Arsenal and Emirates agree £30m a season shirt deal


Arsenal have today confirmed a long-term extension to their shirt sponsorship deal with Emirates.

The deal, worth £150 million in total, will see the Gunners earn £30 million a season for the next 5-years and affords Emirates the right to emblazon their brand on both match kits and training gear.

The Gunners currently earn £5.5million a season from their shirt sponsorship with Emirates – a figure which was agreed in October 2004 and came as part of a package which included naming rights for the new stadium at Ashburton Grove until 2021. Those naming rights will remain under the Emirates brand until 2028 as part of the new agreement.

The annual increase, which is worth nearly five and a half times the current package, has been warmly welcomed at board level with CEO Ivan Gazidis stating:

“This is an exciting day for Arsenal Football Club and all our supporter. This agreement is a testimony to Arsenal’s approach and to the capabilities we have developed in recent years as well as the strength of our partnership with Emirates.

“The original deal with Emirates was a key facilitator of our move from Highbury and this next phase of our relationship will be just as critical to keep us at the top of the game in England and Europe.

“Emirates is the perfect partner for Arsenal and we are delighted to have agreed a new partnership. Emirates is a world-class brand and by flying to more than 120 destinations across six continents has a truly global reach.

“This reach will play an important role in our own ambitions to further extend the depth of our following around the world. The fact this partnership will continue for many years to come underlines how much both organisations value and benefit from the relationship.”

While the current partnership provided vital revenue to help fund the move from Highbury, it has since been dwarfed by commercial deals completed by rivals both at home and abroad.

Earlier this year Manchester United agreed a record £357 million package with American car manufacturer Chevrolet which will see them earning at least £45 million a season until 2021. While that deal remains unsurpassed, Arsenal’s agreement with Emirates will catapult them up the shirt sponsorship leaderboard into second place behind the Old Trafford side.

In December 2010 Barcelona agreed a five-year deal worth £125 million with the Qatar Foundation (soon to be Qatar Airways), Bayern Munich agreed a £71 million three-year partnership with Deutsche Telecom running until 2013, while Liverpool, Manchester City and Sunderland each earn £20 million a year from Standard Chartered, Etihad Airways and Invest in Africa respectively.

Arsenal’s £30 million a season package is nearly double the £16.8 million which reigning La Liga side Real Madrid earn with betting company Bwin and three times the figure which Tottenham make from their dual-partners Autonomy and Investec.

Emirates also sponsor the shirts of AC Milan, Paris Saint German, Hamburg and Olympiakos and entered a partnership with Real Madrid last summer. The airline also put their name to the Emirates Cup, Arsenal’s prestigious two-day, pre-season tournament, hold official partner status with FIFA and sponsor the Asian Football Confederation.

In addition to the investment by Emirates the Gunners are also expecting a financial windfall from a new kit manufacturer partnership. Arsenal have worn kit made by Nike since 1994 and penned a 10-year extension in 2003 worth £130 million (including £55 million in cash given in 2006).

It remains to be seen whether CEO Ivan Gazidis and CCO Tom Fox stick with the American giants or, as speculation would suggest, opt to revitalise long-standing links with German brand Adidas.


  1. “As part of the deal Arsenal’s home will continue to be known as Emirates Stadium up to 2028.”

    Bit crap if that’s included in the price.

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      • I believe it will work out as roughly the amount that their accountants calculate they’ll have to make in order to comply with FFP, something of a crazy coincidence, eh?

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      • I don’t think anyone knows the breakdown. All I know is that City signed a 10 year combined shirt and stadium sponsorship deal with Etihad last year for £400m. £10m more per year than what we’re getting. However, they never would have got that if their owners weren’t also the owners of Etihad.

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      • Just found the answer. Gazidis: Arsenal have agreed with Emirates to bring payments forward so additional money is available to invest this year #bbcsportsday #afc

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    • was gonna be named that till 2021 anyway.. this new kit sponsor deal expires in 2019 so it’ll be renegotiated again around then and probably another extension etc. so doesn’t make too much of a difference I reckon

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      • Bit crap was overstating it but it’s not great either. Average I would say. It’s a lot more than most of our rivals (Spurs, City, Liverpool) but the stadium rights probably account for that.

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    • *meh* as long as it isn’t called Spurs Rule or something I’m not so bothered, it’s what goes on inside that counts rather than the name on the outside and hopefully the money will go some way to helping that.

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    • Totally agree. That’s what, a 15 year contract if I understand it correct? By which time our rivals will be able to get better deals and we’re stuck with them again, exactly like our last deal with Emirates

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      • No, it’s 5 years kit deal and 7 years stadium naming rights deal. When the kit deal expires in 18 or 19, the club will be able to negotiate a new one, either including the stadium or not.

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    • It is indeed, but that’s only a seven year extension on the current deal. Bit worried that price will be a poor one by the time 2028 comes around, though. Pleased we arent hamstrung long term with shirts sponsorship, though.

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    • It’s 5 year contract.. At the end of arsenal can renegotiate.

      But 30m is not good considering we have stadium naming rights as well. Man U is getting 45m just for the main shirt. They are getting extra 10m ( I think) for training shirts from DHL. That makes its 55m – almost double amount without stadium naming rights.

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      • Annoying as it may be, ManUre have a slightly larger and slightly more global fanbase. To get close to their fanbase size we would need to start winning trophies more regularly. Then we could start to command the deals of the size ManUre gets.

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      • I agree. Think Arsenal would have been prudent to not extend the stadium rights and split up match jerseys and practice gear. Don’t like to throw positives towards ManU but their sponsorship deal is amazing. Think we left some money on the table with this one. JMO

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      • Not super jazzed about this. Think we were stuck in a shit deal with Emirates we were never getting out of. But instead of letting it lapse, then hitting the open market we did another deal with Emirates so that we could get money now. Feel like we got lowballed (again) and in a couple of years are going to be looking at our rivals who are doing £60-£70M deals. Hell, United just bought back the last year on their PRACTICE shirts because they felt they could get more money on those.

