Wenger: Defender signing on the agenda


In addition to replacing the outgoing Alex Song, Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he is looking to recruit a defender before the close of the transfer window.

Arsenal have been linked with a host of possible midfielders this summer with Rennes enforcer Yann M’Vila and Real Madrid’s Nuri Sahin both prominently featuring in media gossip columns. While the latter now appears almost certain to sign for the Gunners on an initial loan spell it remains to be seen whether the boss follows up on initial interest on the former.

Speaking about possible additions after Saturday’s draw with Sunderland, the boss conceded that he could bring in two new faces: “We are looking to bring one more midfielder in of course, and maybe one defender as well because we still feel we are short in some positions.”

The confirmation that the club are indeed on the lookout for further defensive cover comes just days after young prospect Kyle Bartley permanently left the club for Swansea. Despite Sebastien Squillaci looking set to leave before September for Olympiakos, the Gunners still have four experienced centre-backs (Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou) on the books with Ignasi Miquel a promising fifth option.

It appears though that the full-back positions, arguably the club’s downfall last year, are still posing Arsene Wenger a headache. Bacary Sagna remains sidelined having twice broken his leg in the last 12 months while youngsters Carl Jenkinson and Kieran Gibbs are still raw talents looking to hone their positional discipline. Andre Santos meanwhile is a cuddly maverick whom the boss appears less and less willing to rely on as a defender; the Brazilian was predominantly deployed on the wing in pre-season.

It seems therefore that there is credence to the claim by Toulouse left-back Cheikh M’Bengue that Arsenal want to sign him. The 24-year-old certainly appears keen on a move to the Premier League and fits the Wenger bill as a comparatively unknown French-Senegalese talent plying his trade in Ligue 1.

We’ll just have to see how things pan out…


    • And please no one that will fook off to the African Cup of Nations!!! Our major issue for years hasn’t necessarily been our best 11, its been the rest of the squad that we have to rely on when we have injuries/absences. If we recruit a first 11 quality defender, I for one will be pretty pissed if he leaves to play in the Africa Cup when we need trophies in England

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      • MAllen…seriously? do you think this blog has an african fan base reading through and who faithfully follow this arseblog gospel? fck off you racist! go and suck you dick! i love african, am african and i respect the AFCON regardless of how many times it takes place!

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    • Rangel was linked of late. Seems like a good shout too. RB/LB cover. 6ft2″, plays for swansea, 29 years old, best defender in the league for one month last season.
      Seems to tick all boxes. Anyways, whoever we sign is likely to cover one of the fullback positions

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    • This Mexes is just 30 YO, slow for the EPL, French, too fat, passed it and no way in hell we would sign player like that.

      Wait a minute, Squad and Silvestre were signed at the same age and level. That is why suddenly and to sign his usual 30 something crap French defender, he has woken up to the fact that we need a defender!!!!!!.

      Still EVEN if we sign THIS Mexes (wage around 100K PW) he can relay on the blind sheep here to defend it just like they always do.

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    • Its more that he is not experienced enough as opposed to not good enough, I think he is fairly promising and has a great cross!

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      • True, which means hes not good enough at the moment,

        A loan spell could be a good option for him. Nice enough lad but this is premier league Arsenal.

        Not Charlton.

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      • In a way, that’s his problem at the moment: When Jenks gets the ball, he WILL cross it, which makes him predictable.

        Gibbs by contrast, can run at people as well as put balls in.

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      • To be fair to him he sould be judged as a defender first, anything else is a bonus. Complaining about him not being about to dribble very well is a laugh isn’t it? Maybe the joke about Wenger turoing Messi into a full back is what you guys want?

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      • Even though he is much better on the ball, I really don’t recall Sagna ever being much of a threat to beat anyone on the dribble or along the touch line.

        Bac consistently crosses as well.

        Jenks will come good, mainly as a fullback’s fullback, not as an attacker. I have a feeling about this.

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      • Jenkinson has a lot of potential as he’s learning as fast as he can.
        we cant stockpile a million of the worlds best fullbacks in case others get injured, we have to work with the team we have, the team we are building.

        i dont know what some people want or expect of our players.
        there are zillions of us who’d love a season ticket and who’d back every player during every game

        its us against the other teams, so stop picking on your own players

        i always found it pathetic how our own ‘fans’ would jeer at almunia while he was in goal – while he was in goal! our goal!
        how the fuck did that help anything?

        next time why dont all you people just take along some rotten fruit and throw it at all our players that you hate – that’ll show ’em good an’ proper!

