Friday, March 28, 2014
Wenger: UEFA don’t know their own rules

Wenger: UEFA don’t know their own rules

Arsene Wenger was in an unsurprisingly bullish mood last night when questioned about his latest touchline ban.

As has been well documented the boss will not be in the dugout this evening after UEFA imposed a three-game suspension as punishment for his referee rant in the aftermath of last season’s Champions League second-leg match with AC Milan.

Having been given a single game ban for complaining to officials after defeat in the Nou Camp two seasons go, Wenger was slapped with a further two-game extension after UEFA goons claimed he flouted the terms of said ban by communicating with Pat Rice on the bench during the Champions League qualifier with Udinese.

With three suspensions to his name in less than eighteen months, Wenger understandably spoke in exasperated terms about the futility of dealing with European football’s governing body.

“It [the ban] is a nightmare,” Wenger told press in Montpellier.

“Honestly, many people in UEFA, even [Michel] Platini, said that we should still let people work, even if they are suspended. It’s part of the job and therefore a restriction of work.

“But I don’t make a fuss of it. They love to suspend me. How should they punish people? Financially? But they do both. They punish you financially and they ban you.”

Asked whether he understands what is and isn’t allowed under the terms of his ban, Wenger continued:

“Honestly, nobody knows really, even at UEFA, what is allowed and not allowed.

“Let’s not forget that I was suspended last year for having done what they told me I can do.

“When I went back there and said: ‘Why do you want to punish me?’ They said: ‘Because you communicated with your bench.’ I said: ‘But you allowed me to do it.’ They said: ‘We made a mistake. But we punish you anyway’.”

It’s likely that Sky, no doubt in a similar fashion to a paparazzo with a hard-on zooming in on a princesses’ baps, will take long-lens pleasure charting the boss’ every movement this evening as he’s escorted to his seat in the stands.

There’s little doubt he has been hard done by in the last couple of years, but if a silver lining can be gleaned it’s that the experience should give Steve Bould and Neil Banfield vital experience in the deep end.



  1. So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

    2Corinthians 4:16-18

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  2. Did anyone watch Everton v Newcastle last night and see Pardew calling the bench on his mobile? Wenger would have been skewered for that. And for shoving the linesman, by the way.

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    • Wenger would have been charged for rising up from his seat.

      “We tell you when to support your club, 2 match ban!”

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    • last nights officiating was an embarrassment and more should be made of it. 4 games in, two goals wrongly disallowed and ben arfa halted while clean through to be given a free kick (would have been harsh on everton but still a mistake)

      absolute shite by the ref team once again. beyond a joke. they’ll ruin the league.

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      • Would never have happened at old trafford that’s for sure. United would have won it 4-2 easy and If phil dowd/webb was to do the officiating then he would add a penalty out of thin air, coz maybe he hates even numbers.

        5-2 to united.

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    • You mean like Jose Mourinho did years ago and wasn’t punished for it.

      UEFA are CUNTS and love to hate on Arsene and Arsenal.

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      • What’s the deal with that anyway? Are they just trying to balance out the fact that they have to constantly praise every other facet of our great club???

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  3. maybe morse code could be used … i don’t suppose the people at uefa are intelligent enough to spot let alone decipher

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    • Nah, they’d probably still find some way to punish him. If they saw him tapping morse code on the back of someone’s seat, they’d be like “OMG, Wenger is tapping his fingers weirdly! Ban! Ban! Ban!”

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  4. ‘We made a mistake. But we punish you anyway’.” Bunch of cunts.

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    • “We made a mistake. But we punish you anyway”

      In other words: “we are seriously half witted and retarded monkeys make better decisions than us” “hooa hooa haao haao haaoaaoaaoaaagh” *

      * that was retard monkey sounds if you were wondering btw

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    • Those are Massive Cunt. Deserve a slap on their face.

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    • Every time your car wins a race you will be confronted by a Frenchman with a tape measure.
      Expect your car to be banned due to random midstream rule changes to suit tape measure findings.

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  5. The UEFA people are disgusting end of story!!!!!

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  6. “We made a mistake, but we punish you anyways”…….i shit on your clothes by mistake but now that I know I did, I will shit on your face too just to be sure.

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  7. I think Bould will be fine. He will thrive with this sort of responsibility, no doubt.

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    • Agreed. Bould has already shown he is a respected man in the Arsenal camp through the massively improved defensive performances this season. Plus, Montpellier’s main threat happens to play for us now.

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  8. They just don´t know how to handle Wenger. Uefa are actin like stubborn bitch. na na we will ban you anyway. pricks.

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  9. It hardly surprises me that an organization that fines teams for coming late on the pitch double the amount that it fines teams whose fans sing racist chants repeatedly picks on one of the most respected managers in the game just to show that it means business.
    There is something wrong with football associations that people at the top who have played the game (Platini) still take the worst decisions. Maybe absolute power does corrupt absolutely.

