Monday, September 22, 2014
Arsenal v Ch*lsea – stat pack and Paddy Power betting preview

Arsenal v Ch*lsea – stat pack and Paddy Power betting preview

As always our good friends at have provided us with another one of their fantastic Premier League infographics, ahead of our game against the not at all racist or condoning of racism lot tomorrow.

Click on the image below to expand it and have our statty motherload shot all over your eyeballs.

Paddy Power Arseblog betting

Selected odds:

Arsenal win – 13/10
Chelsea win – 11/5
Draw – 9/4

First goalscorer: Lukas Podolski 6/1 – Olivier Giroud 13/2 – Theo Walcott 11/1 – Thomas Vermaelen 25/1

Money back special: If Lukas Podolski scores the last goal, Paddy Power refund all losing first/last goalscorer, correct score & scorecast singles on the match

Remember, if you haven’t got a Paddy Power account, simply click here to register and as a special offer, if you bet £10 first time, you get a free £20 bet.

Make it so.



  1. Come on, 6-1 victory

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  2. I think we will win this game tomorrow as i feel the way we are playing right now will be too much for Chelsea. I honestly believe we will win this game. Anytime we played chelsea and they won it’s mainly coz they overpowered us. Drogba is gone now and torres now is well…fucking shit. Arsenal!

    And matteo has ofcourse brought his troops together…….this time it’s not a bus it’s a friggin submarine!. Abramovich provided the funds.

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    • I am hoping to see CSKA Fulham come to try to out-football us. I have no doubt they won’t and we’ll have to continue our possession game with impressive defending against counter-attacks but it would be brilliant, with this being their first real test of the season, to see them utterly schooled.

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  3. Or a 6-0 victory. Bould will have words with you. Where did that one goal come from?…..*death stare!*

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  4. All bets in for a john terry slip!!?

    Should have put that up blogs, coz come rain, come shine this cunt will slip!

    Or vermaeleen to elbow him on the head!
    Or diaby to……..ahhh I hate this terry, forget it

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  5. yeah, I think playing Terry is going to be a huge liability for them. Curious to see how we line up at CF/RW….really think we’re going to boss it in midfield and Hazard will be quiet. 2-0 to the gunners?

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  6. That awkward moment when you are at the emirates watching the game and usmanov is sitting next to everyone!

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  7. On this day 16 years ago, Arsene Wenger was appointed as Arsenal manager. *RESPECT*

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  8. people, i need help. any idea where to watch Arsenal games in Istanbul? looking for a pub, preferably.

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  9. I actually expect JT to play reasonably well. He seems to have a knack in playing better the larger the cloud of scandal that surrounds him.

    Best guess, I think 1-0 to the Arsenal sounds about right. I pick Cazorla as the goal scorer, but maybe Diaby.

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    • don’t call him JT. Just call him “the racist cunt”, or something like that, yeh?
      Next you’ll be calling Fat Frank “Lamps” or something.

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  10. Any suggestions for a Gooner pub in Singapore? I clearly didn’t think my relocation through thoroughly enough…!

    P.s. Arsenal 4 – 2 with a penalty and a red card in the game somewhere

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  11. I have a few quid on us to beat them tomorrow, but it won’t be easy as I’m sure they will park the bus big style. But I’m very confident we will take all 3 points, i predict one of Carzola’s screamers from distance finally hitting the back of the net.


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  12. It should be a criminal offence to have our handsome players be made to look at chelski’s hideous faces for 90 minutes

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  13. Read online today Arsene made one of Beckhams childeren a Gooner. He’s got good taste

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  14. For u guys stuck in istanbul and singapore. If u have wifi, which u clearly do)…then have a look at
    Download sopcast if needed. It all works brilliantly.

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    • yeah, i know that, but i’d still prefer to watch it on tv somewhere, with a pint at hand whenever we score against the cska fulham. :)

      thanks anyway!

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  15. I’m a massive, cynical bastard. So I’ll go with 2 – 0 to the Arsenal.

    Need a win here lads. Let’s go.

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  16. On a different note, happy 28th birthday to Per Mertesacker!

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    • Maybe he’ll get his first goal today and do the 360 mert celebration, that would be a classic

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  17. This was posted in another thread by another Arseblog reader but I absolutely had to repost it. Beautiful video on Arteta. Every should watch:

    Thanks to whoever did this!

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