegation in the NFL, they would have been dropped for several years in a row. I think 16 or so wins over the past 10 years? With 16 game seasons. They have some good players, but there has not been any ambition on the team, from a front office perspective since Stan took over. Without Steven Jackson, they would be even worse than they are.

    The Rapids won the MLS Cup a couple of years ago, but the Rapids went through the playoffs in a chelski like manner. Didn’t play attractively, but showed up and were able to eek out ugly wins. Since then, and before then, they have been underwhelming, and are not among what is considered the better teams of the league (that seems to change every couple of years or so).

    So Stan is a business man, profit is first and foremost in his mind, not a great sports franchise owner at all.

    Usmanov can be trusted as far as he can be thrown. Comes from a place where there is little ethics in business, and he wants a pet team like chelski owner does. I do not know if he would throw money at Arsenal or not. I feel torn about that. I hate clubs with single billionaires, but the thought of Arsenal bringing some big talent after the age of 22 or 23 seems nice for a change (Pod and Giroud not included).

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    • Well said! I only want to add that any sports owner with a stable of six teams (Kroenke Sports Enterprises) is strictly in it for the money, and not for the love of the game. Five of the teams in that stable are mediocre, and number six–the Arsenal–are in danger of falling into that category.

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  105. 1. The majority of our is club is ‘owned’ by an American that nobody likes or trusts and a Russian that nobody likes or trusts. Fans are suspicious of the motives of both parties.

    2. The ‘ownership’ of the club is unlikely to change in the near/medium term.

    3. If the ‘ownership’ did change, how could it be a change for the positive? Would it not result in more power for a suspect individual?

    4. With the state of the club’s ownership as it is now, are we forever doomed to be in the hands of profit-minded owners? Is there a way back for our club?

    For consideration (don’t kill me, I have no opinion on this)……..

    1. The Grove (Emirates) is not our ‘spiritual’ home. In fact, we have not long moved in.

    2. What does it mean to be The Arsenal? Is it the proud history? The fans? The team? Trophies? Something we grew up with?

    3. Is our club now a corporate entity? One that see’s its fans as customers?

    4. How would people feel about resurrecting our club, with all the values we value, as Arsenal AFC (example)? Starting the club again, at the bottom, for the fans, with a solid ‘constitution’?

    I have not formed an opionion on the above yet. Just interested to hear what others think. Part of me feels that we can complain all we want, but if we continue to buy club merchandise and attend games, then we are complicit in bolstering the current regime, and nothing will ever change for the better. But the bigger part of me loves The Arsenal (AFC as opposed to AAFC).

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  106. Mr Usmanov, well done.

    This is the start, you hve remained quiet enough.

    We know you have the support of Mr Dein and possibly his friend, Wenger aswell.

    Time to leave Stan.

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    • Why does it matter if he has the support of Mr Dein? Who cares what DD thinks – other than that he’s a disruptive influence. DD lovedArsenal s much he sold all his shares in precisely the manner that Fat U comlains about his letter.

      Who’s this “we” you refer to? Pompous twat.

      Hudson – you in PR by any chance?

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      • Who knows why the mere mention of Dein gets some gooners frothing.

        As far as selling shares goes, the legendary Fiszman had no problem with it. To a tune of 160m.

        Ofcourse that was all for the good of Arsenal 🙂 lol

        I have a inkling Wenger will soon play his cards, making his position untenable aswell.

        Kroenke has played this like a novice, what a shambles.

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  107. I have seen some people suggesting Usmanov has hordes of supportes infiltrating Arsenal blogs?

    Yes that’s it. All opposing views are on the payroll.

    One wonders whether these nutters will turn on Wenger should he expand on his “No problem with Usmanov! comment …

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  108. What happened last summer should not have happened to a club like Arsenal. It showed a lack of ambition the way the departures of Nasri, Fabregas and Clichy was handled. If I still feel anger for that, I can see why an employee like RVP will want to know up front what will be different.
    Please remember, we started last season with a squad not capable of competing. We as fans found that out after the 8-2 thrashing at OT. Then 5 players were brought in on the last day as a result. Ask yourselves, would Arsenal have bought anyone if not for that result? The trashing was going to happen sometime in the season without the aquisitions. We just need to be thankful that we didn’t have to wait till January.

    I have no problem with RVP’s position and statement. If he was 23 I will understand the backlash. But he’s coming to the end of his career and needs assurances that he’ll have something to show when it’s all said and done. What’s wrong with that?
    Arsenal probably let him know that there’s no guarantee they’ll win anything this year, nothing wrong with that either. He hasn’t be very productive in his time at Arsenal but you can’t blame him for feeling this way and making this statement. Maybe this has to do more with the desire to stay and frustration that nothing has changed and so might be trying to force the board to act. Why does it have to indicate a desire to force a move?

    Finally, the transfers of Giroud and Podolski is a start to indicate squad improvement and ambition but please remember, Wilshere and Sagna will not start the season, so these are positions that need to be filled. We only have Jenkinson as right back and Ramsey has shown he’s not ready for this level. Ramsey is a backup till he can play at the level required for a team that’s trying to win trophies. Same with Oxlade-Chamberlaine. Rosicky’s injury record is also a concern. So the attacking mid postion needs to be filled as well. This all needs to happen before preseason to give the players time with the squad .
    I choose to see this saga as more of a positive to move Arsenal forward than a negative with all the hate for RVP, This squad needs to be improved and maybe this will get them to act. Arsenal do not need to be shown the squad is weak by being humiliated before things are done.

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  110. Been reading these comments and have come to the following conclusion…

    You are all fucking boring.

    Roll on the new season, so we can start watching The Arsenal, rather than bitching about them on fucking blogs and forums.

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  111. usmanov should buy the club and put a board in that will make arsenal succesful again and get kroenke out, he doesnt no wat he is doing, he is just making money from the club

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