Annoyed Wenger stands by Wilshere decision


A disgruntled Arsene Wenger sat down with press after Arsenal’s drab 0-0 draw with Aston Villa and made clear that he doesn’t have to justify every single decision he makes after fans criticised his choice to leave Jack Wilshere on the bench.

A small section of the travelling fans arrowed the ‘You don’t know what you’re doing,’ chant in the direction of the boss when he decided to replace striker Olivier Giroud with defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin, despite the fact his team were struggling to assert themselves in the final third.

“I don’t comment [on the chants]… I do my job and do my best for the team,” he said after the match.

“Is it hurtful? Look, I have managed for 30 years at the top level and I have to convince you I can manage the team?

“How many games have you managed? I promise you if you manage one I will sit in the stands and chant ‘you know what you are doing!'”

“Jack – I decided to rest him today…in the [wet] weather like that it’s more dangerous to bring him on.

“What is the thinking behind the substitution? I will not explain every decision I make, you judge the game and I sit here and explain to you our game.

“You are all great managers! I read the newspapers every day and I can tell you that you are always great managers!”

Analysing the performance of his side, Wenger returned to his well-thumbed thesaurus of Anglo-French platitudes.

“They fought very hard and had some chances as well…we lacked a little bit accuracy in our final balls.”

“We lacked a little bit of sharpness in the final third… physically we were a little bit jaded.”

It certainly wasn’t a good day at the office but with a tough trip to Goodison Park on the agenda we’ve no time to drop our heads and mope about it. Today was poor, Wednesday has to be better.


Wenger quotes courtesy of @Gingers4Limpar 


    • I only watched the last 10 minutes of it, i’m fairly sure i didn’t miss a classic.
      You cannot question him leaving wilshere out of the team, if there is any doubt it’s not worth the risk. Anyway we should be able to beat Villa without him.

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  1. Blogs mentioned in the arsecast that he’d happily take 4 points from these 6, and I would agree with that. Beat Everton and it’ll help cleanse the taste of this draw. Nothing less will do.

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    • we are ARSENAL. Settling for draws against Aston Villa is deeply disturbing. WE ARE ARSENAL. WE PLAY TO WIN.
      i mean. to finish fourth. nowadays

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        before, i thought 4th place was liverpool’s default position…how wrong i was about my own team. Damn!

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      • well this is the new arsenal.

        7 years we have won nothing.
        every year we sell our best player and the money goes back to the board.
        our aim is to just get in the top 4.
        and getting a draw away to villa is a good result for the club..

        thats the point it have got too.

        the team is avrage.

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      • He did, but we can’t be too picky of who gives us what amount, as long as the grand total is the same I’ll be happy with it.

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      • Villa did well in the first half against the manchester clubs, they just did it for the whole game against us. I had a bad feeling since they just played both manchester clubs and lost, they had practise playing against better teams and that experience made them better.

        That and we were poor….

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    • If someone wants to pay me £60,000 to sit and watch Arsenal play out a nil-nil away to Villa in the rain, I’m sure I could summon up plenty of enthusiasm. But if you spend your own money, especially in the current economic climate, to travel up to the west midlands and watch football being played in that desultory a manner, I think you are entitled to express your dissappointment.

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  2. Ah, The usual lacks of our team.. That problems lie in our inability to rotate our most influential players with somebody who we can trust to bring the same impacts. How many more matches before the January windows again..

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  3. Lol, what absolute bollocks, if it was dangerous to bring/play wilshere on a wet pitch, what was gibbs doing there when the latter is no stranger to injuries himself?

    Come on wenger, the team wasn’t good enough and while you’re right in saying that you shouldn’t have to justify every single decision you make, you do however have to answer for flat performances and points dropped.

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      • Doesn’t matter when you consider that gibbs is probably more injury prone then wilshere. Anyway, the entire debate is moot, ramsey had a decent game and wilshere should be eased back slowly (along with a couple of other players who should’ve been rested also).

        Dont like wenger’s rational because it doesn’t make sense, don’t like the fact that we have very poor quality on the bench to change games for us when it matters, don’t like the fact that we’re so dependent on certain players and yet seemingly cannot depend on others at the same time.

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      • Santi wasnt out of football for 18 months. Bobs, youre the type of supporter that would be whining like a bitch if Jack started and was out for a month as a result

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  4. Not playing Wilshere is not the issue here, everyone knows that he (and quite possibly anyone else) couldn’t and shouldn’t play every game.
    The issue is that manager allowed that we’re dependant on a player, who is 20 years old and is coming back from a serious injury.

