Ox: I’ll keep working and learning


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s star has risen considerably in the last 12 months. From Southampton to Arsenal to starting for England at Euro 2012, he’s come a long way.

Yet anyone who thinks he might rest on his laurels couldn’t be wrong, and the youngster is keen to ensure he continues to gain from the experiences offered him.

Speaking to ESPN Star, he said, “I approach this season with the exact same mentality as I did last year. I’m still one of the youngest in the squad and still very inexperienced and I have to keep working hard and keep my head down.

“I just want to keep learning from everyone else in training and whenever I get my chance, I just have to play well and that’s what it is for me this season.”

And although many of the club’s big name players aren’t on tour in Asia, Oxlade-Chamberlain believes the togetherness fostered on tour will be good for him and the team in general.

“Last year I joined only after pre-season so I wasn’t part of the tour,” he said. “I’ve loved every minute of it. To come to a place like Malaysia with all the boys, it just adds to the excitement and you get to learn about different cultures.

“Everyone talks about team bonding and when you travel together, it just brings everyone at the club together.”

Arsenal kick off the footballing side of the pre-season tour with a game against Malaysia XI tomorrow.

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Is that an Ox in your pants or are you just happy to see me?


Relieve us of your presence!!!.


Welcome to the Ox Tales……………………………….. Bye.

TGSTEL's First Touch

Fantastic attitude Ox.
Please stay away from cuntish agents.
And cockroaches.
And Frimpong’s tackles in training.


Good lad. I just wish van Persie kept his greed in check so that all key players plus quality additions can push on from last season.

Cygan's Left Foot

In three or four summers he could be in RVP position if we carry on with the Mad Bank Manager experiment!!!!!.


Okay, so who here doesn’t love the ox.
Dear lord, I love this kid…….


Great attitude. Hard not to root for the kid.


“Yet anyone who thinks he might rest on his laurels couldn’t be [more] wrong, and the youngster is keen to ensure he continues to gain from the experiences offered him.”

There, I fixed it. Whew… that was bugging me.


haha, i was trolling to see if anyone had claimed the grammar nazi tag before me!

Tom c

Sweet kid


“Learning from everyone else”……
Stay away robin, don’t contaminate this arsenal legend in the making.
The ox, wilshere, frimmers, martinez, frimmers, jenks, coq, szcz, afobe, campbell, ignasi,……
Arsenal of the future whilst they are now learning from the best.


My wild prediction for starting XI tomorrow. I really think Bartley and miquel have the right balance to form a cracking partnership in the Capital one cup this year.
Jenks, Miquel, Bartley, Santos
Coq Diaby Arteta
Gervinho Chamakh Ryo


Doesn’t the fact that Miquel and Bartley are both left footed affect the ‘balance’?

Dick Swiveller

Bartley’s a lefty too? I always thought he was right-footed, shows how much attention I pay! Anyway I don’t see an issue, no-one would bat an eyelid at two right footers playing in the middle together so I don’t see an issue with two lefties either.


Sorry smart arse but i think you’ll find Bartley is Right footed, and if not then he is definately more than comfortable playing on the right as he made his champions league debut for Arsenal at Right back.I wasn’t actually talking about prefered feet, I was talking about the type of Central defender they are.


Not sure where I got the left foot thing from, apologies if I’m wrong 🙂


no worries, all forgiven. COYG


It’s funny that question about both centre backs being left footed.

Why does no one question when both are right footed?

Just sayin!



I know what you mean, logically 2 lefties shouldn’t be any more different to two righties… I remember Arsene once saying “Silvestre and Vermaelen leaves us imbalanced…” I think it’s because a fair amount of left footed players are useless with their right feet. Whereas a lot of right footed players are a little more balanced with their left feet, so usually the more two-footed righty will play on the left of a CB pairing. Koscielny for E.g. can play LCB and RCB 🙂

Sorry for the long post!

Cygan's Left Foot

Bobbyeggs, NO, sorry to you “smart arse” Bartley played his ONLY game for us in Europe against Olympiacos in the CL at CENTRAL BACK next to one of Arsene’s mad signing Silvestre and the goal we lost was his mistake. He never played a right back for us, the right back in that game was K Gilbert.


This is the real reason why I don’t care that Walcott may leve. The Ox talks the talk and walks the walk. Theo talks the talk.
Even if Theo stays, he is destined to be an impact sub only once the Ox has another season under his belt,


May leve? May leve? May Leave!
Blogs – an edit button please!