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    • While I am inclined to defend Jenkinson because he tries his heart out and has made fantastic improvements over the last year, you are right in saying we are unlikely to compete at the very top with him in the team. I can’t see him at United, City or Chelsea as anything other than a promising youngster, which is what he is.

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      • we have to deal a reality that those 3 teams don’t + sagna is our 1st choice right back but he’s not available at the moment

        we cant spend £15-20m on backup right backs

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    • To be fair GoonerBob. The attacking capabilities of a full back are extremely important. Especially in a team like Arsenal. We’re not Stoke.

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  1. Whatever happens until the transfer window end I know he work hard and will do what’s best for us. Wenger knows best.

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  2. You can never have too many fullbacks! And damn im tired of hearing about this m’vila fella. Decent bloke in football manager(and thats propely where most commentators knows him from), but these rumours is just spinning out of control.

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  3. Anyone but Mexes. I’d vote for a right back. Like I mentioned on the other thread does anyone think Tiote will be a good replacement for Song? Pretty sure he isn’t on the radar though.

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    • id go for a left back to be fair, idealy a left back who can cover right back but left firstly because if we move antos to midfield on the left then we lose him there the moment gibbs is unavailable. a dl with decent pace works on both sides will do for cover there, move djourou to back up dm

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  4. One more midfielder. Oeee!
    Piroulskid is perfect strike force.
    Walcott had the opportunity to pass to Podolski who was open in the box, and instead he smashed it into the side. We must sell him to Liverpool for 35million to be part of Liverpools star strike force haha

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    • walcott ‘created’ the opportunity and went for the shot when ‘perhaps’ there was a pass option in there somewhere – it all happened very fast with players closing him down.

      on a previous occasion he created another chance and did pass to poldi, who couldnt connect to it and didnt score

      everyone seems keen to blame walcott for everything but last season he was our 2nd highest scorer, yes? and created a hell of a lot of goals for vp

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    • The ball was in flight and he Poldi was being closed down by defenders. Walcott did the best he could. If his strike had hit the bar or the keeper and rebounded back into the back, all of you would be praising him right now. Would like to see you do better, you twat.

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  5. Well Sahin can play as a full back too. So possibly he is considered cover in the left back position as well as CM signing. I would think the other signing will be right back in the form of Angel Rangel from Swansea.
    Agree with Viks53, Really would hate to see Mexes arrive. That’s the last thing we need.
    Despite the fact the boss thinks we’re covered up top, I really do think we need another forward. Think Poldi will be put to better use out on the left, and Giroud is going to need competition. Marouanne is not that.

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    • Sahin is a DM/CM. He never played full back or left back. Bu he can be a good replacement for Song. Sahin and Podolski are good friends. Watch the video on youtube 😉

      Podolski is original a second striker. In Köln he played as CF last season cause of Novakovic’s injury. I don’t think it’s a good idea to let him play left. He plays left for Germany an I think he’s wasted on the side. But we’ll see.

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      • he played fullback in real madrid’s pre season but that was also against mls teams so take that with a very large grain of salt

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      • Your wrong there jan. sahin has played left back many times including this pre-season. i have even watched him play left back for turkey. he is a better left back than anything we have and is also a better cm than anything we have including wilshire arteta and diaby.

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  6. I really wonder if we need another defender but could see one way we could make use of one extra centre back.
    Call me crazy but I really wouldn’t mind seeing Vermaelen playing the Song position. He would have a bit more freedom to get forward and use his killer left foot and would be able to sit in between midfield and defence and bark orders. Plus he’s strong and would put the shit up the opposition coming into his area.

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    • Has he ever played in a holding midfieldposition? it’s an interesting scenario, but I would be careful to mess with our cleansheet-all-season defence.

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    • My gut is telling me that this is obvious and must happen. So for the sake of objectivity, let’s hear why this isn’t a good idea.

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      • Not sure his passing range is good enough to play that position in this team, he can put in some nice diagonals and his passing is pretty crisp but he wouldn’t be dictating play in any way so might well be wasted in the majority of matches. Nice option to have and against a team like Stoke it’s be nice to have an extra bit of bite (assuming Kozza/Per are free for the CBs spots ofc) but not as a permanent thing imo.