        Gazidis has not been good for this club.

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      • Lowballed?? So you have a better knowledge of the clubs finances than the owner, CEO and manager? I cant imagine Silent Stan has been lowballed too many times. We obviously need investment now. An extra 25 million earned every year hopefully means we dont have to sell out best players to break even and can offer better contrcts for those to stay and to attract players

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      • I doubt Silent Stan negotiated the deal. And the vast majority of his wealth comes courtesy of his marrying into the Walton family (Wal-Mart). And while this mightn’t have much to do with his great record of not getting lowballed (according to you), his teams don’t win, which is far more important to me as an Arsenal fan.

        As for the deal itself, yes it’s a large number and $25M/year sounds grand but just wait a couple of years. This puts us on par with the last deals of our rivals, when they go out an make their next ones, they will again leave a significant gap between us and them.

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      • I said I cant imagine he has been lowballed too many times, not assert whether he had or not. And while he may or may not have negotiated the deal, I would again imagine that Gazidis didnt do this on his own and a team of financial experts would have reviewed all the fine details. I would also imagine that they would know more than us football fans about the value of the deal. Further with companies and businesses closing globally every day, who knows how football and finances will develop over the next few years, you obviously do.

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    • Feeling a bit iffy about this deal.

      Yes, £30m per year, but that calculation only holds if you see it only as beginning from 2014.

      So, if looked at this way, we’ll only be seeing this money a year and a half from now, i.e. the start of the 2014/15 season. In the meantime, we’re still stuck to the old £5.5m deal.

      Also, as mentioned previously, the economics of football might change in 4-5 years and other clubs might strike deals worth more than £30m while we’re still tied to the Emirates deal, the same way we were overtaken in commercial deals while we were still tied to the pre-Grove deals. While I understand the need for the long-term deals to build the stadium, we have fewer reasons to go for long-term deals now.

      I certainly hope we have some flexibility or capability of extracting more money if, say, by 2016, other clubs’ deals are creeping close to ours and we need to bring in more cash.

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  2. “As part of the deal Arsenal’s home will continue to be known as Emirates Stadium up to 2028”

    For fucks sake…no, thanks.

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    • There is only value in selling the naming rights once.
      Its always going to be known as the Emirates, even if many people hate that
      Look at the League Cup, no one knows what its called anymore.

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      • Disagree. Stadia get have rights sold multiple times here in the States. The checks clear every time. And it seems to have no impact on actual games or getting people to pay money to see those games.

        A rose. Sweet. Etc.

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      • I agree with the yank, didnt Gazidis spout off the same that there is only value in selling the naming rights once, without an explanation of his assertion. It wont always be known as the Emirates’. I have never called it that. It will always be the Grove to me

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    • Not to mention the factor that the current shirt was advertised as being the 2012-’14 shirt and a move to Adidas will almost certainly make it a 2012-’13 shirt!!!

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    • Really? People really want an Adidas kit? They’re basically gonna turn our kit into the Ajax kit or have it similar to Chelsea… Both pretty ugly if you ask me…

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      • Chelsea’s home kit this season is must better than ours.

        …but then, that ridiculous breastplate shit they had the season before was fuck ugly.

        So in conclusion: I don’t know.

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      • i prefer our kit than chelseas this season, theirs looks like an average adidas tshirt, nothing special. personally think nike have a good history of kit designs over adidas, but each to their own. i tend to buy a few shirts a season, so as long as they look nice then i have no issues! just seen some mock ups on twitter of a few adidas kits too, some look decent, some down right ugly.. guess we wait and see!

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  3. If we spend this increased revenue on players, great. Come on now boys, £25 million extra in the bank leaves no excuse not to invest more in the team.

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    • I couldn’t help but burst into laughter when I read this:
      “Arsenal’s £30 million a season package is … three times the
      figure which Tottenham make from their
      dual-partners Autonomy and Investec.”
      Anyways, safe for my suspicion of the 2028 deal (why not bargain based on the economic factors of that time?), I think this is good news.

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  4. All gone a bit Fast Show: “The new agreement was formally concluded today at Emirates Stadium by Arsenal chief executive, Ivan Gazidis and Emirates divisional senior vice-president, corporate communications, Boutros Boutros”

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    • I hear theo wants now half of that £30 million.for him to stay. Something about I love Arsenal and I want £15 million to keep this profound love up.

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    • Sometimes I wonder why people think Kronke is as dumb as they are.

      Sure he could pull out dividends, but does he need the money?
      second, leeching money from the club and making it less competitive will cause his asset (Arsenal) to lose value. His best bet is to increase the value of the club through a combination of off-field commercial activitities and on-field success.

      Is Stan in it because he loves Arsenal, no. He is going to sell the club in 5-10-15 years time and make hundreds of millions, not the small amounts he could get by pulling divdends from Arsenals profits. I think he is smart enough to known this.

      While this comment is innoculous enough, the amount of mindless owner bashing on the boards does more to illuminate the intelligence of the posters than it does the owners.

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      • On field success? and making the club less competitive. If selling your best players year on year and alienating your fan base whilst doing so and being just about as ignorant as one can get at your own Agm is what stan and clearly you yourself believe counts as building a successful club then we are bang in trouble.

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  5. So this deal includes naming rights for the stadium for an additional 7 years? Good piece of business for Emirates Airline, who basically have such a prominent billboard in North London. Wondering how long before this deal looks below-market, so I’d love to Swiss Ramble’s update on the state of Arsenal’s finances after this and the improved kit deal.

    Does it mean we’ll start making more big name signings? I doubt it under this regime, but we mail likely see a rise in overall player salaries.

    Personally, I wish a chunk of this windfall went into a fund that would distribute fat bonuses to players based on performance and trophies won. In barren years, they could distribute the booty to ticket holders, priority going to fans that make it to the bulk of away fixtures.

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    • Yeh, it’s nothing compared to our competitors, even if they are being paid more on top of the £150m for the stadium naming rights extension.

