Barca president underlines status as deluded twonk


Marc Overmars (2000), Emmanuel Petit (2000), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (2003), Thierry Henry (2007), Alexander Hleb (2008), Cesc Fabregas (2011), Alex Song (2012) – seven established internationals that have left Arsenal for Barcelona during the Arsene Wenger era. All players, Gio aside, that Barcelona have had few qualms throwing a lot of cash at in the process.

Cesc Fabregas (2003), Fran Merida (2005), Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin (both 2011) – four teenagers who opted to leave Barcelona’s La Masia Academy and pursue their football development in England. Two have since left (one back to Camp Nou remember) and two remain as possible first team stars of the future.

So which club would you expect to be the one complaining about the other’s transfer policy; Arsenal or Barcelona?

According to Sandro Rosell, the current president of La Blaugrana and heir to Joan Laporta’s crown as Catalonia’s most arrogant cunny, it’s the latter.

Of course it’s the latter.

Granted he also takes a pot shot at Manchester City, who are obviously more evil than a turd infused with ebola floating in a pool of rotting rice pudding, but still…what a tosser.

Speaking at the Fórum Fundació FC Barcelona (whatever that is), Rosell is quoted by El Mundo Deportivo (translated by ESPN) stating:

“Manchester City want to take our players and they want to destabilise us.

“It also happens with Arsenal, who come for our youth team players and offer them a lot of money.

“Now it is happening with City. We are the enemy to beat. There are a lot of people who do not want Barca to do well and want us not to win.”

Now excuse me while I rant a bit.

If you want to go about destabilising a team, I’m not sure the best way to go about it is to take a couple of unproven youngsters. Is it Sandro? That’s hardly going to bring the walls of the Nou Camp crashing down…

I’d say if Arsene wanted to destabilise Barcelona he’d probably get Thomas Vermaelen to run a hot poker up Messi’s arse until he cries blood, or he’d order Jack Wilshere to slap Iniesta and Xavi in the nuts with a ping pong bat until they promise never to kick a football ever again. He might even get Squillaci to waterboard Puyol and Pique or even give you Chamakh on a free.

But Arsene wouldn’t do that and nor would he plant rumours about possible signings in the press every week and get his squad to jabber on for months about how they’d fit into his playing system.

Because that’s unbecoming…it’s how cunts behave. But you do that Sandro. You, your cronies, your players, your hired hacks…you do it every year. And yet somehow you have the audacity and pomposity to lecture us on the way we behave?

Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off. You are the definition of hypocrisy.

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