Cazorla delighted with derby day


Santi Cazorla has joked that an 11 hour transatlantic flight might be in order for every game after his stunning display against Sp*rs at the weekend.

The Spaniard made one, scored one and was a constant threat to the marsh-dwellers as Arsenal won the game 5-2, and all that on the back of a midweek jaunt to Panama.

“A few of the players have said that I should go back and do the journey again, because it’s obviously helped my form!”, he said. “It was a long journey and a hard one, but I was able to rest and I feel good now.”

Alongside him in midfield was the fit again Jack Wilshere and Cazorla is looking forward to building his relationship further with the England international.

“Jack has a quality that everyone knows about, and he is a crucial player for us,” he said. “Every day, he gets better and playing with him gets easier every day, as he improves his level and finds his fitness again.

“We have to be patient but he will keep on improving. I am starting to understand Jack a little bit more but that is the same with all of my team-mates. We are getting better with every game.”

And Cazorla was made fully aware of the importance of Saturday’s game, so was happy for the fans as much as the team at the final whistle.

“Everyone had been explaining to me that we had to win,” he explained, “that it was a derby, that there is so much rivalry.

“The main thing is that the fans were able to enjoy themselves and that, by the end of the game, they could be quite comfortable.

“It’s beautiful the way they have been with me ever since I arrived. It means a lot. It makes me really happy that the fans show me so much affection. It’s lovely to hear.”


  1. Best signing we’ve had for a long time.

    But I can’t help feeling that we are 2-3 players short of a squad that can compete for the title and in europe. It is a familiar feeling.

    To be fair it seems that injury (Diaby, Rosicky, Wilshere, VanCunty, Gibbs), or quality (Bendtner, Denilson, Ramsey?, Arshavin, Chamackh), has always let us down. We need to spend a bit of money, let some players go (I’m sure we’re trying), and have a bit of luck!

    after this weekend I’m hopeful

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      • We need three or four of them and even that doesn’t garuntee one of them will be fit at all times.

        It’s a shame we couldn’t get Jack, Santi, Cesc and RVP all in the same team, imagine that. Hopefully FFP stops the uber cunts stealing all our players and we have something akin to that in the future.

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  2. It has been long since we had that kind of weekend. ManU losing like twats, Chelsea misfiring like cunts, Everton losing, and Adebayor walking off the pitch with less than half an hour played. Back in Kampala, Uganda, Gunners were delirious, with good cause; now if we can push off from here, things might get a little interesting…in a good way of course!

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    • Whenever I hear of Kampala I think of the film ‘The Wild Geese’. I have no point to make beyond that, although it it a good film.

      Oh yes, anyone heard from our friend Lee Morgan recently?

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  3. 1. Santi on the ball
    2. Sp*rs foul Santi
    3. Santi Down
    4. Sp*rs sigh relief
    5. Santi gets up
    6. Sp*rs WTF
    7. Santi crosses
    8. Sp*rs pick ball from net

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    • Seriously, I feel that sometimes we lack a real intensity in the games against teams which we are expected to beat. Every 3 points are MASSIVE and we need to start playing like it more often. 3 points from Villa do us just as much good in the table as 3 points against Sp*rs

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      • But that is Squillaci’s whole problem. France never took him to Panama. I blame the French FA for Squillaci’s total loss of form since he joined us. All he needed was to be taken to Panama for a midweek friendly and he would have become the French Tony Adams. I bet Michel Platini was at the bottom of it, the bastard!

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      • Kerl, dost though suggest that the knave known as Gareth Bale has a simian aspect? If so then he has been trained well, for he doth on occasion move at great speed on two legs. Should thou be afeared of his great speed be calmed by the knowledge that for all their aggression and size, simians have surprisingly small private parts, so are no real threat to true men.

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  4. Well, if travelling to panama gets santi to perform like this, send the whole fucking team there before matches every week!

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  5. You can tell instantly what kind of players have the potential to be legends at Arsenal – Santi is definitely one. Hope he stays with us for a long time and gets some silverware for his talent and he’ll easily join the ranks of Brady, Pires etc. Love watching him play!

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  6. And great to see Jack sticking up for his comrades when Santi got done by that dispicable muppet. About time we had someone to push and shove the opposition and let them know we’re up for it. We’ve missed that recently….

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  7. need more players like santi who don’t know when to give up…his assist was a tribute to his great skill, doggedness and never say die attitude…fantastic stuff!!
    there are very players like him in arsenal these days 🙁

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  8. yup mate…I still remember the fight between manures and gunners & keowne manhandling RVN, Lehman screaming at RVN after his missed penalty… they really were invincibles in every right…sweet memories!! 🙂

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  9. Santi and Jack = the perfect blend of guile and guts. And I love the way Santi can spray 50 yarders either foot no problem. Class!

    RVP, good point, another classy player SAF should of bought but spent stupid money on shit

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  10. …Instead, including you. Fuck you very much prick. 24mil for a cunt, I’d rather go Amsterdam only €50 there and much prettier.

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  11. I swear this all comes down to Wilshere coming in and showing everyone on the team what it’s like to love arsenal and what it means to wear the shirt. I hate all this hugging before games. Invincibles never got down like that. Jack is mad aggressive. Sagna also understands and Cazorla is just frightening. EVERY GAME WE HAVE TO WIN, the players must treat every team with the contempt reserved for scum.

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  12. People say we wouldn’t have beaten sp*rs were it not for the red card. Truth is, a striker went off not a defender, that should not be an excuse to go on ahead and ship 5 goals. For a club under the illusion of vying for champ football that is shameful, cuntish and so quite frankly tottenham-like.

    Tottenham are shit btw and cazorla is king.

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  13. A bit off topic but to shore up how striking options in case of any injuries, should we bring back Titi (loan) and welcome back Dudu, maybe some time away recovering, he can come back and be that prolific finisher we all saw glimpses of?

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  14. It’s mind boggling to think how threatening we’re gonna be when Jack is back at 100% and Santi isn’t exhausted. If you were to add a 100% Diaby to that mix our opponents might as well not show.

    Giroud keeps getting better.
    Podolski was fantastic IMO against Spuds.

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    • How so? Would you play Santi wide then?

      Or do you just mean we’d be able to rotate Diaby, Jack and Santi, give each of them a rest now and again?

      I’m not nit-picking, Im just curious to what people think. Same applies when Rosicky returns. I think Santi is a fantastic option out wide to break the lines, in games where Walcott is unavailable.

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      • It’s definitely more for rotation and the ability to preferentially select the team we field vs the opponent we face. Whether we “need” that physicality in midfield or we’ll do well with a full-on free flowing attack. We have to be able to rest Saint Santi to get the best from him long term and avoid stress induced injury.

        I wouldn’t mind Santi played wide either but his control & coolness with the ball at his feet and his vision are definitely more beneficial in the middle.

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