AS: Arsenal interested in Jesus Navas


AS report this morning that Arsenal are interested in snapping up Spanish winger Jesus Navas from Sevilla. They do so however, with the same ‘meh’ tone that English tabloids use to link us with Sebastien Frey and Philippe Mexes.

The 26-year-old winger, who is under contract until 2015, has been repeatedly linked with a move to North London over the last few years with Arsene Wenger apparently not put off by his experience working with Jose ‘me-no-likey-the-rain-or-the-food’ Antonio Reyes or the player’s €35m buyout clause.

A central figure at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan, Navas made his 350th appearance for the Sevilla at the weekend and is tipped, should he stay, to become the club’s most capped player ever. The report claims we could test the water with a cheeky €15m euro initial offer.

Even without Theo Walcott putting pen-to-paper on a new deal and speculation rife that Andrey Arshavin could still leave the club on a permanent basis this summer, it still feels like something of a stretch to believe that the boss is on the lookout for another teeny-tiny, technically brilliant Spanish midfielder.

Arseblog News certainly thinks Navas is a decent player, he proved that again at Euro 2012, but we suggest the above is taken with a pinch of salt.


  1. Positives: Proper Winger. Hugs the touchline. Excellent Crosser. Just the kind of player we need.

    Negatives: Unsure whether his homesickness is cured. No way Sevilla will accept 15mn, he’s their best player.

    Would love to see him here. But don’t think it will happen.

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    • Maybe because our headless sprinter not signing a new contract and thinking he deserves 100K plus PW and 85K PW so little for him????.

      That is one reason will make us look at this boy and he will be on 70K PW top just like Santi. But miles improvements on Theo.

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    • I saw him in the Emirates Cup several years ago and he looked a top player even back then. He’d be a good signing, but like you say I’m doubt they’d part with him for £15m.

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  2. Arseblog. We like you because you *don’t* cover BS rumours, but stick to proper (most of the time) news.

    Why on earth are you reporting this??

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      • how do we know of his homesickness woes, is he Reyes clone because he has only played for Sevilla in his career so far so unless he was crying in his bed on away trips with them or Spain or when he was on holiday as a kid with his parents why are we told he has a problem with homesickness, personally I think there are better options out there than Navas, I’d prefer Moses over Walcott

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      • @arseblog, in the cazorla story I remember you saying that you know for a fact that something is going on, and there was. this, this is just rumor…

        youre still awesome though 😉

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      • @Blogs: And I still believe it was right for me to question that. To your credit, you then replied to me to the effect that it tallied with something you’d heard from other sources, and you were right.

        However, I notice you haven’t made the same claim this time. Does this Navas rumour also match something you heard, just like in the Cazorla case? Because if you’re just taking at its word, and you haven’t heard anything independently, then I think this is different from the Cazorla case and DrOctagon’s criticism is essentially right.

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    • Look, we are fans, right? We are not privy to information about contract negotiation, only Wenger knows what is really going on with the Walcott situation. What if Walcott had already told the Manager he isn’t going to sign, we don’t know what is going on there. Maybe the club is being proactive here, Just a thought.

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  3. Could be good if he is a winger of the tricky, creative and dribbley mould that can make things happen when teams park the bus.

    Theo’s pace destroys teams who leave space behind but against Villa who sat back he was pretty ineffective.

    I’m thinking more along the lines of a Silva or Mata…

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    • While we’re on topic,

      Chim Chimmeny
      Chim chimmeny
      Chim Chim Giroud
      He plays for the Gooners,
      And scores against you…

      Dreadfully sorry. Had this fuckin song in my head all day and thought I’d be productive…

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  4. This would be a great signing – always wished he was one of ours. And honestly I’d rather have him than Theo anyway.

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    • okay,yes this would be a great signing.
      But,couldn’t you just leave out the “theo” part.this type of attitude towards our players looks like you are trying to start an anti-walcott movement.
      walcott is a good player on his day and it’s a fact.
      how about keeping theo and signing jesus?

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      • I think the anti Walcott movement started a couple of years ago. Personally I hope he signs a new deal but I’ve a feeling if he was going to it would have been done by now, what’s he waiting for?

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  5. bad idea this guy has trouble with homesickness going to away games and international duty. his momma must be quite the cook.

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  6. Jesus Navas what a name!!! It will be cool to have a “Jesus” in our team as the “Judas” lots(RVP, Nasri, Song, Adebayor) have finally gone!!