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    • im going to be thumbed down for this i can tell, but i think the verminator is too useful in dc, move djourou to the song position, hes decent but much maligned bear in mind as a dc he IS 4TH choice so we cant expect the 1st choice play we expect from him on no game time, also 1 of his major downsides seems to be his strong tackles in the box, in songs position these instances will be less common and it adds some height to our mid. give him some game time in midfield with a strict defence remit (except for corners) and we should see a much more solid djourou, i mean were paying him arnt we? can we really sell him AND improve our dcs with players who stay happy in 4th choice? and he has been here i forget, 8 years?

      plus u never know he might break shawcross in half for us

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    • We had Bendtner, Chamakh, and crocked RVP for years – almost no strikers. Last season we had Park, Chamakh and RvP – effectlvely 1 striker. Surely you must see Poldi and Giroud as “enough” strikers. You could complain that they are not RVP quality but look around the Prem, who is?
      We have always seemed to score goals; its our defending that has let us down, especially last season. The season before it was goalkeepers, everyone banged on about the need to sign keepers.

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      • of cause he did, if not he would just load the game and try again.

        I think its a good plan though, but i do think Arsenal should buy the deathstar too. Its a midfield destroyer who can really mess you up and would be great against stoke! (don’t tell me i’m more unrealistic than “Faz”)

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    • Probably you are the best player of football manager in the world 🙂 this new 3 midfielders (without defensive one ) will work for sure , and with that theres only penetration question. But with Santi i can see it will do wonders this season. Go Gunners

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      • For once david moyes didn’t use football manager………..or did he?.
        I think he used arsenal, we wanted him, so he’ll want him too.

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    • Hey Faz, I’m surprised you are not the Arsenal manager yet, what’s the board waiting for? Do you need votes – I’ll think about it you know – or Nah!!!!

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    • I think that Wenger should just bypass all of that, make himself a player, set his statistics to maximum, and then play as a box-to-box midfielder. That’s what I’d do.

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      • “Wenger picks up the ball just outside the Arsenal box… He’s certainly light on his feet, for a man who’s over eight feet tall… And he’s off! Good lord, what a turn of speed, eat your heart out Usain Bolt! He’s taking men on, he’s dribbled past three! four! five! My word, it’s like the ball is glued to his feet! He’s one-on-one with the keeper, switches feet, and buries an unstoppable drive, straight into the top-left corner! What a goal! That’s his triple hat-trick, right there…. now it’s Arsenal 11, Barcelona 0… surely the second half of this Champions League final won’t be able to match what we’ve seen in the first!?”.

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      • Gridinho,
        If I dream this as a result of your post, then when I wake up and it isn’t true I shall hate you 🙂

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  8. I thought Gibbs and Jenkinson both did well on Saturday. They are raw, (particularly Jenks) but I think an injury free season, whilst improbable could progress them both into decent attacking full backs. If Wenger can bring them on they could last us for the next ten years, considering they are both apparently loyal gooners.

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    • yes, thought gibbs had a great game, really improved from even a few months ago.
      made some great tackles/interceptions and good attacks

      hopefully all his injury problems behind him now and he can really kick on

      him and gervinho can be a great pairing, gerv did some good tracking back too

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  9. Interesting to hear having given up on vertongscumbag a while back who can play across the back 4, perhaps the rumours of sahko to leave psg will be true or maybe the others about angelo ogbonna (most welcome in my eyes). I agree with the sentiment of Mexes generally not being good enough, too slow I think personally, we bought squillachi in as an experienced cb and look what happened, last in the pecking order, just feel this would repeat with mexes.

    I do hope the midfielder in question is slightly more than sahin, who is talented no question, but I just don’t think he will fill the Song role, however maybe we will see a shift in roles and formation, would love verm in songs old spot or even santos, I think he would probably be ideal. Think back to the city game when he stepped on and put ballotelli in his place, physical-wise he could be fine, stabby tackle could help and lets face it, he then has arteta to cover him when he’s in his support striker role.

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    • @Dat Gunner. Amazing thought! The Verminator could make an excellent defensive mid-fielder. Would’nt it be interesting if Wenger’s brought on another CB and moved Verminator up to midfield in the games that we are winning but need to close out.
      Cheers Mate

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      • scroll up a few post and you might see someone elses “Amazing idea” ;).
        None the less, I absolutely wholeheartedly agree. The Santos idea is good too. He’s a very good stopper/interceptor so would also be able to break up play.

