Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Official: Cazorla is a Gooner

Official: Cazorla is a Gooner

Arsenal have finally confirmed the capture of Malaga’s Santi Cazorla. Yeah actually.

The Spanish midfielder has penned a long-term contract for an undisclosed fee (surprise, surprise), with reports suggesting the 27-year-old has committed for four years in a deal worth anything between £12.5-16 million.

The two-time European Championship winner has joined Arsene Wenger’s squad on their pre-season fitness camp in Germany this week and could make his debut against Cologne on August 12. He follows Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud as the third signing of the summer and would definitely be the ugly one if they were a boyband.

Attack-minded and suited to playing on the wing or just behind the strikers, Cazorla is easily pigeonholed as an archetypal Wenger signing, sporting, as he does, the much vaunted qualities of pace, technical ability and a low centre of gravity.

Speaking about the capture of a player he has admired for some time, the boss remarked:

“Santi Cazorla is a great signing for us. He is a player with good experience at both club and international level, who will add significant quality to our squad.

“He is a versatile, attacking midfield player who can play comfortably on either side of the pitch or centrally. He has good pace, is technically gifted and will be a huge asset to Arsenal Football Club. We are delighted that he is joining us.”

Obviously delighted to escape the financial mire which has overshadowed his time in Malaga, Cazorla spoke with pride about sealing a move to the Emirates:

“I’m so happy to be joining Arsenal. This is a club with great players, a fantastic stadium and huge support.

“The Club has one of the best managers in football and their style of play is recognised and admired all over the world.

“I’m so excited to be joining one of the greatest teams in Europe and also in the Premier League. I will do my best to help Arsenal challenge for trophies and make all the supporters happy.”

Arseblog News welcomes Cazorla to Arsenal and prays he’s more Fabregas than Reyes in his willingness to adapt to London life.



  1. old news. haha

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    • yea. but with the usual template – long term contract; undisclosed fee.

      whatever man. it’s finally 100% signing!!

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    • Persie out, arsenal lives

      Then this is the first “old news” that made me jump around like a small boy onto the office table and breaking my coffee glass in the process………i’m gonna have to stop this now before I break everything.

      Gunner, gunner!!!.

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      • Coffee Glass. How posh are you? :D

        I agree with the sentiment though. Super happy about Cazorla holding up the shirt. I hope RVP feels more than a little stupid after his ill-advised words.


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    • Ay ay ay ay!
      Santi Cazorla!
      His passes are sweet,
      He’s quick on his feet,
      His shots will go right through ya!

      For the tune:

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  2. AANS

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  4. Thank God it’s official. Had nightmares of another Mata situation

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  5. I always thought the players are called Gunners & the fans as Gooners…

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    • Gunners ( players ) should really be gooners ( fans of arsenal ) too. God knows, not all of them are but let’s hope santi can and will be both for the long haul!

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    • That’s absolutely correct, IndianGooner.

      Why anyone should give this a thumbs-down, I can’t understand…

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      • Because although correct it is pernickety, an also, it’s more one is mostly one and the other mostly the other, just to get my pernickt in.

        At anyrate, who gives a damn look at that cheeky stubble, there’s gonna be assists in that stubble.

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  6. Shove that up your Uzbeck’ arse you fat bastard.

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    • gooner from bangladesh

      Speaking of which, anyone think that fatgooner is just Usmanov in disguise? I mean they both share the same negativity and are fat :\

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      • Haha yeah, they both have an orbit of negativity revolving around them.

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      • Nah. Disagree with that as much as I tend to disagree with Fatgooner’s comments. Fats is an Arsenal fan with strong opinions. Jabba is a ManU fan with strong minions.

        Fats reinforced freedom of expression. Jabba instructs lawyers to squash freedom of expression.

        This site would be for the worse without Fats. Jesus how happy am I at the Cazorla signing :)

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    • Why can’t I give more than 1 thumbs up……..
      As it will de-value the thumbs up, therefore making arseblog thumbs up as worthless as the Zimbabwian dollar. . . .
      Ok I’ll just repeat the comment I like so much, and encourage others to do the same………

      Shove that up your uzbeck’ arse you fat bastard!

