Juventus complete Bendtner signing


Juventus have completed the signing of Nicklas Bendtner.

The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived has joined the Old Lady on a one year loan deal with an option to buy at the end. The Danish international has been looking for a club all summer and had agreed terms with Siena before the Turin giants came sniffing around.

”Siena sporting director Stefano Antonelli told Sky Sports Italia, “It was seemingly an impossible operation, but we had an agreement with Arsenal and with the player.

“It seemed like a dream, but, at one point, it looked as if we had him. The interest from Juventus then changed the scenario.”

And it was hardly a ringing endorsement of Bendtner’s quality when the Juve sporting director said of their decision to bring him in, “Bendtner is not the high-profile striker we were hoping to sign but it’s a chance we had to take in a difficult market like this.”

Still, he can change their opinion with hard working, storming performances. Ahem. Farewell Nick, you weren’t ever as good as you thought you were, nor were you as bad as people said.

Until next summer … when we can’t find a club to sell you to!


      • Breaking:

        Arsenal have finally sealed deals for

        Fahk al,……A turkish striker and
        No wan…..a japanese centreback.

        Should be confirmed at the stroke of midnight. I’m excited.

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      • Nice to see some have woken up and realise it is all a LIE. We are not here to compete, we are here to finish top 4 for the CL money and make a profit.

        Now, who is the fool that going to believe the club when saying they are going to sign in Jan window????. I hope the King comes in Jan again. And the ONLY reason I can see the club signing one or two players in Jan is that, if they realise we are losing the fourth place and CL trophy/money. Remember the signing of Arsha when Aston Villa were flying!!!!!. Yes, we spent 15 million to get 4th place and not lose the CL trophy/money.

        However, in 2010/2011 when TV was out for the season and we were around top of the league we needed one or two singing to cover for our injured players to win the league. What happened? We didn’t and lost a league that was there for us to win.

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    • arsene wenger’s transfer policy is just like abou diaby with the ball.
      i am scared of liverpool now.they have got a brilliant manager and getting points from anfield is really really hard.
      it’s gonna be a fucking long season.come jan if we are not challenging for the title we should protest.i can’t take this bollocks anymore.
      are you telling me arsene couldn’t find a better player than ciq or jenkinson?

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  1. Here is to hoping he does very well……………we need the 6mEuros from the permanent deal next summer to further grow our profits…

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    • To make profit next year we will have to sell ….

      Sagna, remember he is approaching 30, 8/10 mil.
      One of Verm or Koss as we have BFG, DJ and of course Miguel, 15/20 mil.
      The sprinter will go for free, god that will hurt their annual bonuses a lot, 0.
      Arteta, as Le Coq and Frim will be ready and see Sagna, 6/8 mil.

      Just please not Jack, raise the season ticket prices, don’t sign anyone to make your annual profit/bonus and EVEN ask us to make a collection in the streets to cover your bonuses. JUST DON’T SELL JACK. If he is sold it would be as bad as losing a family member to most true supporters

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      • we wont and shudnt sell sagna aged or not hes by far the best and a quality replacement will be 15m(i dont think we should ever have sold eboue to be honest)

        none of our dcs are being sold

        we would have to be monumentality thick to sell wilshere

        and if we sell arteta i’ll cry

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  2. He’s got The Biggest Face That Ever Grinned. The big faced cock.
    Why can’t he just fuck off properly? I’ve had enough of this moron.

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  3. I started reading this article with a massive smile on my face, thinking that we had finally sold this waste of space. My mood quickly changed when I read that it is only a loan with an option to buy. I thought that we had got rid of this clown once and for all. Now I can only hope that he actually does well in Italy so that someone, somewhere will actually take him off our hands after all these years.

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    • Will we learn the lessons after being unable to shift half a squad of crap on too higher wages, but losing all out best players because we can’t pay them enough, it’s not bloody rocket science.

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  4. Nicklas, a loan again?

    Slightly related:
    I just saw that De Jong went to Milan for 3,5M and Berbatov to Fulham for 5M. Pretty good deals I’d say…

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  5. Have a feeling that Wenger has been hiding in his cupboard the whole day. Watch as he comes out with 2 hours to go and makes a dozen “take it or leave it” bids to troll clubs everywhere

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  6. The de Jong deal is a steal, at that price would
    Loved to have seen him at arsenal. But we only sign top top quality and there are none available in that category.

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    • Not top top quality. Top Top Top quality. 3 > 2. Kinda like: XXX, Girls Girls Girls, Live Live Live. That kinda quality is hard to find (unless you troll the seedy parts of Amsterdam or NYC).

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  7. I dream of signing Neymar + M’villa + Remy + ‘another top player’ all simultaneously at 23:59:59

    one can dream and drink eh?

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  8. “Farewell Nick, you weren’t ever as good as you thought you were, nor were you as bad as people said.”
    Yes, yes he was…lazy, slow, lumbering, poor control.
    Apart from that, he was fine.
    Surely his sobriquet now must be “the greatest striker that ever lived with an old lady”. Damn sight more accurate…..

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  9. FFS!! Why can’t anyone just pay the full price for this guy? All this loan business…
    How much is he worth anyway? I mean come on TGSTEL, if you’re that awesome why can’t you be solddddd??????? Arggghhh!!
    Not sure the source of my frustrations, that annoying smirk on his face or the fact that we ain’t doing jack on the transfer front.

