Wilshere 10 as Arsenal update squad numbers


Arsenal have re-jigged the squad numbers for this season in the wake of Robin van Quisling’s departure to Manchester United.

It was expected that Lukas Podolski would take the turncoat’s number but instead Jack Wilshere will wear the number 10 as soon as he’s fit (you may insert your own gag involving MONTH + YEAR IN THE FUTURE).

Podolski will wear 9 while Santi Cazorla takes Wilshere’s old number, 19. Ju Young Park is now number 30 but with the South Korean likely to leave the club before the end of the transfer window we don’t suppose it really makes a great deal of difference.

Meanwhile, the club have confirmed the departure of the Dutch fifth columnist in polite fashion but stopped short of the traditional wishing the player well with his future career.

Compare and contrast that announcement with that of Carlos Vela and it’s clear to see that nobody wishes him well at all. Unless we’re talking about him falling into a wishing well, in which case I wish for that (but not for Sting to record a charity record to raise funds to get him out).

Long live Jack 10, who told Arsenal.com, “It’s such an honour for me. Getting the No 10 shirt again at the Club means so much to me as I wore it all through the youth teams at Arsenal.

“It has a special place for all attacking or creative players. I feel proud to wear it now after some real Club legends have worn it, such as Dennis Bergkamp.

“Now I am even more excited about returning to action and honouring the shirt.”


    • Obviously pissed off having stood by him through an injury blighted career. Still, fuck him.

      Hope they burned any #10 worn by Robin van Purse-ey, and flushed the ashes down a toilet.

      New, freshly minted #10 for King Jack please.

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      • If you want to burn an RvP jersey, buy one of those table cloths with his name on the back and burn that. If you burn a shirt from seasons past, remember that you are burning the Arsenal badge………..

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      • The only time to set fire to An Arsenal number jersey is if van Per$ie is wearing it. Make sure to use petrol or similar accellerant so as to ensure quick complete combustion.

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  1. Arsenal.com confirmed my suspicion that he (yes he) left on a sour note. I don’t wish him well for his future career though.

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      • Here’s the quote: “If RvP hadn’t come out forcibly to Arsenal to tell them he wanted to go to United, it meant the negotiations were really over.”

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    • One song, We only had one song, And now he is gone, But we have FRIMPOnG..

      HE Does to arsenal belong… And he’ll stay here life-long…. So why dont you come along ……..To hear a folk song…..

      RVP and Song….. You both are so wrong…. We’ll show you before long….. We’ll be winning all yearlong !!!

      FRIMPOnG !!!…… He is Soooo strong….. He’s Prong is so Long…… Oh so long !!!

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  2. I had dreamt of a wishere – van persie patnership. But even in my dream they still didn’t go well together. Woke up rvp= cunt explains it!

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    • it will take a gargantuan effort to break that curse, and to be honest i was hoping none of the new boys would take that cursed #9. May the gods of fate protect Podolski on his Arsenal quest.

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    • Here’s to all the curses being broken… the curse of the captain’s arm band, the curse of the number 9… the curse of the number 10? No that’s not a curse, just a stench that’s now been washed out. Oh and the 7 year no trophy curse? Am sorry guys I think I broke a mirror 7 years ago. today… Oops… no worries we good now… I have four rabbits’ feet… Quadruple?

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  3. Does this mean we can look forward to seeing him play in the CAM position? That is his natural position. That would probably mean Ramsey competing with Arteta for the CM position.

    Wilshere’s like a mini Cazorla if you think about it. Can play as CDM, CM, and CAM, with Cazorla good on the wings as well. Wilshere will be a great understudy to him this season. Bergkamp would be proud.

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    • Wilshere’s no mini Cazorla he’s Wilshere,Ramsey’s going to be Cazorla’s understudy,and Wilshere . Arteta’s.Wilshere like Arteta doesn’t force an attack but waits for the right moment to up the tempo and attack.

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      • Ramsey wont be cazorla’s understudy. Rosicky will. in my eyes we now have 2 teams and ramsey isnt in one of them. i am afraid that as it stands he and a few others fall into the 3rd team category.
        sagna mertesacker vermaelen gibbs
        song arteta
        walcott diaby gervinho

        jenkinson djourou koscielny santos
        diaby wilshire
        chamberlain rosicky arshavin

        yennaris squillaci miquel coquelin
        Frimpong eastmond
        lansbury ramsey eisfeld

        hajrovic boateng angha meade
        ebicilio henderson
        watt aneke gnabry

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  4. No doubt he’ll turn into another bitter ex-gunner. Either way, he is now completely irrelevant to my life other than as someone to despise

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    • Although these latest rounds of transfer sagas have made it really difficult for me to put any emotional attachement to an individual footballer… They all seem like such hypocrites… I do LOVE young Jack. He just seems to know what it is to be a Gooner. Hopefully he’ll be the Gunner’s Stevie G (although not such a bad haircut) And end his carrer at the club.

      Pull that #10 jersey on boy, get fit, and tear the premiership a new one!

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  5. It’s been eerily silent about Jack’s fitness status. Not that the rumors are ever right. No news good news?