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      • @Merlin. I stand corrected: to you be the glory. We are incredibly crowded in midfield and we could easily use our most creative CB, Verminator, as a defensive midfielder. Santos? I’d prefer him as backup to Gerv on the left, he roams a bit too much for a central role in my humble opinion but the general idea is sterling. Gibbs was/is a winger converted to FB.
        As for strikers, we are just a “determined Walcott” away from a lethal attack force. I think he just needs the hair dryer treatment to deliver the goods more regularly.

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      • mmmmmm delicious glory!…
        Not uncommon for two (or more) people to have the same idea. I’m just being a c*nt as usually.
        I totally agree though. Wenger’s changed players into something else a few times:
        Henry: winger to striker
        Gibbs: winger to left back
        Arteta: attacking midfielder to more defensive midfielder/anchorman
        Judas: support striker/winger to striker/cunt.
        Yennaris: midfielder to right back
        Walcott: kid who can run fast to an occasionally devastating footballer
        Ox: Winger to centre midfielder (although Ox has always said he wanted to be in the middle anyway)

        I’m sure there are more.

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  10. Wenger is on the right track, injuries had been our major problem and Ȋ̝̊ can see he is trying very hard to curb that by strenghtening every department l

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  11. And in other news totts seem to have hit a dead end in their striker search……so much that they want our chamakh on a loan. I would normally laugh but I understand. He’s definetly at their level, a signing of the summer infact!. Go chamakh!.

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  12. A cuddly, maverick joker who occasionally looks decent on the wing but lacks enough positional discipline to be first choice fullback.

    Santos IS the new Eboue.

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    • He doesn’t throw himself to the turf in classic theatrical style to be a proper replacement or Eboue. In fact he waits until somebody actually fouls him before hitting the ground! Shocking behaviour!

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  13. One midfielder and one full back is what Wenger is hinting at. So that means Sahin and that Toulouse guy….So that means we are closing in on those two deals. He hasn’t mentioned a striker but we definitely need one. Chamakh as third choice striker is hardly inspiring….although if he finds the kind of form he had for his first 10months at Arsenal then he could be okay as back up.

    But both Mancs have got quality back ups as strikers and since we are competing with them we need to have quality back up strikers. Wenger could well spring a surprise but I’d be really disappointed if we don’t get another striker. Especially considering the fact that Poldi is still making the transition from a wide player to proper centre forward. Or wait is he planning to keep theo and make him play finally as CF or is OX going to be employed there on some occassions…..Intriguing.

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    • Their quality backup strikers are earning £200,000+ per week. People will accept less games for more money for a year or two, just ask Shaun Wright-Phillips and all the other Chelsea game-watchers from a few years back. But we can’t afford to keep a luxury player like that.

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  14. We need a RB more than we need a LB imo. Gibbs is pretty sound and Santos, while a little unnerving at the best of times, is an experienced Brazil international. Jenkinson and Yennaris are far from sufficient backups for a newly injury-prone Bacary Sagna. Coquelin is probably the best of the three in that position and he’s a DM by trade, which says a lot. Either we sign a versatile defender like Yanga-Mbiwa who can play centre back as well as fuck back OR we go all out on an established full back. Just reiterating that Jenkinson will never be good enough for Arsenal, don’t lie to yourselves hoping for some sort of childhood dream come true story.

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    • My childhood dreams always included a naked lady at the top of an escalator. I still live in hope that they’ll come true, and while I’m at it I’ll continue to hope that Jenkinson grows into the part with each game he gets under his belt.

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  15. A defender and a midfielder Arsene, Mexes will cost nothing but Bendtner, Sahin will cost nothing but Songs and Velas wages for 1 season…Profit profit profit…luvly jubbly

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  16. I know players surnames have no relation to ability, but I really hope we don’t sign any M’vils or M’bils or N’yangs.
    I cant be having an apostrophe on the back of my replica shirt.
    A good ol

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  17. Go for Simon Kjaer Wenger ok he’s preferred position of CB but given the indication he plays right of CB so putting him in the right back position could prove benifical and strengthen that position

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  18. Get this defensive midfielder business out of your heads, one will not be coming. Its outdated, all midfielders will share the defensive and responsibilities.

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  19. Wow didnt expect so much negativity with my post, yes sorry Mirallas signed for everton. Just out of curiosity, what said what so offensive and off puting?

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    • It’s because you sounded like an FM fanboy who thought that winning the sextuple as Bradford acually means anything.