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  10. So another loan spell, not the ringing endorsement he would have hope for, with the president saying “he’s not the big name we hope for” and clearly not willing to pay the two packets of pork scratchings and half a bottle of stout that we were asking.
    Bit humiliating really. Bless him

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  11. Will never forget his header against the scum but no control of the ball and a first touch like an elephant he won’t be missed in my house

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  12. I still remember him coming through the ranks. He and Lupoli would rape other teams. Bendy suffered because of the adoption of 433 4231 he has always been better in a 442 having had a great partnership with eddy before he was broke.

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  13. “with an option to buy at the end”
    hmm. maybe they should’ve changed “option” to “request”
    I just don’t want to have to deal with Bendtner-gate all over again a year from now.

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  14. Are we still paying even a portion of this useless dodo’s wages ?

    I will be livid, if we are. Don’t forget we are still paying a large slice of Denielson’s pay packet.

    Another example of Wenger’s decision making at it’s very worst, paying these two average players salaries that no other – sane – club would contemplate for an instance.

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  15. We can only hope he does well and that excercise the option to buy.

    It didnt work out for him for various reasons namely him thinking way to much of himself plus he wasnt given a proper run in the team as forward target man.

    He will never scores loads but he could be a good target man if he gets some agreesive into his game .. doubt it.

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  16. So now we are down to having 2 strikers with very similar qualities and arteta playing defensive mid… But atleast they fixed our problem area reserve reserve youth keeper from macedamia nut

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  17. Did we enter this transfer window with no transfer budget? We spend 40m and get slightly more back, then we’ll be told we did spend money. Where is the surplus from last summers budget too? A Couple more 15m signing and I think we’d be happy but this lack of ambition is soul destroying. I have come to the opinion that we need to finish outside the CL to move forward.

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    • The problem is that if we do finish outside the CL then we’ll struggle to attract the calibre of player that we’d want.I don’t see us having enough firepower to seriously challenge nor the depth to cope when the inevitable injuries start to bite. I’ve got this sneaking suspicion (I hope I’m wrong) that it might be this transfer window that is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Of course, I’m no expert and like I said, I hope I’m wrong.

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      • But we’re not attracting that calibre of player anyway are we? Who have we signed that wouldn’t have come anyway. Seems like we’re competing with spurs and Liverpool for the scraps

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      • Possibly Podolski and Cazorla (I’m speculating-you’d have to ask them). The fact is, although the board, either through greed, apathy, or prudence (delete according to your preference) seem unwilling to really go after big names, the fact of the matter is that with Wenger, our history, our funds (look at the AST’s data: we do have them) and our CL place, if the club wanted to we ‘could’ go after big names. But it’s a bit of a Catch 22, I think, as the only way that they’d saction a spending splurge would be if the shit hits the fan (like last summer’s supermarket sweep) but by that time, it could be too late to get the players that we’d need to recover. I’m all for prudence, and I don’t want a sugar daddy but some ambition would be refreshing.

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  18. Ha ha ha ha ha happy Bendtner,
    but time is passing and I’m sad that lot’s of fans (not many on this forum) were right – we are again aiming on top 4 but with 4th underlined – no signings except maybe loaned Esien which is even not good like last year loaned Ben. Truth is cruel. Let’s wait until deadline. Let’s hope for miracles…

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  19. I’m the greatest optimist and even I’m disappointed that we’re not signing anyone. The squad is incomplete. Definitely needs a RB and a striker.

    Well Wenger did say yesterday that “the club is still active in the market”. I should have known.

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  20. It’s just really fucking annoying that its so obvious we need another midfielder. It’s obvious by the fact that we have actively been searching for one on Fucking loan with sahin and now essien.. with reports essien isn’t allowed to join arsenal which means we won’t get anyone. How can we consider ourselves one of Europe’s elite clubs if we can’t even sign the additions we need to improve our squad more importantly sold Alex song with no other reasoning then taking the 15million and pocketing it. It’s Fucking disgraceful and us fans deserve better.

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  21. Not sure what to make of this considering it looks very unlikely we will bring anyone else in. He didn’t want to be here, and he did miss THAT chance.. but surely The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived would be slightly better backup than The Greatest Shisha Smoker That Ever Lived which is what we’re apparently left with. Oh well, good luck to him I suppose.

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  22. I fear this move will severely damage Arsenal in the “players who get talked about because of their underwear” area. Any chance Arsenal can coax Freddie Ljungberg out of retirement?

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  23. What a depressing Friday night!

    While Spurs, Man City and even QPR are out there spending and fixing their problems with their squad, we are sitting back and doing fuck all.

    Wenger said a few days ago that he had players in mind to sign – so where the fuck are they? Where is the defensive midfielder that we need to replace Song? Where is the defender that can play anywhere in the back four? And where is the reserve striker now that both Park and Bendtner have gone?

    This current squad will struggle to finish fourth.

    Fuck Wenger, Kroenke and the Board.

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    • “This current squad will struggle to finish fourth.”
      When I said that a month ago my post got hidden. It was so obvious that again we are not aiming higher then last year. I’m not happy that I was right. I think even to finish 4th club should target higher. We had rvp last season, he made a difference.

