Henry trained with Arsenal last week


According to Olivier Giroud, Thierry Henry trained with Arsenal last week, but the new strike sensation is unsure of whether or not it means a January return for the former skipper.

Speaking to RTL, the HFB said, “Henry’s been training with the squad but he told me he didn’t know if there’d be some kind of temporary partnership this winter.”

Henry famously returned last season, during the MLS off-season, and brought some life to the place and a team that was struggling. A wonderful goal against Leeds in the FA Cup and a crucial late goal against Sunderland were the high points, even if the heatless toads at the FA ruled out a goal against Blackburn for dubious reasons of dubiosity.

It’s 12 months on though and as great as Thierry was those legs aren’t getting any younger. If there are concerns about Arsenal’s lack of depth in the striking department, perhaps the better solution is to add to the squad on a more long-term basis.

You wouldn’t rule anything out with Arsene and Thierry though. Time will tell.


      • Fair enough, I’ve seen a few and they really are good. But this is the Premier League. Say what you will about it being football no matter where it is, but not many mid-30’s footballers exist in the league, let alone up front.

        Then again, this man is magic. But still, scoring in the MLS will be different (and easier for any experienced footballer) as that league is still developing/young and appears to be a game built on being exciting with as many goals as possible, and less focus on defence.

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    • As far as strikers go, the only option we have after Olivier is Chamack. Giroud was 50/50 before the Spuds game, which tells me he could break at any time if he’s overplayed. Gervinho is not a striker by any means, and he’ll probably be off to the AFC this year as soon as he’s back from injury. All of which means that we NEED to add our list of strikers. Sign Henry up, he’ll show the new boys what it means to play for the shirt (who better to do that than him!), and it’ll be good for the lads to have a pro like him in the dressing room. SIGN HIM UP ARSENE!

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  1. Sign him uppp!! There’s never a downside to having Thierry on the bench, the man can still produce brilliance. If giggs and scholes can still do it, there’s zero doubt that so can Henry. And just having him on the bench, opposition will be shitting themselves.

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    • Are you bonkers??. The guy is so inform right now, infact he’s better than he was last year. Scoring for fun at the MLS, countless wonder goals, i’d like that henry magic back, come january. Legend!

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    • I think he will!. He’s in the form on his (after-arsenal) life!. Plus I think It will be a joy just to see one of these.

      “Arteta to cazorla, skips pasts his marker, threads a wonderful ball to henry……….only the keeper to beat……..goaaaaaaaalllll. Trademark finish from the arsenal legend”

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  2. Titi has been massive for NYRB this year, might not have the legs but can create magic out of nothing. Wouldn’t be a bad decision to have him aboard for a couple of months again.

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  3. His presence on the training ground and the stadium alone would be worth it, though I’d love to see another goal or two. His experience might just rub off on the other players, especially on our strikers. Giroud learning from Henry? Yes please!

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    • A) Thierry is still playing, still scoring and still showing he can do it. You don’t need pace to be a goal poacher. The legs may slow but the brain stays active (just look at Bergkamp in his later years)

      B) Adams is not still playing and would probably rather complain. I’d have him back in a coaching capacity though. Bould and Adams take over defensive training (He might learn a thing or two about the squad rather than just whinge about it)

      C) Charlton is ex Utd and so I wouldn’t want him near the Arsenal squad (Memories of Silvestre)

      D) Gascogine is in and out of rehab, so may not be available when we need him. Plus, he’s a bit of a divvy these days

      I’ve answered your ridiculous comment in full…. now leave

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  5. He has been in a great form for NY .sign him up Arsene.
    ijust wanna sing
    thierry henry , thierry henry, thierry henry, thierry henry
    thierry henry, THIERRY HENRYYYY, thierry henry, thierry henry.
    and watch him play ofcourse.

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  6. I’d take him just to have his presence in the squad. Not to put him on too much of a pedestal, but the guy is a champion who has won the lot. Players like Ox, Wilshere, Theo, and Jenks could learn so much from having him around.

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  7. No harm in bringing back the legend to chip in a few goals and rally the boys with his death stares. Bring back Dudu as Giroud’s back-up.

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  8. There is no reason not to try get ti ti back. Dump Denison and sclatici and there is room on wage bill for titi. How much could ox Theo podolski giroud etc learn from him. Teddy sherrinham played till he was 40. At least he would care unlike Carmack who didn’t even flinch when Artea pen was saved last week. Henry back would lift the hole club.

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  9. I’d have him back just for his presence, on the bench if anything. I’m certain it was a boost to everyone last season and it could be again. There’s always room for a club legend IMO.

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  10. if it was up to me i would sign shane long from west brom. he’s been improving steadily year on year and he could teach our boys a lot about work ethic. the guy just never stops running!

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  11. A new striker who wil make a huge difference in the next season and leave to shitty or manure the next. ….. Hmmm. … no thanks i’ ll rather have a few more days of henry

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  12. Have you seen the goals hes been scoring in the MLS this year?! Hes still got that pure touch and grace, wouldnt say not to Thierry, ever!!!

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  13. I remember last year when TH was here with us, Walcott suddenly started to know how to score?! Maybe we really need him for Giroud and Podi this year!

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  14. Hr has been playing well so why not? :o) always good to have him back at the club. Was a big lift last time and I’m sure it will be again if he decides to come back (if it’s even on the cards)

    It’ll be a good move

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  15. check out some of the goals he got for red bull the last 8 months…he’s still got it and could easily be a supersub again this year. Just his presence in the stands brings us luck

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  16. We love Henry his flair is not the same but his vision and being iceman not changed. He will be a big impact to our new team. He has a invinceble spirit that we need badly. Great Players are left us but only one newer leaves us.

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  17. I don’t think adding onto our striking options will happen but it’s great to see Titi back around the place. I would really love if Wenger bought a striker, we’ll really need depth in that position.

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  18. Prof.pls let podolski play as top 9,l don’t will need thierry henry 4 now,u saw is last load deal. If there is no new signing dis jan. Bring in bendtner,E may help nt henry pls.one love 2 all fellow arsenal fans.

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  19. its gonna make sense if we gat Henry in january……

    Hes gonna boost the teams courage………..

    I know Wishere will say a million yes to this……

    Up Gooners

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  20. i don’t care if he can barely run any more. i have ludicrous amounts of man-love for that man. sign him up, arsene…

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