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    • I think it was the “Dear Wenger”. Very patronising that sounded. It doesn’t matter if you meant it to be patronising or not, because as with victims of Mr Suarez, it’s the offended people’s decision whether they are offended or not, even if they choose to be offended on somebody else’s behalf.

      You can shout “Wenger Out!” all you want, and tell people he’s clueless, but you must not patronise him, because even the doubters here recognise that he is, or was, a great coach.

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  20. You are not one of the “in Arsene we trust no matter what” brigade, so you are not entitled to an opinion here. Dont take it personally, its school holiday time

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    • Of course he’s entitled to his opinion, as is everybody so if it’s something a lot of people disagree with they’ll take the radical step of commenting on their disagreement, shocking as that may seem. As the man says, don’t take it personally Faz as anyone who proposes a lot (even though half of what you say is actually happening, in an anchor man coming in and our formation being fluid enough to accomodate a different mix of talents) will always get ridiculed as playing FM, it’s the number of names that do it I think, the implication that it’s as easy as taking one of 4 players and off you go.

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  21. Heh makes sense, just to add ‘In Arsen I Do Trust’ well most of the times =) just voice a fellow gooner fans opinion 🙂

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    • Maybe you should take your own advice and stop doing the same thing over and over again. You’re not funny and not interesting.

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    • Like Posting on the Arseblog under a pathetic “The Board” username and spouting crap again, again, again and again? Yeah these people are insane twunts.

      First time I could see the funny/ironic side of what you were doing, now it’s just moronic – is Le-Grove down or something? (I hope so!)

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    • So I am insane for tossing my coin and expecting it to always come up heads or tails then?

      (Actually I did once have a tossed coin come to a stop standing on it’s edge. The strange thing is that nobody had chosen that, so I had to toss the bloody thing again. I know this undermines my whole smart-arse joke above, but I thought it was so interesting that I just felt compelled to tell you about it).

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  22. And b.t.w guys gibbs was pure awesomeness in the sunderland game. Keep that up and I think our cuddly santos will have to wait just a bit longer. The timing of his tackles was just a joy to watch, dribbling skills = top notch. Just needs to cross a bit more often.

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    • Seemed to be more pro-active than usual too, decisive tackles over shadowing and corralling the attacker seems like a Bould move to me.

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    • No, he was merely “very Good’ If he had been awesome he would have scored. Awesome is reserved for goalscoring full backs. Please don’t overuse it on ones that merely do a thoroughly good job of defending.

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  23. Is it not obvious that jekinson is not that good…he had every opportuinity to surge forward but he didn’t when he did..we all know what he was goin to do..(Cross the ball) he’s not that skillfull like sagna,alves,abate,walker,johnson et al. We need a RB, DM and a CF…but I know wenger wil end up bringing loan player then swap bendtner for mexes

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    • You know that, do you? What are you, Wenger’s gardener?

      Knowing what somebody is going to do isn’t always a problem. If they do it well enough, then knowing isn’t enough to stop it.

      Jenkinson is a decent player. Playing next to Mertesacker or Koscielny will improve the defensive side of his game, and all fullbacks these days need to be able to offer something going forwards. I remember last season when people were saying that Jenks was the best crosser of the ball.

      Call me old-fashioned, but I really dislike the idea of criticising a young player who has only a handful of first-team appearances under his belt. A few years training under Bould, with Sagna to learn from, and he will be solid first-team material.

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    • Don’t go listing players of our opposition that are better than our players. Not only is it a subjective choice, it is the start of a slippery slope into becoming a Man Shitty or Farcelona fan.

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    • you are a troll with L plates on, still learning your troll trade – a little post here, a little post there.
      working your way up to fully grown trolldom

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  24. We’re getting Sahin who can play LB too? I think we need an RB. No offense to Jenkinson but he still has a lot to learn. Not saying he’s not good enough but can’t rely on him for long periods when Sagna is out.

    Eboue is sorely missed. Selling him was a stupid decision IMHO.

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    • selling eboue was stupid? What the f..
      Do you remember Eboue’s last contribution to Arsenal? It was the most stupid penalty ever given to Liverpool in the last 10 seconds of the match.
      If you think Eboue was good, you haven’t really seen him play much.

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    • Eboue’s reputation is growing in his absence.

      I think we need a player who ‘can’ play right back if we decide it is necessary, but actually plays a different position (because who the fuck would come here to be understudy to a reliable guy like Sagna and is better than Jenkinson). Ideally this someone would be a DM or some crazy striker converted from a Right Back because he can shoot holes in goal nets..

