AS: Sahin situation unclear, Galatasaray claim to be close


The already twisted Nuri Sahin transfer saga seems to be slightly more twisted with Spanish rag AS claiming that Galatasaray are close to landing the Turkey international, who presumably must be Hungary for some playing time.

In an interview with “Sabah Sport” on Tuesday, Adem Çukur, the Galatasaray general manager has said they could finalise a loan transfer at “any moment” – which either means extremely soon, or otherwise later, or sooner, or even later – at any moment in time really.

He says that with the World Cup qualifiers on the horizon, the out-of-form Sahin needs to be at his best for the Turkish national team, and that Real Madrid isn’t the best place for him to do that right now (he had just 640 minutes last season). “Emperor” Fatih Terim is waiting for him with “open arms”, and wants to center the attack around him, giving him the number 10 role and hoping that he will provide some Turkish delight (sorry).

“I hope to soon see Nuri Sahin at Galatasaray. The player is very close, and the operation may be completed at any moment.”

At any moment… perhaps even in 2016 after he’s helped win us the Quadruple. We shall see.

Then again this could be another internet scam. The internet is only full of scams and nothing else. Adem Çukur sounds sort of like “Ah, them suckers”. I’m being liberal here.


  1. Makes sense as he might get very little game time here since we already have a good number of players in the midfield…but still we wouldnt mind the addition judging by our fitness history…

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    • Nah, Turkey is unlikely. He’s very ambitious and woould drop out of sight there. It probably all depends on the Modric deal.

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    • Whaddaya mean he won’t get game time?.
      I mean wilshere is out 3 months into the season, rosicky- 2 months into the season.
      Betweem diaby (you know) and ramsey (you also know) I reckon there’s a whole lot of game time he could get. So him choosing galatasary kinda buffles me.

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      • To him it’s going home, so I wouldn’t look at it as Turkish league versus EPL or Gala vs Arsenal. Worth noting that if it came down to percentage of wages covered, then we’d probably be able to cough up more to Madrid.

        If it doesn’t happen, I’ll ask Arsene – next time I see him – to have another look at Mattias Suarez.

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    • Stephen probably thinking Ramsey is better than him by listening to the British press!!!. FFS, they are making Fat Shrek Rooney the white Pele.

      I would safely say bar Jack in CM he is better than all we have.

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  2. ‘ they could finalise a loan transfer at “any moment” – which either means extremely soon, or otherwise later, or sooner, or even later – at any moment in time really.’… ha ha ha. Nice one!!

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  3. If we get him with an option to buy great if not im not bothered whether he arrives or not. santi is coming to town!!!!

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      • Yes if you’re a bitter and twisted then by all means call them spuds, sp#rs or ‘anything’ other than their actual name.

        Infact why stop there? Take the time to remove T-H-F-C from your keyboard, never wear white or blue and spit on all their followers at first sight.

        It is this kind of misguided sense of rivalry and ‘banter’ that has taken some of enjoyment out of following football today. All clubs have these kind of supporters. Each taking it on step further than the other.

        I am sure I’ll get lots of thumbs down for this comment because the internet is the biggest breading ground for these kind of scornful people.

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      • Oh dear Allen,

        I hope it is a bad day and you are a normally a humours person. As for calling the
        Spuds Spuds making me twisted. Does it make me pervy too????.

        Strange, you defend the Spuds then get worried about thumbs down!!!!!.

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      • Wow wow cool the fuck down.
        “remove the T-H-F-C from my keyboard”
        (thierry henry?, fuck chelsea)………. But i have to type this almost everyday, come on!.

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      • Yo, Alan: Did you have your sense of humor surgically removed?

        Now Uchenna has a nice sense of diplomacy and should probably get a job at the UN.

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  4. Come on galatasary. Putting in a sh*t bid is basically just like a hommie cock blocking a sure thing. Step off!!

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  5. I’m way anxious for this two deals to be wrapped up in time before some oil rich and russian inflicted clubs wake up and smell the coffee.

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  6. I’m so used to being Constantinoplely worried that other teams will take players from us and Istanbully them into a move.

    I’m not sure where he would Turk into our lineup, but it would be great to have him. Do you know what I’m Sahin?