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    • In 5 years time, we can negotiate a higher fee for sponsorship on our shirts. The stadium name is just part of the deal and, like St James’ Park being called the Sports Direct Arena, it will probably always be called the Emirates even with new naming rights.
      Also, it’s only an extra 7 years on an already long term for the naming rights.

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      • Agree with your point. A bit surprised about all the negative thumbs as I’m not slagging the deal, but it’s not like “Wow, we made off like bandits.” Good piece of business for both sides. Let’s hope it leads to more positives.

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  6. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • I don’t think you’ve quite understood. Even if the stadium naming rights are included, we’ll be getting the money over the next 7 years.

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      • The kit deal is over 5 years, Arsenal will not see 150 million in that time because it includes the stadium naming rights. If I’m wrong and they do get the whole amount its still a poor deal because that will mean they’ve had all the stadium naming money upfront and cannot renegotiate that with Emirates or likewise until at least 2025-27. I cannot understand how a club which has been in the CL for 15 consecutive years is so far behind Man utd with commercial deals. If we are getting 23 million a year for our kit sponsorship that is less than half of Man utd’s deal. I cannot see how that can be concluded as decent. Man utd are more popular worldwide but not by that degree.

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    • As I understand, it’s 150 million spread over 5 years; 30 million per season. It’s just the stadium naming rights that go until 2028, not the shirt sponsorship.

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      • I am a season ticket holder at Arsenal, supporter over 40 years.

        ‘AFC will not see all that 150 million until 2028’ is the sort of thing a troll would post, so hence my post. But feel free to accuse me of what you appear to be doing (see the number of thumbs down on your post if you’re not sure the effect of what you posted). It demonstrates my point entirely.

        Keep digging though, it is amusing to see.

        And pretend to be a fan next time, someone who is happy when good things happen to Arsenal.

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      • I would never insult someone that was obviously a fellow Gooner, HP Arsecraft/GWR.

        Please follow the comments and responses (including thumbs up and down) and it will be apparent why I said what I did. Thinking is often a good approach before posting, whatever name you use.

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      • CB

        “GMR, are you a Spurs fan or just thick? ”

        I would take that as an insult and nowhere have i seen any reason to insult GMR. In my opinion he is wrong about the deal but I wouldnt call him a Spurs fan or thick and so what if he gets thumbs up and down?

        “Thinking is often a good approach before posting.” Spot on CB, spot on.

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      • I refer you to my previous answer. I would never insult someone that was obviously a fellow Gooner.

        People will not give thumbs down en masse to anyone that appears to be a fellow Gooner ie supporter of the club.

        Perhaps it is my fault for thinking that things aren’t so bad – a great North London derby, enjoyable match in midweek, some great players meshing together including Jack coming back from injury, winnable run of games coming up, qualification from the CL group and now a lot more money coming into the club, with TV money and shirt deal to follow.

        It’s obviously all going pear-shaped.

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      • Season ticket holder, supporter over 40 fucking years. Then your opinion must be superior to the young, foreign fans, of course.

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      • I refer you to my previous answer. I would never insult someone that was obviously a fellow Gooner.

        Though I’m getting tired of doing that. Your argument is a straw man, made up to insult, even though it isn’t what I think at all. Having lived abroad I love any overseas Gooners. You should be a spin doctor.

        Give me a good argument and I’ll applaud you for it. I’m prepared to wait…

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  7. What a great news after i had a car accident on a shitty day..please invest the money on the team..bigger squad depth..n theo,SIGN THE THING!!

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    • hmm let me see , we spent 124M on wages last season with the 5.5 Mill a year deal (Man united spent 154) . Not bad if you ask me . they’ll probably a lot more with 30Mill.

      Our last contract was so crappy, Sp*rs had a better deal

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  8. ooof, don’t really know much about all these economics behind the scenes, but that sounds like some big moolah.

    and perhaps a bit petty, but i quite like the look of the emirates logo in comparison to things like etihad or DHL or.. chevrolet?

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  9. So they get five years of shirt exposure and the stadium name for 15 years for a total £150m. Doesn’t sound like a great deal when City are getting £40m a year for the stadium name alone.

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    • They already have 8 years of stadium naming rights left so it’s an extension of 7. If they aren’t paying more for the stadium naming rights, then I agree, it sounds like we’re getting robbed.

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    • The City deal does include the shirt sponsorship too for that £40m per year. But I know what you’re saying. I don’t think it’s that great a deal either. If the stadium naming rights hadn’t been extended it would have been a much better deal.

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    • I wouldn’t compare our deals to City’s, theirs is a fairly transparent funding from (by my understanding of the area, which is piss-poor) the same try and mitigate any FFP problems, ours is actual commercial growth.

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    • It helps that this sponsor is the brother/relative of the Man City owner, and is widely considered a step around the FFP rules to give more money to the club indirectly.

      Man City and Chelsea honestly are never a good comparison to make. Nor is ManUre for their global reach, second to none (particularly from the Premier League.) They roll so heavy that they can put out there that they want stationary partnerships for their offices, and actually have made sponsorship money.

      We’re doing well with what we get, all things considered.

      I just want the debt gone so we can invest big into the club again.

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  10. Does that mean the extra 7 years of stadium naming rights are included in that £150m or are they paying more on top of that?

    If the new £150m deal is payment for shirt naming rights alone then it’s not bad, though Manure still get £15m more per season than the £30m we’ll be getting, as well as an extra £22m bonus before it’s even started.

    But if the extra 7 years stadium naming rights are included in the £150m then it’s a pittance. It’s effectively something like £80m for 5 years shirt sponsorship and £70m for 7 years stadium sponsorship.

    When Sunderland get £20m a season for shirt sponsorship and man City are getting £40m a season for stadium naming rights…

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  11. Let’s have Huntelaar, Cavani or another top class scorer/player this winter…. Only then will the fans have a reason to celebrate. Until then, only the board has a reason to do so.