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      • Hate to say it, but I have to agree.
        This is a joke, probably, and I hope massively I’m proved wrong, but I know probably this won’t be,
        but Man C/Chel will probably finish 1st and 2nd, probably in that order.
        Sp*ds will probably finish above us, competing with Man U for 3rd and 4th. Come on, they signed Adebayor, Moutinho, Vertonghen to replace Gallas and King, Dempsey. Their first team looks (dare I say it) strong to me, and what’s more their rotation options, like Moussa Dembele and whatnot, looks stronger than our rotation options. (Although their winger options are a bit limited. Lennon, Bale, and that’s, I think, it. The solution: Balotelli goes and does his Song/Shawcross tackle against both, gets a red card.)
        We’ll probably finished 5,6,7 somewhere, competing with Liverpool and Newcastle, although here I’m guessing we’ll finished 5th, maybe 6th if Rodgers pulls his team together well.
        Seriously, we’re banking on Wilshere, who’s been out longer than Ramsey has and look and Ramsey now, to return and play at the level he did before his injury, and we’re banking on Giroud and Podolski to score goals, when probably the team won’t start to click until around Christmas, judging by last season.
        Of course, this could be the depression in me writing and disrupting my thinking. I hope to god it is.

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      • We could try a 4-4-2 and put Giroud upfront as a target man, with Walcott getting the balls Giroud nods on, but what a letdown that would be if that was the tactic we had to use.

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  24. You arsenal fans lack ambition. As long as wenger and this board is here then in the next 10 years or even more we will be doing same things. I bet arsenal fans will die of heart attacks till then. He says when we get quality player we will sign, is essien a quality player?????? Not even in chelsea bench. I can’t just understand this wenger. He has played with our minds just tooooooo much. If you are an arsenal and still believe what this person says then you are going to die with HBP!

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  25. Fatgooner. Don’t always agree with ya mate but have always respected your passion and yor right to say what you think but this time you are totally bang on.
    What’s happened tonight is a disgrace.

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    • Indeed it is !

      Can anyone think we are AS strong as last year ? Let alone stronger ?

      Think about it !

      We’ve lost Yossi, RvP and Song. Do the three who come in cover that ? I honestly think they are good players and if we had held RvP, replaced Song and maybe got an experienced keeper – with Jack back – we could challenge.

      But that has not happened. Oh yes and we – or rather Kronke – has just pocketed £25 million from the sale of Queensland Road developments. Plus the £10 million profit from this window ; and the £16 million profit from the last summers window.

      Feel better after all that ? Stan Kronke certainly does. Come Sunday afternoon at 1.30 pm we’ll see how the team feels.

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      • Don’t forgot the saving in wages of 23 players that we sold, released or loaned this year.

        The French Fool and Ivan the clueless must be getting top bonuses as they fill the stupid Yank Stan pockets up.

        Why get rid of Little Yossi? He is better than Non Signing Sprinter and the Forehead. He would have given us one or two years of service and experience to allow Ox, Ryo, Eisfield and Gnabry to develop and learn from him.

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      • Who the fuck is paying for the 400mil stadium? Can any of u fans answer that…yes we need to spend but u can’t expect us going on spending spree like Chelsea or man. City their owners worth billions

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  26. Woah a lot of angry Arsenal fans everywhere. I am disappointed too.

    But in reality, I just wanted a RB and another striker. I honestly think Coquelin should be given a chance this season so no DM needed there. Wenger obviously trusts Jenkinson with RB and Chamakh (for the love of god why) for striker cover.

    Realistically, we have a very strong starting XI, when they click. We needed some squad depth, disappointed that the club failed to see that . But I’m still here hoping we have a bright season. COYG

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    • Yes maybe we have a strong starting 11 but again and again we are lacking depth.
      Gibbs Verm Kos Sagna
      Rosicky Wilshere Ox Santi
      Walcott Giroud
      … but when they will play together?
      It is so bad what Board is doing to the club. Every year we need just 2-3 players to reach for the title but it is always opposite: we loose 2-3 and then buy some but not good as sold ones.
      But I must say: I care for the title but it is not only reason why I want mighty Arsenal. I want that we have a chance to beat top clubs and then what happens happens. Like this situation today we can only hope for some little miracles on the way…

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  27. Bbc. I know what your saying about Liverpool. But we have em on Sunday and these things have a habit of biting you on the arse.

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    • I’m very confused about our transfer policy as well. Why did we pull out of the Sahin deal if we had no plans to bring in another back up? Why did Wenger promise us a bucket load of signings and about how active we are in the market?

      I worship Arsenal and Wenger. But I feel let down today. We fans deserve better.

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  28. GET THE FUCK OUT KROENKE!!!! So far in your time as owner you’ve sold cesc nasri rvp and song and reinvested nowhere near as much as we’ve made. This squad has clear gaping holes in it and needed reinvestment. Yet we’ve been upstaged by the spuds qpr and fullham for fuck sake. Foes this cunt think he’s playing football manager like that other Yankee cunt at Liverpool? Two teams owned by tanks with no Fucking defensive midfielders. What a let down this has been tonight. Worse tha. Last year’s fuck up.

    Seriously I am an overseas long time gooner and I have seen the premier league explode in Australia over the last ten years. People around me have joined allegiance to the game but I have no new gooners to support with me, simply because there is noone they would want to put on the back of their official merchandise. How can you expect to expand overseas if noone overseas knows who the fuck plays for arsenal. How’s that for expanding our commercial fan base you cunts. Let me down big time today.

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    • Let me preface this by noting that I’ve been saying all along Kroenke is no good for this club. His teams don’t win. And their player personnel isn’t managed like they are trying to win. Period.

      BUT… Between Giroud, Podolski, and Carzola, we did spend about £40M this window. Just none of it was today. Granted we still have some holes. And not picking up Dempsey for £6M seems patently stupid of us (if only because he would have sold that many shirts in the US over the fucking weekend… not to mention he can score goals), but there has been reinvestment this window.