No he wont. He ll go into the central midfield directly cos we won t buy anybody and we have lost-sold some very good mid-players in the past.
Hope Walcott stays and assist even more this season.

gooner from bangladesh
gooner from bangladesh

One word. LAD.

gooner from bangladesh
gooner from bangladesh

Did I mention how excited I am for Miyaichi as well.


Would be interesting when the subs are made, speed for speed!
Ryo for walcott

Ox for gervinho

No catching a break!!!

damien joyce

Off topic:-
I wonder is this an avenue we could look at to offload a few players???

comment image


Terry i’m sure has already taken care of that. He’s a hunter.

damien joyce

i wonder has chamakh thumbed me down 🙁


The girls parents.


The Ox is the reason why we don’t need Walcott. That cunt can fuck off to Liverpool and pick up 80k a week for playing shit football.

The Ox is the future of our club!


Oh please, relieve us of your stench, Out!!.

Red Cannon

Why slag off Walcott? He hasn’t done anything offensive to our club. He hasn’t insulted us. He hasn’t complained when being played outside of his preferred position. He hasn’t even said that he’s unhappy or that he wants away. Give the guy a break.

Happy Gunner

Glad to see this. I feel like I’m the only one that actually roots for our players sometimes. It can be tough to remember that there are good Gooners out there who actually support our team and players amidst all the negativity.

Mach III

He wants more money for not doing much to warrant it. If he doesn’t sign, he must leave!

Cygan in Japan

Bitter, negative, trolling … please leave.

Rad Carrot

I do love the picture, with Szcz in the background. He looks like the kindly old mentor whose training (via a long, drawn out montage set to the tune of some 80s classic) has finally come to fruition.

Then you realise that Szcz is only, what, 2 years older than the Ox? And then you realise that our youngsters are a very exciting prospect indeed.

Chris G

When will their be an article on the coq?


What did Christopher Colombus say to
his men before they got on the ship?
“Men, get on the ship.”

Christian bale

Or that christopher nolan is a better director.


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Lots to like about him. Still fairly raw obviously, but very promising.

I don’t get why his long-term position is seen as attacking-mid though. Seems more of a natural inside-forward to me, given his pace, ability to beat a man, and powerful shot. Midfield calls for a slower, more subtle style, which seems to blunt his strengths.

Cygan in Japan

Ever since I saw him hammering in dead balls from miles away into the roof of the net in training on YouTube I knew he was going to be a monster. He is explosive. Like a British Maradona, mark my words!

TGSTEL's First Touch

Ah, I see that we’re keeping our expectations low for this youngster. 😉


Even makes it more important RVP didn’t go. Would v affected the team bonding we hear about on this trips…


Another overrated player. i wonder why wenger could spend 15 mill on the tosser but couldnt shell out 17 mill for mata or mvila last season. Arsenal will never win anything in the next 10 years..bunch of overrated players. wenger and the board should go kill themselves.


Blog? I have not read your T’s & C’s in detail, but I personally find a death-wish on AW and the Board truly offensive.

And if it is not, then I will take the liberty to write – Lilo (is that like a bed full of air?) Fuck off you moron!

Arsenal for Life!!!


Oh yeah..go ahead, suck up to the stupid board. Expensive ticket prices and nothing to show for it. Maybe i was a lil extreme, but still…wenger and this board has to go. Such lack of ambition is appalling. I’ve been a fan of wenger from the first day he came to arsenal, but the last 3 seasons has opened my eyes to the fact that not only is he deluded, but he’s lost it. Can you really blame Nasri, van persie for leaving when you have a coach who’s satisfied with third place and yet still claims to have “world class” team and players who wouldnt get into other teams??..i’ve had enough. My family are die hard gunners fans(including my grandfather and uncles and aunties) so dont tell me not to express my opinions..free world.


People like you are not welcome on this site or at the Emirates


How refreshing. Has the ability to be a true gunners legend. No injuries on tour please!

Lord Teddy Ears

Like this guy alot and I hope Theo signs for us as the 2 of them together would make teams think a little.

Eric Irish gunner

The OX seems like a very level headed lad and always seems to be having a laugh and enjoying his game can’t wait to see him and jack start togeather in the future it will be worth the wait