Everton 1-1 Arsenal – player ratings (invented words special)


Time to trawl the dictionary and thesaurus for our players ratings after last night’s 1-1 draw with Everton at Goodison Park

*Please note, we reserve the right to invent our own words at any time. Or, when circumstances dictate, use more than one word which may or may not include words we’ve invented.

Wojciech Szczesny: 6/10 – Szlowszäve

Bacary Sagna: 6.5/10 – Crumpular

Per Mertesacker: 7/10 – Machtigistic

Thomas Vermaelen: 7/10 – Belgumpian

Kieran Gibbs: 7/10 – Takalakalish

Mikel Arteta: 6/10 – Grilleted

Jack Wilshere: 7/10Skurly

Santi Cazorla: 6/10 – Domarified

Aaron Ramsey: 6/10 – Clumsisty

Theo Walcott: 6/10 – Invisigoaled

Olivier Giroud: 6/10 – Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupaaaaahhhh


Gervinho: 5/10 – Nertenstein

Francis Coquelin: 5/10 – Blerp

Feel free to discuss and post your own ratings, but normal comment policy applies. If you’re not familiar with it, please read.


    • I thought Ramsey was pretty good last night. He created most of our chances and also got the assist. We should keep him clear of deeper areas of the pitch, but in the final third he is very creative and always looks for positive solutions.

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      • kind of agree. Maybe we should play him as striker. He has a decent touch and shot. Oh I forgot. He always manages to sky tap-ins

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      • Two wins in last 11 PL games started by Aaron Ramsey.

        That is a statistic with no bias. But it does tell its own story.

        At times he was criminally careless in giving the ball away in very dangerous areas.

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      • That’s exactly the problem, ricardo kaka is not here he’s on some madrid bench.
        We have ramsey though, he’s not good enough but enjoy!

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      • I thought Ramsey was decent. He did make mistakes but was very much involved in the game, unlike, say Cazorla. Ramsey is no Cesc, but then neither is Carzola Ramsey is 21 and still developing. So if the grade for Ramsey is a little harsh, the grade for Gervinho is a little soft.

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    • Ramsey – assistedouronlygoalandwasourbestplayeragainstAstonVilla

      Perhaps now is the time to ease up a little on the Ramsey bashing.

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      • Just because you are putting forth more effort than others does not make you the best on the pitch. I still have hope for Ramsey but at the moment he is not cutting it FOR ME. Others have their own opinions just like I do.

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      • 75 cent, Thought that putting in more effort than everyone else would equal best player on the pitch? Least he’s trying to get better and gives it all even when out of position

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      • No, putting in the most effort hardly makes you the *best* player on the pitch. Berbatov had a point when he said whatever ancient Bulgarian adage he said that one time when he was criticized for not working hard…

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    • Some Everton blog’s perspective on Ramsey:
      “Ramsey’s ability on the ball was shown for the assist and this coupled with his willingness to put in a shift going towards his own goal reminded us why Moyes pushed so hard for his signature before he opted for the Gunners.”
      I don’t know why he gets the stick that he does.

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    • Got that feeling too yesterday. I do think were about to enter the into the final month of Theo at Arsenal.

      Got mixed feeling about the chap, but in the end I would very much like hi to stay with us.

      ….greedy cunt!

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      • Yeah another greedy cunt that leaves us like the rest of the greedy cunts. Bit strange we seem to have off loaded so many of those lately.
        Or maybe you could look at it intelligently and say we are about to lose our top scorer for the second transfer window in a row. And ask the question why does it keep happening.
        Nah they are just cunts. It’s easier.

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      • Yup, they are all cunts, the board is not living them to the final year of their contract to look good when they sell them and tell us look we tried. Why wasn’t RVP and Theo offered the same contract the summer before when Le Cunt and Fab left????. I bet my life if that summer they put 130 K PW for RVP and 80 K PW for Theo five years contract both would snap our hands and kiss it. But if they did, how can they justify to us they are not a selling club???

        Players lost hope in Arsene, they know they won’t win anythingm while he carries on his madness in the way he runs the club in the last 5 years. After working with him day in day out they know the man is mentally ill at the moment. The only players now come to Arsenal are the average players that want to develop (I still believe Arsene is good at developing players or getting the best out of them) or young player that know we are the only top club that can give them chance to show their talent when still young then move for a bigger contract to another club when they are done their work experience with us. Was Evra Righ???

