Mertesacker: Carefree Poldi is already speaking English


Per Mertesacker has revealed that German compatriot Lukas Podolski has already sacked off using an interpreter and has dived headfirst into London life by quickly learning English.

Describing the striker as ‘carefree’ the giant centre-back also disclosed on his personal website that the squad are looking forward to Sunday’s friendly against the new boy’s former club Cologne.

“Well, we’re getting closer to the start of the season. With two Germans in the team!

“Poldi will certainly help us with the quality that he has – and I think I can help him, too. After all, it’s been a year since I came to London and I can tell him which mistakes I made at the beginning. But I have to say that I’m impressed how fast he is settling in.

“He’s carefree, as we all know, and quickly had the courage to speak English. He does it all without an interpreter, hats off.”

Giving an insight into the intensity of the pre-season training camp in Germany, Mertesacker continued:

“At the moment, we work out twice a day, but I guess that’ll be reduced to once a day on Friday and Saturday, because we are playing Cologne FC on Sunday.

“These training sessions with the complete squad are very important, because the pre-season preparations have necessarily been a bit fragmented.

“The internationals came back late from the Euros, then some players went to Asia and some others, like myself, to Nigeria. But now we’re all together, which is crucial as the new Premier League season starts soon, even ahead of the German Bundesliga.”

Mertesacker’s role as Arsenal’s Teutonic ambassador, a role previously held by Stefan Malz, Moritz Volz and Jens Lehmann, could well prove important later this summer should Nuri Sahin sign on loan. The Turkish international became a German citizen just before moving to Real Madrid and will likely need a helping hand settling in.

It’s fair to say that Lukas Podolski won’t be given the job given their history.

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