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  7. Wow this would be amazing sell walcott and use the generated money if need be imagine carzola sahin navas podolski now tell me RVP didnt leave for money with this kind of recruitment

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  8. Will be great it’s true, sell off Walcott if he doesn’t want to sign a new contract if not we will have to let him go for a free next year. Wenger can reinvest the money on Navas.

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  9. Huge doubts … he’s a £20M player who’d have City, Chelsea, PSG, even Real Madrid all over him in an instant.

    And Sevilla don’t need to sell. Their debt is manageable (around €100M with fair-to-good revenue streams). The outstanding tax bill is relatively low. Sevilla is reasonably well run. This isn’t Malaga.

    The only reason this could remotely be more than complete bollocks is that talks to resolve “the Theo contract situation” have impasse’d. AND Sevilla haven’t slammed the door on the idea. AND the player himself has always dreamt of Champions’ League football year-after-year. AND he has a crush on Mikel Arteta (who doesn’t). AND he and Santi Cazorla used to be the best Bridge partnership in La Liga 2011/12 …

    But really? Jesus? Not that there wouldn’t be some symmetry to it. It’s not like we haven’t have one before.

    Nice, but nah.

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  10. oh look, now jesus navas is the player we NEED and a player WENGER MUST BUY NOW.

    I can’t wait for the window to slam shut.

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  11. Absolutely no way are we in for another attacker. Specially one as established and high profile as Navas. There is a better chance of dinosaurs walking the earth again.
    However, if (and it’s a big if) we are really interested in him, then it probably means that Arsene is finally tired of all the ship jumping rats and wants to take on the old whiskyface for one last time.

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    • You’re right, theres no way we’re interested in another attacker.
      Even though we have just been snubbed by Mirallas when talks were at an advanced stage.
      Even though Arshavin and Walcott may leave before the end of the window.
      Even though Wenger wants to be playing the Ox through the middle rather than down the wing.
      Even though Cazorla wants to play with freedom across the park.
      But you’re right. There’s no way we will be after another attacker.

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      • I said ”Specially one as established and high profile as Navas.” The likes of Mirallas or Niang are not exactly high profile or established are they?

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  12. I think this might be true. Walcott is stalling and just as he did with the Van Persie situation he might just be preparing for post Walcott. And why not take advantage of the Spanish clubs financial situations? They need money. I do feel though it is late for any deal to work out now but this may be laying the grounds work for a possible deal in January.

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    1 of the reasons why bullshit stories get mileage is bcos of repeated coverage

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    • Blogs has reported lots of stories that have seemed like bull, but have often come true.

      No one forced him to start Arseblog: A place where all things Arsenal are discussed. Even the baloney stories. If we’re being linked with stuff I’d like to hear about it.

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      • there is nothing wrong in discussing possibilities.i read it somewhere in the morning and i wanted to mention the navas rumour here but arseblog was already running the wonder it’s a cool blog. B)

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  14. With Arshavin possibly on the way out, Theo’s situation still up in the air I think there’s definitely room for Navas in our squad. But the price tag may well be prohibitive. Plus Oligarch FC may well some sniffing round if they think they can gazump a possible deal.

    Firstly though, I’d prefer Song to be replaced and a fullback added before we look at more tricky wingers.

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  15. can’t see this happening at all only because of his homesickness. Definitely our kind of player (to be blunt: small, Spanish, and technical).

    Oh well!

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    • Use navas as a bluff?, that’s a bit too high for walcott (no contest). Recall ryo back into the team should do the trick.

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    • Haha! I can see it now. Wenger and Walcott in the office. Arsene holding up a picture of Navas in one and hand while pointing to the new proposed contract for Walcott laid out on the office table with his other hand. Theo is sweating profusely, glancing worryingly from the contract to the photo…

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  16. I would prefer iker muniain from bilbao. He made a very good impression against man united. More technical and only 20. The crisis will put pressure on the spanish teams to sell cheap.

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  17. Would be nice. Not sure I believe it. It’s easy for papers to make stuff up like this.
    There’s a player in this position that is coming to the end of his contract with question marks over whether or not he’ll sign, so link a player in his position.
    I’m sure his won’t be the only name mentioned, not that I would complain if he did arrive.

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  18. Sigh guys, it’s kinda obvious that he’s trying to replace Arshavin, not Walcott. Walcott will stay. And really i think we could use another winger, lacking in depth over there since Ox is now a CM.