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      • Reinvestment?, more like replacement. And a negative one at that except for maybe cazorla but he’s a cesc replacement but we were still one year late. As for rvp to giroud thats a 90% to a 65% i’d say. Podolski will have to make a name for himself as I can see right now fans are more concerned with the giroud-rvp comparison.

        The fact that we pulled out of the sahin deal should tell us that we’re atleast a MAN short and hence weaker than we were last year.

        Jack, too much pressure for the lad, ffs he can’t carry us through the whole season.
        Rosicky, age is catching up, and is now being manifested through the constant injury lay offs. But we all know how tremendous he can be on his day.
        Diaby, long injury lay off and like wilsher too much is expected and we all know it takes time. But so far he’s done well just not extra ordinarily as some might have expected.
        Frimpong, he will be back when he decides, so leave it yeah!.
        Sagna, our beloved rightback, always comes back stronger and i’m hoping he does it this time too. Jenks just hasn’t hit top gear yet.

        Basically we lack squad depth something elite clubs boast of. But hey, wenger clearly feels we’re okay so should I too?
        FUCK NO!.

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  29. there’s only so much bull shit we fans can take, im honestly falling out of love with Arsenal, how many consecutive years in the Champs league and we getting outspent in the transfer market by teams like Everton, Spuds, QPR and maybe even Stoke, its embarrassing.

    RVP was right to leave, i also hate the direction this club is going.

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  30. The fans need to boycott a game en masse to show their displeasure, it the only way the suits will listen.

    Gazidis had the nerve to tell the fans we’d be excited by their ambitious recruitment this summer, we were till you flogged the captain and stranger still Song.

    If I treated my wife with the disdain that the board treat us she’d leave me. All we want is a bunch of flowers every now and then. Maybe I should have an affair with Watford?

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    • Isn’t that what’s wrong? Why should we be aiming for the capital one cup when we are the only team to go a season unbeaten. We are not Birmingham city and our Fucking season ticket prices prove that.

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    • Giroud and Chamakh as our strikers doesnt fill me with confidence.

      Giroud is new to the league and will need time to adjust!
      While Chamakh is Chamakh! I mean we tried and failed to flog him to Besiktas!!!!

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    • He also said if we won’t get them in this window, he’ll get them in December. Really think he’s looking to drive down the prices as much as possible.

      Wonder how different fan reaction would be if we signed M’Vila, M’biwa and the such in december lol

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    • Heh do we even need to listen arsene anymore. I bet he had his targets for this summer set along time ago, just kept us at a frenzy with cheap talk. Lol.

      December will come, i’m willing to let by gones be by gones for now but don’t fuck me over again arsene.

      Let’s please beat liverpool and atleast ease the pain shall we?. COYG.

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  31. I could accept that Arsenal could not find “top quality”, however, to let Dempsey, a proven premier league goal scorer, slip by for a price likely less than 10m is incomprehensible. Why not take a punt on that and see if he could have an impact, we seriously lack creative goal scoring players up front. Poldi and giroud really, really, need to come good, otherwise we are looking at mid-table. I was more optimistic after last summer, can’t believe it got worse.

    I’ll feel better tomorrow when i sober up

    cheers Arsenal

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  32. I’m gonna have an affair with Maidstone. My now local team. Will try and sell my home game season tickets but will go away with proper fans with a proper atmosphere.
    Don’t think we even tried tonight

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  33. The repetitive bollocks about players back from injury are like new signings maybe true BUT when will they ever learn that we, The Arsenal, always have fucking players injured, that’s why we need to sign back-ups!!!… otherwise we are in a constant state of waiting for our injured players to become fit and coming out with yet more bollocks that IF we had a fully fit squad we could challenge the world! We never have a fully fit squad.

    I’m the millionth person on here who’s said that if Giroud and The Pod get injured we’re fucked!…and that’s being said about 2 brand new players who still need time to gel and get used to the EPL.

    I’ll still be screaming COYG every game but I can’t help but feel So dissapointed. AGAIN.

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  34. Very very worried now once again we start the season with a weaker squad than the previous season . Giroud and chamack are the only proper centre forwards in the squad and i think wenger has so little faith in the latter that he,s more likely to try podolski or even theo on they,re own in the middle if giroud can’t play. Once again the silent one has made a profit and I don’t know anyone who believes he will invest in the squad anymore .

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  35. I can’t help but feel that this is the season we’re going to get fucked on, big time. The starting XI is barely recognisable from this time last year, and what quality we do have is going to take some time to get its shit together, which is not any of the players faults.

    If we do end up around 6th I’m not going to be that disappointed, I genuinely just don’t think we have the depth to compete with the big spending clubs in the league. If we go out of the champions league early I think it’ll be a blessing.

    Which is fucked!!!

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  36. I does seem like we bought Giroud, podolski and cazorla, and then someone on the board realised that we had actually spent some real money and therefore had to recoup it as quickly and however possible. Then once rvp and song had gone and we were back in the black kroenke’s heart rate dropped back to normal and no more business was required. I honestly think wenger might regard Walcott staying as LANS…

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    • Plus I’m guessing wenger likes what he sees with arteta as a sitting midfielder and felt no need to get anyone in, with wilshere eventually returning to fill arteta’s old role further up the pitch. If the rumours are to be believed he’s willing to give walcott a shot up front, and arshavin is staying to take the space theo leaves out wide

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  37. FIFA MANAGER 13 is coming up in October so I’ll be signing quality players that’s only reality where arsenal can sign quality proven players.I’m extremely disappointed, how can we play without DM I don’t know at least I had low expectation and I expected that wenger will sign only one player a that would be DM. I just can’t see it arteta ruined in that position don’t get me wrong he can play as DM but he is our motor in the heart of the field he is box to box player natural CM now I don’t expect him to score those goals that he scored lest year he will be restricted going forward and getting shots such a shame because I truly believe that this season he will score more goals than last. So wenger it’s up to your excuses no one believe that diaby will stay injury free and if he does stay fit he will take time maybe months to regain his good form, ramsey is inconsistent so what that leave us with cazorla and arteta the only two consistent players sad sad , just imagine one of those two pick up and injury or even worse both pick up injuries I can’t imagine that because only with mu thought going in that direction my heart stops !