    The injury-free stretches of Rosicky, Ramsey and the Benedict Arnold (I guess you Brits wouldn’t use that moniker for a turncoat, would you) give me hope that these sagas can come to an end.

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  6. “The Club is pleased to advise that it will replace any 2012/13 replica kit, including ‘Wilshere 19’ or ‘Park 9’, which was purchased from any official Arsenal club outlet or Arsenaldirect.com.”
    HA I wonder how many ‘Park 9’ shirts will be getting replaced

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  7. If Jack was fit last season, he would have been our best player and not that filthy traitor.
    Can’t wait for him to be back to his best.

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  8. So who hasn’t noticed that podolski has one strong back. I mean looks curved into that arsenal shirt. His big shoulders……..
    What did the topic say again?

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  9. Very unlike The Arsenal not to wish him well, even Adebayor and nasri got that I think.

    Jw gets No 10, that tells us where Arsene see’s him playing perhaps.

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  10. Oh and according to Graham Hunter, the cunt and his people started winking at United as far back as January. Whilst we were singing his name he was engineering his move away.

    What a FRAUD!

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    • When was that game where Arshavin came on for the Ox and he mouthed “Noooooooo!”? I reckon that’s when he started making flutters at Fergs…

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  11. Miguel…Wenger said today that Wilshire is running and will be in full training within 4 weeks, Rosicky and Sagna too, and Frimpong ahead of schedule in 3 weeks. Feels good to be able to contribute something positive

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  12. Now i can have my jersey with the favourite number and favourite player’s name on mother earth at the back. CYG!!!

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  13. Wilshere 10 is probably the safest shirt investment in the world… i reckon the buyer will get about 15 outta that bad boy!

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  14. I still prefer to think RVP’s agent goofed and Manure were the only ones who’d actually take him. He made eyes at everyone but got the haggard toothless miserable northern bint to go home with at the end of the evening.

    I actually do wish him well. He was a decent player for us and gave us several memorable moments. He was our top scorrer three out of eight seasons and will retire as one of the best players never to have won a league title. That’s sad. And he will have to watch as Tommy Vermaelen lifts the Premier League Trophy instead of him.

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    • Curses on everybody who plays for manure at the Old Toilet.
      I wish van Persie ill luck, lots of missed opportunities and the bitter taste of defeat during and after EVERY game.

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  15. It’s good to hear from Wilshere. After being silent for so long I was beginning to think the worst.

    I also liked the part ” real Club legends have worn it, such as Dennis Bergkamp.”

    Such a shame that the previous owner of the no10 shirt could have been regarded in the same bracket as DB10 but now he’ll only be remembered as a traitor.

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    • Yeah, it was a brilliant comment from Wilshere. He’s probably as pissed off at RVP as we all are and regards him as a traitor too.

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  16. Tsk… tsk… tsk…. Giving the best present that can be given in one`s Arsenal career to a supremely talented boy at the age of 19 is far from good management mates. Even more so when he`s surrounded by much more experienced footballers who he should be taking and learing from.

    This is not a rant, i`m actually whispering and shaking my head here.

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    • This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve read today and that’s saying something as I read that Arsenal were going to finish 9th by one comment on the BBC football predictions page.

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  17. I seem to remember another player switching from #19 to #10 for his boyhood club after the “star” #10 had just left. That player’s name, is Lionel Messi.

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  18. Jack is the only one who deserves the #10 in my opinion. Wish him a speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see him play.

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  19. “The Club is pleased to advise that it will replace any 2012/13 replica kit, including ‘Wilshere 19’ or ‘Park 9’, which was purchased from any official Arsenal club outlet or Arsenaldirect.com……..”

    Bet they haven’t sold many “Park 9” !

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  20. Gotta love the detail in Wilshere announcement: I feel proud to wear it now after some REAL Club legends have worn it, such as Dennis Bergkamp.

    Just love that detail.

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  21. I’ve been waiting for this piece of news for like 3 years which means that I can finally get my first Arsenal jersey at long fucking last.

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    • I like that picture. Van twatty’s smile looks uncomfortable and fake and fergie looks like a right pathetic old codger in that stupid hat. They deserve eachother and I couldn’t be more pleased that we’re rid of the snake. We hooked a bad apple from the barrel today and became stronger for it. Onwards and upwards folks, can’t wait.

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  22. I guess we can look forward to Podolski being decapitated on a blade of grass now.

    I was looking forward to seeing him play at least one season… 🙁

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  23. I really hope Jack comes back well…all this pressure that is thrown on him by us and England makes me worried. Come on Jacky!

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  24. “I feel proud to wear it now [No 10 shirt] after some real Club legends have worn it, such as Dennis Bergkamp.”… Jack Wilshere on being give the number 10 shirt!
    That’s what am fucking talking about! Get in there!! Gota love this lad…he will be massive once he gets back! COYGs!!!

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  25. I see that on the clu website ” The Club is pleased to advise that it will replace any 2012/13 replica kit, including ‘Wilshere 19’ or ‘Park 9’, which was purchased from any official Arsenal club outlet or Arsenaldirect.com.”

    I pity the fool who ever bought a Park 9 jersey !