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  19. not sure if anyone has mentioned this but he suffers from homesickness and does not like to leave sevilla. they tried to sell him to madrid before but he wouldnt move due to not wanting to leave sevilla. so i doubt he would come to london if hes not even willing to move domestically…there is a link about it on the web somewhere…

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  20. With Sahin coming in And AA going out, we still have 10 midfielders competing for 3 places.. Dare I say, it’s looking like one of the best midfields in the league..

    I wouldnt think we need any more MF. But, we can do with replacements for Chamakh and Park.

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  21. I would be over the moon if we signed Jesus Navas. He is top class winger. He’s much better than Walcott in every way (except for Walcott’s speed). Maybe our handsome Spanish duo of Santi and Mikel can talk him into a move to Emirates. They’ll help make it feel more like home and he won’t get homesick.

    I highly doubt we’re in for him as he’d probably cost a lot more than we’ve been willing to pay historically and Sevilla aren’t in the kind of money trouble Malaga are.

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  22. Would LOVE this signing. Though it does seem unlikely that they will let him go. If this turns out to be impossible we should buy Raheem Sterling from Liverpool.

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    • I don’t get all this hype about Raheem Sterling. He doesn’t get a place in amongst their insanely massive and shit midfield. How can he be good enough for us?

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      • I’d agree that he wouldn’t be a permenent starter, but I think he’s a very hot prospect. He’s only 17, and if you watch him play he has great quality. A lot to learn still admittedly, which is probably the reason he is yet to break into the first team – that and his age, but I think as a prospect for our future he would be great. Sterling and Ryo down each wing is something I’d be happy with.
        Dont get me wrong, Navas would be perfect. I love him and his smokey eyes…

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      • The reason he isn’t in the first team is because some months ago he had kenny daglish for a manager. The guy kept on insisting with stalwart DOWNing, but I reckon under rodgers he’l get more game time. Talented but we’ve got many of those at the arse.

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  23. Doubt he’ll come for the previously stated reasons but he is the player that Walcott should become. Jesus is plan B alone! What is happening with the home grown players though, we must be close to exceeding our limit soon. If that is the case we might get forced into buying a crap English player just to make up the numbers,….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!

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    • Someones been playing too much football manager…
      We won’t need to buy someone crap. Just peruse the market for people like Matt Jarvis (not him specifically, as by the time this happens he’ll cost about £15m – £20m). Or promote one of our many talented youth/reserves – of whom a couple are english… – to the senior side.
      Never a reason not to buy top quality foreigners!

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  24. why do you all think he would be a replacement for Walcott?
    Arshavin is the most likely to depart Arsenal this season… Walcott counts as a homegrown player and on the plus side, he could be an option for the CF position if Jesus Navas arrives

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  25. Arseblogger! What are you doing?

    I’m running out of salt and i look like i need the head&shoulders with all this salt on my shoulders!

    You are becoming an Arsenal Rumours site – stick to what you do best and why we all love you – the NEWS

    We can get this other tripe any ol’ place!!

    Rant over

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  26. So we’ve signed Sahin? Why is he training today with Real Madrid today ahead of Real’s match in the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona?

    There’s a picture of him in training on Real’s official website with the rest of the squad, pictures dated today!
    *couldn’t get a direct link to the picture*

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  27. It would appear the mourning period for RVP is officially over, this piece is over 4 hours old and no one has called van Persie a cunt.

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  28. no chance the guy has chronic homesickness and has anxiety attacks just being away from Seville! Seville couldn’t sell him even if they wanted to!

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  29. Jesus Navas is a terrific player and impressed me quite a bit even in 2007. No doubt he would be an upgrade from Theo, and fit our style of play better. I don’t see him leaving Sevilla however. His homesickness is well documented and it makes Reyes look like a wandering world traveler.

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  30. Perhaps he is over his homesickness since playing in the last world cup? I have been saying a winger would make sense as Gervinho is the only one who is really a natural in that position. Everyone else is forced to play there. Walcott wants to be a 100k/week striker, Podolski is a striker, Cazorla and The Ox are both CAMs, Arshavin is on his way. The wing players is probably where we are the most short as a club.

    That said, I doubt the veracity of this story, but I would like it to be true.

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  31. I can’t wait for this transfer to end…am tired of all this gossip…just want to watch the real football…wenger should just sign any player he wants

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  32. This might not be as silly as such. I can see Jesus Navas coming at the deadline and we sell Theo to Chelsea/L’pool or someone else who will pay him the 100K + a week that his agent wants. It’s a like for like replacement. I’ll be happy if Arsene recruits the whole of the Spanish Team’s bench for us! Nothing wrong with those players at all!

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