Fitness update: Walcott, Santos, Gibbs, Rosicky and Diaby


Theo Walcott and Andre Santos remain sidelined for Saturday’s away game with Aston Villa, although Kieran Gibbs is available.

Confirming that there are no new injuries after the win over Montpellier the boss revealed that Walcott, the club’s current top scorer, would not make the journey to Villa due to his shoulder complaint but could be ready for Wednesday’s evening showdown with Everton.

Brazilian Santos will not be ready for either trip with his abdominal problem ruling him out for another 10 days, although there was good news regarding Kieran Gibbs, who having been on the bench last night will challenge Thomas Vermaelen for the left-back slot, and Tomas Rosicky who will join the first team squad in full training from Monday.

Unfortunately, the news on Abou Diaby is not so great with the boss reiterating that the midfielder is not going to be available for at least 3-4 weeks.  It’s got to the point where you can’t help but think the talk of weeks rather than months is solely for the sake of the player’s mental state.

It’s a very sad state of affairs, and while some will naturally point to Diaby’s big pay packet as a consolation, I bet he’d swap all the cash in the world for a career without injuries.


  1. poor Diaby.
    But we’ve looked after him best we could. Time to look after the club and let him go.

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      • I find it funny, how the board and Wenger say that we don’t have the finances to pay high wages yet their more than willing to pay wages to injury prone players that can give us 10-15 games or max. It’s poor management and business logic, surely it would be better for the club’s finances to sell Diaby and Rosicky and get players who are worth the wages. If you owned limo business, would you keep the classy limo that runs once in a while but when it runs it’s great or would you go out and buy a limo that’s consistently running well . I love the pair of them, I think that they are the most technically gifted players we have but there are a massive drain on our resources. Eisfeld should take Rosicky’s place and we should buy a Diaby replacement.

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      • Hey Kid, ever thought about such loyalty to your employees as a form of management?
        I bet you would much rather work in a plece where you’d be looked after come what may.
        Sure thing most of them greedy footballing cunts think such deal works only one way, but if it keeps at least some players from leaving and making bigger money elsewhere (think Kos, he extended his contract rather than jump the ship once the world realized how good he was).
        In a dog eat dog world, I take pride in the fact that my club stands by his men.
        (albeit I sure do get frustrated upon hearing same old “diaby is 3 weeks away”)

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    • I don’t understand why this comment is thumbed down… Someone please explain to me why we shouldn’t get rid of him? Arsene said it himself, he doesn’t have the strength in his muscles to cope with consistent top level football.

      The club may have a charity but we shouldn’t be run as one. The £40k/pw that he’ll be on, while not his, nor the clubs fault, is far better spent elsewhere.

      As great a player as he is and even though he seems a genuinely nice guy there are people, causes and players more deserving of his wage. Would the people suggesting we keep him still say the same if they were going to take the £40-50 per year to cover his wages off the season ticket price? I doubt it.

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      • It’s a mystery, Sue, but generally in the mind-numbingly predictable behaviour of sports fans on the internet you can count getting lots of thumbs up when you say nice things about Arsenal (no matter how inane or untrue), and plenty of thumbs down if you imply something negative about Arsenal (no matter how true or clear-sighted).

        Usually, but not always, these thumbs down replace reasoned debate.

        In the case of Diaby, I haven’t heard a single good piece of logic for why Arsenal should offer him another contract. He’s been on 60k a week for three years now, and made only a handful of appearances in that time.

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      • Sell him that sounds like a great idea one problem who will buy him with he’s injury record so the fact is Arsenal will have to hold on to him. There is another fact he is a very good player so stop making stupid one cell statements about sale a player that has a contract and until he improves his fitness record no other club will buy him also if and when his fitness record does improve would we really what to sell.

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    • I hope all of you will be fast and loud as now, when we go into transfer window where we need to buy despite our injured players!
      Tomas Rosicky is back!
      Diaby will be back too… we have to care of our own!