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    • I agree Chair this is not about playing Wilshire and I am happy he is being cautious with him. This is more about not having a striker on the bench to replace a tired Giroud. Its about the same players having to start every match because we have so little quality on the bench. The way things are going Cazorla will be burned out by christmas, thats a worry,

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      • If Giroud is tired, send Podolski or Walcott in the middle (I know Theo was injured today) since all that we’ve got is wingers and players who play deep or to the sides.

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      • Am i the only person who thought Cazorla looked tired out against Villa? I felt we needed a player like Rosicky, or even Arshavin in the central role, to rotate out Cazorla and give him the rest he needs. I’d rather have 0% Cazorla against Villa and 100% Cazorla against the quality of Everton than have 85% Cazorla against Villa and then 70% against Everton. (The exact percentage is not the point.)

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  5. …and yet we’d all be up in arms if Wilshere wasn’t protected this season, calling Wenger a poor manager, etc.

    You can’t play Wilshere every three days at this stage of his recovery.

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  6. Unimpassioned. Tired. Laboured. Uninspiring. Limp. How this team gives such diametrically opposed performances from one game to the next is beyond me.

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    • Just shows the importance of Theo and Sagna as a unit. Jenkinson was getting lost in attack. Theo stretches teams and his crosses create chances. Shame about Wengers mistrust of Chamack the game needed another striker.

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      • Have to agree. Jenks has been fantastic on the whole this season but can’t help feeling like he’s lost a bit if confidence since Bac has come back.

        Theo needs Giroud. Giroud needs Theo. Poldi isn’t up to it without more support from the others in attack.

        Basically we’re more of a team than previously but we live and die by our best players’ performances. If Santi and co don’t play to their usually high standards (thought he was poor today given how incredible he can be) then we’re highly likely to come up short.

        Reinforcements needed in Jan up top. Especially if Theo effs off as looks likely.

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      • Jenks has never been strong in attack, signature move is a backpass to arteta or mert. Considering how much goes through our right hand side it’s no wonder we struggled with jenks and ox.

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      • I can’t believe I am saying this but I agree. I wanted to see Chamakh on the bench and sub in. He’s more than capable of playing as a sub, given our circumstances in the depth of our team. He was actually clinical against Reading, granted it was only a league cup game.

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  7. I completely agree with the decision to rest Wilshere, but unless Giroud picked up an injury, taking him off was ridculous. Aston Villa had clearly settled for a point at this stage and we were already lacking in the final third. I’m completely behind Arsene but sometimes he needs to admit to a mistake.

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    • It looked like maybe Arsene wanted to play a tricky player like Gervinho through the middle, with other tricky players like Arshavin etc, so the thinking behind the Coquelin sub was most likely to free Arteta to push up and try to thread some passes through to them, or smash it like he does 😉

      Whilst Gervinho is madly frustrating – even more confusing with his performances than Theo! – he does have it in him to cause goal scoring opportunities with his unpredictability (as he also has it in him to run it out of play…). Giroud may have well picked up a knock – he had someone rake their studs down his achilles – and combined with the weather it may have been good to take him off and try something different, since for 80 mins that approach hadn’t been so fruitful with Villa’s pressing and such.

      Point being, we don’t know why every descision is made, but we should show some faith in the manager that it was done for a reason, and maybe be pleased he decided to change up the form of attack. It didn’t work of course, so he is rightly open to critisism, but I am pleased he tried. The question as to why we have to safeguard our only real striker is another one however, and one I hope we can answer come January.

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  8. Can almost understand leaving jack out with what is a supposed harder game Wednesday, but the giroud one is puzzling.
    Just had no creativeness at all. Still on train heading to euston, the best part of a totally shit wet depressing fucking day.

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  9. our players need to be sent to bootcamps organised by SAF and Mourinho. Maybe then these chumps will learn a thing or two about passion & committment . And grow some spines and balls.

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  10. I don’t know why all of ya are shouting ya heads off. Arsenal played really well today…unless you guys watched a totally different match from the one I watched. we were just unfortunate to have scored. Ramsey played really well.