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  38. The way I see it, we made ZERO progress through the transfer window this summer:
    In: Giroud, Podolski, Cazorla
    Out: RVP, Bendtner, Song

    Wenger is definitely putting it on the shoulders of the younger players to step up and show their worth (Gibbs, Jenkinson, OX, Coq, Frimpong & Wilshere). By making no additional signings, these players better get healthy and fn PERFORM! Wenger is showing some faith.

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  39. Chelsea spent over £100 million and were today made to look just another regular pub team. So as much as arsene has screwed us over big time, we can all take a comfort in this, you may spend it but never actually get it!.

    And all this arsene knows nonsense even when sometimes might not have the slightest clue should cease. Use it when you really think he knows otherwise fuck off.

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  40. So we end yet another summer in profit eh, typical.

    Podolski + cazorla + giroud = £35 million.
    Rvp + song + bartley + lansbury + ozyakup = £41.5 million.

    Make that £6.5 million profit plus beneficiaries from loan deals especially bendtner, park etc.

    Rises to almost £10 million in profit.
    Remember we were reportedly given a £50 million war chest before everything even started, a huge chunk of that is headed back to the bank where it belongs (it will get us trophies while there I think).

    (increased ticket prices + meh, meh)

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  41. What a dissapointment!! :-0
    But at least Liverpool didn’t make make much either!! A draw it is then!!
    But counting on the new trio to do something special in the coming month seems unlikely!! But one can only hope!! Hoping (while I’m drinking the sorrows away!!) we do just that!!
    Proove me wrong Wenger!!

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  42. Okay now that day is over I’ve calmed down a lot.. my apologies as it was frustrating as fuck. Still there was a lot of dissapointment but when you put it in the spuds perspective they lost luka modric and van Der cart and gained Clint Dempsey and dembele…
    I think the real winners were qpr, mbia park Julio Cesar granero are real top shelf players.

    We will soon see what becomes of us, 3 points or its doomsday on Sunday. Anyone know when frimpong is back?


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  43. He bought no-one, NOTHING! When can we get rid of this stubborn, arrogant CUNT of a manager. Another shitty season competing for nothing before its even started. Every year the same. Go fuck yourself Wenger.

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  44. A win against Liverpool and this will all be forgotten soon enough. Looking forward to only concentrate on the Arsenal actually playing.
    “What if all the players gets injured? Where’s our great, magical DM? Piers Morgan was right, we’ve got the quality of a Wankership team!”

    No, we have a great team that just needs time. Maybe it’s had enough time already. Both Giroud, Caz and Podolski have been close, it’s just a matter of time.

    I really can’t see the other teams being so much stronger. City, Utd and Chelsea? Maybe. Newcastle, Everton, Pool and that little bird standing on a ball? Hell no.

    We’re gonna win on Sunday. COYG!

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 8

      • The suggestion that we can forget everything after a win over Liverpool, whose only decent striking option is Suarez and who are using Sterling and Borini on the flanks, with no proper DM, does not actually fill me with confidence.

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  45. Why the ‘hell did we loan afobe to Bolton and keep chamak as the reserve striker is beyond me. While we’re at it let’s get myiachi back as well.

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  46. Honestly fuck all this shit about boycotting games. Away games are a must the players need our support. home.games the players need our support but the board need to hear our feelings as one. none of this grassing fans up for swearing or being drunk or even slating spurs for being well you know what. we need to rise as one and voice our dissappointment at the board and especially kroenke and gazidis. these are the 2 that are really hurting us fans and they need to know it.

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  47. Well we’ve got Wilshere and Rosicky coming back and they’ll both be like a new si… Oh fuck it. I really don’t want to hear that again Arsene but know it’s coming.
    This was a typical Arsenal transfer window. Have to hope the kids can step up then. And Squillaci. And Arshavin. And Chamakh. Gulp!
    Come On You (slightly depleted) Goooners!!

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  48. arsenal oh arsenal, only you sell your best player to the rivals. your rivals never sell or even loan their even average players to you. essien to madrid, de jong to milan, etc

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  49. Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla represented good, early transfer business. And had we left it at that (getting shot of some of the obvious deadwood aside), I don’t think anyone would moan at no-one coming in yesterday.

    But we didn’t did we? And whilst the VP deal was great business business, it ceased to be great football business at 11pm last night.

    What was the point of taking all that money and doing fuck all with it, assuming that the previously talked of transfer budget was there, and those, and the funds for Song were in addition?

    Don’t tell me Dempsey wouldn’t have jumped at the chance of getting some Champions League action at his age. And assuming his agent wasn’t sitting about with his thumb up his own arse yesterday, we must have been offered him at some stage. And therefore taken the conscious decision that, thanks, but y’know what, we’re keeping Chamakh as our back-up striker, but ta anyway.

    We may as well have said to VP at the time, stop being a cunt cos you’re staying till your contract is up for all the good that money’s done.

