Giroud pleased with Walcott partnership


After bagging his first Premier League brace and his sixth goal in eight games Olivier Giroud has revealed that at no point has he doubted his ability to score goals for Arsenal.

Highlighting a blossoming relationship with Theo Walcott, the French international said he’s increasingly pleased with his overall participation and taking confidence from the support of the crowd.

Speaking to French radio station RMC after yesterday’s game with Fulham, Giroud noted:

“I never doubted my abilities. It’s just that I missed these small goals that would make me gradually gain confidence. I’m glad to prove myself to the English, who have been very patient with me. They make me confident.

Talking about his two headers against the Cottagers, both of which were assisted by Theo Walcott, Giroud continued:

“Theo (Walcott) was instrumental. He made two decisive passes. I get along very well with him. There are other players with whom it works well but especially him. He begins to know me and so too does Bacary (Sagna).

“I have more affinity with the right side for the moment because there have been changes on the left side. That being said, Lukas (Podolski) knows me well.

“When the ball is centred, I’ve more opportunity to show for it. It’s not just in front of goal, in my general participation in the game, I feel better and better.”


  1. One good observation from being at the game yesterday is giroud is finally looking like he will score, it’s not just a lucky break. Personally I’m not feeling that bad, at least we are creating upfront agAin

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    • he looked really good, yes.

      we need to start getting in good quality balls to the box so that he knows they are coming and can gamble on attacking them

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    • I wish I shared your positivity but its a bit sickening knowing deep down that fighting for fourth will be our league season. I do think this midtable talk is a bit dramatic. Looking through the seasons results, when we are creating we are conceding, when we were not conceding we were not scoring. Hopefully its just about finding the balance with the new and returning players, and new style of play, and of course giving free headers from crosses in our 6 yard box

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    • I would say that has something to do with Theo Walcott and our attacking confidence. Why Wenger started Aaron Ramsey for so long on the wing when their are multiple wide men at his disposal is beyond me.

      To be honest, wenger’s poor management has cost us a few points this season. I dont care if Walcott has 3 months or 3 years on his contract. Wenger should not of left him out in the cold for so long. The blame for theo’s contract situation is the boards and wengers own fault.

      I personally will be absolutely gutted if Theo doesnt sign. Purely for the fact that he is Arsenals top goal scorer on the books, and noone else is even close to him at the moment. Who would be our next Hero to reach 100 Arsenal Goals if it is not Theo?? Someone in about 7 years time??

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      • absolutely man. Theo is our best player so far this season. I don’t care what anyone say. put a good midfield behind theo and put him in the middle with a giroud he will do well. They better not sell Frimpong cause I will be pissed. If squalichi can stay on the books why not Dench.

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  2. The change as in Gibbs/Podolski to Ver;Santos/Podolski?
    Is the problem Podolski or Ver;Santos doesn’t capable to come close to Gibbs in terms of offensive contribution?
    I know that the numbers on Podolski-Giroud partnership is not good, which is one passes every 53 minutes (from 7amkickoff timeline). But it’s already 10 games + and they should have a better understanding with each other.. I hope it comes off sooner than later.

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  3. Feeling alittle more positive about setpiece goals now too Walcott/Santi/Arteta on the deliver, Giroud on the end of em.

    Spectacular interplay betwen walcott and giroud yesterday btw.

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    • The set pieces are looking very promising.

      I swear there will be some moment of madness when BFG gets his first goal for the arsenal. They should put on a free Stein for everyone in the stadium.

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  4. Great partnership with the skunk last year, now another partnership with the handsome french bloke. I’m seeing a pattern emerge.

    Whatever his faults, the boy makes things happen.

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  5. Santi Cazorla will not return from international
    duty until next Friday. We play Spurs on the
    Saturday, lunchtime KO.


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  7. Giroud looks like he really can be our man up front. Love his celebration with the fist pulled up to his chest…*swoon*

    So anyway…anyone else think that towards the end of the match, everybody was just like “cross it or send a high ball to Giroud and see what happens”, suspiciously similar to the “get the ball to Robin somehow” pattern we had last season? Are we becoming a long ball team? Probably not, but we are looking to take advantage of his aerial prowess now.

    We’re playing mid-table football right now, but the team really hasn’t gelled yet (and we can’t afford to keep waiting for it), but when we eventually do find patterns and moves that work and have everyone at the same page, we should be able to compete with any team in the league and even CL.

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  8. Off Topic……If Mark Clattenburg did indeed make a racist remark then Chelsea will be left with no option but to make him captain.

    Terry is still a cunt, feel we like we haven’t covered this in a while.

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    • Looks like he’s just injured himself now anyway, just moments after your posted comment . . .

      . . . co-incidence ???? I think not . . . !!!!


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      • Well then the path to Chelski captaincy will be smooth and easy for Clattenburg. He just needs to fall over, bang Cashleys wife and be himslelf.