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      • I’ve let go of the ill will I held towards our players who left. You can’t blame them for wanting to be paid properly. I would quit my job in a second if a competitor offered to double my wages. Rvp is still a cunt for the you guys letter though. Fuck him.

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  1. Sorry, but I need to have a rant about Ramsey.

    Yeah he is a hard worker and all that, but he is starting to become to much of an liability. His sloppy passing yesterday got us into enough trouble to actually lose the game.
    1. He gave the ball away that ended in the Everton equalizer.
    2. He gave the ball away forcing Gibbs to bring down a player which resultet in a booking.
    3. He also gave the ball away that should have been an easy goal for Everton haven´t Jelovic stolen the ball while offside from his team mate.

    I honestly like Ramsey, but I don´t think we can afford to play him anymore. I know The Ox hasn´t looked himself lately, but I would prefer seeing him on either side of our handsome french bloke that side passing Welshy.

    Rant over!

    p.s brilliant game overall, top class from both sides!

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    • but but it was Sagna is beatiful assist that actually led to fellaini’s goal.

      I think problem/strength is he is everywhere , did create very some very clear chances for Giroud and cazorla

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    • the equalizer was totally sagna’s fault. first he gave a sh*t pass to ramsey who was under pressure from fellaini so ramsey couldn’t have a decent enough touch, and when the ball bounced back to sagna his clearence was even worse than the initial pass.
      6.5 for sagna seems very geneorous. his passing was pretty awful all game. which was the case in montpellier game too.

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    • Ramsey is played out of position constantly and thats the managers fault. He is more of an Arteta type midfielder than a Cazorla type and to put him on the wing is stupidity. We should play Cazorla on the wing and let Ramsey play behind Jack with Arteta in the middle.

      The problem I have with Ramsey is that he seems a bit slow in his football thinking which affects his vision on the pitch. He always dwells on the ball a bit too long. If he can find a way to speed his mind up he could be a truly great player.

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    • Fed up with all the Ramsey bashing. He’s been fine the last few games. For the few passes that go astray there’s plenty of good work and opponents die an early death trying to mark him. He even gets pinged by some people for things he didnt do.

      Other players are making more mistakes than him and dont even rate a mention.

      Hope Rambo gets stronger and more confident the more he plays.

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    • Blame the kick-of…
      Szczesny’s lack of distribution skills caused the problem and Bac’s good assist, so it was a team effort. We were in no hurry and the team had to keep that ball, then the keeper got it and decided to try something unusual. But he made some excellent saves too.

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    • Ches deserves the 6/10,if Don Vito had let that in he would be crucified.The same goes with Ramsey,if he had of done what Arteta did for the goal we would probably of had a lynching.

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  2. Gibbs specially and all our last 4 including Szcz were good. But the midfield were not strong enough to fight aggressive Everton.
    This team is also lacking a leader, somebody who shines when it’s dark, if you know what I mean…
    I am happy for Verm who played good and without mistakes.

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  3. I thought Wojciech Szczesny did more than a 6/10.. Kept us in the game with some saves Vito Mannone wouldn’t have bothered making.

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  4. I’m not normally a Ramsey hater, and I’m still not, but I think he had some poor moments on the ball last night, although to be fair there were some loose passes all round. Vermaelen seemed coming back to his best last night, Cazorla looked frustrated and you can see he really doesn’t enjoy being physically pressed all the time, it’s not his game. Fellaini (spelt right?) looked a class act, a lot of fouls, but I would love to see that box to box kind of player at Arsenal, bit like Diaby except can last more than 90 minutes! Still, onwards and upwards!

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  5. We have found our new level. We were good enough not to lose or win ugly. Slightly inferior to Everton for Christ sake. Maybe 3-4 Everton players would walk straight into our team and improve it. It was all a bit predictable. No spice.

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  6. Ramsey had a perfectly ok game last night. A bit sad to see the very first comment dissing him to kickstart the avalanche of negatives… What does he need to do to get a break? Sure, will never be our best player but i think has found some better consistency in recent games.

