Sunday, September 21, 2014
Wilshere’s return to training excites Arteta

Wilshere’s return to training excites Arteta

Jack Wilshere has returned to first team training and is closing in on a first competitive start for Arsenal in over a year.

The midfielder’s fitness woes have been well documented, but finally, after over 13 months sidelined by both ankle and knee problems it looks as though he could again challenge for a place in Arsene Wenger’s starting line-up.

As well as being a boost to the player himself, the news has also excited his fellow squad members with Mikel Arteta quick to praise the England international’s qualities.

“It’s going to be a big boost for everyone, starting with us players because he’s going to raise the quality in training” Arteta told Arsenal Player.

“The fans have been waiting a long time. We get Jack’s enthusiasm in training. I know what it’s like to be out for a long time and you can see how excited Jack is about being back in training and about showing how good a player he is.

“He’s going to bring something to the squad and more quality to the team. That can only be good for everyone.”

No doubt Arsene will use Wilshere sparingly at first recognising that such a long spell on the sidelines usually brings with it further niggly injury problems.

Hopefully the experience gained from reintegrating the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Thomas Vermaelen, Eduardo, Tomas Rosicky and Abou Diaby will stand him in good stead.

Of course, Arseblog News certainly welcomes the latest news on Jack’s return to fitness all the same.



  1. His left foot looks quite frail. Probably the reason for the end-october return date

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    • Just saw the entire gallery on . I reckon its just the angle making that leg seem frail…
      Either way, good to see jack back. Lets hope both him and ramsey fulfill their vast potential.

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    • Huh? How does this comment get downvoted? It really does look frail.

      So glad he’s coming back though. Soon as Tomas gets back we’ll have a healthy glut of quality MF’s.

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  2. WOOOHHHHEEEEEEE!!! GET IN SON!! Good to have you back mate.

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  3. Straight off the set of an episode of Prison Break and right back into Arsenal training. Interesting look he’s sporting these days.

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  4. This had made my year.

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  5. I told you guyz I have a strong squad.

    Arsene buy this, arsene buy that. I’m Arsene, I know!.

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  6. wishing him all the luck in the world..
    Just a reminder to the footballing world what they have been missing.. Amazing goal

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    • Is that the mythical Amaury Bischoff celebrating with Jack there?

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    • No Gooner doubts his skills and talent. I just hope he will quickly and fully regain his footballing confidence after being gone for such a long time.

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  7. Welcome back Jack!:-) Great news, hope to see you soon on the pitch that matters!:-)

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  8. *Cheers to the freaking wilshere. Yeiy, yeah.
    Don’t let the injuries come between us coz I luv you yeah……yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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  9. I just half chubbed up at my desk.

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  10. I’m excited, but I hope they are careful with him!

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  11. So glad to see him back! Who here thinks the midfield combo of Arteta/wilshere/Cazorla looks tasty?

    CapitalOne Cup(or whatever it is bloody called nowadays) 4th round(if we go past Coventry) start for both Jack and Frimpong?

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  12. On his comeback match I hope you fortunate guys at the stadium welcome him well. Have you not got a song for this fella?. Anyway, make him feel at home and all that.

    Or this
    “They saying 10jack back
    We say 10jack back”…..(tupac back)

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  13. I dedicate this song for Wilshere :

    ;) i’m sure many will want to do the same

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  14. Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla, Podol… JIZZ IN MY PANTS!

    i can see us subbing off Cazorla for Wilshere when were some 4 or 5 nil up at some random stadium.

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  15. Now SONG has left ALL our mid-fielders will be fully FIT.
    Away he took his GRIGRI and JUJU.

    Diaby, Wilshere, Rosciky, Arteta, Frimpong, Denilson just to name a few suffered unexplained lengthy period nursing freakish injuries.

    Iniesta and Xavi are next. Watch Barca Mid fielders suffering unexplained injuries.

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    • when I watched the summary of barca-spartak moscow last night, I realised that I had already completely forgotten about this alex song you’re talking about. didn’t look too good either when spartak scored their first or second..
      really looking forward to those various possibilities we have in midfield now, not even sure which combination I’d like most

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  16. Look at that face he’s clearly gurning his tits off on coke! Oh hang on, I don’t believe that because I’m not a cunt

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    • …Or maybe I am? ;) But if I really am why would I say it openly or even lead you to think, as I did, that I am? Get it ;)

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  17. I was so excited couz our midfield is now much more stronger than before couz welshire is vry good

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  18. Jack’s Back! Arsenal’s number 10!

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  19. Welcome back home Jack Wilshere, it has been an holiday, now I expect you to come back to business crouch every opposition like never before. Dear gunners, it time to watch our boys bring us back to our days of glory. My advise to daiby is that he should build on his ability to guide the ball and stop exposing the ball while on the ball, and he need to be physical as a player too soft for kind of player, he got qualities that is truth, but he need to be physical otherwise wilsere returns is going to unseat him. mannone has been doing great, he should remain the first choice keeper, because we need discipline players in the team. I love you all my fellows GUNNER’S.

