Julio Cesar confirms Arsenal approach


A couple of weeks ago Julio Cesar had Arsenal fans cursing his brilliance for 86 minutes before Mikel Arteta nipped in an offside winner to break QPR hearts.

In the aftermath of the game Gooners on messageboards across the internet lamented the fact that Arsene Wenger had not tried to lure his experience to the Emirates as he left Inter Milan on a free.

It now turns out that the Gunners did have contact with the 33-year-old Brazilian stopper, but that the Loftus Road lure (presumably of much bigger money and more regular football) was bigger than the temptation to provide backup to Wojciech Szczesny.

Speaking to Sky Sports about his decision to swap Serie A for the Premier League, Cesar revealed the talks with Arsenal and how he was planning ahead for life after football.

“I accepted this proposal [of QPR] because I wanted to live in London.

“I have an amazing way of life here and I’m giving my family a great opportunity to grow up culturally.

“I talked with Arsenal in the last transfer window, and they were really happy about me playing for them, but at the last minute I moved to QPR.

“QPR has a project, and I dream about that project coming true. But I came here because I was thinking about my future once I quit football, that’s true.

“The fact that I can speak Portuguese, Italian and now English will give me opportunities in the future to be a director once I quit football. Even at QPR I could work as a director.”

Anyway, perhaps we can get him next season when QPR go down. It should be all the easier when Mark Hughes fills the void left by Arsene Wenger in the Gunners dugout. Who knows, we might even be able to get Traore back…and finally push through that move for Joey Barton…and Adel Taarabt.

Just kidding. Just kidding.


      • I still remember the useless SPUDS talking about signing the likes of Zidane, Rivaldo and recently Hazard with the highest paid player on 60K a week.

        Now it is us thanks to Arsene. We almost signed Ronaldo, Alonso, Mata, Torres, Cahil (I know he is rubbish) and this keeper now.

        We start our offers with low price, Arteta had to take a pay cut, Everton are bankrupt, yet, they manage their budget better than us, as they don’t pay like us the rubbish players, the Diabys of this world and the bunch warmers 50 to 60 K PW. Then we let all the world know we almost sign him/them.

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      • When you get more playing time in a club with money than a club with an established No. 1 and are 33-yo, you know you’re in decline.

        Again “Did you read article at all?”

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      • Don’t think AW can win in this situation – if he goes out, gets Cesar & pays him £80k a week & then doesn’t get in the team. People would be screaming about how much ££ we’re spunking on a Inter reject. The fact
        that he would rather play @ QPR says everything to me

        For those of you who are desperate for the board to spend a load of money, I think you will be getting your wish in Jan – last time we were struggling like this in the League was the last year at Highbury. 7th at Christmas, & suddenly in comes Adebayor, Diaby & Walcott. You want another three like that?

        My own personal preference would be to get a proper keeper who might have chance to challenge Szcz – could do worse than get that Wigan keeper in – we still need a proper LB -have been
        saying Baines for 2 years – & if Walcott is off, then we will really need some pace in the team. Ideally I’d take both Afellay & Agbonlahor. All rather far fetched though

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      • It was AFC as a second choice keeper, or with a big plan for the future QPR who want him as their first choice.

        I’d love him at AFC, I had wanted that for years, but now with Szczesny on the wings I’d much prefer Woj plays games as first choice whenever possible… Cesar would get wasted.

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    • I think it may have been a matter of how it was sold to Cesar.

      sceanrio 1 :- Come and join us as an experienced back -up to our young keeper, where you will be able to help him become the best he can and you will play in the domestic cups and when Chezzer is injured you get to play in the big games. here is X number of pounds. Thanks Jules, just sign yer moniker on the old dotted at the bottom there !

      scenario 2 :- Come and join us and be our joint number 1 keeper with Chezzer, it will do the young fellow good to keep him on his unijured toes ( fingers crossed ) and when he slips up, in training or in a match, you are in like Flynn, mate ! Here, take X number of pounds.

      scenario 3 :- Hail Cesar !!! You will oust our young Pole. Chezzer ? Yeah, well, he’s a big boy now, he’ll just have to deal with it or cry into his Tyskie like a big girl. You will find X number of pounds in your bank account each week, for your troubles.

      scenario 4 :- You are quite old and we will only offer you a years contract. Now sign quickly, you are getting older all the time you hang around deciding.
      Just do it, already

      I think the question may have been, how much did Wenger want to inhibit WS’s progress if Cesar became the man between the sticks ?

