Giroud: Arsenal fans are extraordinary


Olivier Giroud has hailed Arsenal fans for their support of the team after 60,000 packed the Emirates for a Capital One Cup game against League One side Coventry.

While other teams in the Premier League are having trouble selling out Champions League fixtures, with some having to take out advertising in local pamphlets to try and move tickets, the Gunners play to a full house week in, week out and that’s something the Frenchman took note of.

“The supporters were behind us and behind me,” he said. “There were 60,000 spectators for a League Cup match. I find that extraordinary. It’s not like that in every stadium.”

After scoring his first goal for Arsenal, the Frenchman admits some of the pressure is off and he’s hoping it’ll be the first of many for his new club.

“This goal has taken the pressure off me. It’s done, I have my first goal. But it has to be the start of a beautiful adventure,” he said.

“Even unconsciously I was thinking about this first goal. I tried not to think about it but my family, friends and a lot of people were talking to me about it.

“For a striker, it’s always good to find the net again. I have an assist already this season but it’s not like a goal. For a striker, it’s important for the confidence. I hope many more will follow.”

With Chelsea coming to town tomorrow, Giroud also wants to see the Gunners to continue their fine start to the season but knows that it’s early days just yet.

“The start of the season has been very positive – we need to build on that,” he said. “I feel the players are serene. We’re not getting carried away, we know it’s just the start of the season and everything goes very quick in football.

“We are still unbeaten and it’s very good. We are not conceding many goals and we score a lot so it’s very good.

“We will face a big team on Saturday, Chelsea, after a very good performance at Man City. It will be interesting to see how the team copes.”

Arseblog News hopes we cope Chelsea right in their stupid faces and that the HFB (Handsome French Bloke) gets another one. Or two. Or even three. We’re not greedy.


    • I’m told the racist twat will still be involved in tmr’s game as the ban is suspended until he decides if he wants to appeal it, no?

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      • That’s right, he can appeal the ban within 14 days and it will be suspended till the appeal is heard.
        I really don’t care anyway, rather, I am looking forward to another JT slip-and-goal. By Giroud this time, of course.

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      • I hope Terry does play! He’s a fuckin’ liability to their defense. I think Wenger will choose a line-up that will run them ragged. Their back 4 & Cech will be subject to an Arsenal firing squad!

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    • For anyone going to the game against the chavs I think we need a new tune for that racist cunt when he plays:
      It’s never your fault
      It’s never your fault
      oh john t***y
      It’s never his fault
      forever a cunt
      forever a cunt
      oh john t***y
      forever a cunt

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    • What about me? Surely I’m The Sexiest Striker That Ever Lived.
      Even if Giroud was wearing some of my Bendtner Jewellery, he still wouldn’t look as fine as me.

      By the way, you can all find my Bendtner jewellery at

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      • Nick, when I last saw you during your announcement at Juve, I thought you looked like a Bond villain- this is what a rugged hero looks like, take notes!

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  1. Its farcical that the Ligue 1’s top scorer and champion has to justify not scoring his first goal in what, 5 starts? Surely it is understood that in a team like Arsenal which hardly plays to the strengths of the target man that Giroud is, some adaptation time is needed? The Telegraph report was absolutely horrendous “Giroud scores to save faltering reputation.” Faltering reputation, indeed, another product of the tabloid media.
    I don’t know, but Giroud genuinely excites me. He showed he can finish calmly and is very good at picking assists. He is a physical powerhouse and is reasonably quick for his size. I can’t wait for him to start scoring with some frequency, I have a feeling he will be a joy to watch.

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    • i love the way the newspapers love us so, makes me feel kinda warm inside 😉

      cant wait to see Steven Howard eat his words at the end of the season!!

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    • I read the most flattering match report I have ever seen in national media the other day. The Times’ report of our Carling Cup win was the sort of thing you’d write if you were scrpiting the game yourself. Of course, they also referred to the City game as a drab draw which highlighted both teams’ frailties. I actually found the complimentery write-up more disconcerting. If it were up to me, every match would be set up like the Sp*rs game last season.

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    • Spot on. Also sky sports news said, when showing the highlights of the COC, that him missing the penalty would raise questions about him again. Which is ridiculous, it’s not like he ballooned the penalty. It was quite well struck and unlucky, compared to what I thought it would be after reading about it

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    • Lovely comment. For sure there is anti-Arsenal sentiment in the media and often the value judgements made against our players are far from congruent with reality. And I say this objectively, aware that as a Gooner I am at risk of having a ‘persecuted’, Arsenal-centric bias.

      Additionally – I’m not sure if this was inadvertent or intentional – but labelling the Telegraph ‘tabloid’ made my day 🙂 they fall into that category in my book (owing to their propensity to be reactionary bigots) but they consider themselves a broadsheet… For this sir, I salute you

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    • Lovely comment. For sure there is prominent anti-Arsenal sentiment in the media and often the value judgements made against our players are far from congruent with reality. It took esteemed previous Gunners (henry, bergkamp etc) longer than 5 games to score their first goal and no one would dream of tarnishing their reputation. And I say this objectively, having observed the press/punditry for many years now, reading from multiple sources over time to get a balanced view, aware that as a Gooner I am at risk of having a ‘persecuted’, Arsenal-centric bias.