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  12. I’m surprised that the naming rights to the stadium bother people that much. The stadium never really had another name and the alternatives hardly roll off the tongue (the Grove being the best of a bad bunch). If they had taken Highbury and renamed it the Emirates then I would have been very upset but as is I don’t really care.

    Like everyone else though I will care if this money is not reinvested back into the squad.

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  13. Am I the only One Who thinks that 30m including the stadium naming rights is cheap? If Liverpool get 20m a season you would expect us to acheive 20-25m, making the stadium naming rights worth between 5-10 m a year. Plus we are committed for 16 years now. What’s the bet in 10 years time we’re alloaning about the pittance we are getting in naming rights and how we’re stuck with it for another 6 yrs when Man U agree a 900 million pound deal with someone just to have their name on the shitters at Old Trafford. You only have to look at the financial environment of football and how it has changed over the last decade to realise that committing yourself Too far into the future isn’t necessarily a good thing. At least we can all celebrate Ivan Gazidis getting another huge bonus this financial year.
    Just thought it was worth mentioning that when using iPhone’s new voice recognition system Siri, Ivan Gazidis Comes up as iPhone diseases. Make of that what you will.

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    • The naming rights for the stadium is until 2028. The shirt deal is until the end of the 2018/2019 season. I think they will renegotiate both deals at 2019 and keep prolonging the stadium deal too keep the Emirates name on the stadium.

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    • The point is not that they collected more money. The point is that in this ultra-competitive market, the commercial team should be maximizing revenue. ManU is maximizing revenue by separating matchday jerseys with practice gear. Plus if you separate them you have two sponsors and not just one. I am definitely happy we are increasing commercial revenue, just think we could have gotten more.

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  14. [some girlish whining about how Man U still have more money than us, how Ivan Gazidis gets £130m to himself to buy a fleet of cars with his face on and how the stadium isn’t called Perry Groves Memorial Park]

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    • Man U will be getting %50 more per year than we will. On top of that Chevrolet will even pay them £11 million in each of the previous two seasons – while Aon are still the sponsors.

      Not only that, but United have also persuaded DHL to pay £10 million a season to sponsor their training kit.

      There is quite some discrepancy there.

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      • There is no point comparing our deals with Man Utd though. They’re globally a much bigger club/brand, much better run from a commercial point of view (although we’re catching up) and have had a lot of success in recent years winning the PL and CL.

        From our point of view it’s an excellent deal.

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      • Yep a huge one all told they will earn about £30m more per year then us with their combined Shirt and Training kit deal. All that investment in the commercial arm and we get what maybe £5m(£25m for shirt/£5m for Naming rights) more then Sunerland…

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      • The major difference is that the manager of GM who made the deal with manu was sacked and internally investigated afterwards, if I remember correctly.

        The second aspect a lot of people here are missing is the real value of the stadium naming right – anyone actually knows it? My feeling here is that the sponsor’s name on the shirt is much more exposed to the public than the stadium name…

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      • Gazidis can give his interview / meeting with some breathing space. I felt whacking him every time he uttered ‘future’ with ‘FFP’.
        “Show me the money Ivan”
        “Oh, here I have a 150 million”
        I f we win 2-3 trophies within 2018, we can get a mighty shirt deal next time. Stadium will remain same as long as Emirates is financially healthy.
        All in all there should be around 50 mn increase with that proposed kit deal per year.
        Boom Boom Kaboom!!!!

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      • Not completely true. Man Utd have had to cancel the deal with DHL to accommodate the new Chevy deal (which IG noted with overcrowding of sponsors). In fact, I believe DHL has made a profit out of the deal.

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      • Blogger,

        Hate to say it but you are wrong. They should have gotten 20+ just for the matchday jerseys. Roll in the naming rights and training gear and we should have gotten more. You can’t claim that the commercial team is getting better if they continually sign contracts that leave money on the table.

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    • [Some come comment that shows I am stupid , but still gives me the right to whine about the deal and demand Usmanov takeover]

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  15. About Par. The headline figure of £30m is good but when you dig beneath the surface a little it starts to look poorer. The £150m deal includes 7 years on the naming rights for the stadium and the training kits.

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    • We’ve never had a training kit sponsor anyway, and the naming rights just cements the deal with the shirt sponsorship and leaves us open to increase that deal yet again when it ends in 2018/19

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      • Well why don’t we have one? I know you say we can’t compare ourselves to Utd but their combined Shirt /training kit deal will be at least £30m more then ours we will never compete if we are always playing catch up.

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      • looks like a good deal to me,hope we end up reinvesting in the squad….maybe you could give us a break down on how the money is to be distributed..and bring an end to all this back n forth confusion

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    • You cant compare us to United. They have won bundles of trophies and are a far bigger worldwide brand. We have won nothing for 8 years and have secured a better shirt deal than that of everyone in world football except United. Ignore City, as they are funding themselves unfairly. Look at it this way and maybe you should be praising the commercial team, not slagging them off.

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  16. Even if we don’t sign any players, at least sign sagna and theo on for the long term. Excellent news for the club though :o)

    Hopefully we a see a return from it on the pitch

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  17. Key point is it’s not JUST the shirt.

    Original Emirates deal worth £6.6m per year over the 15 year duration (including 8 years for the shirt), this is £10.71 over 14 years (including 5 years for the shirt).

    Liverpool’s current £20m a year shirt deal (no free stadium) ends in 2014. They will match us and no sell their stadium name.

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  18. hmmmm, having the 2nd biggest deal (depending on how the numbers break down) after manu is fair enough, considering they are the world leaders …. but if we are tying it down to another zillion year extension then will we find ourselves left behind again in 5 years? or 3 years?
    especially if its an all in bundle of stadium/shirt/training kit etc, which seem to be the biggest things we can sell

    are liverpool, spurs, man c, chelski, everyone else going to be working on new, better deals over the next 5 years while we are still stuck with 2012 prices?

    i wish i could feel more confidence in our marketing and business teams, i think we are fantastic at running the ‘household’ budget, as good as anyone, but in terms of big sponsorship deals and being ruthless with contracts we seem to be playing catchup and tying ourselves down

    so its good news for today, but 2028 is an awful long time away

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    • Well that’s how competition works isn’t it?

