Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Boss pleased HFB & BFG have proved critics wrong

Boss pleased HFB & BFG have proved critics wrong

Arsene Wenger says Olivier Giroud has overcome the three main factors which stood in the way of an immediate impact at the Emirates and insisted the French striker now has nothing stopping him from going from strength to strength.

With five goals in his last five games, the Handsome French Bloke prepares for Wednesday’s clash with former club Montpellier in tip-top form and with the full backing of an impressed boss.

Speaking to press ahead of the Gunners penultimate Champions League group stage game, Wenger underlined the distance his compatriot had come since swapping Ligue 1 for the Premier League:

“There were many factors affecting Olivier at the start. The first one, I believe physically he worked very hard when he arrived here. The intensity of the games took a lot out of him. The second problem was a bit understanding with your partners. The third problem was level of confidence.

“When you come to a club like Arsenal, you are surrounded by big names,” continued the boss.

“It takes you a while to think; ‘OK I belong to this world’. He has shown that on that level he has gained a lot.

“Now there is no limit to how far he can go. He is a left-footed player with a strong body who is good in the air, he works very hard for the team, but as well he can be good at link play.

“What I like, he has a good attitude and a good team spirit. He is ready to put his body on the line for the team. Once you have that and his qualities, you wouldn’t fix any limit for any player.”

The boss also reserved praise for Per Mertesacker, perhaps because the BFG was sitting next to him in the press conference, defending the centre-back from criticism arrowed in his direction following his performances last year.

“To his defence I must say last year he arrived on August 31, and had no pre-season, had an ankle injury and had to adapt to a completely new world,” said Wenger.

“Centre back is difficult for people who come from abroad, it was a bit of a shock for him, but this season he has come back very fit, well prepared, and of course knew what the expectations were for him and did extremely well.

“This season especially, as you [the media] have noticed, he has been outstanding.

“The criticism was always completely unjust. It was overboard, we always say you have to deal with that.

“There is only one thing you can do as a football player at the top level, and that is to turn the critics down with your performances, and that is what he did.

“For the rest, you have to let people say what they want and show on the pitch they are wrong, that is all you can do.”

A couple of in-form big lads scoring headers for fun? Arseblog News isn’t going to complain, but if we see Arsene sporting a cap and hear rumours of him giving naked post-game team talks in the shower we’ll start getting nervous.



  1. Sexy French Bloke

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  2. I especially love how both the BFG and HFB celebrated with so much passion on Saturday, shows how they understand how important the NLD to everybody associated with the Arsenal :)

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  3. Its amazing how a good win gives you so much confidence in the team to follow it up with another. God help Montpellier

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  4. Per fect

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  5. We really need to ban pictures like the one above, per on top of giroud, what’s that then, a combined height of 8’?

    Lets not be giving stoke city any ideas and put ladder makers outta business.

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  6. That shower will be hilarious when Chamakh walks in with his 4 incher.

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  7. Per and Giroud’s passion and willingness in the NLD was a huge contrast to the lazy T*ttenham players who gave up after Adeb*yor got sent off and the manager who hadn’t a clue that was even a derby. Brilliant stuff lads.

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  8. I honestly have to say, I celebrated BFG’s goal more than any so far this season. He may run like an arthritic giraffe but I just like the guy.

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    • Totally agree! Something about him just makes me want him to be fantastic and always willing him on! The look on his face when he scored was one of the best I’ve seen!

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    • I know what you mean too, I’ve always defended mertesacker and I’m glad he’s beasting this season!

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    • my favourite goal of the season. was about 1 AM in melbourne and my whole family was sleeping. fair to say there were all awoken by my celebrations. and Koscielny’s runs out of defence also give me hard-ons…. beautiful

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  9. I have a good feeling about Giroud. One of those ‘long career’ good feelings.

    Either that or his handsome Frenchness has me smitten.. . It’s difficult to tell.

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  10. I’d let both of them have their way with me

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  11. I watched & rewatched that goal / celebration !! Remember it was sagna kicked off last year 5-2 result .. Surely Mert must have done the same !! Heaven !!

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  12. I know BFG (big effin German) but what in blazes does HFG mean?????? help me out guyz

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  13. I always had this question and the picture above just reminded me of it how come we dont use that trick in setplays with HFB lifting BFG with his arms and BFG using his neck muscles to pop ball in.

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  14. I am back if you will have me

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  15. against 5pur2 when ever a cross came in from
    theo!! i was getin a felling now giroud will
    head and will score!!

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  16. Bask in the glow of my superior dong!

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  17. David O'Leary's Dad

    Arsene knows – once again

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  18. I love ramsey by 7amkickoff

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  19. “When you come to a club like Arsenal,
    you are surrounded by big names,”
    continued the boss. Wenger is on
    coke..what the hell! me,Rvp,Fàbregas
    and adebayor were the only big names

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  20. Love these guys now go smash the shit out of everyone score loads of goals and stop loads of goals going in !!!

    do that and the fans will love you for the rest of your lives !!!

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  21. giroud, good in the air and pretty much average with his feet. hope he’s not another chamakh in the making!

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  22. Cause you’re cunts

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