    So now, the pressure to deliver sits mostly on the shoulders of the three new boys and two young kids, both prodigious talents, but one was playing in the lower leagues the season before last, and we haven’t seen the other for 14 months now.

    I don’t personally know one Gooner that thinks this squad is sufficient to win the league, not one.

    To all intents and purposes, the last few years have been a carefully managed decline. The impression is the club has decided it can’t keep up with the Joneses, the al-Jonses or the Jonkeskis, so why bother?

    So that’s it for us then is it? Pile up the cash, have a cup run, finish Top 4, we hope.

    2 games in and we know deep down we ain’t gonna win the league. For a club of our size and stature, that is a fuckin disgrace.

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 1

    • The optimism of a football fans was illustrated this morning when I looked at Bbc sport hoping that we’d signed someone right on the deadline but it was only just being reported. Optimism or stupidity?
      Before 2011 window we had 40m ‘war chest’, spent 50m sold 70m. That’s 60m left. Even if we didnt allow any money from 2011-12 receipts towards future transfers, we are 60m up plus what we made this time round. I assime this 60m has been swallowed up renewing contracts for Djourou, Rosicky, I have come to the conclusion that Arsenes economics degree is from The South Luton College of Higher Education.

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    • Great point Morro!
      I never understood the sale of RVP, and the fact we haven’t spent the cash Makes it even more bizarre.

      I mentioned after he released he’s statement that most fans would happily keep him & let him leave on a free next season.

      And all this RVP is a cunt bullshit is just our way of dealing with the heartache, he isn’t a cunt, we didn’t have to sell him to Man Utd, i mean we didn’t sell Theo did we?

      The real cunts are the unambitious twats in charge of our great club!
      And we all know it.

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  50. Let’s be honest here. After the last few transfer windows did anyone really believe we would sign someone.

    If you look at it objectively Wenger clearly must feel that there are players within the squad that are good enough (Le Coq,
    Frimpong etc) to match the average players available in the market that the lower Premier League sides have bought (QPR, Stoke, Liverpool, Tottenham).

    The question will always come down to money, yes, but Wenger will look at it a different way. Is Yann M’Vila a top player? Yes. But is Yann M’Vila at £15m and 23 years old better than Le Coq who is already in the squad? Probably not for £15m, maybe half that and as a result Rennes don’t sell him.

    It’s not rocket science. And that is how, unfortunately, Arsenal and Arsene operate and we have to expect it.

    The one position I am disappointed in is that we didn’t sign another striker. I agree that at £6m Dempsey is a good piece of business however it wouldn’t surprise me to see Theo operating as a striker in some games this season.


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    • I agree on the Yann M’Cahill point. I think Coq is a talent and said the other day I’ve no issue with Arteta being the deeplying player either right now.

      In my opinion he was our most effective and efficient midfielder last year and has the necessary discipline and wherewithal to play there.

      And he was also a Deadline Day signing, brought about by that debacle at OT, so we can do it and do it right when we want to.

      But here’s the rub – the likes of Liverpool and Spuds are now too frequently held up as our benchmarks, and that’s totally wrong.

      And whilst I appreciate the economics of Citeh and the Chavs, It’s like we’ve given up the ghost on trying to compete with them and Utd.

      That, more than anything, is doing my bloody head in.

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  51. Woudnt surprise me to see wenger come out and say that theo can operate in a forward role but not only is he inconsistent at the best of times, he’s probably now uncommitted and as pissed off as the reat of us.
    Feel bit sorry for theo now as he will be the scapegoat and will get absolutely slaughtered when things don’t go right. Wenger and his agent have hung him out to dry. And yesterday’s lack of ambition in transfers have just made it worse.
    People need a scapegoat and theo is going to be it. Then rightfully wenger and the Board, the real culprits will hopefully kop it.
    We have been taken for granted and had the piss taken out of us for too long. Fed on false promises and jam tomorow.
    Gonna be along season at the emerirates and really feel its going to get ugly. Sad day for arsenal.
    Off to watch Maidstone united at a new ground 1500 fans, proper players and no talk of a transfer window. I love arsenal I love the history the colors the times I spent in the 80’s 90’s etc with pals drinking. The stories that you reminisce about but I hate what has happened to us now. Il always support my club for those reasons but fuck me i hate this board and it’s getting to the stage I can’t even listen to the manager due to the lies and the Half truths.

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    • Wenger drives me nuts with the stuff he comes up with

      these gems…
      “There are instant reactions on Twitter, on the radio and the internet. It tells you a lot about the emotion in modern society.

      “We have moved from a thinking society to an emotional society. I think it’s better to think before you say something – it’s easy to speak.”

      All those negative emotions Arsenal fans are feeling today, stop it! just think, like Arsene says, and you’ll see that Arsenal are on the right track (sarcasm).

      Arsenal are content with being there, but are not willing to try to improve.

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  52. The game against Liverpool on Sunday is
    one of Wengers biggest as manager. If he
    loses the pressure on him will be

    So a 0-0 scoreline wouldn’t really help matters at all. It’s one thing to promise new signings but it’s totally another to say we’re close to getting “them” when your actually not even interested in anyone.

    I’ve never been this pissed with my club before.

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  53. I think I understand those who self harm now, there is a part of me the thinks the board and Arsene deserve a spanking at Klanfield tomorrow so they can sit there and ponder there actions, or lack of.

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  54. Here comes some honest optimism in this sea of frustrated grumbles:

    I agree with Arsène when he says: “We are active but we do not just want to bring average players in. If we find a special player who can find us a plus we will do it, if not we will not do it.”

