Caen claim Niang deal could take two weeks


French club Caen appear happy to drag out negotiations for teenage striker M’Baye Niang, despite confirming that an offer is still on the table from Arsenal.

While it remains unclear whether the proposal put forward by the Gunners is an improvement on the bid reported two weeks ago, what is certain is that rival offers are on the cards.

Arsene Wenger took the 17-year-old on trial prior to the tour of Asia and is understood to rate the player. However, the boss appears unwilling to be dragged into a potential auction, especially as one of the other rumoured parties is Manchester City.

Giving an update on the future destination of his young charge, Caen president Jean-Francois Fortin told L’Equipe:

“Arsenal made me a proposition, but other clubs are interested – two in England and one in Italy. I think there will be an issue here for a fortnight [before the matter is resolved].”

It’s possible that Gazidis and Wenger will return their attention to Niang once they’ve confirmed the capture of Spanish international Santi Cazorla. Given the player’s youth, he’s far from being a priority signing and would likely spend much of this year in and around the Reserves or out on loan.



  1. This summer is so crazy. We are signing players with experience and then a few with great potential to grow in the ranks….what?!?!?! Is there fire raining down from the heavens?

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  2. Pardon my French but Fuck that!

    We’ve offered him and there’s only 1 reason this deal could take a fortnight! They’re wanting Citeh or someone else to come in with a higher offer. That’s it, end of story.

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  3. It’ll eventually boil down to where the player wants to go and further develop himself.

    The difference in the other offers Caen might get for him compared to our bid will be minimal and likewise the wage offer.

    He’s only 17 after all and he’s hardly proven, i think he join us, cos im sure he’s a gooner and Thierry Henry is most probably his idol! (like most young strikers from france)

    I reckon a quick telephone call from from Thierry will do the trick 😉

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  4. Does he wanna join the arse?. if so cool, if not no need in waiting for a kid who may not even be the real deal.
    Two weeks!, talk about buying the longest time to get the most money. Can’t blame them really but still…….. I mean we are the arse!.

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    • If he doesn’t want to join le arse , then it’s better we don’t sign him ,Because he might cunt us in a couple of weeks

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  5. Maybe we are drawing the funds out of the cash point, I think there’s a £500 withdrawal limit per day so it’s understandable that it may take some time.

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  6. From the rumours so far, it seems though the mode of payment to be made is the sticking point. Caen wants money up front, we as usual offer add ons with low money upfront. The kid though prefers Arsenal. This is far from done. Caen wants a bidding war, but doubt many will cough up the money upfront Caen wants.

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  7. Don’t get me wrong I’m not an arsenal basher and all this attacking potential looks fantastic for next year but… Would nobody else like to see a defensive signing?? Preferably defensive midfield.

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  8. If I was Caen I would try and get as much as I could for the guy but this is really great seeing Arsenal finally going for it for once spending money and getting us ready for the EPL !!!

    Have we paid the stadium off yet ?

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  9. If you’re 17-years-old, want to develop, and yearn to play for the senior France team where else would you go but Arsenal.

    It’s where careers are made.

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  10. signing youngsters is incredibly important as the homegrown rules set in — especially if players like Walcott leave

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  11. Caen must be concern about the development of the lad not just the cash. Arsenal is the right place for his development.

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  12. Niang is a good prospect and all. But pleaaasee Arsenal, make it a done deal with Cazorla! I’ve been checking out Arseblog and Arsenal website for every 5 minutes. Am I the only one getting to excited?

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    • Good link, Gibbs and the OX seem like good buddies, which is great to see. It was a bit harsh putting santos up against theo in fairness, looks like he’s still got some puppy fat on him, i still love that GAY though!

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  13. PASS. No need to fuck about. They don’t want to do a deal, find another kid with potential and club who wants to make some money. We aren’t desperate for a 17 year old.

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      • When you don’t accept an offer, then say you’re going to wait 2 weeks for a better offer, that means you don’t want to do that deal. I fully understand that they want to get the most out of there asset. I don’t blame them.
        But with that said; PASS. We don’t need to fuck about for two weeks. Use the funds we have for a current necessity in the squad. You know, a dm to replace/ challenge Song. Or a left back i santos is going to be used as a winger.

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  14. What did the ocean say to the other
    ocean? Nothing they just waved. Did you
    sea what I did there? I’m shore you did,

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  15. Obviously things arent going that well in the selling department. didnt wenger say that squillaci bendtner and park would be moving on this week? As it stands all 3 plus chamakh rvp and arshavin are in our 25 meaning no room for the only other 2 players lansbury and eastmond (though im not sure either should be) that are classed as either homegrown or non homegrown. if cazorla and sahin are to arrive those sales need to happen

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  16. Signing kids is cool and all but I think giving them a break too early, *in some cases*, means we risk only being viewed as a stepping stone for youth development. It appears that as soon as they find consistency through that development, be it after 8 yrs or even 2-3. They are off.

    It should be noted that it’s us that suffer through the patchy parts of this development and the agony of watching promising players make costly errors learning their trade.

    Theo for example, still very young in football terms but has already tasted it all for a few years now at Arsenal. i.e. champions league, big derbies etc. What else is there?. So now were on edge over another possible departure. We suffered watching him running the ball out for throw ins prob more just a handful of times in the hope we will see the fruits of such agony. However the reality is that when named player does finally get it together and find the consistency we have been patiently patiently patiently waiting to enjoy. He/they are (potentially)gone. Theo at 26 – 27 will be shit hot with BAGS of experience thanks to Arsenal but will it be us that will benefit from it or was the our collective sigh ! in vain

    I’m saying Wenger has cottoned onto this now despite the dream scenario we all previously signed up to. ( Watching players develop together for the sake of enjoying them in a collective prime in the future. I think has now decided to bring them in after their teeth have been cut on someone elses field, so to speak.

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  17. Are you guys watching Team GB vs South Korea? I really wouldn’t mind if we keep Park you know. Looks quality in this match. Really active, pressing hard and involved in attacks.

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      • Scored 2 pens and missed one and of the players that played in midfield tonight ramsey looked the best. This season he will be far better less over worked so able to produce more quality. instead of 40+ matches he will probably play around 25 which would be about right for the youngest player in the 25. lets not forget he is younger than eastmond lansbury szcesney gibbs walcott and mannone. i wonder how many of them have captained their country in world cup qualifiers?

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    • Team GB never really looked the part, infront of a home crowd and korea seemed to want it more!, “ah roll on the penalties, we’ll definetly win it there”…….um what? I reckon if it werent for koreas’ wastefulness infront of goal then this would have been a no contest at all. Jack butland is 90% awful at penalties-so much for overhyping the kid. Becks if included would have been a better leader not the failure that was in giggs. Stuart pearce- too big a ego to include becks and boom now it’s In your face!!!. Haha good luck landing a job in the championship!, you deluded stump!.

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  18. We have to sign this kid he would be a perfect signing to cover for Van Persie for the future MBaye Niang is the real deal I read about him last year after he scored a goal a minute into his first game, he can play is fast,tall, and has a good scoring record in the youth leagues,

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