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    • we played well lol
      what game was you watching.

      i cant even remember there keeper making a good save in the game
      just that one from ramsay.
      apart from that it never looked like we would score.

      villa looked like the one that would score but our defending was the only thing good in the game.

      in most games we have played this year we have never seem great even againns the spuds yes we won 5-2.

      but 11-11 spuds was winning 1-0 .

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    • the thumbs down on your comment are really harsh. I thought we played well and controlled the game. was it good enough? no, clearly not, but fair play to you for going against the negativity.

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    • I agree. I like your positivity 🙂 We didn’t click how we know we can, but we weren’t the shittest thing that has ever existed, we were just meh with some bright spells 😉

      I was a little worried about the start for Ramsey, in such a high tempo midfield battle, but he played very well, took up some good positions, and kept the ball well. Hopefully he can string a couple of performances like this together and maybe grab a goal or two too 🙂

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  11. if anything, players like giroud, podolski and cazorla probably deserved rests as well, not logical to expect players in their debut seasons to come in and play game in game out with such huge responsibilities and not see a drop in their output, remember, we’re a giroud injury away from having gervinho back as out first CF. Nevermind wilshere for a moment, those other 3 players are just as capable of picking up injuries through fatigue and that is why you fucking spend enough to make sure that you have backups who are decent enough to come in and do a proper job.

    Ramsey should not be blamed for anything, he doesn’t pick himself and besides, he didn’t have a poor game, not when compared to some of the other players out there.

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  12. Lacklustre and uninspired. We’ve been hit and miss this season. Progressively getting worse over the last few seasons. Wenger is responsible for a lot of this but what about Kroenke? Leadership comes from the very top Kroenke seems to offer nothing but gets away with very much. He’ll leave with a profit and that’s obviously all he cares about. But maybe we should send some questions his way as well as Wengers. Kroenke is very much letting the club and its fans down. Does he intend to do anything about it?

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  13. the problem aint the he rested a few players
    that is normal.

    we cant use the same player for every 3 days.

    the problem is we have no back up.

    arteta is strugging in his role.
    podolzki is a goal scorer not a creative one.
    giroud looked tired seeing that his played alot in the past months, yet wenger replaces him with a midfilder.

    did wenger think we are going to win anything this year with 1 striker ?

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  14. I think going on about Wilshere is missing the point. We had plenty of players out there today who had sufficient class to play a team that’s shipped 8 goals in 2 games off the park. We’re getting like Liverpool – capable of a rousing performance against our rivals, mediocre the rest of the time. To an extent I’m comfortable not challenging for the Prem given the excess of Citeh and Cheslski and debt at Man Yoo but if we’re bagging £30m/season kit deals then clearly we are pitching ourselves as a top club still. Worrying that we haven’t played like one since Eduardo broke his leg.

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  15. Wenger is right – he shouldn’t have to justify every decision he makes. However out of respect to every paying and travelling Arsenal supporter, perhaps if he was to inform them of his team selection the day before the game they can decide whether they are willing to part with their very hard earned money travel approximately 2 hours in the rain to watch the pile of SHIT they had to endure today by individuals who earn more in one week than the average supporter earns in 2 years. You’re quite right Mr Wenger – don’t explain yourself

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  16. When will you gooners wake up, Wenger is the problem its he’s team, he bought the players and he’s had his day at Arsenal, get Pepe G’ in now, save our season and club,

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    • Ya of course, lets get pep, cause he wants to come and we want to pay his salary. Don’t be a chav. If you don’t like it, don’t support the Arsenal. Such a twat. Fans like you are a joke.

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  17. Gibbs playing yet Jack not = mistake.

    Sagna on the bench? If he wasn’t injured = mistake.

    If some of that new deal money that they loved shoving in our faces isn’t spent in January, especially on a striker…well that’s another huge MISTAKE!

    The scum won’t always keep losing.

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    • How many premiership teams have you successfully managed? Maybe you can apply, and on your application forms highlight all the MISTAKES Wenger keeps making and how much better you’d be in the job.

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      • Firstly I did not say he KEEPS making mistakes.

        Secondly, are you honestly saying keeping Jack on the bench helps?

        Thirdly, I, nor any other mighty Gooner needs management experience to know we need another striker.

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  18. He’s right.. he shouldn’t have playws Wilshere as the last thing we need is him breaking down again and 3 games in a week is a tough ask when he’s working towards full fitness. BUT….

    It is Wenger who should ensure we have ample midfield options and not rely on serial crocks like Diaby.