    I genuinely think Arsène were looking for some reinforcements, but no player good enough was available. Dempsey? Seriously? The guy is a fine footballer, but is he as good as Giroud? I don’t think so. And he would have wanted to play regularly, which wouldn’t have happened if he signed with us.

    Having the resources doesn’t mean spending the money just for spending it. I am proud to support one of the only top football clubs in the world that does serious and sensible business. Aren’t you?

    Our squad is good, a little thin in some positions, but good. So get behind the team and the manager instead of moaning, I am convinced that can have a much bigger impact than a M’Vila.


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    • there’s a difference between wanting to sign “top quality” and being able to sign “top quality”. The brand of Arsenal is getting weaker with each year without a trophy and that affects our ability to sign “top quality” players.
      They dont want to come to the Arsenal. In fact the “top quality” we have wants to leave the Arsenal.

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    • We had Park (and even still cos he s just loaned) for reasons beyond a game (marketing) and I am happy that we didn’t bring another marketing figure (for USA).

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

    • We haven’t scored a goal yet… or even look like scoring… how can you say the team is good?

      I love Arsene to death, but I have to question his ability to either keep top quality or even tempt top quality to join us.

      The summer signings are average, with Santi being the standout purchase. The others might come good in about 3 months… if we are lucky. By which time the league will be out of the question, the Champions League will be the usual failure, and we might still have a stab at the FA Cup.

      Not good enough.

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      • I don’t really understand the thumbs down. OK, maybe the first part, about how “we don’t look like scoring” is over the line. Yes, Giroud is making good runs, he just hasn’t got his shots on target yet, he’s getting in the right positions, which is harder to fix than the shooting problem itself.
        But other from that, this comment is reasonably objective. Cazorla is the top player signed this summer. Giroud and Podolski aren’t top signings. And here I’m not doing this like “OMFG He signed some French striker who isn’t even in the national team regularly” and “He got that flop at Bayern Munich who then went to Koln because he sucked” or something. Both are fine players, but they’re hardly top-class players who can make a difference when the flow is against us. They’re first team, but not indispensable assets.
        I agree with JTAMW at this point. Everyone will need time to adjust and work as a team, and for the team to function that way, we will need at least 3 months for everyone – that means fringe players included – to understand each other. Look at last year. Until Christmas, it was a bad season. We then had Henry back, perhaps which kicked some of the morale back into the team and cement their relationships with each other. Afterwards, we were great, except for that bit at the end when we lost to Wigan, QPR and drew to Norwich and so on.
        No one expects Podolski and Giroud to be just as good as van Turncoat. I don’t either. With that in mind, I think it’s a reasonable prediction to say, we won’t be challenging for the league. (Personally, I think we’ll have to struggle really hard for even 4th, but that’s not the question here.) The CL? Look at last year. Last year we had a front 3 who understood each other better. Admittedly the midfield was still adjusting. Now, we have a front 3 who only have 1 year experience with each other tops (Walcott and Gervinho, too, so not with the main number 9 striker), and a midfield trio comprised mostly of players who are coming back from injury and new players. Thankfully, the defence hasn’t changed. But seriously, it’s insane to think we’ll get further than the final 8th with that kind of squad cohesion.
        The FA Cup and the Carling Cup, well, no one cares about them unless you include Liverpool. So it should be easier to win those.

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  55. When Rvp decided to leave 80% of fans on this forum was not aware that he knew more then them. They were angry and he was a cunt. Then Song and Walcott even before he went, and on the end he didn’t (but didn’t sign also). Now everybody are angry on Wenger and the Board. Thats so stupid. That is happening every fuckn season and people are forgetting this arsenal rhythm. Fans has to show Arsenal FC they are not happy! There are many ways to do that!

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    • he’s still a cunt. Just a bit more understandably. But a cunt for leaving us in the fucking lurch for his little twat of a “kid inside” nonetheless.

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  56. I just want all the bullshit interviews to stop. I’m fed up of hearing these vagaries about people coming in.
    If you’re not going to sign anyone stop saying you will or might.
    Clearly saying you’re after a defensive midfielder and defender then changing it to “I only want top top top quality” or a “special player”, then not fucking walking the walk, is driving a lot of us up the wall.
    We always have to read between the lines with what we’re being told and it’s not always that easy.

    Just give us the truth.
    If he just said “We’re not getting anyone else in” and gave us the reasons why I might feel a bit more ok with us not doing so.
    As blogs says: this is a good squad but could have been a very good squad.

    If the gamble with the kids pays off, and I really hope it does, then fair play, but at the moment my optimism is fading.

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  57. The only comfort we can get is that Fifa fair play is coming in soon and once that happens, this so called”AMBITIOUS” clubs that spend all this money wont have a snowballs chance in hell. Only then will arsenal sit on top of the pile because we already know how to conduct ourselves in the transfer market properly.

    So despite the current bleak situation, there’s always a bright side. COYG.

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    • Fifa Fair Play….. Man Chitty already showed the world how to get around that. Huge sponsorship deals and some bribery.
      By the way, Platinis favourite team PSG are oil cunts. That should tell you all you have to know about Fucking Fair Play.

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  58. I’m usually a massive Arsene apologist, and will forgive Le Boss for pretty much anything… but even I am feeling fed-up with it all today.

    Watching the Transfer Deadline Day on Sky Sports last night was fucking depressing. I kept watching, but knew full well we wouldn’t sign a replacement for Song, or perhaps another nippy forward, or M’Vila.

    … and all the time we are watching our neighbours strengthen. This is going to be a make or break season for my love of Arsene… he will either be saved yet again by a top 3 finish, or we will be proping up the mid-table, with yet more people leaving the club next season!

