Henry trained with Arsenal last week


According to Olivier Giroud, Thierry Henry trained with Arsenal last week, but the new strike sensation is unsure of whether or not it means a January return for the former skipper.

Speaking to RTL, the HFB said, “Henry’s been training with the squad but he told me he didn’t know if there’d be some kind of temporary partnership this winter.”

Henry famously returned last season, during the MLS off-season, and brought some life to the place and a team that was struggling. A wonderful goal against Leeds in the FA Cup and a crucial late goal against Sunderland were the high points, even if the heatless toads at the FA ruled out a goal against Blackburn for dubious reasons of dubiosity.

It’s 12 months on though and as great as Thierry was those legs aren’t getting any younger. If there are concerns about Arsenal’s lack of depth in the striking department, perhaps the better solution is to add to the squad on a more long-term basis.

You wouldn’t rule anything out with Arsene and Thierry though. Time will tell.

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