    You don’t, under any circumstances, substitute you’re only striker and vocal point (can’t count Chamakh, clearly AW doesn’t) for a fucking defensive midfielder.

    Laughably our 2 best crosses came after Giroud was subbed. One went towards Gervinho, the other Arshavin. *sigh*

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    • vocal point – ha ha
      substitute you’re only striker – ha ha

      Other than that I agree with your post. We’ve had an terrible injury record for about 4-5 years. Every year we keep hearing how the players will come back but it never happens. Always about 7 out injured. Everyone forgets we have Rosicky too. He was excellent in the 2nd half of last season. But we may as well accept that him and Diaby are both fairly finished. We’ll get about 15 games a season from each of them. Can’t be relying on that.

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  19. All of you moaning cunts are really pissing me off. You can’t just expect to win something. We just got a massive comercial deal because we are consistently in the champions league. How can you not see what an achievement that is? You all look at Chelski and £iteh and think that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Arsenal is run like a business, we have debt to pay off and we can’t spend money that isn’t there. Stop being spoilt pricks and thinking you know everything just because you’re good at Football Manager or something. This is real life for fuck fucking sake. Would you like us to be in a precarious financial position and do a Leeds. Wankers!

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  20. Is AW in love with Aaron Ramsey?? Why in the F¥€£ does he play the ineffective & useless welshman over & over again??!!! Why for F¥€£ sake?? Why?!!!!
    We need iur best players playing in their best positions…if they are available, play them!! If they are not injured, play them!!!
    No time for sentiments here. Oh jerkinson havnt play much so lets play him…NO!!
    Oh ramsey havnt start many matches, lets play him…NO!!!
    Oh Wilshere abit tired, so dpnt playhim…NO!!!
    AW is loosing it…wats left of it!
    We lost two points…who’s to blame? The fixtures? Of course NOT.. the players picked by the manager!!

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  21. Bar a few dodgy moments I thought we dominated them and always looked like we could steal it if the final pass was quality. The backlash against a point from a good team who are playing for their survival already in November…Or put another more positive way, two clean sheets in row. And yes, we need better options off the bench so spend some money. Encouraged.

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  22. All too familiar and frankly starting to get boring. I’ve gone from being disappointed to angry to indifferent. Bored with the mental strenffs, character, maybes, little bits. If no player is bigger than the club should the manager be?

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    • you’re just disenchanted. Its not like we’ve lost 2 on the trot. We’ve capped off a week of 2 wins and a draw away, get over yourself. Fans like you are the reason there is discourse in the camp.

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  23. Kroenke, gazides, Ramsey, djourou, squillaci, fabianski, Mannone, santos, chamakh, all our ‘loan’ players are DOGSHIT…. Many are only ok in some games, missing all our stars & Arsene losing the plot, huge change needed, this is mid table rubbish due to all that’s been said, not spending the money we generated from selling our best players, most expensive seats in world football deserves much more than this

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  24. I don’t know why Wenger subbed out Giroud for Coquelin. That was atrocious. I have yet to hear someone justify that substitution.

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    • pretty sure that sub moved Gervinho to CF, Ramsey to LW, and Arteta into a more attacking role while Coq went into the defensive role. It does make sense, only in the fact that Wenger seems to think Gervinho can play striker with any amount capability.

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  25. Had a feeling we wouldn’t get much from this game, which is pretty fucking depressing considering the opposition. Need a new striker in January…..time to open up the scrooge mc duck vault and spend some of our new moneys. Llorente will do, if we have to wheel gervinhos head around the country letting people take pictures with it to help raise the money we should do it.

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  26. Wenger is making so many bad decisions….Diaby( putting faith in his fitness ) Rosicky (new contract) RVP (selling to rival) Walcott ( just sign him up) Park (nowhere man) Chamakh (shit) Gervinho ( bambi on drugs)……time is up.

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    • Some of those decisions were bad, but only in retrospect. RVP? What do you think we should’ve done? The only option was to let him run out his contract and then go to manure for free. Now that would’ve been true genius. Walcott? Same thing there. If he doesn’t sign, get rid. Not because we want to, but because we have to.

      I’m tired of all you armchair experts and your FootballManager-acquired expertise. I think that Wenger is actually the greatest asset of this club. You dont solve anything by getting rid of the one man best suitable for rectifying our problems.

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      • Only in retrospect???

