Gazidis: Arsene is completely in charge of spending


Ivan Gazidis has again stressed that Arsene Wenger has funds available to spend on player acquisition, but made clear that the manager does as he pleases without pressure from the board.

Apparently eager to play down suggestions that the Frenchman is being restricted from using the club’s full financial resources, the CEO stated:

“I want to be clear that the money we generate is available to our manager, Arsène Wenger, and that he quite rightly makes the decisions regarding how to invest those funds based on his extensive football knowledge, experience and judgement.

“Over the years, his decisions and his management have propelled us to the top of the game in Europe (currently ranked 6th by UEFA) while playing some of the most attractive football in the world.”

Defending the club’s policy of spending what it earns, and indeed the manner in which it seemingly stock piles cash, Gazidis forcefully stated the case for fiscal responsibility while highlighting the dangers of being drawn into an arms-race with rivals whose respective budgets appears limitless.

“We have faced criticism for sticking to our philosophy of living sustainably within our financial means rather than reaching out for a quick fix injection of money to solve all our supposed problems. But how much is enough to outspend others who have seemingly limitless means?

“We can and will forge our own path to success and avoid the many examples of clubs across Europe struggling for their very survival after chasing the dream and spending beyond their means.

“Football is moving powerfully in our direction. This season is the first in which UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (“FFP”) regulations come into effect. These regulations have support from all the leading clubs in Europe and UEFA have assured clubs that the rules will be implemented rigorously.

“I believe there is already evidence of changing behaviour from many clubs and this is good for football.”

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