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  59. What singings are you guys talking about? I don’t care FFS about it. As long as my attendance is still 90% filled all the time, I don’t give a shit. Hypnotizing the fans to believe that champions league place is a throphy, and make the boards happy of club’s profit is the goal.

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  60. Damn you Arsene, damn you to hell.

    You should have signed Steven Fletcher. The best footballer from Scotland.

    Few things you don’t know about Fletcher:

    – Unlike RvP, Giroud, Podoliski and Cazorla, he scored twice in his debut.
    – He seems 52 years old, but he’s only 25.
    – He’s 6′ 1″, 161 lbs.
    – He scores cool headers.
    – He played for the Wolverhampton University Champions.
    – He costed S’land £14m (fourteen million Great Britain Pounds only), which makes him the cheapest Brit despite his prolific record.
    – He dated Megan Fox, Jolia Roberts, Martin Atkinson’s sister and John Terry’s ex girlfriend.

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  61. New signings will happen in January. No need for panic yet as I’m sure the quality of Girroud, Poldolski and Cazorla will start winning games. Ok we got to rely on Chamakh and Arshavin to support them and make some contribution and I think other teams have worse options as back up. My advice is to stop reading fantasy sites as there is not any room for additions until other players leave. The most important fact is we are playing technically better football this season and have been written off too early. If we deliver tomorrow you will all forget this crap hype and focus on supporting the team once more. In Wenger we trust, the only manager to create the Invincibles. And to finish off Van Persie is a cunt, long live Chamakh!

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

    • The scoring won’t happen in earnest until the team understands each other, which won’t happen until Christmas at least, if we take last year as an example, which is a pretty generous standard, given the kind of changes we made this season.
      Perhaps other teams do have worse options, but I don’t think the teams we should be competing with have worse options than Chamakh.

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      • Ahhh, you keep sprouting this Christmas nonsense, actually, we were almost caught up with the top four at christmas last season, on dec 15 we were just two points off third place. This was due to a strong run of games between oct and december, then Arsenal fell apart in January before coming back on the 7 game winning streak, before nearly throwing it away at the end of the season. It is remarkable that Arsenal went through 3 periods of losing games and 2 periods of good form.

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  62. Dembele’s goal for spuds was fantastic. Hate to say it but they’ve signed two great players in the former and dempsey. Props to Norwich for equalising as I’ve typed this reply!

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  63. Oh well…at least its pure football now thank fuck that transfer window is over. Another summer we’ve been hoodwinked by Arsene and the board for the profit but all we can do now is get behind what we have and hope for the best. Its a sickener to be brought to their level and say this but with will be happy with fourth

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  64. Yes. We are clever. We presented our new signings while RVP and Song were at the club, emphasising that they were to add to the squad we had already, while “you guys’ were renewing your subscriptions. Wasn’t it was exciting for a few weeks to have so much talent at the club, eh? I mean that squad could have been challenging for the title. But the books were not balancing and a couple of players played into our hands, so we sold arguably our two best players to turn the usual profit while telling ‘you guys’ we were still active in the market. We know damn well that if we brought in two more quality players to replace them we would be in a great position to challenge, but where would the profit be then? Well the market is closed now and we have our $$$ in the bank and will take our chances on getting 4th for now. Our cash reserves are increasing year on year, stadium debts going down, commercial sponsors are rising, naming rights of our “spiritual home’ are coming soon, and with FFP coming the others cant keep spending like they do forever……..

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    • Er, yes the can. Financial fair play will not work. City, Chelsea and even Man United will find a way (or a number of ways) around it. And in Spain the big two will also just keep spending.

      The future for us looks as bright as midnight on the north pole in December.

      Only a new owner and manager can drag us out of this horrible rut that we are in. I just wish that that Kroenke would just fuck off. Right now I think that Usmanov deserves a try.

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 5

      • I imagine that if FFP results in Chelsea, Man City, PSG, Real Madrid, and Barcelona to get kicked out of the Champions league they will just walk away and start their own european league, and bring all those fans with them

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      • That won’t happen, Neutral. When push comes to shove, Uefa will simply back down. There is absolutely no way that the sponsers behind the Champions’ League will allow the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United to be banned from the tournament that they are ploughing millions into. Platini is dreaming if he thinks that he can control football this way.

        The real solution is a wage cap – that would really fuck up the big spenders.

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  65. What if that happens, Usmanov keels over with a heart attack while tucking into the VIP matchday feast, and his heir doesnt like football

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  66. From my seat, I saw three marquis signing made at English clubs this window. 1- hazard to Chelsea. 2- some cunt to united and 3- Cazorla to the arse.

    Lighten up. We’ll be in the mix. It ain’t that bad. It was a shitty window all around. With that said, we should have signed samba. Hes tall.

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  67. I might be the only one but I’m quite happy by the transfer window.
    I wouldn’t have mind with another signing of the calibre of the other 3 but I genuinly think only the RVP is a lost.
    But in the other hand, I saw quite a bit of Ligue 1, as I live in France now, and I really think Giroud will score a lot of goals for us.
    I think tactically the players we have are more polyvalent and could rotate better without losing balance in the team.
    In defense, we’re sorted.
    Now let’s hope injury wise we’ll be ok and let’s rock and roll!

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  68. Just let the football speak for itself.. We needed another striker but too bad.. If we can stay in contention by January we’ll pick up a striker or a signing I’d say and who knows! Just get behind the team for those lucky enough to attend games make some noise and turn the emirates into a fortress

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