        Building our midfield squad depth with injury-prone and unproven players, is a bad decision only in retrospect? Are you Wenger in disguise? Everyone and his dog new that Diaby would NOT complete the full season, just as Rosicky wouldn’t, and Wilshere has to be given time. Ramsey has had an awful season, Cazorla is amazing but tired already, Arteta can get injured anytime and we have no cover. Coquelin is just raw.

        You are the biggest armchair expert around, unless you just wind people up.

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  27. Today we looked like tired squad with a wafer-thin bench. Villa worked there asses off as well which didn’t help things for us.

    On the positive side, unlike recent seasons I was all sphincter-clenched whenever they had the ball near our 18. Defensively we have improved.

    But we really desperately need a deeper squad. You can almost see right through Arteta he looks so worn out.

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  28. havnt watched the match yet but to play out a nil all with an aston villa side that is just as young as ours and with our recent form. there is no excuse, quite simply a pathetic performance from arsene and the squad.

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  29. Hmmm nothing to do with Wilshire this Arsenal side is simply not good enough back four played well enough The Ox Lucas poor as good as Arteta is we will win nothing with him in the side all round back to earth with a bump. Depressing

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  30. On a side note, why can’t people get Wilshere’s name right? I’ve seen it all from Wiltshere, Wiltshire, Wilkshire, Wilkshere, it that hard to get right? End of rant!

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  31. Ok The time has come for Wenger to GO all plaudits to him for what his has done for us.You may have outstayed your welcome by two seasons but thanks .Welcome in new owner Osmanov and new manger Pep with a 200 million war chest. These are my hopes prayers and dreams!!

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    • Seriously? You may think Pepe can bring Messi, Xavier, or Iniesta to arsenal as well? Given the limited resourse, Arsene has done a great job. Being in the CL knockout round 13 yrs in a row is not easy. Be grateful. All I hope is the broad could be more supportive in buying some world class players, then Arsene can do way better.

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    • Man give it a rest! A draw away and you’re calling for his head already? How many times must I spell it out… 5pur2 happened again not even a week ago, and we won comfortably at home in the champions league to reach the knock out stages AGAIN, with a game in hand… What on EARTH are you complaining about????? And where are you getting all these ridiculous delusions of grandeur from? Where are you getting 200mil warchests from? And who are you to put Usmanov in charge?? Its NOT HAPPENING buddy. If you want big spending feel free to support Chelsea alllllll you like. Its about time we started weeding out the nagging nancies anyhow, you lot are a pain to listen to.

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  32. .And Wenger thinks we can afford to lose Theo? Wow… I know you guys made a huge effort for people not to rip on Ramsey with those stats.. but still not convinced at all he’s an arsenal player..

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  33. Any of you wankers who are following the media to say that Wenger made a mistake on keeping Wilshere on the bench, who has been out for 2 years is not a fan. Get it together. You are all not fans but hatemongerers. What are you complaining about? We’ve had two brilliant results in the last week, can you not keep it together? Don’t be spuds in disguise, we’re not gonna win em all. A draw away at villa is a result. It could be much MUCH worse. Get in boys.

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  34. really in no place to be cocky and arrogant. once again I love Arsene Wenger. but saying ” i have been in the job for 30 years” shows everything thats wrong with this club. He thinks he can do whatever he wants because of his past.

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  35. All funs are entitled to their opinions but I think we have to be objective enough and lets not pretend. The truth is, Wenger has failed to build a reliable First XI. In many times, a team that plays for us very well is disorganized by two or more players removed from it. Where can the consistency come from. Besides, some of us say Ramsey had a gud game! I think u’ve got it wrong. Its not all about being seen with the ball but what u do with the ball. Ramsey runs all over the pitch may be that why U always think he has a gud game but what is the impact of his runs (count the number of games Ramsey has started playing and we have won……this shows the impact he gives to the game). Arsenal needs players who are determined to win. We get it wrong to say we fear to go into financial crisis if we spent on gud players. Lets NOT REFUSE TO SLEEP BECAUSE WE FEAR TO DREAM. For how long are we going to do this when we are keeping fringe players like Djorou, Charmak, Ramsey’ squilaci? What if funs also say we fear TO enter into financial loses to pay for tickets and register no impact at the End what will happen? Lets be objective and not support what’s is wrong……..Arsenal needs to build resilience by spending on gud players..that’s all and not stories.