      You get a great deal. Another team goes crying to their sponsor, “Why is our deal crap compared to them?” The sponsor goes “Alright, here’s a better a deal.” Three years later the first team are all like “Why is that team over there enjoying such a great deal? Ours looks like shit.” [continues forever]

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      • Mate, you are fighting a losing battle here. We have too many fans who arent very intelligent. We are in worldwide recession, europe is going to shite and we have managed to sign a deal that is 500% up on the last one we signed. But our fans think that is poor and we should only sign up for a year.

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  19. Too many people trying to be accountants on here, I need to dumb down the comments again….
    ….The Emirates chap is called Boutros Boutros… LOLZERS!

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  20. I get people think we could have done better out of this deal but citing Manchester United is stupid because they have been far more successful in the past 7 years. Think we need to be realistic. If the extra capital pushes us on to be challengers again that is the main thing. Beats being out of the title race in January.

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  21. If this new £150m deal is payment for shirt naming rights alone then it’s not that bad, but if the extra 7 years stadium naming rights are included in the £150m then it’s a disgrace, because it’s effectively something like £80m for 5 years shirt sponsorship and £70m for 7 years stadium sponsorship.

    So, is it shirt naming right alone or what?


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    • Emirates paid £42m for 15 years stadium naming rights in 2006 (£2.8m pa), with Gazidis admitting today that the economic value of re-selling the naming rights in 2021 is much lower by comparison. Say 50% less, so the price attributable to the 7 year extension is £9.8m and not the £70m suggested.
      It is true that the stadium extension is a definite sweetener to the new deal, but Arsenal need the money now and not in 2021 so on that basis the commercial team deserve some credit for selling this so far ahead of time.
      They have also agreed a 12 month advance on the start of the new deal and have avoided any costs with severing ties with Emirates early; costs with are conveniently excluded from the headline numbers announced in deals by other clubs. This should bump the transfer pot by £20m for each of the next 6 summers which is great news for Wenger
      This deal also precludes any obligations to tour pre-season, which saw ManU pay their pound of flesh with DHL by trotting all over the globe this summer and may have contributed to them ending this arrangement early with an impairment charge.
      So forget the stadium deal, which was a one-off and think of this as a 6 year £156m shirt deal.
      Of course this all pales in to comparison when set against Arsenal’s largest sponsor over the last 3 years – the £72m deal with Etihad! This new deal should bring an end that association for good.

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  22. Look people, this club is moving in the right direction. If this new agreement and the new kit deal gives Wenger more money for better players and better wages then you can be sure that we will start competing for the Premier league and Champions league again.
    This will attract some of the worlds best players to Arsenal again.

    This elevation back into the elite of football clubs means that in 5 years time when we renegotiate this deal again with Emirates they will probably increase the deal by another 5-10 million a season.

    Utd did not get their mega deal over night, they earned it, we are moving in the same direction………… today is a good day !

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  23. I really think people need to read the statement on OS before commenting on it.
    It says a 5 YEAR EXTENSION UNTIL 2018/19, in other words we are still on the old deal until 2014/15 unless the 150 million is spread over 6 seasons not 5.
    It also says and I quote “As part of the deal Arsenal’s home will continue to be known as Emirates Stadium up to 2028.”
    Doesn’t look so good now does it?
    I am feeling a bit underwhelmed……. it is a long time to tie yourselves up for.

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      • No we don’t you fringe! It’s behind manure and City for a start, Sunderland are earning the same from shirt sponsors and Newcastle are earning the same from naming rights now! Never mind how much naming rights will be worth in 15 years.

        I would suggest getting your facts right but you didn’t even offer any.

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      • Read what I said Suk My Chin. We are behind Man U and I said ignore city. What naming rights are Newcastle getting? You seem to know an awful lot about who gets what for sponsorship. Are you in the game, or on it?

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      • According to all the reports I have found, these are the top ten shirt sponsorship deals at the start of the 12/13 season.

        1. Barcelona – £25m-a-year (Qatar Foundation)
        2. Bayern Munich – £23.6m-a-year (Deutche Telekom)
        3. Manchester United – £20m-a-year (Aon)
        3. Liverpool – £20m-a-year (Standard Chartered)
        3. Manchester City – £20m-a-year (Etihad Airways)
        3. Sunderland – £20m-a-year (Invest in Africa)
        7. Real Madrid – £16.8m-a-year (Bwin)
        8. Chelsea – £13.8m-a-year (Samsung)
        9. Tottenham Hotspur – £10m-a-year (Autonomy & Investec)
        9. AC Milan – £10m-a-year (Emirates)
        9. Newcastle United – £10m-a-year (Virgin Money)

        Ours puts us into at least the top 3 or 4 for 13/14, obviously subject to change with new deals always going on throughout the world.

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    • “The deal, worth £150 million in total, will see the Gunners earn £30 million a season for the NEXT 5 YEARS and affords Emirates the right to emblazon their brand on both match kits and training gear.”

      What exactly is the point of an extension if it’s under the same terms as the deal it’s meant to refresh? You goon.

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      • Explain this then….. The statement on states that this deal will expire at the end of the 2018/19 season. That is not 5 seasons is it? The maths do not add up if its 30 nillion per season it should total 180 million and thats not taking into account the rest of this season. Read what the club statement says before gobbing off!

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      • I will explain it with simple maths:

        The deal obviously doesn’t take effect in the middle of a season, but starts from this season coming which is 13/14. 13/14 + 5 = 18/19.

        This is literally primary school stuff.