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    • He likes a sliding tackle and he can knock people down by running into them without committing a foul. They’re skills we don’t have.

      You realise that another skill we don’t really have now is diving? All our diving cunts left to be other people’s diving cunts. Our current crop are either too innocent, too honest, or just too shit at diving. I think Sahin could bring that skill back to our team. 🙂

      We should get this guy.

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  25. Have you gays(sorry had to do it), seen this photos of this gay(and again).
    The fella makes Micah Richards look positively weedy

    Don’t know if he can actually play football, scary looking fucker though.

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  26. I don’t get the why Jenks is catching stick on this thread. He is not first choice on the team – Sagna is. And besides, I cannot think of any chance Sunderland created up on the right side except early in the game and that is when Mertesacker failed to pick someone up. Aside from that, almost nothing of importance was given away on Jenks’ side.

    And while I do agree he is still raw, he is definitely not without promise.

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    • 100% agreed. Give the guy a break – its the first day of the season and yet half of you are being completely hysterical.
      Same goes for nearly every other player – cheer them on. Are you arsenal supporters or arsenal haters. if the later kindly do one and leave our beloved club to us SUPPORTERS. Rant over.

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      • I blame the referee, He wasn’t biased in our favour even once. What’s the point in playing at home if you give the other team a fair shake? This doesn’t happen to other teams.

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  27. I reckon we most definitely need a filter for every comment that finds it’s way from north africa. Where did all these nigerians sprung from?

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    • Facebook.

      Seriously try one look at an arsenal page or football comments for perfect examples of “ARSNL R D BEST. WE SIGN PLAYER. LOVE NIGERIANS NO.1 FAN” maybe i’m just intolerant but seeing it makes me angry. Why I lurk here, much better to have adults and people who have a higher average spelling/grammer age then 5.

      @Merlin, credit thrown to yoy, just thought I’d stick andre in the mix too, thought the same about both players for a while now, equally think both are better defensively then alex ‘walks back to defend’ song.

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      • Yes you are intolerant. How many Nigerian languages can you speak? Cut the guys some slack. Otherwise, go read your diary Just saying..

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      • …who have a higher average spelling/grammer age then 5.
        I think you probably meant to write
        …who have a higher average spelling/grammar age than 5.

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    • Part of the comment policy is that people should use real English. Most comments that do not are removed.

      That’s still no excuse for your comment though. Banned.

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      • While we’re at it though, do you realise that:

        1) There are a shitload of Nigerians who support Arsenal and would like to have their voices heard.
        2) English is not the only language spoken in Nigeria and therefore you might find people ineptly translating their opinions to a language we can understand it.
        3) Repeat 1 & 2 for all the other countries in which Arsenal support is found.

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    • Speaking as a white boy from the great state of California, I have a lot of African Facebook friends, all based on our common Goonerhood, and I must say I enjoy learning something about a part of the world that’s so different from my own.

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      • in the words of Robert Palmer..’it takes every kind of people’, it does irk me a bit but we have a massive fan base all around the world…we’re all gooners..

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  28. i see capoue (toulouse) few time play and he is so much better than Mvilla and will come for lot of less ..please no Mvilla and even worst Mexes the most overrated French cb of the last 20 years,at this i prefer keeping squillaci than spend a penny on Mexes

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  29. Yanga-mbwia is the defender. he is a superb right back a brilliant left back an outstanding centre back and a fantastic defensive midfielder. he is also a league winning captain at the age of just 21. he will be the ideal player for us. sahin too. then all we need to do is swap one of chamakh park or bendtner for clint dempsey.

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  30. Vermaelen on CDM might work against teams and situation where our main point is keep our own end clean and defending well. Like last fifteen minutes against manchester teams, when we’re up with one goal. Or in a second tier of a champions league qualifiers with home win already in our pockets.
    I don’t see an absolute replacement for Song (m’vila etc.) because I think Wenger is about to change the way we used to play. Team defence is the key for our new fast passing game through midfield, in a way Spain defence. We keep total control of a ball and when we loose it we do everything to get it back. Song might not get in that picture cause he simple ain’t that kind of passer such as Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky or Ramsey. Ofcourse we need someone who break a play when needed but we don’t need a 90 kilos of muscles to do that, Spain got Xabi and Busquets to do that when needed. I think we see a bit of this team defence against Sunderland with Gervinho do nice defending when Gibbs were out of position and also Arshavin did a nice tactical foul in center midfield when he loose a ball to Cattermole, I think. Something we haven’t seen him done last season or couple. I think Wenger and Bould has a good thing going on, so fingers crossed for Sahin deal.