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  36. Why do we always gamble like this ? We all know dat every match in the league is important . Winning against everton will not yield us more than three points, so why do we threw the three points away against a struggling aston villa side. Man city are having two tough & important fixtures to battle against realmadrid & chelsea, still yet they fielded a strong team to face this aston villa side and they grabbed the maximum points with ease. We are only playing everton and we low our confidence b4 the game. This is not a mentality of champion. Wenger should just shut up his mouth and accept his blame . Ramsey shouldn’t have start in the first place bcos he doesn’t let arteta & cazorla to know when to move and when not move. Jenkinson and chamberlain didn’t make a single meaningful cross for giroud. You don’t rest players like dat by having so many at a time.

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  37. Fans should stop chanting at wenger. even though i think he was tactically not up to his best like he usually is at the break or maybe it was the players, but jack decision was right. Everton clash will be a turf one coz i dont think they’ll give up 5th easy, the part i think wouldve worked is Alex in the middle Ramsey wide coz the boy was just drifting out of position like he did at the CL game that shows how much of a central player his is than a wide one.
    But at least we got a point WELL DESERVED FOR THE DEFENDING.
    All i want to point out is we need a natural DM for games like this coz am sure Arteta would’ve been the difference like he was vs man.c.
    i thinks the last change should’ve been Coq in Alex out Arteta moves up field Ramsey wide other subs as they were.
    On another note, the away fans negative vybe on the stands just helps the other team, plus now Moys knows who to handle on Wednesday Jack! thanks alot guys!
    And for arsenal, the final third business is not working coz guys keep standing still waiting for a pass like it’s a set piece being played move into those empty pockets make a defender move out of position it doesn’t matter if you do ten pass and move passes someone will move out of position, a chance someone will see and make a run that makes for a foul for us to try and score , an assist, chance to shot or even a tap in at goal which is better than the guy with the ball turning left and right but not getting anyone to pass to.
    Make the Goodisons say the Gunners came, gunned us down and left with our 5th place :'(

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    • exactly, the number of times ramsey or any of our front players would make a pass in the final third and not move on into further positions higher up the pitch was so frustrating. Look at barca or even look at arsenal teams from the last few years one two’s. pass and move not pass and stand still…

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  38. @Kennedy who are you to tell the other fans to not have a dig at wenger,he has been hiding behind the board for a long time–all the criticism is directed usually at board not the manager,who dserves it more than any one esle.Fu*k off Wenger,you have destroyed us and you don’t know what you are doing.RDM was unlucky,bcos he got sacked by a over ambitious owner,unfortunately we are stuck with the worst manager in EPL in terms or tactics and subs and there is no one to sack that arrogant bastard.

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  39. With wilshere or without him we should have won this match,if right subs were made earlier.So,rather commneting on the real issues stop singling out other people who have as much right to express their opinion as you do.I see as long as we have fans who say in arsene we trust(fu*k off),we will continue our journey to the relegation zone.

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  40. Why shouldn’t anyone criticize this as*hole of a manager who says we can still win the title and we and then we can’t beat the likes of villa,norwich,sunderland,stike as well as united,Chelsea,city and some other teams–where are the league winning points going to come from???From the pockets of fans who say in arsene we trust–I believe.

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  41. As long as we have these arsene lovers whose love for that dic*head is greater than love for our club,we will suffer more and even more.

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  42. Arsene, this is our worst start to the season in however many years, the squad is so light that we don’t have a striker on the bench. We have 70 odd million in the bank that we should have invested in the summer on top players and that would guarantee top 4. Instead I see us trying to bring back Henry rather than signing a top quality striker, and linked with a £10 million bid for Downing?! After this performance it shows how big a player Theo is for us, but hey we’ll sell him and replace him with an 18 year old from somewhere, or say we have a massive squad and use the out of form Ox or the hopeless Gervinho. How could the highest paid manager in the league have not seen our problems and decided to flog Song a couple of days before the first day of the season and not replace him? There wasn’t even a deadline day signing, couple of rumours but nothing. What is going on at our club? Players aren’t playing for the manager, the manager can’t seem to motivate the players and our Chief Exec is doing F*** all and getting a nice tidy bonus for him. This club is stagnating on and off the pitch, something needs to change.

