Dinamo Moscow confirm Arshavin snub


Andrey Arshavin looks set to stay at Arsenal for the rest of the year with reports circling that he has rejected a deadline day approach from Russian side Dinamo Moscow.

While former club Zenit St Petersburg appear to have opted against offering the 31-year-old a permanent contract, it appears Dan Petrescu’s Dinamo Moscow did approach the midfielder only for him to rebuff their advances.

Speaking this afternoon, the former-Chelsea defender confirmed:

“Yes, I wanted to add this player to the team. But Andrei said no to Dinamo.”

Arshavin has spoken in the past about returning to his homeland, but has stressed on more than one occasion that he would only do so to play for his beloved Zenit.

There have also been suggestions that the diminutive winger is more than happy to stay in England, even if that means sitting on the Arsenal bench, as he’s eager to secure British citizenship for his children.

While Arsenal might well have been happy to have Arshavin off the books from a financial standpoint, Arsene Wenger will likely be pleased that he can call on the Russian should injuries hit later in the season.

It’s worth pointing out that the Russian transfer window does not close until tonight, so this situation could still change…


    • Zenit’cost €80M to buy both Hulk and
      Witsel but want sign Arshavin for free. It is obviously a joke. Someone slap them right in the face please.

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  1. This is very good news. Yes he has been a bit of a lazy owl on occasion but the fact remains he is a quality player and will add depth to our squad. If Santi was to get injured (heaven forbid!) it would mean he could play in his preferred position as opposed to out wide, meaning he would be far more beneficial to the team.

    Good times.

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    • Correction Bearded One: Arshavin was a quality player. He has not performed since Russia missed out on the World Cup finals. He won’t put in much energy. He will lose the ball. He won’t run back. etc
      I have a soft spot for Arshavin and I will never be as verbally abusive of him as I have some of the time wasters that we have culled from our squad (Eboue, Ade, Nasri, etc). I will always think of Arshavin with genuine warmth but I would rather see one of our youngsters, inexperienced but willing to bust a gut in the honour of being called upon to be an Arsenal player than to have Arshavin trot around on the pitch.
      It speaks volumes that no Premier League club has offered to take him on loan or has tried to buy him.
      A sad case of his poor attitude triumphing to the detriment of his considerable aptitude

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    • This! I think Arshavin would run riot in that role, with relatively little defensive duties and the license to stay forward when the other team has the ball. He and Santi are almost the same player when he’s motivated.

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    • no, not anymore. he’s lost everything he used to have, and who knows why. probably a fat paypacket and too much caviar and stilton.

      on his day he was an unpredictable, delightfully creative and skillful player. on his day. i await to be proven wrong, i really do, because he definitely has/had the potential. with hindsight, it makes me wonder why such a player doesn’t manage to get a move to a “major league” a bit younger.

      after only three games, and looking at the work rate of the entire team so far this season, i don’t think he could pull his weight and keep the fans satisfied. i would really, really love to be disproven, because, for me he has bags of ability, and is actually a really nice, funny character, and a benefit to the team in that respect. right now he lacks desire, direction and fitness.

      “adding depth” means challenging for a first team place, not just having a name on the bench (berbatov just fucked off to fulham ffs, but h possesses qualities not too dissimilar to…). arshavin doesn’t really fit that bill, if we’re being honest with ourselves.

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    • In his preferred position? well for russia arsenal and zenit he has 99% of the time played on the left of a front 3 or on the left of of attacking midfield. i just dont know where everyone gets this idea that arshavin plays somewhere else. Even his greatest ever match for us at anfield he played out wide. No the fact is arshavin is no longer the player he was before he first came here. he has gradually declined and unless he has a complete fitness overhaul and a change of mindset he will never recapture those past glories. That said if he is happy enough to give a shot from the bench there is no one better currently outside of the first team squad and we cannot bring anyone in. so keep him till january until we can replace him.

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      • I’ll say that as diplomatically as possible: you’re completely wrong. When Arshavin came to prominence for Zenit, he played in the advanced midfield role (a/k/a “the creator” role) behind Kerzhakov. He played in the same position when Russian made the semis of the Euros in 2008. Heck, even in this year’s Euros Arshavin played in that position in the centre of the park. Only at Arsenal has Wenger shunted him out to the left.