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    • i disagree

      we’ve had players earlier like robin van persie, who was made of glass for years. Imagine we get Diaby back in two years time. worth the massage.

      Arsenal has got the money, to buy new players, and to keep diaby.

      Arsenal fans who sit and count money and gets annoyed by wages paid to injured players have lost the plot a bit i think.

      im thrilled, the last two games we’ve have great goals, we got through in the CL and thrashed some spuds…


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    • To all my fellow gooners who have become accountants overnight and arguing reasons for selling Diaby and considering his pay packet, please consider the following;

      -I’ll leave the decision of who we SHOULD sell to the professional and most knowledgeable person….Arsene.

      -For all those haters preoccupied with his pay packet, at least Diaby has contributed more to this season than Chamack and Rosicky.

      -Selling Diaby won’t make ticket prices come down. And with all companies they may save a bit of money here, but will blow it somewhere else. I prefer we blow this money on a player who has the goods but not the luck.

      -Diaby is coming to the prime of his carer and he just needs his luck to turn, like it did for a certain R#P.

      Plus as an Arsenal fan, I prefer to be loyal to the player through thick and thin, as long as he has our badge on his chest! …….and yes that did mean I was a supporter of Eboue, Senderos, Vivas, Allialdiere, lol even Stephanos

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      • I don’t know if you can compare Diaby to RVP injury wise.

        Seemed to me that RVP’s injuries were always a result of a bad tackle and not his body breaking down on him.

        You could argue Dan Smith ruined Diaby’s career with that tackle, yes, but I think his muscular problems are really concerning. This recent injury was so innocuous.. he took a shot at goal and we haven’t seen him for over a month.

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      • @SizC. Diaby does not need luck, he need new legs. Wenger said it himself a week ago his fibres do not heal as they should.
        @Los Polandos, yes loyalty is great and one of the things I love about the club, but, if you were available to work for maybe 20% of the time (thats being generous to Diaby), see how long you will be in a job

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    • Let him go? Regardless of his ability he does not play, so who would take a chance on him and pay him anything near he earns now?

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  2. Get well soon everybody, especially Diaby!
    Great news to hear that Gibbs is fit, hopefully he stays fit. i’d like to see Kos and Verm at the back for a few games, and a left-back signing in the winter.

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      • Really,

        if the choice was failed career and buckets of money versus mad football skills and no money, you would choose no money? Then you can be happy with your job at McDonalds while banging in the goals during your sunday league matches.

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      • I love working in McDonalds! What’s wrong with that?

        Are you foodist?

        You must be John Terry’s chef.

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  3. Poor old Diaby. Get back asap. He had such a good start to the season. It’s a real shame.
    Will be nice to have Rosicky back. It’s easy to forget how important he was for us last season.
    Surely Gibbs must come straight back into the side if he’s fully fit again. We look so much more dangerous down the left with him.

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  4. Rosicky will be greatly welcomed back. We need to.keep santi fresh so he is a very able replacement when we need to rotate

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  5. Diaby’s rate of recovery is very similar to the suggested estimated time it takes to download dodgy videos to my computer – “He will be back in 2-3 weeks… no, 3-4 weeks!…. 6 months!…. a week…. 2 years!…. an hour…!”

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  6. I commented on a piece belonging to the rvp troll and ever since its like am banned along with him. Coz its “your comment is awaiting moderation)” everytime now? What is going on? Blogggggs!!!!!!????

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  7. You’d bench who then? And dont tell me vermaelen coz he’s captain (yes you might have your reservations but he’s captain!). Bench koss?. I dont like the sound of that, bench mert?. Blasphemy!! I dont want to be arsene wenger right now is all…..but I’m not wise like he is so maybe he knows, who knows?

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  8. Get well soon Diaby. My first thoughts on hearing it was Walcotts shoulder again was, is this the return of his original problems? I hope not and hope that he will recover quickly and be back playing very soon.

    I also believe that we should all forget about him being an Arsenal player by July and take with a huge pinch of salt the, “I really want to play for this Arsenal team” balls. He is gone, lets just move on.