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  43. Wake up morons,it’s not the board that decides to play Ramsey and Gervinho,make late and useless substitutions.The only thing for which board can be blamed is for keeping that dic*head Wenger here when he deserves to be sent to siberia into a labour camp

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  44. Obviously it’s not about the decision whether to bring in someone who has recently returned from his 14 month injury at a rainy away game.

    It is about not having the depth to make a good decision, FFS!

    We haven’t had a striker backup in the last two/three seasons! Half of our midfield options are either coming back from injury, or injured right now.

    How could Wenger say before the start of the season that this is the best squad depth he has ever had?

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  45. It’s not the problem with Wilshere. It’s generally Arsenal’s play that’s at fault. Way too many passes going astray, for a team of our quality it shouldn’t be happening at all. And Podolski is getting isolated, right after they solved that problem with Giroud.

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  46. @ARSHAVIN i would like you to type a list of managers that you would prefer to Wenger at this time and keep in mind you can’t change the board unless you have the finance to buy them out and buy whoever player you want.
    I read an article that the month that Wenger was to get axed we won the title believe me it will not happen twice.

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  47. […] 不过,在比分还是 0-0 时别无选择的撤下一名射手换上防守型中场,我想大家应该都猜得到,球队的结构出了问题。赛后,温格谈起那些说他不懂比赛不懂自己在做什么的歌声时很生气,  他说: “(关于这些歌声)我不想多谈什么……我尽职尽责,为了球队毫无保留。它听上去很伤人?听着,我在顶级联赛执教30年了,难道我能不能当教练还要让你理据服吗?” […]

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  48. This days whenever anyone critisise Arsene and kroenke, you get abused by fucking imbecile that cannot see the truth if you smack them with it.
    They will surgest you go and suport City or Chelsea! Why the fuck would we want to do that?
    We are not expecting to win everything, but after 7 years of miss management you’ve to start asking questions, this is nothing to do with the media, people have the right to question the manager without being call names by some fucking wankers on this forums.
    Thumps down if you wish, but I don’t give a shit, the fact of the matter is, we don’t even have to spend as much as the above mentioned clubs to be better equip to win the PL and more.

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    • Going after the board is fine, going after Wenger isn’t, if you want big obnoxious spending then you’re simply supporting the wrong club thats all. We do damned well considering the debt we are paying off and the way our players have been stolen right out from under us. And we’re sensible about it. Just cause you saw us win a couple of trophies doesn’t mean we’re always gonna do so. We’ve gone upwards of 18 years without not even a single trophy before. Would you still support the club if that happened again? Doesn’t sound like you would… Which is why you’re told to sod off to the chavs, city or any other glory hunters. And stop bringing the rest of us down…

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  49. It’s not about bring spoilt.

    It’s not about moaning.

    It’s not about thinking we know better.

    It’s about being fed up of not capitalising on the amazing platform we’ve built and continuously build with the incredible champions league qualification.
    While most of the shit below us like the scum, try and add players in the hope of success, it’s so frustrating when we’re do close and never add that final piece.

    Along with Herbert Chapman, Wenger is the best thing to happen to Arsenal ever, BUT you don’t have to be a professional football manager to work out that whilst what we’re doing is phenomenonally consistent, it will not win us anything.

    Do any of you Gooners who think we’re just moaning don’t think we need another striker?

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  50. Morning Gooners,

    I feel our game against villa was for me one of the best game i have seen us play in terms of our defence which did ever so was very good display from the boys at the back though it could not be matched with the boys upfront which against Tottenham it was vice versa.

    we should take into account by this time last season we was not doing so well until we went on that amazing run of nine games no defeat,so we should give the manager some room to breathe with all the complaints we seem to be handing in at every chance. My only concern is arteta as we are no longer using him to his best compared to last season,this is why we need to get another defensive midfield maestro.

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  51. We are bringing you down? I think you should look closer, instead of blaming people that are being realistic.
    We can afford to service our dept and still have enough left to be able to keep our best player, also not going to a new season with one trusted striker. I supose that is our fault as well!
    You know! Why do some fans think they’ve the god giving right to dictate to other supporters, the problem is, some of you loves the manager more than the club because all your arguments point to that fact.
    Excuse, Excuse, Excuses all the time by and for this manager. So if we’ve gone 18 years in the past without a trophy, dose it mean we should wait another 18 years or so before we start to question what is going on in the club? You wait until then!
    If you guys want to be losers maybe you should be the ones moving to Aston villosers………

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