    I’ll get my coat.

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  7. Now I am no self proclaimed Turkish football guru, but if this fella chooses Galatasaray and the Süper Lig over Arsenal and the EPL then he has lost the plot …

    I also can’t pretend like I even knew who he was until he was linked with us a week or so ago, but from everything i have seen and can garner from a few “bedazzled” Youtube highlight videos with terrible music in the background he looks like a classy player and we could use the depth in midfield, which is constantly the bane of our squad as far injuries are concerned.

    He appears to have that vision and range which Cesc possessed and i also saw some really nice creativity, hard shots, and key passes in the final third which we lack at times. Even if you can only get him for one season while you ease one of your best prospects back from a serious injury, with no option to buy after, then it needs to be done.

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    • You mean like how Park Chu signed for us? Lol

      Of course we are better than Galatasaray but he is thinking of his future, the fact that the team will be built around him and something else that is also very important is that he would be heading back home where he would settle in quicker. I’m not saying I believe the story but that it is completely understandable should he choose to.

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  8. By close they mean in 15 years when he’s old and he wants to go home to turkey. He will attend a Galatasary match then.

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  9. Incidentally, I’ve spent the early hours of work looking up what the sp*ds are up to (it’s nice to gain a little perspective) on their shitty forums.

    It’s pure gold comedy. They’re absolutely convinced that they’ll sign Damaio, Lewandowski and Kaka, and that they have the money for it. Their sources? Twitter trolls and one Daily Fail link. Absolute genius.


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      • Agreed.

        Latest one I heard was that they’re getting Hulk. You know, the guy whose valued at a ridiculous £80m.

        Boggles the mind that they think they have that sort of money. They’re holding out on £40m for Modric, but they’ll panic-sell him on August 31st for £30m and have no time to reinvest in the squad.

        If they actually start the season with only Defoe as a striker I’ll laugh my freaking head off.

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  10. Great talent, hope we snap him up too.

    You can feel the difference a signing like Cazorla makes to the fans and the players im sure.

    Robin’s statement is far from churlish, considering the progress made since? Anyway hope we keep Robin aswell and go for the title.

    Good stuff.

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  11. I hope we do get Sahin then all we need is

    M’vila, Ronaldo, messi, drogba, rooney, kaka, villa, torres, thiago silva, buffon and keep van persie and the title is in the bag.

    Oh shit sorry I thought this was the comment section on

    I was trying to fit in.

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    • Jesus, can you imagine a twisted universe where that idiot rooney plays for us? I’d actually start a campaign for Frimpong to snap his legs into itty bitty pieces on the training ground.


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      • Rooney was top scorer in the league last year behind Van Persie – why wouldn’t you want him in the team?

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      • 2) granny shagger

        But seriously , Gooners need stop being ‘objective’ and shit,start being fanboys .I don’t want shrek to play for Arsenal even if he scored 100000 goals

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  12. the departure of song will sadden me because he was on course to become the best dm in the world if not there already! sahin + poldi+ giroud+ cazorla= arsene knows. song to stay, eisfeld getting playing time, ryo too, yennaris beating spurs,chelshit,mancs + man $hitty (home & away) rvp can do what pleases him as far as i know respect lost and the captain armband top all this A TROPHY LADEN SEASON!

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    • wow its sad for all the efforts i take to stay off rumour mill and see a comment here about song leaving( which i dont think will happen).
      So no way dude you can force me to join twitter. i am happy with actual news that comes up in or here at arseblog.

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    • I don’t see him leaving this year, maybe in the future, but with all the commotion this summer we will hold on to him. He still has three years to go on his contract.

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  13. I’d say this boy will go to Gala******. If he wants to cement a place in the national team, he’d be better being a big fish in a small pond (i.e. Gala******) and playing in his own national leagre where he’ll get plenty of exposure.

    That’s what I think anyway.

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  14. Gala are just trying to keep their fans happy coz their rival’s Fener are linked to everyone…I ‘m just as sceptical about us signing him as the rumour they will! Don, Don, Don’t believe the hype!

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  15. umm I don’t get the “Hungary” reference Mr Sul – there’s nothing Hungarian about Sahin or Galatasaray or were you just being random?

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