Marca: Sahin set to sign loan deal with Arsenal


According to Marca, Arsenal are on the verge of striking a deal with Real Madrid to take Turkish international midfielder Nuri Sahin on loan for a year.

The 23-year-old signed a six-year contract at the Bernabeu last summer after moving from Borussia Dortmund, but has struggled to nail a first team place after starting the season injured.

Sahin has been left out of Real Madrid’s recent friendly matches and is tipped to arrive in London and finalise details of a move in the coming days. It is believed that the Spanish giants are trying to use the player as bait in negotiations with Spurs for Luka Modric, but that he isn’t interested in a move to White Hart Lane.

If Sahin does put pen-to-paper on a deal the midfielder would become Arsenal’s third signing of the summer.

More to follow…

Update: Marca have now revised their story to say only that Sahin will ‘probably play in the Premier League next season’.

Here is a screenshot of the original article which begins with the line ‘Nuri Sahin will play for Arsenal next season’.


    • mine were tempered by the fact this means carzorla is not happening this summer. Loving Arsene’s attitude though! Malaga ask for 20 plus million, Arsene laughs, says ” I’ll be back next summer then” and goes and gets this guy in, great, great stuff.

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      • Not necessarily though, Sahin is more of an “M’Vila” if I dare say. Also if a loan is being considered, this means that AW is prepared to wait for Wilshere and Diaby. I further suppose that a loan wouldn’t really affect Arsenal’s “war chest” (hu hu…). I followed him a little when he was still at Dortmund, he was absolutely instrumental during their first title campaign and considered the best player in the Bundesliga. The whole thing makes completely sense to me. 🙂

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      • AFC: DId you just compare Sahin to M’Vila? Entirely different oles on the pitch. Sahin is more a deep-lying Cesc / Pirlo guy (not that I’m comparing him to any of those two). Deep-lying playmaker or whatever they call it.

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      • Nico,

        I’m not really “comparing” them no. My point was more in relation to the Cazorla link. Sahin and M’Vila are more alike than Sahin and, say, Cazorla meaning that buying Cazorla and loaning Sahin is not mutually exclusive whereas buying M’Vila and loaning Sahin is (or seems to be in my humble opinion). Cazorla is a much more versatile midfielder.

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      • Ah, yes, fully agree. Signing both M’Vila and Sahin is not going to happend, so yes, Sahin and Cazorla would make a lot of sense.

        The only thing about Sahin is that he’s much too similar to Arteta, and this is why I can’t see this rumor being incredibly realistic, but I’d enjoy to be proved wrong as our midfield definitely needs reinforcement. Loaning him would make sense though, because of major fitness concerns over Diaby, Wilshere not likely to be fully fit before October at the earliest, and Rosicky missing the start of the season.

        I never really understood why we were (supposedly) after M’Vila because Coquelin is more than decent enough as backup to Song. Also, Song is very rarely injured, and Coquelin can cover for him when he’s off to the ACN. I’ve always felt that the defensive midfield role is the last position we need new players for, together with centre back.

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      • I’ve never seen Sahin play, but other reports I’ve read call him a playmaker.

        I mean, if this deal is legit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t also sign Cazorla, but I’m with goonero on this…it seems less likely.

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    • Oh, for heaven’s sake. It’s the summer transfer window on a day when all you can see or hear about is a dodgy boat pub-crawling its way up the Thames.

      Either you’ve got to read between the lines, or you’re going to have to wait for the ‘nailed-on’ Arsenal website photo.

      Besides, “El Arsenal ” has a nice kind of ring to it. And today’s a good day for daydreaming.

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  1. Hmmm if this is true, it looks like Arsenal really means business this season though I really dont know much about this Sahin guy. I still think we need a PERMANENT attacking midfielder (ala cazorla) and a SOLID defensive midfielder (ala m’villa e.t.c) and we are set up.

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  2. Oh shit didn’t see that one coming, Wenger you fooled me twice you you can’t fool me once O: wait i’m so confused.

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    • Not at all, he’s a more defensive player, but it maybe suggests – which most of us have been thinking for a while anyway – that Wenger has decided M’vila is too much of a trouble-maker to be worth the risk. It may also suggest that Wilshere isn’t expected to be back to his best for quite a few months.

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    • I’m sure. Wenger will want Cazorla but if Malaga actually pay the monies owed to people then he’s not likely to leave. Sahin will be back-up.

      Ideas if this will only be a 1 year loan or a loan with option to buy Sahin after a year?

      I honestly figured Madrid would loan Sahin to Spuds because they want Modric. Real are trying to sell Kaka back to AC Milan to help fund the Mordic bid so I’d think Sahin loaned to Spuds would help them “sweeten” the deal for Modric.

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  3. Excellent. i signed him in fifa and arsenal then won their next 492 games in a row… Wenger must have gotten my email about it.

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    • Ramsey looked good last night, only creative player for Team GB. I think alot of people will be eating humble pie in a couple of years, just like we did ( myself included) with Song.

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      • I was thinking I couldn’t see why Ramsey isn’t starting for them. It’s not like they have any other creative players! But then I realised its a good thing for us, and that Stewart Pearce is a humongous cunt 😀

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  4. If this is true means that cazorla is not coming, and today news about cazorla is that malaga want 20m pounds for him.

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    • precisely why this loan deal is cropping up. I think Arsenal would’ve actually made a move to buy Sahin if Real weren’t keen on keeping him for the long run.

      Wenger isn’t gonna pay that price to Malaga so it’s a take it or leave it type scenario.