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    • I’m sure that Usmanov’s rectal orifice is wide and capacious, and many things have been lost up it, including Judge Crater, Jimmy Hoffa, and the 2000 presidential election.

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  7. gooner from bangladesh

    “He follows Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud as the third signing of the summer and would definitely be the ugly one if they were a boyband.”

    This is why I love arseblog.

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  8. Define ambition.

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  9. I told my boss Carzola is now a gooner and he said ” i have never seen you this happy before”!!!

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Never did the sex thing then?

      Weren’t in work when Podolski and Giroud were signed?

      You are Cazorla?

      You don’t like your job?

      You don’t like your boss?

      Come on man! You can’t leave me hanging like this. Why hasn’t your boss seen you this happy before?

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      • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

        Sorry people, it was meant to be an opening to allow percyofgod to say something witty.

        Oh, and no, it wasn’t me who gave him a thumb down for being happy that we have signed Cazorla. It was probably the same person who thumbed GreenGunner80 below. I can’t see anything in this news that is not positive and encouraging.

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  10. Glad to see that Santi has finally arrived.

    Hopefully he will empty a big fat sack of goals for us.

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  11. Least he has almost two weeks to train with the squad before the start of the season. Now to get a few out and maybe one more in before start of season.

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  12. At last! Excellent to have the final 1% doubt about his signing removed. Couple of weeks of pre-season to get match fit and start gelling with what now looks like a decent squad. Happy days

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  13. Let’s see what RVP has to say about Arsenal’s apparent “lack of ambition” now.

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  14. Hah! one day the Fat Usman from Uzbecky Ass complains about lack of ambition…… the next day we throw Santi at his poly-chinned fat face…. Now THAT is what I call great timing!!

    What a summer! I am more excited now than ever and frankly don’t care if RVP goes and tries to find Elvis and his nanny on the moon…


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    • after his first statement i still didn’t really mind him, I thought it was opportunistic but I guess he has a right to try to take advantage, but then when we start signing more players and he says we aren’t ambitious he just comes across as a complete asshole

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  15. Wenger's Waterbottle

    Don’t care that i already knew it. I. Love. This!

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  16. According to Stuart MacFarlane’s flickr page: “This photo was taken on August 3, 2012 using a Nikon D3S. “

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    • He was apparently at Colney on Friday for the photoshoot/contract signing/medical. Apparently waiting for both club executives(more of Malaga) to sign the papers and the big unveiling.

      Finally, Welcome on board Santi Cazorla! Lack of ambition now RVP?! Am I greedy to hope for Sahin to sign next? :D

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      • There was a leak via twitter last Friday when one of the young players tweeted that Santi was at the training ground..

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  17. Excellent news, I really, really thought the deal might be scuppered when I first heard about it. I’m eating humble pie right now, and it still tastes delicious.

    Welcome to Arsenal, Santi. You’re going to love it here.

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  18. He is gunner!!, he is finally gunner!…
    In Arsene I trust fully.

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  19. why is my name required

    This will be a slap to robin and the fat man.
    Now i can laugh at them muahahahaha bunch of fools

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    • fat man and robin – nice

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      • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

        Yes, it’s funny, but it makes me slightly uneasy because Batman and Robin were good guys (though mean as fuck to bad guys).

        In practice I think those two are more like Two-Face and The Penguin. One was good but turned bad through disappointment, while the other was always a fat cunt.

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      • garyfootscrayaustralia

        Usmanov = Boss Nass, King Of The Gungans.

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  20. Old news but it’s still brand ‘officially’ new!

    Whew, what a deal that was? I have been dulling on the deal since the leak, but it won’t close until now, boy am so happy.

    So we can unleash the full wrath of the canon on all our enemies anywhere, EPL, FA Cup, League Cup and the UEFA Champions League….bring it on COYG!!!!

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  21. Great news! But how is his name pronounced? I heard Spanish commentators call him “Catorla” like there’s an invisable T in there, but the bell ends on sky sports news are pronoucing it as its spelt! “Cazorla” Anyone know?

