Arteta interviews Cazorla for AS: awesomeness ensues


Quite often when players are speaking through official club channels or to pesky journalists insistent on getting an ‘angle’ you get the feeling they’re holding back a bit and inclined to rely on platitudes in fear of putting their foot in it.

How do you get past this? In the case of Spanish AS you sit back and let the players do the work. Here’s Mikel Arteta interviewing Santi Cazorla for the Spanish publication as the pair compare notes on life at Arsenal. Try not to think too much about Guillem Balague holding the dictaphone…it’ll tarnish it a little.

One thing seems very clear, they’re both having a great time in London. Here’s a few snippets…

Arteta: Santi, how’s life going for you here?

Cazorla: Well, man, well, little by little I’m adapting. The move and other things have been a hassle, but well, I’m very happy and the team are happy.

A: You look very tired; you have dark circles beneath your eyes…

C: I have not got curtains! It’s terrible in the morning, dude! The sun rises so early.

A: When I got to Glasgow, nobody spoke Spanish, there were only a couple of Italians. I called my parents and said, “Mum, Dad, come here quick … I’m sinking.” And the whole family came. The truth is that it helped me a lot.

C: I have to learn English, this is a very good opportunity, Mikel. Everywhere you go you need a good English. And I’m getting very serious about the issue. So I’m enjoying it. You know what I thought after the first few games? Watching English football on TV is one thing but playing is another, there is a tremendous difference. I love this league, it’s spectacular but coming from Spain to the Premier is a huge leap.

A: …The [tiqui-TACA] philosophy of the coach helps a lot. We had bad moments last year, but he never changed his idea of ​​how he wants to win and how he wants you to play.

C: It’s very similar to what I had at Villarreal, and also at Malaga under [Manuel] Pellegrini. Incidentally, Mikel, would you have liked to play more in Spain.

A: In life you make decisions at certain times and it is impossible not to retrospectively analyse them and think about what could have been if you’d gone in a different direction. But there is another way to look at it: I never thought I could play in four or five different countries.

Like you, Santi. Who’d have thought you’d end up at Arsenal? Ten years ago you would have thought, “London, Arsenal, where is that?” We are lucky that people who came before left a good impression here and that Spanish players are now highly valued.

C: I did not think about leaving Spain, but now I’ve taken the step I am very glad I did. London is a great city, and the experience is tremendous.

A: I was gonna say I’m envious of what you have accomplished with La Roja, but envy is not healthy, it’s bad.

C: Seriously, I wonder why you’ve never been with the national team. Look you’ve had some incredible seasons with Everton and now you’re the deputy captain of Arsenal. How strange that you’ve not yet had a chance. There are many players in that position, but I do wonder.

A: I won’t stop dreaming, I’ll keeping looking for that opportunity to enjoy winning with that group. The truth is that I’m envious and angry at not being able to participate in this historic streak. But I’m in a terrific moment in my career and hopefully will get the call from the coach.

C: Hopefully one day we’ll enjoy it together.

A: (Laughs) Pass on a good report for me.

C: I’ll try to, come with me sometime.

A: That would be great.

C: Here at Arsenal you’re a real leader. When I arrived, I was a little surprised at the level of respect that you have in the dressing-room. But when I saw you with the group and on the pitch it’s obvious that almost all consider you the Captain. You are a leader. I’m no good at that, nobody would listen to me! But when you talk they listen.


Check out the original here…your Spanish may be better than ours.


  1. Epic…I love our team *swoon*
    You have to pity all the poor fools supporting clubs with some of the most loathsome characters around, but not at our Arsenal!

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    • Poor Arteta. He desperately wants that National Cap. He deserves it really. His intelligence merits it. Go on Del Bosque. Give him a chance.

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      • If our Lego haired Spaniard has less chance of getting injured in the interlull I’m all for it, I would say most important cog in the arsenal at present.

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    • Yeah, I normally don’t care much for national football unless there is a major tournament on. But I do hope Mikel gets his chance ..
      NOW is the time for him he is simply brilliant in the role he plays for us. And for me he is ten times the player Busquets is so that spot is definitely there for the taking.

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      • I believe that like barcelona, all spanish players are picked based on DNA tests.
        All the black pudding must of reversed Mikel’s catalan blood cells.

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  2. Oh and seriously how does busquets have cap one compared to Arteta? I know this a new role for him but him not being able to break to the Spanish national team is a travesty. I feel for him (while selfishly being grateful he gets a few weeks off to rest some)

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    • I absolutely detest Busquets but he is a very useful player for both Spain and Barca. No reason why Areta shouldn’t be called up and now that he’s playing CL football maybe there’s

      Also, maybe we should start seeing Interlulls as Mikel Arteta Rest Breaks, might help us get through them easier.