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  20. What’s the status regarding rosicky? Not heard anything about him in a while.

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    • Back in at the end of Oct with Sagna. Those 2 slightly behind Jack and Frimpong in terms of full training.

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  21. Jack wilshere back? by the end of october arsenal will have the best midfield in england! coyg!

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    • We already do. I guess the return of Wilshere will answer the age-old question, “How do you improve on perfection?”.

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  22. Jack is Back!!!

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  23. Arsenal Midfield when everyone is fit : Arteta,Diaby,Cazorla,Ramsey,Jack,Frimpong,Rosicky,Coquelin.

    That’s alot of very good technical players who aren’t also afraid to get stuck in and get physical when needed.

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  24. Woohoo jack and Rambo are the new David and iniesta

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    • Would be great but i can’t shake the feeling that Ramsey is not & never will be top, top quality…
      Has potential to mature into a very good player & would love him to make me eat my words but as good as the Barca duo… I fear not.
      Wilshere though has the potential to be every bit as good as Xavi/Iniesta and think that the Ox will be the other half of the duo.

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  25. Xavi* Damn u autocorrect

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  26. Return of the Jack!

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  27. The best number 10 since Dennis Bergkamp is back

    Today is an emotional day for me

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  28. LANTTS!!= Like a New Top Top Signing

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  29. All hail king Wilshere!!!!

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  30. Arteta,jack,wilshear and carzola can form the best mildfielders in england.God willin the league is ours.Hurray gr8 gunners!

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  31. Matt Jarvis' Uncle

    I know everyone is excited about Jack returning, but I would really like to see Rosicky come back into the side. For some reason I suspect he would relish and thrive playing alongside Cazorla.

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  32. So glad Jack is bac (hehe). As a welcoming present I propose we strip him off his nr.10 shirt!!

    But….. I don`t think so because I`m neither a cunt nor a gay

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Sorry Stoph, it’s still not working. You need to find a joke that is funny before you repeat it ad infinitum, mate.

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      • It’s a pity you’re not sitting in the sofa next to me Gutbukkit Defrolla :)
        You’d make for a fascinating subject to poke continously with a stick, at times of boredom, considering your levels of tolerance to banal jokes.

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  33. The Loving Hands of Wenger

    My penis is rock solid for Jack.


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  34. How long until that clown Pearce tries to select him for the u 21’s………

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  35. We know Wenger will bring him in slow, but likely after he’s played only 20 mins aggregate, Hodgson will pick him and play him for 90 in both internationals and send him back to us with a knock. cunt.

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  36. Obviously the potential for injury’s always there, and not just with Wilshere. But with everyone healthy, our central midfield is insane.

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  37. @allensport, Frimpong’s back in training as well.You could squeeze a little paragraph in for him,after all he’ll be all over the news when RVP get’s Frimponged!!!!!

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  38. oleg luzhny's ball bag

    The jewel in the crown of our team for the next 10 years. Best English midfielder since gazza

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  39. Jack is back!

    The same Jack who single-handedly dominated the midfield against barca.

    Rest of the world, be afraid. Be very afraid!

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  40. Now santi can join the attack. While jack arteta diaby hold the fort.. I love the arsenal

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  41. I too, like my good friend Mikel, am excited by the return of one Jack Wilshire

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  42. and Jack passed left
    and Jack passed right
    and Jack won ev’rything in sight
    because he plays for Arsenal
    Jack Wilshere is the best of all!

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  43. What’s that Xavi, you want this ball, nah I’m going to dribble round you and make you look like a mug. What’s that Iniesta. You don’t like being in my pocket. Tough.
    Great memories, welcome back jack!

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  44. Welcome back jack, we have the best midfield in the country

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  45. Really great to see him and Frimpong back. We’ve waited this long to see Jack I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t make the squad for a few weeks to build him up. We also have to remember that he has never played with a lot of the 1st team and it may take a few weeks training and maybe a couple of games to find the right balance with all the class acts we have in the middle. I really think Ox and others will raise their games too with him back. Happiness

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  46. Fun Fact: If you type “coughing” into
    Google images it looks like a bunch of
    people blowing an Invisible Man.

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  47. Please Arsene, extend his contract NOW!

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  48. Watching the scum play in the europa league is absolutely priceless. Such mediocrity.

    Forever in our shadow. The gunners!

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  49. The Loving Hands of Wenger


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  50. There’s no need to talk about his contract, he will stay at arsenal forever. He loves arsenal as much as we do. Maybe even more. Welcome back jack!

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  51. Of all injured players returning to the squad I have so much confidence in jack coming back and falling rite into stride,the long period of absence regardless!

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  52. Welcome back home Jack and help us win something this year !!!

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