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  9. Gibbs is big boost… I have just came to realise that full backs are like knights in the chess.. They look harmless but if used properly can change the game on its head…

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  10. I want a ‘Marouane swap’ with Everton.

    I know he plays maybe a little further forward than Diaby nowadays but he’d give us more height and end product from midfield, plus he’s REALLY dirty and we could do with that now.

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  11. just wish diaby a quick recovery………oh wait!!!…..i‘ve bin sain dat for yrs…….hope he does an rvwho??? recovery sooner rada,dan lata

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  12. huge diaby fan, but i think it’s time to let him go. The longer we keep him, the longer Wenger will delude himself into thinking he’s going to get back and play 15 games at a stretch and we won’t buy any one else.

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  13. he is such a gamechanger.he had amazing
    start this season. but the problem remains
    the same when he’ll be able to play entire
    season or atleast 20matches??
    still we love you diaby get well soon!!

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  14. I’m not a doctor or a sport physio, I’m a fan and I wish more than anything Diaby could stay fit . But it’s a vicious cycle; when does the point come when having one injury after another starts to do him more harm (physically, and mentally too) than good? Does he still have the same “spirit and desire”?

    Realistically can anyone see him playing 20+ games in a season now?*

    *prove me wrong, backroom guys!

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  15. Well said guns.. bt it tink we still hv to give Diaby time… remember dat dutch cunt… he playd most of his Arsenal carrier wif the medics… dey tried nd fix his cunt leg nd he realises dat a small shit is telling him a diff story… Diaby may still become a valuable asset to us, so we wish him speedy nd long lasting recovery.. As for d bck 4, Pls TV5 shld be dropped to bench, perscieny is d best we can afford 4 nw..if u doubt me subsequent games will prove dat for u. Gunner till we part no more.

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  16. they’ve insisted on running the club as a business and not much else so based on that fact, they should not retain players like diaby or/and rosicky to stay, maybe even gibbs to some extent.

    Hear me out, we keep getting told that we cannot afford to go out there and grab the kinds of players that city or chelsea would be after, nevermind the fact that most of us have ever asked the club to spend 40-50mil on a player. However, what they should also not be doing, is to pay huge wages to players who cannot contribute as often as they should, granted, in diaby’s case, it is not his fault that he picks up injuries as often as he does but unfortunately, when you’re running things on a budget and aim to spend only as much as you make, then, it makes no sense to pay anyone for their services which are ultimately not rendered.

    Also, considering the key fact that we will continue to develop youth talents and hope to integrate them into the first XI, more often then not, you stand a better chance at nurturing a young player who isn’t injury prone into a first team player. Just look at song for an example, him and diaby came to us around the same time(05-06 season) and undoubtedly, diaby was and still is the more technically talented individual between the two but in all that time that diaby was out injured, song developed into a capable player. Now, at the age of 26, ideally, he should be approaching the peak of his career in about a year or two but realistically, diaby’s potential will never be fully realized because he’s just missed too much time out injured and it does seem that his body is incapable of holding out long enough to allow him to have that long run of games where he could get into the stride of things.

    Wenger has got to put the team ahead of any and every individual, it just has to be like that, if he insists that diaby’s potential is high enough to warrant us keeping him on board, then, he has to be part of the back up options and sign someone else who can preform a similar role. That way, there is less pressure on diaby to immediately deliver when he is fit, both individuals will provide competition for one another and it gives us more options and strength in depth. Its a pipe dream to depend on injury prone players to be crucial parts of your first XI and then have the team and her results suffer the consequences when they are naturally out through injury, the less money you have, the more intelligently you have to use what you do have and sometimes, that means being a tad more ruthless and efficient.

