Gazidis: increased revenue available to manager


As the dust begins to settle on the new deal announced earlier today, Ivan Gazidis has assured fans that the extra money will be available to Arsene Wenger to spend on the squad.

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Anyway, now that we’ve got all of that out of the way, Arseblog News thinks this is a good deal for Arsenal, but will qualify that by saying it’s imperative that the money we earn from it, on top of all the other money, is used to make the team better. That’s what it comes down to at the end of the day, and empty seats during Wednesday’s Champions League over Montpellier are both worrying and a sign of a general malaise that the club must shake themselves out of.

However, assuming that’s what they want to do, Gazidis said, “The deal is all about football. It is all about giving us the resources in what we believe is a responsible and well-managed way, to be able to invest in what we put onto the pitch for our fans.

“We have been able to talk to Emirates about the payment terms and bring some of them forwards, so that we will have additional money in this financial year which will be able to invest in the summer.

“Those decisions on investment are made by our manager, and he has done an outstanding job of managing the resources of the club over time, and we expect that to continue, but he will have more resources available.”

Wenger has already admitted he’s looking at striking options for January – although it’s just as likely we’ll bring Thierry Henry on loan than actually sign somebody.

Nevertheless, as the money grows so will the pressure to spend it so it does work both ways. Let’s hope so anyway.

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