      Additionally – I’m not sure if this was inadvertent or intentional – but labelling the Telegraph ‘tabloid’ made my day 🙂 they fall into that category in my book (owing to their propensity to be reactionary bigots) but they consider themselves a broadsheet… For this sir, I salute you

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  2. Last year we were criticized cause our striker scored a lot of goals.

    This year we’re being criticized because our striker apparently isn’t scoring as much goals.

    I give up.

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    • I know, right? Olivier holds up and has fed his teammates well. I’m not disappointed in him in the least. He also gives us a very marketable face for public relations! lol!

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  3. I would suggest you to flatter us through your goal scoring rather than your talking.
    No doubt he is a good player, but I just think he is not up for the big games.
    Gervinho too was oozing confidence before we played City where he arguably missed a sitter and also had a great chance right at the death.He looked a bit hurried,possibly because of the opposition. I hope he scores against Chelsea.

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    • I understand you’re only trying to be modest but I don’t think it’s needed in this case. First you judge gervinho after one game and forget his latter stand out perfomances, second giroud has scored one goal, led to many others due to his intelligent movement in the box and also has provided assists for two others (essentially montpellier). Confidence grows my friend he’ll soon be off to flyer. Then you’ll ofcourse crawl back under your shell.

      And why is it you hate his flatter talk?, he’s a new fella at a new club, he has to talk about something!.

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    • The sad thing isn’t that you wrote this drivel, it’s that somebody actually liked it. You have a friend. Lucky you.

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  4. Just reading the name Steven Howard makes me want to punch him, don’t think I’ve ever read a positive article from him about Arsenal

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  5. I thought Giroud was slow in the Liverpool game but against Cov he looked fairly spritely.

    No one really mentioned the missed pen though. That cost me and friend over £1500

    We had 7-1 @ 80/1

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    • Don’t start blaming Giroud and finding fault with him just because your bet failed. He didn’t miss the penalty at all. His shot was good, and it was on target, but their goalkeeper made the right choice and pulled off a fine save.

      Blame their goalkeeper for not being as useless as you clearly thought he would be by going for an absolutely ridiculous scoreline of 7-1 when you could have gone for the infinitely more sensible bet of 6-1. 🙂

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  6. Here’s to hoping wenger gives me some 90 minutes quality time with giroud this saturday. I think i need to get further acquinted with this fella……I know i’ll like him.

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    • Cazorla: Aerial duels won = 2.

      If you were a professional footballer, and Cazorla beats you with the ball at his feet, then fair enough…but losing a header against him?

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      • What is more surprising is he won both aerial duels against Crouch, when we played Stoke!!!

        Ok i made it up! But just imagine lol 😉

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  7. I wrote a poem about my beloved Arsenal. hope arseblog will publish it.

    Arsenal means harmony through
    the victories & losses. It is
    yesterday’s history, today’s
    present and tomorrow’s future. It is something you
    do not
    understand until you belong. It is
    the frustration and joy, hope and
    Arsenal is tears shed and smiles
    shared. It is doing the best to overcome the rest.
    Arsenal is
    Henry, Bergkamp & Adams. It is
    Bastin, James and Chapman. It is
    not the victory, it is the effort. It
    is not the TROPHY, it is the
    honour. It is the voice of millions of fans. Arsenal
    is everywhere
    and it is no one. It is those who
    make it a part of their loves. It is
    football and it is art. It is eleven
    people who do not give up. It is
    your heart and soul in one.. Arsenal is pride of the
    cannon on your chest that will
    never subside. Arsenal is the
    sixpence paid by 15 men 125
    years ago. Arsenal is forever forward.
    This is more than just a football
    club to me. It is a way of life, it is
    a reason to keep my head up
    Arsenal is something I still don’t have enough
    words for..FOREVER ARSENAL

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  8. andby season, they will be spoiled for who of the players we shall be selling. bla bla….arsenal shall not win it again next season if they sell giroud or ox, or santi, or gibbs or whoever, until they close their tabloids..haha!!!!

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  9. Wenger now has to show some common sense by dropping Gervinho and starting with Giroud against Chelsea. We can’t afford to carry a player who needs five good chances to score a goal.

    And the Ox should start too. I want to see him, Poldolski and Carzola as the three behind Giroud. With that fire-power we should see off the racist cunt and his mates.

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    • That is a fantastic wind-up by Walcott. Let’s hope he can back it up by making Cuntley Cash look like a pensioner while Giroud is busy showing the world what a has-been John Teary has become.

      I don’t remember or give a fuck about which Blue Cunt plays at Right Back or I’d have made a similar “in Podolski’s Pocket” statement about him too…. Oh, I just did 🙂

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  10. Anybody else slightly amused by how quickly Giroud mug was put to work modelling arsenal related gear, polos(check), sweater(check), winter coats(check).

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