Man Utd v Arsenal stat pack + Paddy Power betting preview

Arsenal stats

As always our good friends at have provided us with another one of their fantastic Premier League infographics, ahead of our game against Man Utd at Old Trafford tomorrow.

Click on the image below to expand it and see all the statty goodness it contains.

Paddy Power Arseblog betting

Selected Odds

Arsenal win – 4/1
Man Utd win – 8/11
Draw – 13/5

First goalscorer: Lukas Podolski 11/1 – Olivier Giroud 9/1 – Per Mertesacker – 40/1 – Jack Wilshere 25/1

Robin van Persie to be a cunt: 1/infinity

Money back special: If Robin van Persie scores the last goal, Paddy Power will refund all losing First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Correct Score & Scorecast singles on this match

Remember, if you haven’t got a Paddy Power account, simply click here to register and as a special offer, if you bet £10 first time, you get a free £20 bet.

Make it so.


      • Can someone explain to me how the “fraction” betting works?

        I understand if the odds are 2.50, that means for each dollar you get 2.50 back

        but 8/11 is less than 1 so how does it work??

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      • Oh and goooo Arsenal,

        An Arsenal win
        A frimpong two foot high tackle on Vanpersie and a draw

        are my preferred results 🙂

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      • Decimal includes stake returned. If you add the 2 numbers from a fractional bet you will get the total return. 8/11, for example will return 19. Which is 8 profit on an 11 stake. I prefer decimal too.

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      • There’s something missing from this equation. A certain value it goes like this, (john) + (terry)*2= racist cunt.

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    • Oh I’m a cunt because there’s not a single player in your squad that’s better than me. Not a single player I can look upto myself. Not a chance that when I had an off day the team could win without me. I played my heart out when I was there. I left because arsenal is a fading force. You should recognise what your board has done for you. I would’ve loved to stay but unfortunately you’ll gave me no choice. Sold the best players we had and then bought cheap/lacking in quality replacement. If I had stayed I would’ve had to start games with Aaron Ramsey ffs. I wouldve seen kos and szcz give away trophies to birmingham, too much! I want to win. You cant offer me that. I made my best effort to respect the fans and the manager through all of it. The board has fucked arsenal football club. You’ll should turn you’re hatred and anger to them. Not at the players who do their best for you.

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  1. 10/1…….. Rooneys toupe to fall off after an earth shattering tackle from vermaelen around 60 minutes there…..what?, it’s not a toupe?…..could have fooled me!

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  2. I’ve got a ticket to the Fulham match up for sale – bought it for £54 would like to recover £50 – since I’m now attending the match with my wife we had to go through a friend who was able to get us seated together (could only buy one seat with my red membership). Will give ticket and membership card to at stadium before game – contact me at if interested.

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    • so some of you would like to see empty seats in the stadium? If they’d allow me to resell on the ticket exchange, as they do with season ticket holders. Don’t live in London so I don’t have many options.

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  3. They aint no different to liverpool.
    If the record against livpool is great we can start making one against utd starting tomorrow.

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  4. Manchester dean vs Arsenal.

    Van pay-me-more to score an own goal and get substituted at halftime as the inner kid will be fatigued and wanting some milk sucked from rooneys tits. So rooney has to be subbed too.

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  5. Fuck Man Utd and Van Persie. Soon his goals will dry up and he’ll be dumped like yesterdays newspaper by his beloved Man Utd fans! What a fool

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    • I hate Arsenal for selling the cunt but I hate him more cos he made sure we had to sell him!
      The fucking bastard!
      We have to win a trophy this season just to prove a point to him, Nasri, Adebay

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  6. RvP to score: 1/1
    It’s going to happen. I can feel it. Probably in a 90th minute penalty.

    I just want a good performance here. The side that drew 1-1 with City would trouble any team at any stadium. I don’t think this is beyond this, but Man U are big time favourites because we haven’t looked great recently. Important game, this. We need a signal of intent. A bad loss could consign us to a struggle for fourth very early on. A win would be huge. We’ll see.

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  7. If RVP scored I don’t think he’ll celebrate.. He may be a cunt but I just don’t see it happening. All wenger has done for him theirs no way he would disrespect him like that.

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  8. Of course he’ll celebrate! Maybe not adebayor style but he’s definately got enough of the little cunt in him not to be able to resist a taunt back at the away fans who will inevitably be relentlessly barracking him.

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  9. I really feel today will be Giroud’s day. This is his chance to step out of the Cunt’s shadow. I think HFB is going to be mental up for it.


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  10. Jersey swapping at half time it’s a new low, get the fuck out in the second half and show some fucking belief

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    • Hopefully he’s taking a dump and fancies wiping his arse with it. Otherwise it’s pathetic.

      Stick Jenks on instead of him.

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  11. Seriously, if you can’t raise a team for this type of game, your time is up.

    My hope is we get top 4, we thank AW for all the amazing stuff he’s done for us and then find a successor.

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  12. What has happened to our team? Podolski looks half the player he did at the beginning of the season. Vermaelen has been jinxed by the captaincy. Walcott only performs occasionally. Giroud is trying hard but gets hardly any service or support. We’ve been relying on Jack who has been out for 15months and is now banned for a few games. Something is wrong

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