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  10. Finsbury Park Gooner

    Don’t worry about it. One death-glare from Stevie Bould and Montpellier might chuck in a couple of OG’s for us.

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  11. He's got no hair but we don't care...

    Pardew actually makes me want to be sick. Almost as much as the media, especially talkshite, gush over him.

    The way he celebrated that goal in the stands sums up just how little class that monkey has.
    AW is pure and utter professional class and that pushy toon chimp doesn’t deserve to be mentioned alongside him!


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    • I still haven’t gotten over the whole “made in England” debacle. Especially now that all his best players are not English. That guy is the opposite of class.

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  12. Power corrupts, madness will reign!

    Platini may be a corrupt cunt, but … oh well, he is a corrupt cunt.

    Fotboll is not a democracy, nor is it fair.
    Lets hope for triumph by the man with no hair.

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    • “fotboll?”…….okay, this one’s new. Lol.

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      • That´s the way it´s spelled in swedish, I´ll have you know!

        We removed the exra “o” to save precius time.

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      • It would be fotball then but I guess you guy loves o’s so it’s fotboll. Nevertheless , I learned something new. Yeiy.

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    • The Erotic Hands of Wenger

      Reading your name just made me piss myself on a packed rush hour train in Tokyo. Everyone is looking at me funny. But I have a crystal image of Bould’s hairline through the ages and they do not.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Three game ban for bringing football into disrepute by mispelling it.

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  13. No doubt Wenger will be feeling the warm breath of Geoff Shreeves down his neck all during the game!!

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  14. How dare you say like that…?
    Ok 5 more matchs ban.

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  15. I just wonder if it wouldnt be easier for Arsene to tay at home or in the hotel. Watch the game on tv and phone his instructions from there- no papparazzo wouldnt get a sniff.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      They should have given all the travelling Arsenal fans a square of card with one side red and the other white. Wenger phones his man in the crowd from his living room, and he gets the fans to give Steve Bould his instructions by holding their cards up to spell out the orders…..”67m Walcott for Gervinho”…. in 50 foot high letters. Just try to prove that came from Wenger you twat Platini.

      Instead it sounds like they have a set of contingency plans for different situations…

      If we’re 3-0 up at 66 minutes and have no injuries, and Montpelier have had two sent off but their goalkeeper is not one of them then bring on Walcott for Gervinho on 67 minutes, but wait an extra three minutes if Gervinho has scored twice….. If we’re 3-0 up at 66 minutes and have no injuries, and Montpelier have had two sent off and their goalkeeper is one of them then…..

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    • thye’ll fine him for being really really late and ban him for a year or so

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  16. What we need is for some 007 gadgetry that allows Wenger & Bould to chat using hidden earphones & microphones.
    Wenger used a mobile phone?? I did not see it!!!

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      The UEFA spy camera built into the back of the seat in front of Wenger’s would be able to detect the small movements of Wenger’s larynx that would prove he was sub-vocalising instructions through a hidden molar microphone.


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  17. Who cares about useless officials? The most important thing about tonight is that we win. We have to beat Montpelier home and away if we are going to qualify from this group.

    Any side that we put out should be good enough to see of this lot. I think that we’ll win 2-0.

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    • Given the start to the season they have had we should win comfortably.

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      • Lets not get arrogant, we still have to play.

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      • I didn’t say we will win comfortably, I said we should.
        With the quality we have we should beat them. I don’t think it’s arrogant to say that.
        Of course we still have to go out and do it, we’ve underestimated teams in the past and come up short.

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    • Agreed. And what difference does it make where Arsene sits. Bench, stands, pub across the street, he doesn’t kick the ball once the whistle blows. Preparations take place the week before the match.

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  18. Someone stole all the cookies from the cookie jar


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  19. My penis is small.
    8 match ban for Arsene Wenger

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  20. Jesus, Wenger, don’t say such things, they’ll ban you for longer! You know UEFA can’t possibly stand to be criticised at all, the racist cuntfaggots!

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  21. “Sky, no doubt in a similar fashion to a paparazzo with a hard-on zooming in on a princesses’ baps, will take long-lens pleasure charting the boss’ every movement this evening”

    Journalistic genius!

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  22. They’ll ban him for kickng his water bottle next…

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  23. So, just to be precise, if someone over at UEFA makes a mistake, they will punish Mr. Wenger with a three-match ban.
    What a bunch of clueless twats.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Of course they will. Nobody would have been any the wiser, but Wenger told the world how incompetent they were, so they hit him with a ban in revenge for being shown up. It’s nothing to do with him cheating or bringing the game into disrepute, it’s all about their personal revenge for being made to look ridiculous.
      It looks like what it is. A personal vendetta against Wenger by Platini, with his arse-licking, knob-gobbling, sycophantic henchmen only too eager to join in with the bullying.

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