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      • Heh. Agreed. Also, to be fair to the Spanish, while it’s unfortunate for Mikel that he hasn’t been called up, they haven’t exactly been doing badly so I can understand if they’re happy with the decisions they’ve made and, now that he’s 30, I’m not sure he’ll be getting a call any time soon. This is, after all, I team where Cesc and Santi struggle to make the first XI. Harsh for Mikel; good for us – and may prolong his career at the top level.

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    • He played for Everton until recently.
      Used as a midfielder with an attacking role in a mid-table club. How the hell was the Spanish coach to know that hidden in there was one of the most effective defensive midfield players in the world, capable of great performances at the highest level, screaming to get out?
      If anyone’s to blame here, it’s us for not buying him sooner.

      I’m sure they’re studying his stats playing for us and having a bit of a think.

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      • Surely it’s a job for the Spanish scouts? Take nothing away from Everton or Moyes, he’s done very well over the last 10 years, the Premiership is a hard league, especially considering those that have left him over the years (Arteta, Rooney, Valencia, etc). But I def agree, we should have got him ages ago, but its always difficult to look for other midfielders when we had Cesc in the squad.. But I’m glad he’s here now, what a player he is for us! Santi and Mikel to rule midfields for years to come!

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  3. dont worry about la roja Mikel, we love you!!!!

    what a pair, team is looking great, success is just around the corner, i can feel it

    Go on me Arsenal!!!!!!!

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  4. Oh my word….truly pure awesomeness ensued. My arsenal guys. One with a smile that can light up the room the other with lego hair looking all lego-ish. LEGGOOOOOOO!!

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  5. What a brilliant article! Well done, really made my morning.
    It is a travesty that Arteta hasn’t been invited into the Spanish squad, but if he does he’ll get into the team ahead of Busquets, that i have no doubt.

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  6. Started reading this interview with a smile right up to where arteta tells cazorla to pass on a good word for him to the coach. Surely del fucking bosque you have to pick arteta, he jusy quite frankly deserves it!. Imagine these two spaniards hand in hand celebrating a spain euro win then coming back to arsenal for yet another F.A cup glory……*sob

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    • ” But when I saw you with the group and on the pitch it’s obvious that almost all consider you the Captain”
      Very few seam to have picked up on this littlepiggy. If this is true then why is he not the captain for real?

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      • Only reason for Arteta not to be captain IMHO is his short presence at Arsenal, otherwise he (and Mertesacker) look much more captain material than the passionate but often too impulsive and impatient TV5

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      • I think it’s a slight mistranslation, not quite what Cazorla intended. The original Spanish is:

        Pero cuando te vi moverte con el grupo y en el campo es obvio que todos te consideran prácticamente el capitán.

        Which I would translate as –

        “When I see you with the group and on the pitch it’s obvious that everyone thinks of you as practically the captain.”

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      • @Brohan- What a well coiffed bloodless coup that would be! “My good friend, would you please step aside?” “For you, Mikel, anything.” “Muy bien!”

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  7. Articles like this can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Such good friends, such completely different, yet equally brilliant players.

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  8. From the origjnal:

    A: In the locker room we’re always messing with it. (En el vestuario siempre estamos de cachondeo con eso.)
    C: It’s true, always roll with that. Funny (Es verdad, siempre con el rollo ese)

    !!!!! Dare i ask ?

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  9. What an awesome interview! I have always liked seeing the players interact on Arsenal player but they should definitely let them interview each other too!

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  10. Love these two so much, great players and people, work ethic is awesome from them, hope we will win something with them soon, they will play until they retire in Arsenal.

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  11. After reading this I do wonder what Verm actually does. We lacked the BFG’s leadership and organisation at Chelsea and Santi appears to feel Arteta is treated like the captain.
    I’m all for experienced players leading the group, but sometimes Verms a bit all over the place and lacks maturity in his play. Next season could well see a change in the armband.

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    • Thought about it too. its likely that being a leader comes more naturally to Arteta than Verm., probably due to him understanding a lot more about responsibility and taking charge on the pitch or /and his more matured nature (shrug)

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    • Every time I see TV charging up the field without a care for his defensive duties I assume he’s lost in a daydream where he is a brave knight riding a mighty steed off on another heroic adventure. I almost expect to see him riding a pretend pony and whipping his backside before snapping out of it and wondering what the bloody hell he’s doing in the oppositions box.

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  12. Imagine if we were Chelsea supporters: we’d have Ashley Cole interviewing John Terry…for ZOO magazine.

    I love you Arsenal.