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    • Sid Lowe on twitter says the Malaga stuff about not selling cheap is a message to the owner as much as to us. You could hardly expect the manager to be saying anything else at the moment. Consider Wenger’s statements on Hleb, Flamini, Cesc, Nasri, Van Persie …

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  5. Marca has retracted this article – I hear….they are saying he will probably play in the PL next season…typical of us to jump the gun !!!!

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  6. Hmm I like it but his name is a little too close to samir nasri, maybe it means he is the opposite of a cunt.

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  7. Starting to feel good about this season come on RVP change your mind take Arsenal’s money cause you know it’s the way to go.

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  8. Bucket (!) of salt. Sounds planted to me, like we’re trying to show Malaga that Carzola isn’t the only option available to us.

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  9. So, M’Villa, Carzola and now Sahin. It’s clear Wenger knows what he’s looking, surely one of them can get sorted and the shopping finished.
    Clearing the decks need to be prioritised, half the players we have we bought for next to nothing so they can happily go in the cheap.

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  10. My work mate is Nuri Sahin’s cousin, I asked her if it was happening, she has just text him to confirm it… I’ll let you know as soon as I know people!

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  11. Plus we all know Marca is the most full of sh*t newspaper in the world. I haven;t forgotten how they acted in any attempts Spanish clubs make to steal our players.

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  12. I’ll believe it when I see it. Not keen on the idea of loaning a 23 year old though. If he had a good season he probably wouldn’t be coming back.
    I was skeptical about Benayoun which worked out brilliantly in the end, but I think we should really be looking at permanent transfers.

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      • or they can lead to people nicking them from under you after you did all the hard work eg Sigurdsson at Swansea going to Shitspurs.
        Hence, I’m not keen.

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    • So we want to loan a player for a season, and if he plays well he won’t be coming back?

      What was he going to do if he didn’t play well?

      You have confused this cat.

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  13. Haha santos is just wowing me in this game. God I wish we had 11 of those in the team.
    I love him, I just love him.*samba.

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  14. Forgive me if I’m a bit sceptical about the whole deal. They said we’d agreed for MVila – nope, haven’t even opened discussions. We’d agreed for Cazorla – Nope, haven’t agreed anything, far from it. Until I see it officially on the Arsenal Website, I’m just going to pass.
    Hope it happens nonetheless

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    • Yep, you have now mastered the ancient art of surviving the silly season. Your flat cap and black pudding are in the post, Master sid.

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  15. Malaga confirmed that they rejected our offer of 15.6 m pounds , they want 20m pounds , I think if we go with 18m pound we will get him and it’s a reasonable price but I doubt wenger will increase the offer we know how stubborn is about prices for player and valuation. Sad really I’m sure that malaga will accept 18 million for him.

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  16. Decent signing, but a loan, 1 year, we should be buying players for now and improve the squad, not loan a player then in a year he returns to Madrid and were left looking again,

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  17. A good move if we can get him, but I want Cazorla so much I dont want this to mean he isn’t coming.

    Has anyone seen this:

    We need this player!!!

    Also, Ramsey is on his way out surely… He wouldnt be at the Olympics if Wenger had any sort of plans for him and he was too much of a ‘prospect’ to stick around 4th/5th choice. He’d make a great signing for a Fulham/Sunderland/Everton or other shit team.

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  18. Arsenal were the better team in the second half
    no finish

    hopefully giroud and podolski (hopefully cazorla comes to help too) can sort that out

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  19. It was a good run out against a strong City team I thought.

    Whatever you do, dont go over to Le Grove….. the end of the world in nigh……..

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    • Damn you now i’m tempted.
      But no, i’m an arseblogger, I prefer to be among sane individuals rather than the neanderthals that are in le grove.

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    • same old same old. I gave them a little peak the other day and, my god, it just took all my energy away. Also spotted our good friend CLF fitting right in on the comments page. Really wouldn’t want to be around those guys at a party.
      I won’t be going back any time soon.

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  20. I love that his wiki page has already been updated to say

    “Nuri Sahin moved to Arsenal on loan on July 27 2012 after a drought of game time at Real Madrid.”

    That was quick work Arsene!

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  21. Nothing if anything will happen until we sell rvp, because that’s where the money is coming from. And if we do get more than one signing then Walcott is on his way too.

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  22. After watching the Arsenal vs Shitty game, there some positives and negatives. Positive is that we have some excellent youngsters (some even out-shinned our regulars), The Ox, Aneke, Miguel, Bartley and Afobe really impressed me. Plus we’re shooting outside the box more which shows confidence in the players. However our defence is still leaky, it may take longer than expected for Bould to tighten up our back line. I feel that Arsenal are most susceptible at counter-attacks and through balls. This needs to be sorted out quickly. Maybe a DM could sort that out but I still feel that if we had more discipline it would work out.

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    • Remember.. We were without Sagna and Kos. Two of the first names on the teamsheet! With them playing, we are so much more solid..

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    • We always have excellent youngsters. What we need is a blend of all ages. Hopefully this year AW has seen this! Im hoping his new glasses are helping.

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  23. Look unless we learn how to spell the name … he’s not coming. It’s not Carlola, Carlotta, Cmffoopa …

    It’s: C A Z O R L A.

    And it’s a whole lot easier than Szczesny.

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  24. Loan deal for sahin good enough. He benefits us we benefit him and if he returns to madrid a better player doesnt we will have a empty slot for mario gotze to join in next summer.
    Just saying because a huge fan of him.

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    • I think you should go back to putting sugar on your cornflakes. Whatever that was that you used today is not good for you.

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  25. In other news Hleb has rejoined BATE, the club he started his career at. How he must be filled with regret. Almost feel sorry for him. Almost..

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