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    • I would say between Cartorla and Carthorla. Sky Sports commentators are many things but not exactly experts, and that goes for language as well.

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    • Pronounced “Cathorla”.

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    • RodGoonerInTtown

      Its pronounced Cathorla in Spain, the ‘z’ is like a ‘th’ in Spain Spanish…in Latin American accent its pronounced Casorla (think of Brittish and American accents) Santi is Santi here there and everywhere though

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      • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

        So it would be “Santi C’thorla’s coming to town” then (taking a little licence with his name and pronunciation)

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  22. What are the chances Arteta took Santi to one side after the photoshoot and worked his magic on his hair?

    It needs it, especially that curl

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  23. No kids have been bought yet. We’re guaranteed at least one aren’t we ?

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  24. Thank god thats done. Cant help think the delay was to polish the shine off Usmanov’s statement – if thats the case, I am happy to have waited.

    I am chuffed with the business this summer, if nothing more happens I will happily place my annual bet ‘£50 on Arsenal to win the league’. Especially if RVP does a U-turn.

    Just need to get rid of some dead wood to ensure the balance is there and no negativity in the camp. Taxi for Bendtnar, Squillachi, Arshavin, Park & Chamakh :)

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  25. Pretty sure the goons at Le Grove are going to conjure up some crisis clouds about this transfer.

    Brb gonna get popcorn.

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    • Love it.

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    • I can’t believe some of them on LG are moaning about Arsenal buying Santi ONLY because he was a bargain buy. Jeez, some people just can’t allow themselves to be happy for once.

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  27. Tony Adams morning breath


    Imagine the bench we will have this year compared to last year.

    For example:
    Sagna, BFG, Kos, Gibbs
    Arteta, Song, Cazorla
    Theo, Cunt, Podolski

    Subs: Fab, TV5, Santos, Jack, Diaby, Gervinho, Giroud.

    Djourou, Le Coq, Ramsey, Arshavin etc. not even making the bench…

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    • Tony Adams morning breath

      Our squad is so good that I even forgot the OX.

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    • why is tv5 on the bench and where is the ox

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      • Tony Adams morning breath

        Like I wrote; “for example:”…

        The point is; our squad is now so good that I do not care which players, out of our 18-20 best ones, plays. I have full confidence in everyone of the players I put on the bench plus a couple of the ones that did not even make the bench.

        Shame on me for forgetting the OX though…

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    • Thank fuck you don’t pick the team

      Thumb up 24 Thumb down 3

      • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

        But it’s very much possible that Arsene Wenger will pick that team at some stage due to rotation and injuries, AND if a certain person does a triple backflip and mega-beg for forgiveness.

        I don’t see any problem fielding that as a starting 11. It’s stronger many, if not most?, that we fielded last season, and I understand the spirit in which Tony Adams morning breath posted it. Chill out and enjoy the depth we will have this season.

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  28. Persie out, arsenal lives

    Oh what’s that you were saying you fatman….it was jibberish anyways. I bet he’ll take credit of winding arsenal up into signing cazorla……please!!.

    Thank you arsene, for doing what you do best.


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  29. Get in!
    Happy days.

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  30. Father Christmas

    Saaanti Cazorla’s comin to town,
    Saaanti Cazorla’s comin to town,
    Saaanti Cazorla’s comin to town!

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  31. Surely VP is unpacking his bags nw othrwise we will knw tht there was a lil Na$ri in him!

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  33. TGSTEL's First Touch

    Fuck yeah!!!
    For 1/3 to 1/2 price of the Mr Andy mesmerizing dribbles Caroll!

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    Let’s all crash the official Arsenal website!

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  35. This team is looking stronger. The youngsters of last season would have had 1 year of experience under their belts. Supplement by the new signings, the depth and quality is looking good. And coupled that with a couple of precious gems coming from the Youth team, suddenly the cloud that was created by Robin Van Pursey has slowly dissipated.

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  36. At last, now let the party begin

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  37. GoonersofNavarone

    Santi is in town! :D

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  38. Mark Gibney, It is pronounced Ca(th)orla in Spanish Z=TH

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  39. “We have Santi…Who do you have??”..This will be our shout to opposition next season.