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  26. Iv’e never been so depressed on the eve of a new season.

    We’ve just sold our best player and captain to one of our bitterest enemies; our best defensive midfielder is about to go too; and we have a culture and set-up that puts money before success. The mission for Wenger is to finish fourth – everybody knows that we have absolutely no chance of winning the Premier League.

    I just can’t see a future for this club while Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke remain in control of our club.

    Isn’t it time for a change – like Usmanov?

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    • I’ve never been so excited on the eve of a season

      We’ve just bought a top German striker, the top scorer in France and the best midfielder in Spain outside of Barca and Madrid. We’ve also shown the door to players who put greed and their egos before the club; and we have a culture that ensures our future when the oil money is not there. The mission for Wenger is to win trophies like every year but only one team can win them, this year it will be us.

      I just can’t see my penis cos i’m so fat.

      Isn’t it time for a chocolate bar – like a kit kat?

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    • Fat Gooner,

      I agree, it’s time for new ownership.

      How many more stars will we lose? Revolving door never stops …

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    • Fatgooner, I hope that when we win the league, you don’t actually celebrate. You’ve got to be the most depressing Arsenal fan I’ve ever seen. Jesus… You make Nicolas Anelka look like the happiest guy in the world.

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    • Sure, Fats. It’s time for a change. Time for you and the hornet to get lost!

      Geez, you would be whining about the club’s ambition if the tea lady left!

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    • FatGooner, why don’t you listen to what the little boy inside you is saying, and go become a Man U fan? Once Song goes, you’re the only remaining negative influence at the club, and you already live in the right place (i.e. not Manchester).

      We’ll listen to any offers over one pie.

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  27. “It has a special place for all attacking or creative players. I feel proud to wear it now after some real Club legends have worn it, such as Dennis Bergkamp.”
    “real Club legends have worn it, such as Dennis Bergkamp.”
    A dig at RVP perhaps?

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  28. Notice how Jackie Boy says, ‘I feel proud to wear it now after some real Club legends have worn it, such as Dennis Bergkamp,’ and refrains from mentioning RVP.


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  29. Thank fuck Cazorla isn’t a pin-up signing. I was worrying that we’d forgotten our history of always having the ugliest squad in the league. After the signing of Giroud, I’m assuming Bouldy put his foot down and threatened to bring in Keown as his assistant.

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    • I wish. Keown is the only sensible pundit around at the moment, who actually comes across as knowing what he’s talking about. He’s be a great ex-player to have on the coaching staff

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  30. Now, this is off topic but i just saw on espn “former arsenal STAR Fran Merida urges Alex Song to join Barcelona” Fran Merida! Arsenal Star! WTF??? i never cease to marvel at the extent the media goes to undermine Arenal.

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  31. Walcott retaining 14, what’s going on with his contract? I have invested too much heartache into his football education, watching him run it into touch, to see him swan off for free next summer.

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  32. I would have preferred Wilshere over Podolski for the number 10 shirt as he is Arsenal through and through and is going to be at the club for a long time (will captain it as well). He is English as well, haven’t had a local player wear number 10 for awhile.

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  33. Fuck persie,fuck bartley,fuck song all u money fuckers fuck u too.i bet with my cock that w r on a trophy train,nothin is stoppin us,wenger has done well signin magnificient lads,in persons of carzola,podolski,giroud, sahin,kai!wt more can i say,this time around positions ll be keenly contested for,its trohpy time,a blessed season,sorry u cunty vp,u’ll always live in regrets,sunderland pls do get a basket for ur goals,no mercy!!3-o

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    • Bartley? Who goes from Arsenal to Swansea to get more money? It was pretty apparent that he’d be a 5/6th choice CB used for only emergencies and league cup games down the road. We don’t need him, he was nothing special in his loan spells. Swansea is a great move for him, he’ll get much more opportunities to play, unlike Song if he goes to Barca

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  34. Mercenary whores
    Mercenary whores!
    Nasri, Van Persie
    and Adebayour!

    Arsene Wenger’s magic
    He wears a magic hat
    When Robin tried to rock the boat
    He said “Fuck Off Then You Twat!”

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  35. Song a done deal apparently. Announcement soon.

    AFC trying heard to bring Sahin in. Sounds good if they pull it off !

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  36. Dear fatgooner,I am mildly concerned about your welfare but have a solution that will not only help you with your depression but will help many others with theirs-lock yourself in a dark room with NO INTERNET ACCESS.
    Problem solved,cheers.

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  37. He said utd breath football what a wanker, I’ve found my perfect match, ye with a load of fellow cunts, hopefully he the main man on the AON adds like micheal owen after he’s fucking injured the horrible dirty judas wankbag, sickining to see that rag on him with purple nose beside him, good riddance you cunt

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  38. On a side note, I hear Podolski wanted the #10 shirt but then stepped aside and said Wilshere was more entitled then he was to wearing it.

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  39. And this is why I always when buying my Arsenal shirt go with the mainstay…..the man, an Arsenal man….the number never changes.

    Its the number 3. Best wishes Bacs, get back soon buddy we need you asap.

    Rock on Gunners.

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