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      • I understand you mate.But amazing that he goes back and defends too,saw him head clear at least thrice when we were dfending corners,he seems to be a total foootballer.People miss the point,we bring unkown quality,make the heroes and then sell them,it’s a fact.

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  9. Love his attitude, love his willingness on the field, his hold up play, defensive work when need be, his aerial presence and his all round play, and his interchanges with Walcott especially. He seems real happy and is feeding off of the love (when fans sing his name) during the matches. We got a gem on our hands, let the pundits and journos write him off as a ‘flop’, what that cunt did for us last season was incredible but it seems albeit not a like for like replacement but adequate enough of a player that can and WILL even get better.

    We could do with a backup and or another striker ie Huntelaar type of a player that can play up top with Giroud. Walcott can interchange with the front two if he got stuck on the wing where he seems to be very efficient with his crosses into the box and or his canny runs and his deadly finishes when he hits the target.

    Cannot wait for Gibbs to come back too, him and Podolski seem to have a good understanding and bring the best out of each other.

    s/n: How shit has Sahin been for Liverpool, we really did dodge a bullet there £115k p/w for a average player (we got enough of those in our squad) -_-

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    • Heh..

      Lets fast-track Gnabry into the team, he’ll develop and just when he’s ready to burst into the scene, something about his contract will make him dispendable.

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    • Sad but true!
      To think another team will benefit from all the hard work & patience that’s gone into developing his game, I’m really falling out of love with football 🙁
      But considering the amount of times it’s broken my heart, its probably for the best!!!

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  10. the big problems is tht our defenders the dont no what the are doing we need defenders our captain ohohohohohohohohohoh our defence is not solid enough we need defenders mr wenger and shap striker.

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  11. There are so many wenger backers on here so much acceptance of mediocrity. You are all beginning to post like he interviews after we have lost. “we showed great spirit, great belief” wake up amd smell the coffee this regime making us a fucking laughing stock. I have read hundreds of
    Posts since the draw to Fulham most of them starting to say they don’t even care anymore. Don’t care just like the team didn’t at man united. How many times can our manager say the team lack confidence and intensity focus. That’s his job how can they lack intensity do we. It’s a insult if anything intensity has to be quality is forgiven as players don’t pick themselves but lack of motivation is a
    Insult to us all. I embrace TOPGUNNERS post lets boycott otherwise this bullshit will eventually kill us. The only ones who won’t be upset about that are the owners amd wenger who are cashing in on the back of it. AFC stand up don’t be a pushover like this regime

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    • What a load of cock. You talk like we’re gonna overthrough a bloody dicatatorship. IT’S A FOOTBALL CLUB. All football clubs go through bad patches. Arsenal have gone through bad patches. Get over it dude. Honestly. I want Arsenal to do well as much as any fan does but you actually need to cheer the fuck up.

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  12. make giroud captain and then sell him to manchester next year so he can score against us and then refuse to celebrate out of respect for us fans. Also its funny how people used 2 say walcott coutdnt cross a ball to save his life, he has really proved his critics wrong since last season Theo just sign the ting!

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  13. Off topic: Granted that the mediocrity shown the past couple of weeks has been jarring and it seems that with the Gibbs out Poldi been rather ineffective. If Gibbs isn’t playing next weekend, neither should Podolski: Alex should take his place. And Wenger should grow some and play the guys in form because Arteta and Cazorla look like they need a breather.

    It’s 11 points behind United, but it is not insurmountable. Whether with AW in or no, still support the Arsenal. Ask the boycotters of Blackburn what they got in the end. Cheer on your team, and they just might play for you too.

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    • Arteta is having a week off but Cazorla is playing in Panama thats like 24 hours on a plane this week for him. So its a pretty sure thing if he does play on Saturday he will be shit. Going to be interesting to see if Wenger has a plan that doesn’t revolve around Ramsey plugging the gap. Lets hope so.

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    • arshavin came on and won the penalty that arteta missed. Arshavin has been making goals everytime he comes on, he deserves more then the last 10 minutes when podolski wastes 80 mins.

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  14. Look, while we all agree that it’s not acceptable what’s happening to our club, what can we actually do about it?, the answer is nothing, i’ve been so angry that i have had to be physically stopped from running up to the dug out and throwing my shirt at Arsene and telling him to fuck off. Sure we could stop buying tickets, but there is about 10,000 people that would jump at the chance to take my place. So what can we do? write a strongly worded letter to Ivan, he would laugh out loud before throwing it in the bin…there is nothing we can do exept get behind the team and give them all we’ve got on match days, Pisses me off so much that Arsene has this blind fucking belief that we are still a big club and we will return to our former glory by buying less talented players than we sell, and we have got to stop bending over and getting arse fucked by any club that wants to take our best players, now fuck off Arsene and show David Moyes in on you way out……i know it’s probably not the answer but FFS…SOMETHING’S GOTTA CHANGE

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    • Those 10,000 on the waiting list are probably working on there excuses as we speak. A lot more tickets available to red members soon is my guess. Maybe not the same need to stump up a grand in advance any more. Have a look at big Italian teams they can’t fill there stadia any more

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  15. Those ten thousand waiting to take our place has fallen from over 30 k in the last two years and I really doubt that if this club continues to follow the policy it has so far those thousand Wont be taking up the slack.
    Every gooner I know is totally pissed off and has had enough. It will change dial square but its just gonna take a bit of time mate and a lot more pain but the fans are the life blood of any club and most fans of arsenal are as fucked off as any time I can remember in my 35 years of going to games.