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      • Adam, competition is a fact of life mate, if wenger doesn’t think that scez could benefit from learning from and being in completion with cesar, then maybe that’s where some of our problems lie.
        It probably came down to money, we just want everything on the cheap apart from season ticket prices.

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      • This sounds like options in a game I would want to play very badly, or you should put these exact words on “Football Manager 2013 Expansion Pack: Player Persuasion”

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  1. Football is about money. Simple as that. He moved to qpr probably because he was payed more.
    Our board believe that money in the game is fine as long as its channelled towards them at the expense of us the fans.

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    • If you put Julio Cesar on 80K a week (or whatever QPR is paying him), that hinders our ability to sign another player. No backup goalie in the world should be on 80K per week.

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      • Like we were going to sign another player. Come on mate. Put Ceasar on 80 a week and loan out mannone and fabianski. Job done.

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    • We already have 3 “senior” keepers on our books, you can’t possibly want 4 (FOUR) senior keepers at the same time. Think of the wages.

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  2. I think a player has a value and obviously he thought his worth was greater than AW thought. We only ever see things in black and white and there are all sorts of deals done in which AFC have rarely involved themselves George Graham excepted that is! However, to me it shows the ambition of the player. With the injury to Szczesny he would have been playing in goal for us in the Champions League, whereas he is now playing for a team at the bottom of the PL.

    As others have said, money talks.

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  3. Burger king.
    Burger king.
    Burger king.

    Wenger’s strict diet rules made it impossible for a move to Arsenal.

    He has got a fat chin, vegies dont make that, burgers do!

    Is Wengers diet rules a transfer policy now?.

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    • Apparently Arshavin goes to Maccy D’s.

      That could explain his fleeting appearances this season and disappearance most of last season. You could be onto something !

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  4. He could have came to Arsenal and still fulfilled his ambition to become a ‘director’ someday. In fact, he has all of the credentials to be an Arsenal director, greed and no ambition whatsoever.

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  5. Cesar : ‘keep goal behind Santos & Vermaelen?For £50 a week?!
    Fuck that shit,get me Mark Hughes’ phone number!!’

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  6. Cesar was all about the money and good for him, I wouldn’t mind more money either.
    The stupid thing is that we need a experienced keeper but we are too cheap to get one and save us points.

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  7. Yeah cesar what a cunt eh, wanting more money add him to all the other cunts like mata and the like oh and all those that now choose to leave us like the cunt rvp, and nasri etc etc.
    see the pattern
    The only people worthy of that name are the board, they are killing ambition and our club. Sooner or later the penny will drop even with the boards apologists.

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    • Yep. I’ve been getting roasted on here for defending Nasri for a few weeks now. I wonder how many of these people calling these guys cunts would stay at their job if a competitor came along and offered to double their wages and gave them the opportunity to win nice raffle prizes. I’d bet it’s about none.

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      • >Implying football fans treat coworkers and football players as the same identity,
        >Failing to realize the poster you are replying to and agreeing with also effectively calls Nasri a cunt.


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      • Hey anon, I think you missed the point of both posts, voldermorts and mine.

        Thanks though for a retarded post. If you’re not smart enough to read and interpret things properly, please don’t comment. You twat.


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  8. Boycott

    I have said this on more than one board, they don’t listen and they don’t care what we say, they piss down our backs and tell us it is raining. If we continue to be scammed by this board and don’t make our voices heard when will it ever change???

    I know it is often said that we should stop spending money to boost share values, well we really should.
    Boycott a game entirely, leave the stands empty, it is the only weapon we as fans have and we should use it!
    Forums, online posts, petitions and the footballing community laughing at us make no difference to this board.

    The resounding sound of silence in an empty stadium might make them take notice but I doubt it.

    The drop in share prices caused by the worldwide news coverage that such an event would receive would have them spitting up their champagne and reaching for the phone…

    Our joint responsibility is more than supporting Arsenal, in this situation we need to man up and step up to make something happen to save the club from mediocrity.

    Are you a real Arsenal fan prepared to do something for the club or are you just gonna continue bitching and procrastinating?

    If you can grow some balls then let’s choose a date and BOYCOTT!

    I doubt there will be enough consensus to make it happen but I would like to put a date forward; Sat 24th November.

    Let’s get together and make something happen.
    Go now and re-post this and that date for a boycott, let’s see if this has legs, let’s see if you are real Arsenal fans, let’s work together to make our voice deafening by our silence and save our club.

