Match Report: Everton 1-1 Arsenal (inc. goal clips)


Arsenal and Everton played out a tense 1-1 draw at Goodison Park in a physical game which for all the end-to-end couldn’t produce a winning goal in an action-packed second half. Theo Walcott gave the visitors a superb start in the opening seconds before Marouane Fellaini equalised midway through the first period with a calmly taken effort from the edge of the box.

Often this season Arsenal have been accused of starting slowly, it wasn’t the case this evening as the Gunners raced out of the traps to open the scoring before the minute mark.

Theo Walcott gained possession on the halfway line, played a bundled one-two off the retreating Phil Jagielka, fed the ball to Aaron Ramsey (in for the ill Podolski) who slipped it back to the onrushing attacker before a cool, clipped finish nestled in the top corner. There was a slight deflection, but you could almost say it was Henry-esque from the moustachioed Walcott as he claimed his 9th goal in the last 11 games. (1-0)

The perfect start was dampened inside a minute when Laurent Koscielny overstretched, seemed to pull something, and had to be replaced by Kieran Gibbs although with Thomas Vermaelen able to slip into the middle the formation didn’t require unorthodox surgery.

Everton made full use of the flanks to spread play and whip balls into the Arsenal box and Fellaini, as expected, threw his weight around with both Mertesacker and former teammate Arteta hitting the turf. The home side had the better of much of the first 20 minutes without causing Szczesny too much sweat, but just as we looked to be coming back into it, Everton scored.

While it was unsurprising that Fellaini was the source of the goal, it was totally self-inflicted. Ramsey was initially lucky that a stray pass ended back with Szczesny but when Sagna’s hacked clearance flew across the edge of the box the Belgian pounced to curl an early shot low past the Pole. A great finish, but Wenger will know it was a sloppy way to concede. (1-1)

Buoyed by the goal, the Toffees continued to pressure and Nikica Jelavic, following another head on by Fellaini, nearly gave David Moyes’ side the lead only to sky his effort after bamboozling Mertesacker with lovely quick feet on the edge of the box. The game was fast-flowing and physical, Wilshere our standout player, but aside from a wayward effort by Cazorla we didn’t really come close to threatening again before the break.

We started the second period with a bit more bite, both Walcott and Ramsey, who’d interchanged wings in the first half, crossed dangerously but as was the case in the first half Giroud got little change from Jagielka and Diston. After that it was all the home team.

Baines and Jelavic were a constant threat down the Everton left as the game moved end-to-end. Gibbs was forced into a fine last ditch challenge, Steven Pienaar squirmed an effort goalwards which Szczesny had to save down low at the near post, then the Pole was forced to produce a terrific instinctive stop at close range following a Distin header.

Mikel Arteta, having a challenging game in the centre of the park, was also lucky not to concede a penalty during a period in which the ball appeared to have a magnetic attraction to our penalty box To say we were under the cosh is an understatement.

Giroud nearly grabbed a goal against the run of play with a decent header which flew over the bar before Cazorla flummoxed Howard with a slight deflection on a Ramsey pass. The Welshman and Spaniard also had further efforts as we came back into it a bit.

Gervinho came on for the last ten minutes in place of Ramsey and was inches from connecting with a Giroud cross with what would have been his first touch. On the other flank Walcott gallantly tried to stretch the play, Fellaini did likewise for the hosts, but it was very scrappy as fatigue set in and the clock ticked down.

Injury-time saw frantic scrambles in both penalty boxes but the final whistle confirmed a draw which both sides will probably feel was deserved.

If a point didn’t feel like a good result on Saturday, it certainly felt more satisfactory this evening. It was a battling performance from the boys, Vermaelen and Mertesacker in particular were excellent, and when you take into consideration Everton hadn’t lost in their previous ten games at home in the league it puts things in perspective a bit. The unbeaten run continues, we look a bit more solid at the back and it’s two home games in a row up next.


      • sorry if we aint all happy.

        i guess we should all just take in and not expect to win
        getting to draws lets all be happy.

        3 wins in 10 games is something we should all be okay with…..

        the club has gone down hill.
        same fans are just blind if they think this is okay.

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      • Okay put it into perspective a little. A draw away at Everton on a cold November night is a good result for any club. Yes some of our previous results this season have been infuriating, but lets wait until January before we start saying we’re all doomed.

        Le boss apparently has money in Jan to bolster the squad. We have 2 home games coming up which if go to plan will be 6 points. The others around us have tough games so they should drop some points.

        Forget about the title, forget about the Manchester clubs – they’re in another league to us at the moment. If we stay within touching distance of the top 4 until the end of January I’m confident we’ll finish where we need to be for the following season.

        And then lets just have a real go at one of the cups this year! It’s not 2004 anymore, you’ve all got to realise we’re a different team! We used to be pretty shit before Wenger.

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      • Point at Everton would be decent, but I think everyone, even the guests on last week’s arsecast expected at least 4 points form Villa + Everton games. We got two. While Everton are a team that is fairly decent, we should’ve won against Villa.
        And saying that in the next 2 games we should get 6 points if everything goes according to plan is pretty rich, considering that virtually nothing goes according to plan for us lately.
        And we won’t go for the cups, because Arsene is stubborn in his quest for the CL qualification spots above all else, meaning that the cups campaign will suffer yet again.