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  16. Cant say id want Berbatov. Sell best stiker in premier league to manure and get there forth choice striker in return. Brilliant one week lazy for two. In all the time he was at the spuds he once put our reserves to the sword in a carling cup semi final. He was only marginally better than Giroud other day. By the end of the season Giroud will turn out to be a decent buy.

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  17. Will we ever be serious contenders to be one of the top four clubs again? I would like to believe that it will happen again. However it’s clear to see whether you like hearing it or not that there exist Man U, arguably one of the greatest clubs in the English league and then all other contenders. Arsenal were one of the contenders but have faded over the last six seasons. Only the rise of the oil rich clubs of City and Chelsea can match them now. The new world order dictates that there are the top three clubs and the best of the rest who will battle to be the top fourth team in the league.

    I’ve always supported Wenger and you cannot deny that he’s taken the club to a whole new level but has it come to a point of saturation where though Arsenal have become a better and bigger club during his reign, the bar has also been raised and our better is no longer good enough? What about all the ongoings that we haven’t a clue about that goes on behind closed doors. If for arguments sake we were get a new manager, and the likes of Guardiola or whoever walks through the door, will he be allowed to buy the players that he wants to create the next Barcelona? I can’t see us having the $$$ to bankroll salaries that the top players are getting paid. I can only hope that if not Wenger, then someone else who can put together a best of the rest team that sees us still playing in the champions league each season and occasionally perhaps just stealing the title from the big three. I hope I’m proven wrong, but this is the reality that I see. Coming to terms with it is a different proposition altogether.

    ~ Frustrated Gunner under a coconut tree. May a coconut fall on my head and awaken me from the nightmare.

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    • Usamov is richer than Roman. But the board dont like him he is the devil and very bad for Arsenal football club. Funny he probably just wants to spend money.

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  18. still giroud needs to hit the target more often . he is a bit sloppy and not very fast as a player though it is not a problem when he scores like berbatov . But mostly credit goes to walcott for picking the lazy handsome giroud with his magnificent delivery .

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  19. sorry……but…….i hate Ramsey. Just being honest. i think he needs a loan away from to gain some belief. Hes just not ready for a top four challenging team…….or top 6?!?!

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  20. Also, off subject again. Just when u think Suarez couldnt get a bigger cunt. Chelsea fans must be kicking hard!! Not only does he fuck JT up(thanks btw), he scores the equaliser……lmao. What a cunt haha….quality!

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  21. Everytime the board make me angry i just think it dont matter how shit we are we’re still f’kin better then tottenham! (keeps me going)

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  22. Suggestion: FUCKING PAY THEO already. Regardless if its about his pay or playing up front, figure this shit out. Most top clubs would have this done by now. If he wants more money, pay him. He’s been one of our best players all season. Top goal scorer and he doesn’t even start often. PAY HIM please.

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    • And when his consistency in patches come to the fore again, you will ask why the fuck do we pay him so much! Now we can’t move him on! If we had perfect hindsight, we could have money to sign xxx.

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  23. Look. Olivier Giroud is not the problem with this squad nor is Theo. They are solutions…..period. The problems lie in terms of depth behind them, and in our defenders across the board ex the right back position and Mertesacker. Basically it’s depth. Bottom line. I hear this stuff about we don’t spend enough, but I don’t believe its about spending 30 million pounds on a single striker or holding mid at a time, it’s about what is behind the guy when he is out or needs a rest.

    Look this about how the club is run in my view. Dutch skunk, yeah he is a skunk but if the club were to take the 50 million or whatever and resigned the skunk and brought Giroud in, well now you have an ultimate strike force. Starting 11 all healthy sure we can scrap with anyone in world club football, but we are never always healthy, nor is anyone else. The !&$!&!$&!!!!! in Manchester, they have Rooney, skunk, chicharito and welbeck. Hello. And the back of defense, without Gibbs we now basically are left with a center half playing left back until he gets hurt….and on it goes. Arteta and Cazorla they are so tired right now you can tell. There is nobody behind them to rely on.

    To me this a purely a depth issue in the squad and relates directly to how the club is being run from the top down.

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  24. Personally, i feel the squad has some depth, but not deep enough. In addition, I still don’t think the squad has a definite starting XI. So many interruption! Injuries, suspensions, personal issues…
    Frankly though i feel the much bigger issue is confidence, that arsenal squad could have beaten ManU if the players had it alright up their heads. Arsenal FC is still a contender for the League.
    Thumbs of for Giroud! Give Walcott some extra dosh and revert to 4-3-3!

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