    To be blunt was it not a szcz – sagna – arteta mess up that caused their goal…. don’t see them being hanged on this forum (nor should they)

    … let’s support the guy instead, he’s working hard for the team which is more than some others …

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    • Exactly. He had a few iffy moments (what young player doesn’t!), but assisted our only goal of the evening, and was involved in most of our build up play, even more than Cazorla and of course Theo. A solid game, so no reason to hate on him. At his stage he should be limited to a few cameo appearances and starts at home in simpler games, but due to a lack of depth (and that’s another issue!), he’s a starter away up in Liverpool out of position, so I think he did decently given the circumstances. I think we are seeing shades of how the crowd handled Denilson here (although the key difference is work rate and desire, something Denilson is nothing compared to Ramsey). Ramsey is rarely an outstanding/flashy player (unlike say Wilshere or the Ox), but is useful as he is always involved in build up play, and not afraid to ask for the ball (compared to say Theo, who should be demanding it more at his stage of development). The fans think a young lad coming into the team should be special or remarkable in obvious ways, but Ramsey isn’t, and that doesn’t mean he’s shit or can’t play football, just that he’s an all-rounder, and will develop those skills all-round with age and playing time. So support him lads and he will improve.

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  7. After the match I looked back at some pre-leg break Ramsey youtube videos just to remind myself why he was such a hot prospect at one point, and the thing is, compared to the incarnation of him we see no, is that he had pace and didn’t do the whole slow down the counter attack and play a side pass thing he does now. I really feel the whole thing is confidence, which he clearly desperately needs. Which is why he just needs more time, however playing him out of position like he is right now doesn’t help him, it turns him into another Arshavin… which is a shame, if you ask me he should be rotated with Santi, who looks incredibly fatigued. Apologies for the huge block of text.

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  8. I actually thought that seeing he was out of position again last night ramsey didnt do too bad. Thing is gervinho & chamberlain who both play wide were on the bench whilst arshavin gnabry rosicky and “under the weather” podolski were all left at home. We have 7 players that play wide yet we use ramsey?? So surely if theo leaves we will be in desperate need of some wide men

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  9. I think the problem is complacently, we have no massive quality in depth so players can go out half arsed and know they won’t be dropped.

    We need world class players brought in to lift the team, fans… To inject confidence as well as the performance bar!

    I like the talk of hunterlaar possibly coming and wouldn’t say to fellaini (or however you spell his name) but I’d personally love to see a Gotze, Hamsik, Caveni type players?!

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  10. Often times we Arsenal fans say, ‘ooh we just wanna see the boys put up a fight etc etc’. Going by that logic, dispossesed of ball or not, Ramsey is in my opinion the stand out performer at the Arsenal. The main reason his mistakes are obvious is because he is always visible. Never hiding. Putting in work.

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  11. The draw was in the end a fair result. Last night we lacked accuracy of passes in final third to make a difference. I know our midfield players stats are a little bit positive looking, but we lost so many balls in middle park (Fellaini ! aargh ). Everton defensive marking of Cazorla was also the key factor, which stopped our fluidity.

    I´m little bit more worried after these two away fixtures because we obviously lack that killer instict in the team, which we always used to in past years.

    I follow AFC more than 11 years and now I honestly feel this team miss something.

    Off topic: Gazidis must be popping champagne after latest Platini´s latest statement. 7th enough for CL. OH MY GOD!

    p.s. sorry for my english, i´m not a british.

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  12. Ramsey- 4/10 mispasstity
    Good player, particularly like the emphasisness when he scores but even that hasn’t come in ages.
    However, is increased degree of sloppyness is causing the team a lot of its arsenalness. Last night was frustrating. I hope wenger will try and get rosicky into the starting 11 real quick.

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  13. I think your doing a great job Arsene,after Swansea have finished with you on saturday,you will just be in the bottom half of the premier, “WHAT WAS THAT YOU WHERE SAYING ABOUT FINISHING TOP” Arsene that degree you got,
    “WAS IT FOR BULL SHIT” It certainly wasn’t for football managership. DO US

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  14. this one word thing is becoming really pointless. I couldnt make head or tails of the words used in describing the players. I dont even know why I clicked on the article in the first place.I know arseblog has the right to invent new words but I would like to appeal to arseblog to put a little more effort into it and not make it look like the ramblings of a hung-over cunt. Make it readable.

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    • Please send an stamped addressed envelope to 7, Dublin, and I’ll make sure you get a refund.

      Also, thank you for all your kind comments on all the other player ratings posts. It certainly doesn’t make you look like the kind of person who only pipes up to complain.