    Welcome Caz!..

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  40. It’s about damn time:-) As much as we knew it would happen, we just needed that confirmation. It was rather like sending a facebook relationship request to your new found love but takes her a lil’ too long for her to accept it… You start to worry a bit!..

    Now for Sahin and van der Wiel to join! COYG! #GoonArmy

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  41. prince abdul nganje

    …welcome Santi…! whoever sees no ambition in de club is nw free to leave!

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  42. You have fully permision for leave now rvp!

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    • Actually no, we should now use him like the way he used our medics for the past 8 years. Keep him, strip him of the captaincy, sub h whenever we want. Then give him a mediocre contract when he finally BEGS for it.

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      • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

        You don’t attract the best players if you treat your players like cunts, even if occasionally one of your players treats the club that way. If RVP decides to stay then the club must do all they can to support him, or else we will be seen with less respect. I am proud of my club. It has class. I would not want to see it act vindictively.

        Having said that, stripping RVP of the Captaincy is a must, but after that we must treat him as we treat any squad player.

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      • Well said, Mr. Gutbukkit!

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  43. It is ON..

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  44. I’ve been thinking, could Cazorla take the number 000 shirt?

    Cos then we could say, “Santi’s come to town! What number you wearing?”

    And he could say, “Oh Oh Oh.”

    Yeah. I don’t need to get my coat, I left it on.

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  45. Overwhelmed by all the incomings, but our priority now must be the outgoings. Deadwood are still there!

    Let’s go Ivan!

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  46. Also, let’s take some time to thank Agent Arteta on a job well done.

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  47. nothing quite like an actual new signing to make the day melt away
    so so stoked about this
    any news on mr sahin or do we conclude it was a smokescreen to push this one through

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  48. Best day of my life. (Don’t tell my wife)

    *deletes history*

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    • Too late you horrible little man. Gooner Up won’t be for a long, long time.
      You’ll be Washing Up after this.

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  49. Its a great signing for Arsenal club,we are proud of you mr.Wenger for this great asset………………hurrayyyyyyyyyyyy

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Glad you’re happy. I am too.

      But why do people keep calling players “assets”?

      I know we are proud that the club is run as a healthy business, but do we, as fans, really need to call the players assets? I say leave that to the accountants.

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  50. TGSTEL's amazing First Touch


    (I fucking LOVE writing this)

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  51. I am enjoying our new-found love for unambitious, Mr. RvP! Unambitious snagged Podolski, Giroud and, now, Cazorla.

    I wish we weren’t more unambitious, Mr. RvP. And when Sahin berths on this shores, we would have, significantly, multiplied our lack of ambition by 4.

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  52. Excellent news. Actions speak louder than words and currently, we are screaming.
    Now if Mr. Wenger would be kind enough to finalise the Sahin deal quickly and strip RVP of the captaincy even before he decides whether to stay or go I’d say this is a brand new era for Arsenal.

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  53. Right on!!!

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  54. I stopped following Eurobot on Eurosports news when he said Cazorla woundn’t sign for Arsenal. How wrong was he.

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  55. Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla for the price of 1 Andy Carroll. V happy with this summers transfer business.
    Wonder what will happen in terms of players out now. Think the fringe players (Bendtner et al) will be about till deadline day- though it will be nicer selling players end of Aug compared with the last ditch inward transfers of last year.

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  56. He’s making through balls,
    Causing back 4s trouble,
    With him in our side, Arsenal for the Double,
    Santi Caz is comin to town!!!!


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  57. Gutbukkit fuckdolla…..
    Rvp dug his own grave so don’t get all sympathetic here.
    Would tevez be welcomed back with open arms after what he did?….i think not. Penalties have to be there and i’m surprised you think slashing rvps wage shouldn’t be one of them.

    Too lighthearted for the cause. Attract players?……please.

