Sagna speaks. Panic ensues.


Bacary Sagna says he’s absolutely flabbergasted that Arsenal have sold Alex Song and stressed he’s so miffed by Arsene Wenger’s decision that he’s planning to hand in a transfer request tomorrow before pushing through a move to ‘dream club’ Tottenham Hotspur.

The French international was also filmed taking his irritation out on a beautiful new-born kitten…but for your own sake we won’t go into the details. It’s too gruesome.

If you read Twitter this morning you’d be forgiven for believing the above to be true. In fact you’re probably panic buying baked beans and bunkering down before the apocalypse and reading this in the dark using a feint 3G signal on your iPhone.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Perhaps some herbal tea will help. Maybe run a hot bath and use those funny soap balls your girlfriend or mum buys from the Body Shop.

The end of the world is not nigh.

What do we know? Well, Bacary Sagna has spoken to L’Equipe about all manner of subjects – his fitness, his aims to break into the French team again, his desire to taste success and his reaction to the departure of Robin van Persie and Alex Song.

Bacary is frustrated. It’s obvious he doesn’t appreciate watching his mates leave for pastures new and he hints at a lack of communication from top to bottom at the Emirates. He’s also jealous that a couple of our former players who recently jumped ship have tasted instant success at Manchester City.

Here’s what he had to say (quotes translated by @MattSpiro) when asked about the outgoing players this summer.

“Everyone knew Robin was leaving. But Alex? He’s 24. He had three years on contract. I still don’t understand. He’s a huge loss.

“When the two best players go, you ask questions. Fans come up to me in the street, I understand the frustration. Like them I don’t understand everything.

“I’m the only starting player left from 2007. In May, I watched City’s parade on TV. I saw Samir & Gael lift the trophy. I want that.”

Asked if both Nasri and Clichy were right to leave, Sagna continued:

“Yes, but we didn’t know then.”

When quizzed about his own contract situation, Sagna confirmed that he is contracted at the Emirates until the end of the 2013/14 season.

“I’ve one year left at the end of the season. No, nobody [has spoken to me about a new deal].”

Is it worrying that one of our best players has said the above? Yes, I suppose it is. In an ideal world, all your players are happy and don’t take to the media to mouth off.

Is it a surprise? Not particularly.

Bacary is allowed to speak his mind and if this is how he feels, there’s not much we can do about it. He’s hurting – no doubt, in part, because he’s not able to play at the moment. You can’t help but think that at the age of 29, and having broken his leg twice in the last 12 months or so, Arsene is most likely waiting to see how Sagna performs on his return before broaching the subject of a new deal. As always it’s a risk that might backfire.

Worst-case scenario? He doesn’t sign a new contract (if offered one) and he leaves the club next summer to join a Premier League rival. He is subsequently replaced by a new recruit or internally.

Best-case scenario? He is offered a new deal and signs it and stays for the foreseeable future.

Both cases have played out in recent years. We’ve survived the former and revelled in the latter. The world has continued to spin on its axis. Arsenal goes on.

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