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      • Gazidis has always said that from the 13/14 season we would start getting to the financial point to compete with the bug spenders. Everyone complained about this claim and now we have got that deal in place, with others to come, people are complaining again.
        I don’t think a lot of fans even know what they want any more, except to complain

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  24. it will only make happy if it stops arsenal from getting bullied in the transfer market. we are losing players because of this and good players are not being attracted to afc anymore eg alvarez went inter milan, mata refused afc but went chelsea sahin went liverpool then nasri clichy rvp have all left because we are not spending money on top class players to give ourselves a chance of glory like other teams. in our henry days money wasn’t an issue we had glory everyone wanted to play for us even a young fab left barce for an untouchable afc at that time, young rvp dreamed of only afc or barce to play with so he could play with legends henry, bergkamp, pires and co. afc now only have maybe 2 or 3 players of world class ability wilshire and cazorla who are miles ahead in terms of class to the rest players in our squad.

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    • I really couldn’t give a shit what it is called anymore.

      Would you be happy standing in the “Arsene arena” if you were getting beaten by Manure and last seasons top scorer was playing for them?

      I’d rather keep stars and win trophies at the Emirates.

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      • Shirt and stadium deals are a no-brainer. You give nothing up debt-wise for a mountain of cash just so an unrelated company can splash it’s name across your gear.

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  25. I am glad it’s only a five year deal. These things tend to inflate exponentially so tying ouselves down to longer would be folly.

    Big commercial deals tend to inflate currrent player wages more than usher in eras of new signings. Let’s wait and see on this one.

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  26. It’s not a bad deal but not great. Apt he stadium rights hurt, but aren’t worth much since no one wants to be the second name. We got screwed the first time since teams in the US were getting $20m a year just for the stadium. The stadium rights are worth no more than 3-4m a year, so pretty good overall. The Adidas deal should bring in an extra 20m and this one an extra 25m, so we are looking at an extra 75m with tv rights increasing. The other reason you can’t include united is by the guy who gave them the deal at gm got fired for doing such a bad deal about a week after it happened.

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  27. I believe (I can fly) that this simply means that we are in a stronger position to retain players, maintain a slightly larger squad – not saying it shouldn’t be trimmed and strengthened – and get more from the other sponsors that aren’t Emirates. Nike and Adidas will now see that we mean business amongst others, hopefully driving up the TOTAL revenues across all sponsorships rather than just this specific one.

    A move in the right direction, now we either need to sign Navas or tie Walcott down for another 5 years.

    Ahh.. life is so simple from where I am sat 🙂

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    • Gazidis on the cashflow consequences of the deal, not the Income Statement effect. I am an accountant.

      “We have been able to talk to Emirates about the payment terms and bring some of them forwards, so that we will have additional money in this financial year which will be able to invest in the summer.

      “Those decisions on investment are made by our manager, and he has done an outstanding job of managing the resources of the club over time, and we expect that to continue, but he will have more resources available.”

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  28. It looks like a good deal, considering that City get more because they are owned by the same people sponsoring them, and Utd get more because they’ve been consistently successful over the last 15 years.

    We get a massive upgrade, putting us 3nd in the league in kit sponsorship after those 2, and these a unequivocally funds to invest in our squad, be it new players or better salaries for players who want (or deserve) some more!

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  29. I see this deal as 30m shirt sponsorship plus a free 7 year stadium naming rights extension. Why? Because once that deal expired in 2021 it would have been worth fuck all. Nobody wants to pay to have their name on a stadium that’s been named something else for the past 15 seasons. It was either Emirates or nobody.

    I think it was a smart move from Arsenal. It gives Emirates a reason to stay loyal to us every time we renew.

    Seriously, I’m starting to wonder if the only thing we Arsenal fans are good at is complaining.

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    • arsenal fans are vocal about everything except where it matters like match day in Emirates…wish these fans could be vocal throughout 90+ mins and lift the team spirit & turn emirates into one helluva place where opponents would be scared to kick the ball…Sad!! instead of arguing about manager, player, economics, etc why dont we all raise our voice to lift the gunners in stadium.


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      • I really want the stadium to be full for a change. There are loads of empty seats everywhere. I guess these are season ticket holders not bothering to turn up.

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    • What exactly are you basing any of that on? People pay millions to have their name on a shirt that had another name on it for years, why not a building?

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      • That’s idiotic. NUFC struggled horribly to sell the naming rights to their stadium because Toon fans are a bunch of moaning bitches and no company wanted to deal with the heat of dealing their tears after the people who actually own the club had been dragged through the mud for attempting the very same thing. And also: Newcastle suck.

        What’s your analogy here? That Emirates executives are going to go on 606 and start talking shit because Ford or something moved in?

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  30. Some people are never satisfied, I’m happy with the deal, I also don’t give a rats arse what the stadium is called to be honest, just so long as the money is invested in the team.

    I stand next to some old bloke who moans the whole way through he game about every player we have, he even moaned on Saturday when we were 5-2 against the scum.

    Tthere is just no pleasing some people.

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    • Some people are always satisfied. They never achieve anything in life.

      I’m with you in terms of the stadium naming rights, though.

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  31. so its £150m for 5 years combined stadium/shirt/training shirt, so whats the deal with the 2028 part?

    is part of the £30m per year the stadium part? say £5m or something, and that will continue on regardless till 2028?

    leaving us able to get new shirt/training shirt deals in 5 years from now?

    if so then that sounds pretty good, considering that other teams are a bit hampered by not really being able to sell any stadium rights at all because they are in historical (ancient, crumbling) grounds

    and then we have the kit maker new deal to come as well

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  32. Its a good deal, considering that we haven’t won anything for the past 7 seasons. Also we probably have the 3rd largest fanbase after Man Utd n Liverpool, so its a good enough deal.

    I just hope now they improve the kit sponsorship. We’re getting peanuts compared to other clubs. Should Nike cough up £30 million a season, it would be the icing on the cake. Not a big fan of Adidas.

    Maybe its time for the commercial team to start looking for more country specific sponsors.

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    • Nike’s about to offer Man Utd’s a huge (and I mean HUGE!*) deal to extend their deal even though our contract expires before theirs. So around 25-30m +- seems about fair for a club with our fanbase + appearances in CL.

      On the other hand, such a huge deal for United means that Adidas will need to compete with Nike in terms of sponsorship deals; they’d probably want to sign up the team with the second biggest fan base…

      …but Liverpool just ditched them which makes us next in line!