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  15. The problem we hav is our midfield trio,arteta,cazorla,wilshere/ramsey,they are all good players and maybe if they were combined together in another league would be unstopable,bt this is the epl,very physical,how do u expect ur midfield to perform when every team they face can bully them physically,our fluidity disappeard wen we lost diaby,he gives our midfield that extra steel that song gave us the last 2 seasons,14 games in the league this season and we hav only managed a back to back win once this season.i have watched Arsenal over the years,and this team does nt play like the team i support,nt like the manager i love.

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  16. Of the 21 games we have played this season,how many times has wenger’s substitutions won us a game when we were down,jst the reading game in the capital one cup.that to me is enof evidence that we are nt going to make the top 4 this season.everton is a team that knows how to rake in points in the closing stages of the league,the last 4 seasons they have picked up more points than we have in the last 10 games of a season,now they r ahead of us.someone pls wake arsene wenger up.

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  17. If you wanna know why Cazorla is frustrated here it is: Season started with a fit Diaby, Arteta, Podolski, Gervinho, Walcott and Giroud as our midfield choices. Midfield and wing filled with class, so naturally a class player will love it. All of a sudden, he’s stuck regularly looking for a pass and all he can see is Ramsey standing a metre away from him like he wants an autograph. Get the f..k away from me you dumb f..k and make a run somewhere. The problem with Ramsey is he wants to receive the easy ball to be the creator. When you’re in a team with Jack Wilshire and Santi Cazorla, all you should do is make runs like your ass is on fire. So it’s obvious now, since we have 20 players out, that Arshavin will never get a start. Fair enough, I respect your decision Mr Wenger. So then, Ox is tired, we’ll rest him. So the choices are, Cazorla, who played as a winger for Villareal and Malaga, Gnabry, who is this massive talent winger we keep hearing about or Ramsey, who is slower than Tony Adams was a few games before he retired. I guess that choice is obvious, Cmon Aaron, you can do it. Once again I say I am a fan of Aaron. He had a good game against Villa in the middle of the park. So why is Wenger moving him around so much. He is the one that’s killing his confidence. Questions have to be asked of Wenger. He brought back Rosicky to the bench. What was the point of that if you didn’t plan to use him? I really hope we can sneak into the Champions League for the sake of keeping santi and jack, cos this way we are losing them and very fast.

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  18. Love the Theo one – Invisigoaled!

    That pretty much describes the majority of his career thus far. Largely invisible in games, but gets goals and assists. Same could be said about Podolski.

    Anyone catch Theo’s comments to the BBC about how he’s been given a lack of game time. He’s been started for the last couple of months now. He’s literally looking for any opportunity to smokescreen the real issue behind his refusal to sign a new contract: $$$$$$$$$$$

    Time to put your money where your mouth is Ivan!

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  19. My favourite player is Ramsey for like 3 years now and I got to say he is not his old self 🙁 He lacks pace but still got the vision.The problem with him is that he lacks execution these days and playing him out of position does not help his cause. So I think we should send him on loan to a club like Southampton or Wigan to play him in the centre attacking midfield to reignite his confidence and improve is execution especially his finishing and the killer pass he once had.Overall he had a good game tonight though got disposed many times still he is improving every game and will always be my favourite player.Lastly,fuck u Ryan Shitcross.

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  20. I’ll prob get panned for this but Carzola is just not incisive enough. He has two good feet, a good touch and control but he is not making it happen for others in the final third. He is not creative and often runs sideways. I hope he is just settling in and he does look jaded but the position is key to the whole team. Also, I have only seen him hit one long shot all season, there is no point to two good feet if you are not clinical.

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    • Are you sure you’re not talking about Gervinho…..I mean really think about it. Cazorla is the guy who has scored 2 goals from long range and is the only one that has shots outside the box. Them side ways runs he does with the ball, you should watch Iniesta do as well. They are runs that open up the pitch for him if somebody bothers to make runs. It’s what the Spanish do, it’s why they’re the best in the world. But when you have Ramsey as as a winger who drifts into the defensive central midfield position and Giroud who’s a slow forward that can’t get in behind the defence, Cazorla ends up looking dumb. Wenger needs to stop playing these labourers already and give us some speed. Against Everton, we had Walcott who has pace and that’s it. No wonder Baines didn’t bother coming back to defend, he had nothing to defend.

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  21. How long do you need to give ramsey time? He is costing us points!
    I hope someone can compile all his stupid mistakes, dwells, dispossed, etc.
    once again fuck ramsey. Those people who say ramsey is doing alright must have watched different game.

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