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  58. I have been biding my time to pass comment on the RVP/Asnl saga, just reading everyone elses comments, and in some cases just utter bollocks, and heres my conclusion.
    With the form of RVP last season, Arsenal would have won something if the squad was just a bit stronger. Obv. The summer of Arsenal players getting kidnapped didnt help, and injuries in defense played a part. But that being true my first statement is true…end of. If i were RVP, id be upset not winning anything, again and my head full of if’s. I hate losing monopoly let alone something that im good at and love to do week in week out. So if his statement made us as a club wake up and smell the roses, and sign three great, established players then so be it. He wants to see medals in his cabinet when retired not be remembered as a nearly man. Sometimes you need to take action to get what you want in life. I hope we benefit from it. I now cant wait for new season to begin, and hopefully seeing RVP with his new teamates winning something. COME ON ARSENAL!

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    • We had signed Podolski and Giroud by the time RVP released that statement and i am sure the club must have indicated there would be more investment in the coming months. I don t think its merely the clubs ambition that is the reason for his wanting to leave.

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  59. Cazorla Oooohhhhh
    Cazorla Oooohhhhh
    He came from Malaga
    And now he’s a gooner
    Carzorla Oooohhhh

    And repeat until hoarse.

    Another quality signing to add to Podolski and Giroud – good work AW!

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    • Saaaanti is coming to town,
      Saaaanti is coming to town,
      Santi Caz is coming, to toooown!!
      ( not citeh ) hehe!

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  60. Best summer since the club swapped Highbury for the Emirates. Signs that we’re finally getting to the position Le Boss had planned for us to be.

    I dare to say that we’ve not seen the last of transfers at the club this summer & by that I mean ANS.

    Can the season start already!!! COYG!

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  61. Brilliant

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  62. Is it just me? I find Cazorla to be better looking than Podolski. That moustache makes Podolski look a bit creepy. Never mind that though, I’m walking on air now that we have these 3!!! Now if we get Sahin, and then Van Persie decides to stay… I… I… I just don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

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  63. Quote of the year by AW : “I don’t know this guy” Love the boss !

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  64. This has got to be one of the most slow-motion signings I’ve ever seen!

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  65. So happy to be a gunner here in RSA !
    Just hope we can dominate some teams on the field this season….
    With the team looking healthy and strong, there should be no reason why we cant finish top ! Even if we dont win the EPL/CL – i would be a very happy gooner if The Arsenal start showing their true class again ! Let the teams fear The Arsenal once more…another golden era on the horizon for us, the team and mr.Wenger…
    LEts go 50 games ! fuck yeah !

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    • was so happy with this signing, along with Podolski and Giroud, that i posted something on Arseblog news for the 1st time ever…
      and ive been following this blog for almost 4 years every single day!
      Come on arsenal ! hazard who ? :)

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      • Hazard?
        Di matteo is now getting back to reality with the “don’t expect too much from him” speech. Fuck chelsea.

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  66. TV5's thumb in RVP's ass

    is it just me or does van payme appear to be sulking in every picture published. he’s the only one who’s not all smiles.fucking cunt he is. id soo get rid of his sorry ass.spoils the mood !

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  67. It’s taken so long that it feels LAOS.

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  68. You better watch out
    You better all cry
    You better all pout I’m telling you why
    Santi’s gunning you down Santi’s gunning you down
    Santi Cazorla’s gunning you down

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  69. Never rated him

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  70. Ay ay ay ay!
    Santi Cazorla!
    His passes are sweet,
    He’s quick on his feet,
    His shots will go right through ya!

    For the tune:

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  71. It’s bed time fat shit. Sleep early, wake up early, prepare an arsenal bashing speech and deliver it up arsenals arse. Twat.

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  72. I won’t be surprised now if RvP released another statement like, “I now see the ambition that Arsenal FC has. I was wrong to say that I disagree with the club’s future. We have a very good chance of winning trophies with the addition of these three new quality signings.” Of course the real reason for this sort of turnaround would probably be because of the lack of interest from other clubs. With only man u involved now I don’t see why Persie would leave Arsenal. Besides we look much better off than united this year.

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  73. Superb! Got a warm tingly feeling about this guy! Excellent piece of business!

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