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      • With all due respect its you thats wrong. Take a rerun of the euros and of zenits success in the uefa cup. sure he played a creator role but not centrally it has always been on the left cutting in.

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  2. He was on the bench against Barcelona (2-1 @emirates) wasnt he? I dont mind that kind of a cameo once in a while in a big game…

    U hear that Arseblog – same could go for Walcott as well – even though Arseblog wants him out

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    • “once in a while in a big game” won’t win a thing. playing stoke or sunderland or norwich or bolton or villa or whoeverthefuck fc aren’t big games, but they’re the games we need to win every time.

      get real.

      arshavin and walcott are useful players, but they’re not consistent. however, walcott’s young and i think he has room to improve. a lot. and i still think he can.

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    • Maybe Zenit is the same for him as Arsenal is for Henry.i respect that and he was looking good when he came of the bench against sunderland.
      And yeah we all crave about him coming into games where we lack goal and all of a sudden change that but i say he can be used as a striker too if we ever have shortcomings over there he times his run as perfectly as he times his through balls.

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      • Arshavin has said in the past that he would only play for Zenit if he went back to Russia, and he doesn’t need to pay off his credit cards and shit like RVP, so I’m not surprised he said no. Who knows, if he really wants to get back into the national side Arsenal might end up with a motivated player again! It could happen you know…

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  3. Not bad news, really. If we get to February and Cazorla, Wilshere, and, say, Gervinho are on the injury table, Arshavin isn’t a bad back-up to have. That said, why doesn’t the little bugger just get in shape and put some bloody effort in!? There’s still a magician in there somewhere…

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    • “There’s still a magician in there somewhere…”

      [Imagines bloke in black cape looking awfully surprised, having just pulled an overweight meerkat out of his top hat rather than the rabbit he was expecting.]

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  4. Knowing our luck with injuries it would be good to have a player like Arshavin around. I actually think he would link well with Cazorla. And we could also give him a chance in the league cup. He certainly looks fitter compared to the 2 previous seasons.

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  5. Kinda happy to have him around if I’m being honest, he’s one hell of a player to have on the bench even as a deterrent, no-body knows if he comes on exactly what will happen, probably not even himself. A bit of mercurial talent coming on late in a game can be devastating and with HIM gone, a bit more experience in the final 3rd is welcome too, I’d expect to see him deployed more centrally as that’s where he played pre-season and against Sunderland iirc, so less defensive responsibility but more license to roam.

    Ofc, he might just sit on the bench all season and keep his local takeaways in business but if he can pass on a bit of *good* advice to the youngsters like Gnabry who are knocking around and serve as an example as to why they need to stay in shape, that might be worth it too.

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  6. What is the meaning of the last paragaph in the article
    “While Arsenal might well have been happy to have Arshavin OFF THE BOOKS from a FINANCIAL standpoint, Arsene Wenger will likely be pleased that he can call on the Russian should injuries hit later in the season.”
    Does that mean we dont ahve to pay him his salary of 80K or am i missing something or the author of this article wrote it wrongly?
    Pls clarify

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    • Basically it would be a win-win situation whatever happened. We either got rid of him and lowered our wage bill as we wouldn’t be paying him anymore, or we kept an experienced international footballer to add depth to our squad… whilst obviously paying him.

      Hope that helps.

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  7. Only reason he’s staying here is because his wife doesn’t want to leave the uk.
    He can pick up his money do fuck all and happy days for him at home.

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  8. As others have already pointed out, this isn’t such bad news. It’s not like we need to get him off our books right now to make room for new transfers in. He can still offer something special, and from my point of view, he looks less chubby than he did last year, and looked sharper in pre-season than last, especially when played centrally. With Rosicky injured indefinitely, and Diaby soon to be injured, having a midfielder / forward of Arshavin’s quality in the squad is pretty nice, actually.

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  9. Fuckin hell Arshavin. The reports that Juve have told Bendtner he’s too fat softened the blow a bit but still…. why can’t we get rid of him?

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  11. I understand his kids have to study in England for 9 years and above to get dual citizenship, he is not leaving London. It’s either he performs better this season and get a new 2 year contract or underperform and choose QPR next season.

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  12. Maybe this year Arshavin will have a re-emergence, a la Rosicky from last year. I hope so, glad he stayed and hope he has a part to play in whatever trophies we end up winning this year.

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