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  17. I’m really sorry for Diaby, few years ago he h.oped to get over injuries and was talking about winning golden ball as his dream

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  18. If this Diaby thing goes on most of the season, I wouldn’t be surprised if he retires. He seemed to hint he feels really bad about not being able to contribute, and at least retiring means he can get on with something else, like getting his coaching badges.
    As Wenger explained, his problems are not just down to the dodgy ankle; he also has physiological problems with his muscle fibres, and that’s just the way he is, it’s not going to get better or go away. His muscle fibres tear easily and then take forever to heal. Even if he gets his fitness back, that means we can only play him once in 2 weeks or whatever because of the recovery time his body needs. So at best he can look forward to being a squad and cup player. We still need to buy a central midfielder to rotate with Jack.

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  19. In all honesty, i find Diaby good enough to play in place of one of wilshere or Arteta in the first team. He makes driving runs, he is strong, can hold it in midfield, great at bringing others into play. The reason we succeeded early on in the season was because he kept us in balance. Every team needs that one player in midfield who isn’t technically great but does the simple thing right and wins the ball back early on. If Diaby was playing at Old trafford, we’d keep more of the ball i can guarantee. Having said that, he’s not fit. He never is. It’s a bloody shame because he is so brilliant if he keeps playing, but it’s not happening. His wages cost the club. There should be no room for sentiment, he should be moved on and we should be buying someone like that or at least develop Frimpong into that sort of player.

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  20. Let’s be patient we were with robin vampire when they cast an injury spell on him. And he later defeat the spell and played full season 4 us with out injury. So let’s do thesame with diaby he will come good 4 us

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  21. Diaby doesn’t matter. You can’t be a professional footballer if you get injured kicking a ball. His problems are chronic. I feel really sorry for him but I feel he is wasting his life trying to be something he is not physically capable of. Rosicky may give us another great season. I hope so but if someone came in with an offer I’d take it

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  22. Diaby a fine LAD, but i thing waiting for HIM ALWAYS IN THE HOSPITAL? Maybe loan him for six Months to monitor him. But iam confused with his INJURIES, FOR NOW Chamahk, squillaci are beta cos they are fit, it pains me to say this. If wenger sign a STRIKER THEN surely TW IS LEAVING.

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  23. Diaby and Gibbs are top class and we should keep them.

    But we definitely need to sign class left back and strong holding midfielder in January. More rotation means less injuries all round. Imagine for the sake of argument we had Gibbs, Baines, Diaby and Fellaini competing for those two spots. Two signings could make difference to us actually winning things – and although expensive, nothing like Falcao type spending.

    Can you imagine Van Cuntybollocks face if we do better than Manure in PL and Europe? It would make my fucking year.


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  24. Such a shame, could have been a great player. Unfortunately he is now a wasted squad number, but would be gutted to see him go cause i’ve always felt he was one of us!!!

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  25. To all my fellow gooners who have become accountants overnight and arguing reasons for selling Diaby and considering his pay packet, please consider the following;

    -I’ll leave the decision of who we SHOULD sell to the professional and most knowledgeable person….Arsene.

    -For all those haters preoccupied with his pay packet, at least Diaby has contributed more to this season than Chamack and Rosicky.

    -Selling Diaby won’t make ticket prices come down. And with all companies they may save a bit of money here, but will blow it somewhere else. I prefer we blow this money on a player who has the goods but not the luck.

    -Diaby is coming to the prime of his carer and he just needs his luck to turn, like it did for a certain R#P.

    Plus as an Arsenal fan, I prefer to be loyal to the player through thick and thin, as long as he has our badge on his chest! …….and yes that did mean I was a supporter of Eboue, Senderos, Vivas, Allialdiere, lol even Stephanos

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  26. Arsenal is big club with great players. Wenger should allow Diaby to rest after healing. Arsenal need two players by January. A defensive mildfielder No 4, to allow Arteta player his role as a creative mildfielder and a striker very good finisher like RVP. With these two players Arsenal can win big this season.

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  27. Honestly, I had expected this to be the turnaround season for Diaby. And I’m sure many others, including Wenger, thought so too. But it looks like it’s not going to be. Pity…..such a great talent!

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