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    • I unliked this only for the slightest, very distant hypothesis of us being Chavski suppor…….. no, can’t even pronounce it!
      Other than that, you’re alright! 🙂

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  13. Really cheered me up this morning, reading that! Thanks, Blogs.

    I look forward to hearing Santi give interviews in English! Olivier’s managing it already, with a little difficulty perhaps, but it must be better for the team when everyone can speak the same language in the dressing room and on the pitch.

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  14. Here’s a thought to warm the cockles of your heart.
    If you were Barcelona and had blown a wad of cash on poaching Song from Arsenal, only to see a much better Spaniard slot neatly into the gap created there, how would you be feeling now?

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  15. Hate to be the naysayer, but I wonder how Vermaelen will take Cazorla saying “almost all consider you the Captain.”
    Also, did anyone else know that the suggested correction for Vermaelen is silverman?

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    • Did you ever pause to think that “everyone” included Vermaelen?

      Arteta is older and a more experienced player. I’m sure even Vermaelen listens when he speaks. Frankly I like Vermaelen as a Captain. His passion & never say die attitude are his main strengths.

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  16. I don’t want Arteta to be picked in the spanish national team for the qualifiers and friendlies….but I really hope that he gets picked for the World Cup squad. That way he gets to fulfill his dream and also not get crocked in meaningless matches….Right now he gets a break everytime there is an interlull and I think his consistency and fitness owes a bit to these breaks he gets when a lot of the others play 90 minutes in different climates….

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  17. great interview man! vice captain pouring his soul about la roja. i wouldn’t want him to play internationals but he Damn well deserves a tournament win with spain.
    also waiting to see how the media spins this one .

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  18. Exited but scared. Because they certainly wont scale through the whole season without getting injured (realistic). That’s why i want to see little mozart back and better as an effective cover for santi. Le coq better do some upgrade if he’s to fill in for mikel…or maybe jack can do the job too. Frimmy Frimmy as well, but he needs a little maturity. I’m excited about the squad anyway!

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  19. If arsenal do well this year I think arteta will get a call up, particularly since he is already working with santi. One reason spain does so well is because most of the players already play together at barca.

    As someone at euro2012 pointed out, Spain just don’t play as well without Messi…
    (then they played well in the final)

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  20. It’s great that Cazorla has someone like Arteta to help him settle in. He’s obviously a brilliant player regardless, but I wonder if he would have started firing on the pitch in quite the same way quite as quickly without that help settling in off the pitch.

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  21. you get the impression the would run through walls for one another……..and the team! there is only one more midfielder i would like to see at the grove. How often is it that can say that? usually you look at 2 maybe 3.
    oh its Gotze!
    arteta, wiltshere, cazorla and gotze Wow just wow! blow the 35 mil wenger pleeeeaaaaaase!

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  22. So early days for this partnership, but do you favour the Arteta-Cazorla combo or Cesc-Song in our midfield?


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  23. Love everthing abt arsenal… Firstly wat a great interview… Wat a combo .. On n off field…. Love each n every passionate arsenal fans… No club will be like ours… Wat a togetherness.. Btw true die hard arsenal fan

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  24. Evertonian here but I f*cking love these two seriously Arsenal fans use are gonna have one of the best midfields in the world. I don’t think the Spanish coach ever watched Arteta when he was at Everton although he did get called up once but snapped his cruciate ligament a couple of days later. I think the fact that he wasn’t playing for a ‘big club’ hindered his chances but you will never find a player more professional and hard working than him. Everton’s loss was certainly your gain enjoy him while you have him. I always knew he would probably end up playing for Arsenal one day because the club just suited him. We miss our vice captain and still love him a lot but I’m so happy to see him continually grow as a player.

    Good luck this year Gunners hope use win the Champions League and Premier League (that’s if we don’t of course =]).

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      • David moyes won’t be too thrilled about this. He’ll think “oy mate, passing on who next I will scout on FM are you?”.

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    • Can’t imagine an Arsenal fan posting something similar about RVP on a United blog…then again the transfer of Arteta was less acrimonious. Maybe about Cesc on a Barca blog -maybe, except for all of Barcas genetic cuntishness.

      Anyway, good to see a fan that can accept losing a player to a rival team and wish both player and team well.

      I would write something like “Yeah, Robin was great at Arsenal, I hope he shatters his knee and United finish fifth”

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      • I think it was easier that Arteta was always honest and said he wanted to play in the Champions League again before he retired. Before he signed a new contract in 2010 Moyes said if he stayed he would try and get us there but with no money we couldn’t.