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    • ED know where you are coming from mate, but believe me a one game boycott will not affect sponsors such as Indesit / Lucozade / Carlsberg etc Thee guys are signed up for a number of years – apparently Umbro as well?. As long as the £ keep flowing into the coffers from the sponsors the club will be able to ignore how the fans feel.

      Even if your idea was going to be effective, I doubt that choosing Sat 24th Nov would work – Arsenal are AWAY to Aston Villa!

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  9. This news is appalling to hear. @Adam if nos 4 was the actual scenario that took place,it sums up wat Wenger/board believes is the future for the club. To decline a very experienced keeper like this in favour of Schezny to get games? No real competition for him? Sad! Too many shitty revelation about this Arsenal club lately.

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    • I sincerely hope it wasn’t a case of scenario 4. The fact is we probably should have got Schwarzer a few years back and none of this would matter, or would Chesney have wanted to leave as Schwarzer kept turning in good performances season after season ?

      I would have hoped that Cesar and Chesney would have vied for the number 1 shirt as a straight ‘ shoot-out ‘. So, scenario 2 would be my favourite.

      At the very least, scenario 1.

      The problem is, in reverse I suppose, is what The Spuds have with Lloris and Friedel. Well sort of. does it come down to how much Wenger felt it would hinder Chezzer’s game time and the psychologiccal effect it might have. Conversely, having a disconteted Cesar on the bench on a decent wage, let’s presume for the sake of arguement, might not have been something Wenger wanted either. It could become toxic.

      In some ways it’s a tough one, in other ways it’s an easy decision. Ther is a lot more that is not known about this, of course. There might have been a scenario 5 where Markie H and Tony Axel ‘ F invited him out for a beer, plied him with drink and got him to give them his autograph for their collections . . .
      it’s an old trick, I know, or maybe they got him to drink the Rangers shilling or something !!!!

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  10. Ed, why do you presume that unless everyone agrees with you they are not real Arsenal fans? Who are you to judge? Your statement that you “doubt there would be enough consensus to make it happen” should be clue to you that it is in fact you who are in the minority and many fans, whilst not being overly happy with the team right now are maybe more inclined to offer positive support rather than the negative bs that spews out and is largely based on rumour, prejudice and zero facts.

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    • Well said Red…………….Ed we are all pissed off, and while i agree that a empty (home) stadium on match day would make Ivan the terrible and Arsene shit themselves, it just won’t happen, shame really cause i’d be right behind it !!!!

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  11. It will happen naturally believe me. It won’t empty of course but there were times last season and this when there were huge gaps in the seats.
    If things carry on the way they are the gaps will increase, it remains to be seen if the board will act.

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  12. Guys just want to make you aware this is a guy who said something along the lines of. I dream of winning the premier league title with qpr…….pressman: since when was that julio…..julio: when milan phoned me in the summer and told me I had to take a paycut…… google the interview.

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  13. If only we had gone for Hugo Lloris. He’s basically world class and a bit older then szczesny. He would have provided the experience as well as the competition. Alas, now he’s rotting at the spuds bench behind a 40 year old.

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  14. […] 但大家可以看看以下这篇文章,塞萨尔拒绝阿森纳,吐个槽先,塞萨尔去 QPR很显然是因为人家给的钱更多,现在什琴斯尼因伤无法上场,球队因缺乏高水平的替补而陷入了困境。同阵中其他年轻门将相比,我认为什琴斯尼身上无疑具备巨大的潜力,但随着欧洲杯的失意而归以及不合时宜的伤病,他现在要沉下心来,把全身心放在足球上,并向大家展示自己的训练成果。什琴斯尼具备个人魅力,如果他能将其和自身表现结合起来的话球队的后防将会更加稳固。后卫若是无法信任门将,那在防守时无疑会更为张皇失措。 […]

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  15. If Arsenal had any intentions of winning the league they would have signed either Cesar or Lloris in the last transfer window. Not surprised that Cesar didn’t want to join, the guy has won won numerous league titles in Italy, the Champions league and represented Brazil at the World cup and then is asked if he wants to be understudy to Polands No2.
    Slur Alex once said that Peter Schmeicel was worth 10-15 points a season to his team and we had pretty much the same with Seaman and Leahman and as much as I like Szczesny’s tub thumping and bravado he is simply not good enough at this moment in time to be the number 1 keeper at Arsenal .

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