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    • Do you really want us changing our formation at the back when playing the Manchester teams? I wouldn’t take the chance in case we upset the balance and left a hole for the bastards. They’re sneaky and creep through the smallest holes, just like cockroaches.

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    • Has he said sorry yet?

      He may feel sorry for himself, and what might have been, but I haven’t heard him apologise for leaving us in the lurch just as it looked like we were about to get a League-winning side together.

      If he did, I’d still say “fuck him” though, because he was the bloody template for RVPs little surprise.

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  31. So as I said from the start arsenal never really offered song a new contract just made excuses for his sale with their ‘laziness accusations’. Turns out song was dying for a new contract but come rain, come shine he was never gonna get it. Arsenals B.O.D as I said is full of shit.

    ‘Buy one or two players….then……….we just lost money on that deal, let’s sell a team player and get that money back asap!.’

    ——> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/arsenal/9487891/.html

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    • he had contract of 3 years , can you blame them for not offering him a contract rightaway , I am sure they were busy dealing with other stuff like
      Theo contract(2years),
      RvP’s contract(1year)
      buying podolski
      signing cazorla,
      signing giroud,
      offering rvp to juventus,
      beggin juventus to take rvp
      begging psg to buy rvp,
      offering rvp to Blackburn for FREE,
      selling rvp to Manyoo
      ,giving medicals to M’vila since June
      selling vela and ozzy

      Besides giving contracts to players after every 2 years is stupid,Maybe he deserved a new contract for his performance last season ,but his actions were not because of no contract ,it’s because It’s Barca a club every player wants to sit on the bench for

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  32. lets be honest,jenkz is not a player who you expect to put on aperfomance week in week out,i mean that is what affect arsenal for the past 5 seasons,we keep players dat r not wining standard and we know it,or some are gud very gud but lack experience,com on is d EPL remember the pace of the game.wat arsenal need now is two defensive minded midfielderZZ and a center back.or may b llorente too st dont u think

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    • You’re making this up. You haven’t seen Jenkinson play week in, week out, because the first time he was about to do it he got injured. So, you be honest about you personally not rating him on the few times you’ve seen him so far, and “we” will go be honest about something else.

      Oh, and please don’t slip into that txt speak stuff. Makes me feel you’re about to steal my hubcaps and shag my granny, or vice versa.

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  33. I thought Dempsey wanted CL football? Surely he would be good for 10 goals a season and round out the attack nicely? How much would he be with a Bendtner swap? $8 mill?

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    • We haven’t ruled it out.

      If we do sign him I hope we can get him into the squad quicker than last time. I want to see more of him this time around.

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  34. He can play anywhere… and he does a good impression of the Chef from South Park!

    Bring him back… and sign M’vila too.

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  35. i think Dempsey would be a great buy…as good a striker as you will get who will be ok about not playing every game..

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  36. If Sahin really is coming all we really need is M Villa/Capoue and another striker is a must M Baye makes the most sense Wenger allready tried once and no other team has made a better bid for him so I really hope Wenger goes after him one more time.

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  37. It won’t be a centre back I don’t think. A full back definitely, could be right or left but I’m feeling left because I think he wants to play Santos as a left winger. Ideally we would want someone who can play on both sides as cover.
    Good to see Wenger say this Hopefully it’s not another Squid.

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  38. After last night’s performance I think arsenal ought to be looking at Fellaini. He can be a strong defensive midfielder (although he does not seem to be playing that role these days) & can be pushed upfront to provide that plan B when teams like Sunderland are playing with 10 players behind the ball.

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  39. Information has reached me that you people are calling me a cunt, just wait till i catch your wives and girl friends.

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  40. […] 今天再简短聊聊别的。首先,埃弗顿新援凯文-米拉拉斯称自己跟阿森纳有过关于转会更深入的接触,只是为了可以获得更多出场时间而选择了埃弗顿。说得有理,我完全理解,而这暗示了温格确实在考虑签入另外的前锋,即使此前他买人只是要买一个中场和一个后卫。阿森纳跟米拉拉斯、尼昂和其他球员传出流言,这都在暗示温格还想要买入其他前锋。 […]

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