Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Official: Vermaelen is the Arsenal captain

Official: Vermaelen is the Arsenal captain

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Thomas Vermaelen will be Arsenal’s new captain.

Previously vice-captain, the Belgian international takes over the armband from Robin van Persie following the Dutchman’s treacherous decision to quit the club. Mikel Arteta will be his deputy.

“The new captain is Vermaelen and [the vice-captain is] Arteta. We have many potential captains in this team,” confirmed Wenger in his pre-Sunderland press conference.

It’s not the first time in Vermaelen’s career that he has been trusted with the captaincy at one of Europe’s biggest clubs. Before signing for Arsenal he also held the position at Ajax, proof, according to the legendary Bob Wilson, that the centre-back is the right man for the job.

“Any Belgian who captains a Dutch side like Ajax is a special player,” the Double-winner told BBC Radio 4 this morning. Who are we to argue?

Arseblog News looks forward to reading Thomas’ words of wisdom in the official matchday programme, hopes he’s already got the whole ‘jumping ship while captain’ thing out of his system and trusts he follows in the footsteps of Tony Adams and Frank McLintock rather than the numpties who’ve held the position more recently.



  1. Had to be.

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  2. First cold blooded captain in a long while. Time to bring back the thumpings of underperforming players which Lehmann did to good effect.

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  3. He will look great lifting a trophy this season!!

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  4. I agree wholeheartedly, nobody else has to power to stare players into submission I’m sure

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  5. Captain Verminator… just awesome. KIll (kick) them all, including the referee, your the captain its one of you inherent duties. Finally a true leader to lead the Arse. Expect a great season ahead gooners

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  6. long live the king!

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  7. I hope I see the Verminator lifting a trophy with Arsenal at the end of the season. We the loyal Gunners and Arsene Wenger deserve it, these past couple of years have been very hard on us, but all the wait and hurt will all be worth it once we finally do it.

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  8. Obvious choice. Captain Verminator. Always preferred CBs to be captain and with his attitude could be a brilliant captain for us! COYG!

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  9. The King is dead , Long Live the King.

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  10. He’ll be off this time next year then…

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    • Ironically i remember giving a similar comment last season the thumbs down in regards to RVP leaving, and we all know what happened.

      This will be Vermealen’s last season at Arseanl :-(

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      • You guys are a bunch of illogical,superstitious morons

        if he leaves it won’t be because of the armband

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      • Na$ri also forced a move , was he captain too ? GAH!! I hate stupidity.

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      • To master bates;

        illogical,superstitious morons???

        I honestly wished thats all it was, It might not be Vermealen but its a fact that we’ll sell another key player(or 2) next season its the Arsenal way, denying it is quite simply being in denail.

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      • How does one be in “denail” exactly?

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      • I meant denial & you know it!
        Edit button pls blogs :-)

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      • I think you have to pass through pedantry to get there

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    • sean i think i’m right in assuming you were joking but I think alot of us are still a little touchy on the issue of cunty captains jumping ship for obvious reasons….

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  11. Ever since I was a young boy I followed the Arsenal
    From Whitehart lane to Anfield I must have seen them all
    But I aint seen nothing like him since Adams kicked a ball
    That Tommy Vermaelen he loves the Arsenal la la la
    ooh la la la la

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  12. Tom Vermaelen, Tom Vermaelen, Tom Vermaelen number 5, fuck your Rooneys, FUCK YOUR PERSIES, he will eat those cunts alive

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  13. Captain Verminator. Another Mr Arsenal reincarnate!!!

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  14. The King is dead (again…), long live the Verminator!

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  15. I love the way he reacted to the RvP news as well, eyes popping out of his head as he simply can’t believe anyone would want to leave the Arsenal, that’s our captain.

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  16. Oh Captain My Captain!

    Lead ‘em out, skip.

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  17. If Walcott wasn’t being such a nonse, he could have been a real contender for vice.

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    • Naaaaaaah, too much of a fanny, regardless of contract shenanigans. I think Sagna was unlucky not to be Vice. Hmm, that barnet though…

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  18. “Our Belgian Vermaelen thinks that however great the peril which a captain might have to undergo under the system which we seek to establish here, that captain ought to do his duty.” – after Henri La Fontaine

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  19. Be interesting to see what this means for the centre back partnership – suspect the BFG has got a scrap on his hands to become a regular which can only be a good thing

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  20. TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

    Congrats Verminator! But please don’t call Cesc a numptie.

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  21. Was always going to be with him being vice captain last season. I would still have preferred Arteta to be captain, but I’m glad they’ve both been given the recognition they deserve.

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  22. Big mistake. So now he has a free ride to the starting XI?

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    • Agreed. Kos & Mert formed the best partnership last year. And it’s not obvious that Vermaelen should be a starter now. This seems like a bad idea.

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  23. Deserved appointment for Vermaelen, and fitting recognition for Arteta as well. I know the pessimists will moan about how he’ll be the next to betray the club, but – at the risk of sounding naive – I do feel that Vermaelen is different, and that his loyalty is absolutely 100 per cent genuine and unconditional.

    In any case, I don’t think you can really get much more emphatic than: “I will stay at Arsenal forever. There will be no transfer for me.” That kind of attitude is exactly what you want from a captain.

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    • Fight against Fickleness

      I don’t know mate, I thought the same about RVP!
      Its going to take a while for me to trust any footballer :-(

      But Vermaelen is the obvious choice as captain!

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  24. I hope his leadership would a great1 nd i pray dat may he b d1 to lead us to winning some silverwear dis summer bt y rosisky not d vice captain?

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  25. Good luck vermaelen, I will surely miss you.
    And say ‘fuck you’ to cesc for me and give that song a big hug for me.

    (Next up arteta as jack wilshere looks on)

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  26. Excellent choice

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  27. …and finally the perfect bloke.

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  28. You hear that Barcelona? Vermaelen is our captain… let the tapping up begin!

    Seriously, who else could it be? I think TV5 will be a very vocal and commanding captain and Arteta is a great vice captain. Couldn’t agree more.

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  29. Arteta!

    This made me happy :)

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  30. Thomas is rather dreamy too mikel and thomas stood next to rooney and robin van twat no contest

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  31. Fat Man & Robin…….how to make you puke!

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  32. The right man for the Job!!! couldn’t ask for more.

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  33. Oh Captain, My Captain.

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  34. Proud to have Vermaelen on the back of my shirt.

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  35. hope you are not the next captain to leave.long live verminator.

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