        We always knew he was a gem of a player and every year we’re worried about losing him but he deserved the chance of proving himself on a higher stage. When a player like Mikel has been at your club for so long it’s hard not to like him he’s just a lovely man as well as a fantastic player. I watch the Arsenal games every week to see Arteta and him playing as a defensive pivot was the role I always wanted him to play after he had the year long injury but unfortunately it’s not really Moyes style.

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    • @KSmith: That was a great sentiment and I want you to know that as a full supporter of Arsenal I am blessed with one of the alltime great managers. I also know that Everton is blessed with a great one as well, and I always pull for the Toffees in a neutral capacity. May your team’s form continue this year and I thank you for allowing us to enjoy Mr Arteta!

      PS, I thought this helped elucidate Moyes’ credentials:

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    • Arsenal vs everton f.a cup final. 1-1 at full time then an arteta screamer in the dying minutes of extra time. Artetaaaaaaa!. Both everton and arsenal fans up to their feet. (lol is it ever gonna happen?).

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  25. Might be exaggerating but could be one of the best players to never to be capped, just shows when English papers campaigned so hard to get him into the England team. Guess its due to him being seen before as an attacking mid, where Spain are so annoyingly world class in depth that even Santi’s quite low in the pecking order. Now hes seen as a DM (and a pretty good one at that) in a CL club hes got a better chance, if Spain keep loading the pitch with midfielders he might get a look in

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  26. “…You are a leader. I’m no good at that, nobody would listen to me! But when you talk they listen.”

    Santi mate, when you play the whole world shuts the hell up in awe. Seriously, there are times when I forget to breathe when watching Cazorla on the ball.

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  27. Get Cazorla some effing curtains. We want bright circles, not dark ones around his eyes so we can run circles around other teams

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  28. There’s some extra good stuff in the original interview. Treat these translations with care…

    Cazorla: Do you find it difficult playing in your new position?

    Arteta: We’ve had to reinvent ourselves following the sale of Song. He used to have that job in the team but now, after your arrival the important thing is to give you support – you want the ball and we look for you. That’s what the boss asks us to do – give you freedom, try to find you and support you and create those spaces where you are going to do some damage.

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  29. More stuff. Again, treat with caution:

    Cazorla: You’re a role model for the team, and if we follow your example we’ll be capable of fighting for everything.

    Arteta: I hope so! On the pitch I think about the group, and I’m conscious that it includes 14 or 15 different nationalities, each one with a different culture. It’s important to treat every individual in their own way. It can be difficult for groups like these to gel, but the team is full of great guys. No one feels any need to place themselves above the rest. Last year we had Van Persie, but even he was a normal guy.

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  30. There’s some other great bits in the interview where arteta invites santi overto watch the Spanish supercup and he spots all the Spanish food and eats it all, because he’s been eating sandwiches and pasta for the last month in the hotel where he’s been living. Arteta also tells a story about when Santi agrees to things even when he doesn’t understand what people are saying! He agrees to meet someone at 4 o’clock, then doesn’t turn up because he didn’t understand.

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  31. You know, one of the things that has struck me about the Arsenal has always been the culture. Years ago, I was a fan of english football but with no real home…. I enjoyed them all (I thought at the time) and even…. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!…..once found time for the cunts of shite hart lane….. but then I started paying more attention….. first of all, it seems to me that EVERY other english team gets up to play/beat the Gunners….. even more than chelski and the man-cunts…. secondly, I noticed that Arsenal is probably the only team that is not named after a place….. meaning a geographical location…. and most importantly, there is a culture about our club that isnt replicated in any other club…. we are class, we know we are class, we insist on being class, and we inculcate our players with class…..After I realised that, there was only every going to be ONE team for me.

    its funny how any player who is below our standard of class always finds his way out of the team…. cole, gallas, nasri, adebayor, song, and the that cunt with the little boy inside him….etc

    I say all that to say this: Reading this interview demonstrates the CLASS of our players. Arteta is just amazing…. and there are not enough superlatives to describe Cazorla….. COYG!!!!!!!

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  32. Arteta asks him if he misses anyhting about Spain and he says:
    The weather….but it’s normal as i lived in Marbella. But i don’t consider it a problem. i miss the food aswell, but i am very contented”

    Arteta says at one point that Santi won’t have a problem adapting to the premier league because if there is one club that suits him, it’s Arsenal.

    Nice one Mikel.

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  33. […] “说真的,我很奇怪为何你没有入选过国家队。你在埃弗顿有过几个不可思议的赛季,而现在你是阿森纳的副队长。但是你还是没机会入选,这实在太奇怪了。虽然有许多球员都在竞争同一个位置,但我还是想不明白。”——卡索拉和阿尔特塔谈到后者一直没机会效力板鸭队的事。 […]

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