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  33. Disappointment of the year.

    I think Arsenal could’ve done a bit better tbh.

    Liverpool got a 20m per year deal for just shirt sponsoring from Standard Chartered. Arsenal are getting 30m per per year for Shirt Sponsoring, Stadium naming rights and Training kits right.

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  34. I am not an economist by any means so have nothing to add to the debate about whether it’s value or not, but this deal seems pretty sweet to me as a fan. If it allows us to compete on a contractual level with rival clubs when signing players and retaining the ones we have, that’s enough for me.

    A bit of positivity please for fuck sake!

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  35. i think this deal is OK!
    BUT we’re not getting a cent until 2014 season since its for 5 yrs ending 2018/2019-and that just sucks ass

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    • Not so.

      Gazidis on the cashflow consequences of the deal, not the Income Statement effect.

      “We have been able to talk to Emirates about the payment terms and bring some of them forwards, so that we will have additional money in this financial year which will be able to invest in the summer.

      “Those decisions on investment are made by our manager, and he has done an outstanding job of managing the resources of the club over time, and we expect that to continue, but he will have more resources available.”

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  36. Personally don’t give two fucks if its worse or better than manures or city all I care about is, does this mean we can now keep the players we have? I know we can’t compete still with city and Chelsea but surely we have no need to flog our best players and with the money we have in bank already we can strengthen also.
    Lets see what happens,
    the board have absolutely no excuses for selling and not investing now. It’s going to be an interesting January.

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    • Yep, with the cash to fund a transfer fee and the deal to subsidise another big wage I don’t think there’s any reason not to spend; we need a striker so let’s get another good ‘un.

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    • Actually, from what Gazidis said the spending starts in the Summer rather than January. Oh well, if one of our strikers stays fit we might win a cup.

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  37. Reading all these comments from the fans is so hilarious. They are talking as if all this money is coming to their pockets… Finally, someone in Arsenal announces a new deal which will help us become more competitive with the “oil” clubs and we are busy splitting hairs and pouring vitriol on IG’s statements. Anyway, what benefit we as fans get with all the money pouring in. Let’s give the guys at the club a chance to do something about the squad. If we strengthen over the next two years, we will know that the money was used well for the squad. If not, then we can always boycott the club.

    Anyway, all the talent shopping in the world did not stop Chelsea being beaten by Juventus and Man City being beaten by Ajax. Let us give credit to Wenger and his players for giving their best (most of the time at least). I will always be behind the team – shirt deal or no shirt deal.

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  38. Wow….120 destinations across 6 continents. FUCK RIGHT OFF! Who gives a shit…. What have we (all) become? ££££££££££££……..

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  39. People don’t get the idea that the £30M a year is for shirt sponsorship, which represents a massive increase from £5.5M a year. I for one am delighted with this deal.

    We should see two things happening because of this deal;
    1. Quality signings and depth to squad.
    2. Increased wage ceiling for our best players.

    If this happens then we really cannot have any complaints!

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  40. Of the two major contracts to be resigned before 2014 (kit makers and kit sponsors) this represents a significant boost to our income via commercial deals. Along with the resigning of the kit contract and the increasing TV money it should propel us comfortably into the top 4 clubs (behind only Real, Barca Man U) in the world.
    So we can for a moment see the points that Gazidis was making the other week. But the interesting thing will be to see if our transfer policy changes to include signing players for higher fees. will probably happen in the summer transfer market, and (probably more so) the 2014 transfer market. It looks like the club have realised the current wage policy needs re-structuring so we’re heading in the right direction off the pitch…………and hopefully on it aswell!

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  41. I think this is absolutely fantastic for the club.

    If you look at the last few seasons we’ve managed to achieve top four qualification, a decent cup run in both the League and FA Cups and still managed to get pretty far in the Champions League too. We’ve not challenged for some of these at times, but this is due to a number of reasons including our finances. I read the other day on Twitter that if we didn’t make profit from player sales each year we would in fact be losing money, which in my opinion is nothing but a step backwards.

    If we take the increase in finances from this deal, along with an improved shirt deal (be it Adidas or Nike) and we’ll be seriously stepping up our game.

    If we have managed to achieve what we have done in recent seasons with poor sponsorship deals, imagine what we can achieve with this extra cash!

    I’m excited to say the least, come on you Gooners!!

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  42. All we want to see is big numbers so 48 million dollars a year is pretty big see 48 is bigger than 30 and much more bigger than 13.
    48 by adidas >>> 13 by nike.

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  43. Good work Ivan and Boutros Boutros lol! Arsenal moving in the right direction. Now lets tie down Sagna and Walcott to new deals. Flog the deadwood and sign a couple more decent players and hopefully win some trophies these next couple of years……..and RVP said we had no ambition. Sorry our plans and ambitions didnt fit your career plan Robin but no one is bigger than the club. COYG

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  44. am sorry to say this ,but ive found of late ,that most pple on arsenal blogs are just always sooo negative about everything,and thats not the arsenal way,,i just have to say,what happenned to the positivity,the fighting spirit.weve just become a bunch of whiners…….in my view this is a good sponsorship deal,5years shirt deal for 150mil,not bad,and dont start saying oooh it also includes the naming rights,,get the math of it right..we’l get the 150 in 5 years and renegotiate the deal again probably with an extension on naming rights again…glad 2 here other views on the issue

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  45. How about this – 30m a year til 2018, renegotiate – 40m a year till 2022, renegotiate – give them the option of 50m a year til 2027 if they renounce their rights to the stadium or 70m a year flat out til 2027.

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  46. Seems like some people can never be pleased… Just look at the vast increase in revenue compared to our last deal. Unfortunately we’re not in the same ballpark as United currently so our deals won’t quite match, but we should be happy.

    I couldn’t care less if they called the stadium ‘Stadium of Cunnys’ or ‘Big Mick’s Discount Emporium’ as long as the revenue flows back to the club for players and wages.

