Mertesacker: Carefree Poldi is already speaking English


Per Mertesacker has revealed that German compatriot Lukas Podolski has already sacked off using an interpreter and has dived headfirst into London life by quickly learning English.

Describing the striker as ‘carefree’ the giant centre-back also disclosed on his personal website that the squad are looking forward to Sunday’s friendly against the new boy’s former club Cologne.

“Well, we’re getting closer to the start of the season. With two Germans in the team!

“Poldi will certainly help us with the quality that he has – and I think I can help him, too. After all, it’s been a year since I came to London and I can tell him which mistakes I made at the beginning. But I have to say that I’m impressed how fast he is settling in.

“He’s carefree, as we all know, and quickly had the courage to speak English. He does it all without an interpreter, hats off.”

Giving an insight into the intensity of the pre-season training camp in Germany, Mertesacker continued:

“At the moment, we work out twice a day, but I guess that’ll be reduced to once a day on Friday and Saturday, because we are playing Cologne FC on Sunday.

“These training sessions with the complete squad are very important, because the pre-season preparations have necessarily been a bit fragmented.

“The internationals came back late from the Euros, then some players went to Asia and some others, like myself, to Nigeria. But now we’re all together, which is crucial as the new Premier League season starts soon, even ahead of the German Bundesliga.”

Mertesacker’s role as Arsenal’s Teutonic ambassador, a role previously held by Stefan Malz, Moritz Volz and Jens Lehmann, could well prove important later this summer should Nuri Sahin sign on loan. The Turkish international became a German citizen just before moving to Real Madrid and will likely need a helping hand settling in.

It’s fair to say that Lukas Podolski won’t be given the job given their history.


    • Get tgstel to show him the clubs around, chamakh- the smoking dungeons,
      RVP- the clubs academy.
      santos- the spa.

      And that’s about it.

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  1. A young, healthy male roaming London and learning English on his own? Can’t wait to see what comes out in interviews!

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    • Today a young German currently playing for Arsenal FC was arrested, as he accosted a shop-owner with various phrases, ranging from the non-nonsensical to those of a highly sexual nature.
      Here are some choice quotes remembered by the disturbed shop owner:
      “My hovercraft is full of eels”
      “Drop your panties, Sir William; I cannot wait until lunchtime!”
      “My nipples explode with delight!”

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  2. I’m looking forward to Per’s second season with us.I think adjusting has been hard for him but I think his positional play and discipline will be vital for us this season now that he’s more used to the pace……COYG

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  3. I heard he’s already got “Line it!”, “Well in!” and “Are you fahkin blind? I was well on!” nailed easy.

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  4. John Terry is a CUNT. I know its nothing to do with this post but I feel it should be mentioned in every comment section.

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  5. On a different note….i really hope we sigh sahin at least on loan as I feel song is getting to big for his boots what with the eyelids to other clubs……also his defensive play has declined slightly in my opinion

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  6. i *was* looking forward to the first game of the season, what with all these new signings

    but now sunderland have bid £12m for Steven Fletcher, i’m really worried

    i hope that news speeds our move for grant holt! fight fire with fire etc etc

    £12m for steven fletcher… just repeat that slowly, let it roll around a bit, taste it like a fine wine

    our manager takes a tiki taka spanish genius with 45 caps for less than the cost of a total carthorse

    if sunderland have a blog on which the north-east’s answer to fatgooner posts, then i pity the poor man. he must be crying with rage at their billionaire american owner, and much sought-after, talented manager

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    • That is actually mental. If they can spunk £12m on that twat, surely they can put… I dunno £8m on the table and make it official with Bendtner.

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    • But seriously tho, £12m for Fletcher. To think we got Poldi for a lower price than that. What’s wrong with your English clubs and their inability to spend properly?

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  7. Surely we are gonna have a good time this season, I can seriously smell it and damn excited about all the new men.

    Trebles, that’s what am dreaming of, any sort of treble would do as long as the Champs league cup is among them.

    Can the EPL start tomorrow?!

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    • Same here, mate. Can’t wait for the season to start!

      If we get Sahin and add another solid defender for depth in case of injuries, I say we have a legitimate chance to win us some silverwares. My gut feeling at the moment tells me we are going to win the FA Cup.

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  8. I just love the fact he’s waiting for RVP’s number 10 shirt. That’s what I call a jump in your grave moment but fair play Lukas. I think you’ll become a better player then RVP anyway.

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  9. BFG you are going to be a legend for us mate !!!

    I would also like to doth my cap to “Twat with a keyboard” for mentioning the cuntness of John Terry.

    TWAK will also be an Arseblog legend with your wise words !!!

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  10. Anybody aware RvP is in Manchester today? When he leave training camp? Or it is just rubbish news?

    Oo I forgot, I don’t care anymore. I have Olivier, Poldi, Cazorla more than enough.

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  11. Hadn’t even considered the friction between Podolski and Sahin. If the Dortmund-Koln game I saw a couple years ago is any indication, that’s not going to go very well.

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  12. @The only Sam is Nelson:

    you forget Stevens Fletcher has British Steel (scores preferentially against weaker teams ) and spine (refuses to play for Scotland) .

    Also he is experienced(old) potential (not proven) …

    He is a direct attacking style (take the ball and run toward goal, close your eyes and shoot )

    PS: John Terry is a *@%&#@@% @$%##%$# (substitute as appropriate)…

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  13. Love the Germans! Per and Poldi will be great for us this season. Gnabry and Eisfeld up and coming. Bring in Gotze or Reus in the future please.

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  14. Martesacker please before Robin Van Pussy leaves, do me a favour by breaking his tarsal. Love you BFG!!!

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