Wilshere in the squad for Norwich


Despite Arsene Wenger saying at his early press conference that Jack Wilshere needed one more game before making his comeback, it’s been confirmed that Jack will be in the squad for tomorrow’s game against Norwich.

The England international hasn’t played a first team game since May 2011 and after a number of successful U21/behind-closed-doors games, he’s obviously been declared fit enough to take part.

Earlier, Wenger said, “He needs one more game, maybe Monday night (U21s), then he will be back.”

It’s good news for Arsenal and for Wilshere, and although it would be a stretch to see him start the game, he could well make an appearance from the bench.

Wilshere’s agent said via Twitter, “It’s been two “good news” days in a row. Doesn’t happen very often. Jack travels to Norwich in the #AFC 1st team squad! Delighted.”

Welcome back, Jack!


  1. Oh Snap!!!!! I believe this is Arsenal’s way of telling the rest of the league: “It’s on bitches!!! It’s on………… like Donkey Kong”

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      • Did I say something wrong. Did I….did….
        Getting emotional here…..lol j.k. Roll on the thumbs but choose carefully coz no matter what jack is back and i’m excited, maybe too much but still….

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  2. Would have prefered him to come back for a home game but it’s awesome to have Jack back. Be good to see what he’s like

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  3. Great news, I wouldn’t expect to see him play tomorrow, and if he does maybe a 10-15 minute slot if we are winning comfortably. I don’t see the point in putting him through too much in his first game back, another week of training will do him the world of good.

    The Carling Cup game against Reading is an ideal comeback..It’s been a long time coming. Holy shit a midfield trio of Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla is a knicker wetting thought. It’s got a great balance of creativity, discipline and box to box energy…

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  4. Oh oh oh oh to be a gooner right now is just fucking awesome.

    Aha…….jack the number 10 is back!. Prepare to wet your pants. Norwich!

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  5. Sound track of “Eye of the tiger” should do for jacks home game. Imagine him coming out of the tunnel in the starting xi after such a long time out, then that sound track!!! starts all round the emirates. Welcome back jack!

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  6. I’m so hyped for tomorrow’s game now. The legend that is Wilshere is gonna tear all these teams apart. Imagine Wislhere, Cazorla and Arteta in midfield. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says that’s best midfield in the premier league.

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  7. I don’t think he’s gonna play..could be arsene’s idea of reintroducing him back to a matchday atmosphere- the pressure etc. That said, its great to have Jack back!

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  8. Jack is back
    If you thumb this down then you are wack
    The famous Arsenal are right on track
    To fuck up everybody with our awesome Bak and Jack and co
    Come rain or snow
    Everbody’s going to know
    That the Famous Arsenal aren’t a one man show
    We’ll fuck up all the cunts with their endless dough
    The mighty Arsenal provide the greatest show


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  9. Glad to see Jack back. Can I say a quick fuck you to the troll thumbing down the positive comments? Go thumb your asshole. Cunt

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  10. There appears to be a non Arsenal fan amongst this here news blog site. How very sad that someone would spend there time thumbing down the blogs of rival fans.. You won’t fucking catch me going anywhere near a filthy Sp#rs, Ch#lsea or M#n anything site!

    Up the Gunners! Thank fuck for the return of proper football.

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  11. If my memory serves me right…Jack is yet to play a competitive match with arteta,cazorla,giroud,podolski,santos,BFG,jenks,gervinho,ox…wow what a change a year has brought…can’t wait to see him.

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  12. plz dont say anything bad about van persie..he scored a lot of goals for us and did us good service…hahahahahahahahhha whom am i fooling?? ..destroy the miserable dutch cunt hahaha

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  13. If you listen closely you can hear the nerves of all our remaining opponents starting to crack! Jack is back!!!!

    I think he comes on for ~ 20 minutes after we’ve put the game away.

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  14. What a week!

    Giroud scores vital goal for France

    Ox is only England player that played well

    Jack is back

    We’re on our way!


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  15. Calm down guys,sure it’s great news to have him back but he will probably only get ten minutes if we are two or three up, been a long wait though and he must be chomping at the bit to play but there will be no shortage of twats waiting to kick him into row z.

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  16. While it’s great to have JW back, it’s interesting to see how Ramsey will react cause he must know he’ll be the one to miss out, he has to do all he can to make it as hard as possible for AW to drop him, great to have this competition for places though…COYG….

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