    If it’s up for discussion can I volunteer the stadium name ‘Glenn Helder’s wizard cave’

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  47. I think this is a terrific deal tbh.

    First off, I think the deal represents shirts/training kits ONLY, and the clause about extending the stadium naming rights was just added to give Emirates an incentive to sign. The deal clearly says that we get 30 million each over the next 5 seasons, and that’s all that matters at the moment. It simply doesn’t make good business sense for Emirates to pay anything for the naming rights from 2021-2028 right now, over the next 5 years.

    So what I interpret from this is that Emirates pays us 30 million for the shirts (as opposed to 5.5 now) and gets hold of the naming rights for seven more years, at the ongoing measly rate of around 7 million a year (they signed a 100 million deal with us for 15 years in 2006 for the stadium). However, this rate, I’m, sure will be renegotiated, but we can’t count on this being a huge source of revenue in the long term, as the Ems will slowly use the appeal of being a brand new, state of the art stadium.

    EVEN IF (and it’s a big if) this deal encompasses both the shirts AND the stadium, we’re still better off, since currently we get only about 12 million and the new deal represents a significant increase on that.

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  48. It is foolish to compare Arsenal’s commercial deals with that of Man U. As a global brand, Man U has been miles ahead of other clubs in England for decades. And they have backed that with trophies as well in the last 15 years. So of course they will always attract a lot more sponsorship. To all those busy comparing, all I would say is Get Over It. Be happy that the club is slowly getting in position to build a global brand.

    Arsenal has a very good image around the world. There are a lot of people who would like Arsenal to win the league as most people recognise that Wenger has tried to always build a team which plays attractive football and challenges for titles. Lots of neutrals would dearly love us to win the title because it is human nature to support the underdog and against the big three that’s what we are. Everybody knows the it is not a level playing field anymore. The “dross” or “deadwood” people dearly want to get rid of is just a legacy of those painful years where Wenger gambled on mediocre players to come good or atleast be a good squad player. If anyone here runs his own small company then they would know how difficult it is to find good people to work for you and when you do get someone good, how difficult it is to retain them if they catch the eye of bigger competitors. Also, firing someone even in regular jobs is not that easy. With footballers who are on long term contracts, you think it is possible to just tell them to bugger off? And so if you sell them, then what? We sold Eboue and got Santos as replacement. Is that better? I know people say we could have gone for someone better but if Wenger has about £6M budget for that backup LB then we would get someone like Santos. Sometimes it is hit (Kos), sometimes a miss. Unfortunately, we have had more misses lately because the club was rigid in their player spend.

    So yes, these commercial deals are indeed very important if Wenger is to be given a substantial budget to improve the overall squad. I hope that process starts in January but realistically, I see this bearing fruit maybe next summer or 2014. If Arsene doesn’t extend his current contract then maybe in 5-10 years time we will finally understand his contribution to the Arsenal cause where he single handedly guided us through such extensive change while keeping us near the top and financing the club through player sales. We just have to look at Liverpool to see where we might be.

    It is easy for players like Fab, Nasri, Cashly and RVP to talk about ambition while drawing fat pay cheques. But imagine how much self belief is needed to singularly follow your vision despite even your fans giving you abuse at times. Imagine curbing your own ambition to compete with your fiercest rival and seeking self glory (like Mourinho does) by winning titles at all costs to in fact forego personal glory so that the club can emerge stronger. I think there are many things for which Arsene can be faulted for but I would always respect his commitment to Arsenal. There are many ways in which Arsenal could have gone about rebuilding in the past 7 years. Maybe there were better ways than the path chosen by Arsene but in hindsight it is easy to make such judgements. I am just glad that we are not a mid table team, we still have exciting players in the team, we have exciting young talents coming through and despite all the crap surrounding the team and so much money being wasted by wealthy individuals (whose money could do wonders for the youth in their countries) on player sales we still are near the top.

    I hope we fans remember this (and please don’t reply with the tired argument about Arsene’s salary).

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  49. Silly comparison’s with Real Madrid, Liverpool, Spurs etc , these teams DO NOT have NEW stadiums.
    The Deal is 2nd only to Man U and is bigger than Bayern’s, Barcelonas, Chelsea’s or Juves and ” Put’s the club into the top 5 revenue earners in world football ” .
    What part of ” from 5.5m to 30m a season is hard to understand?
    BTW How many times do you think stadium naming rights can be sold ?
    Yeah , good trick ain’t it ? Getting more money (at a better return) for something you sold in 2006.
    Oh and if Spurs or Liverpool etc sign a deal that’s as good in the next 2-3 years just put it down to the CYCLE.

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  50. For those gunners whiners to say we have been short changed once again, they only have to look at the numbers Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan are getting from their shirt sponsorship. Now compare their club honors for last 8 years with ours and seriously tell me again if £30m is not good business!

    i won’t even go there with Manure numbers judging by the success they have on the pitch over the last 10 years, even Liverpool that has more club honors that us is only getting £20m a season so i don’t see how we had been lowballed by Emirates!

    You can argued it’s package with a 7 yrs stadium naming rights extension therefore the £30m a season isn’t all that excellent. Now look around, tell me how many football stadiums you can find that has sold the naming rights for bang big bucks? Man Utd? Chelsea? Tottenham? We had sold ours for £2.8m a yr since 2006 and no other EPL teams will be selling theirs anytime soon for the next 2 yrs i say. That would have given Arsenal a head start of a hefty £22.8m for 8 seasons. Until a team does generate more than £3m a yr for stadium naming rights, we are doing pretty decent here with stadium naming rights. Even in the U.S whereby stadium naming rights is a huge corporate marketing business, our £2.8m seems all the more impressive.

    So get a grip you gooners, stop whinging and start rooting more for the team!

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  51. I don’t know why people are comparing it to what United make. Do people honestly expect us to make more money from kit deals when Manchester United is unquestionably the biggest club in the world considering they’re a recognisable name across the anglosphere and have cracked the Asian market. Our deal is more lucrative that Real Madrid’s, and they’re kind of a big club.

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