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      • We have forgotten the league, don’t you worry.
        As for the Manchester clubs, it’s only citeh who are in a different league. Pound for pound, we have a better team than manure, the difference is:

        1. A winning mentality.
        2. They add 1 or 2 of these ‘top, top, top’ players and all we do is talk about them.

        If we ever, or even just once (pre invincibles) added that missing quality link, Manure would shit themselves, if you pardon the pun!…and we’d have a half decent chance of winning something the mighty Gooners so badly want.

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      • @No hair –

        I completely agree with you buddy. For the last few seasons I always think we just need a few additions etc etc. We lost RVP, we’ll probably lose Theo.

        Call me naive or maybe stupid but this time around I feel a little bit more confident about the future of the club. With the new commercial deal the board and Wenger have no excuse not to spend. Wages seems to be the real problem for us and I think this will finally be achieved to keep and attract top talent.

        With that, results will (dare I say it) become more consistent. IF we manage top 4 this year, I really think that will provide the platform to push on my a more reinforced and stable squad. Now, I could eat my words come end of Jan, but I have to be optimistic to enjoy my football 🙂

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      • You forgot perhaps the most important thing, they also have squad depth. 4 attackers, 4 wingers, 4 decent central defenders, 2 pretty good goalkeepers, maybe not so much in the midfield area, but they make that up in other positions (e.g. they have “gamechangers” – players who make the difference and single handedly win the game even if they play bad).
        Whereas our squad depth is virtually non-existant (because if you’re relying on fitness of Diaby and Rosicky, some youngsters who don’t have 30 PL games between them and sub par players such as Djourou and Chamakh who don’t even make the bench you are a big fool) and we sold our only “gamechanger” to them this summer.
        It’s easy to say “if we change those three things we’ll be on par with them”, but in reality this is a big fucking bridge to cross.

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      • @He’s got not hair but we don’t care…

        Pound for pound we have a better team than United? AHHAHAHAHAHAH you must be having a fucking laugh. There’s a reason we are 7th and united are 1st, with 12 more points.

        We are shit, we’ve played shit, and our squad lacks any depth beyond the first XI.

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    • The worrying thing for me is we are already just another injury away from seeing the return of djourou, santos or dare i say it………squiddly-diddly. please let the kos be ok.

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    • I’m telling you. All we get from arsenal players nowadays ” We’ve got the mental ability blah blah blah”. When it comes to going out there and performing? Fuck I wish they’d just be honest and say they don’t have a chance and that we’ve become a mid-table team. Vermaelen has become a woeful defender I have to say.

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  1. before all the inevitable whingeing takes place here is a lovely dose of perspective courtesy of a tweet published at the BBC website:

    “As a fan I gave Rafa a chance to win me over and he did absolutely nothing. I’ll look out for the results but I’m not watching anymore Chelsea games until next season when he is gone. I’m disgusted by the club at the moment and especially Abramovich.”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at least we’re not fucking Chel$cum, hey

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    • Couldn’t care less what’s going on at Stamford bridge. I’m more worried about the direction of this team when we are going out playing for draws.

      Seems like absolutely noone gives a Fuck out there. Even Wenger. Our first attacking substition at 80 minutes? Which means he was happy with the first 80? Give me a fucking break.

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    • I’d rather be in their position than ours.

      Seriously though, we shouldn’t focus on other clubs or their fans. We are the Arsenal, but right now we’re shit. I’m not going to whinge and name individuals but something needs to be fixed, and soon, or we’re going to slip further and further down the table. 4th place doesn’t look so bad now – that’s how bad we’re playing and the direction we seem to be going.

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    • Chelsea won the CL last season. They’re currently 5 points ahead of us in 3rd position. If you tell someone that Chelsea can turn things around with their current squad, I doubt they’d laugh in your face. So basically, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Chelsea right now. Arsenal is the only club I care about and right now they’re worrying me.

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    • heh

      i see the point flew a milion miles over the heads of those it was aimed at

      i’ll put it more simply

      if you are making a big noise about an away point at goodison park, like a self-absorbed idiot who thinks that the world revolves around your opininion, then you are just like the moron chelsea fan. that’s my point, not that i give a flying shit about chelsea

      but do carry on moaning and i look forward to seeing the dozen or so who have courage beyond the keyboard to make fools of themselves *in real life* this saturday by staging a public whinge about the composition of the arsenal board.

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  2. Wilshere just came back and has completely stolen cazorlas thunder. Nothing worked for caz today, robbed of possesion countless times, failed turns, misplaced passes etc. okay on to ramsey now, ah no need.

    I would have taken a point from this anyday but considering we drew with villa all these seems fucked up. Coyg still!

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    • Wilshere was jogging the last 15 mins of the game.
      Looked to me like we lost every 50/50 chance to get the ball.
      Feel bad for Giroud , really seem to be trying,
      No improvement rom the previous weeks, nothing much to add except maybe a lot of moustaches on display.

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    • nothing work for any of our players not just carzola.
      carzola looks tired tho, his played in every game he needs to rest
      but ofc at our rich club we have no back up for him.

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      • We have Arsharvin. A player, other coaches feel is good enough to play CAM and be captain for unheard of minnows Zenit and RUSSIA. Wenger’s refusal to play AA as CAM when Caz is clearly out of juice is beyond me (was he dropped or ill today?)

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      • Please check your facts arshavin plays LAM for russia and he also did at zenit. did u not watch any of the euros he played on the left of a front 3 or the left of a secondary 3 behind the striker. All this wenger plays him out of position is a myth. Even when he played for zenit when they won the uefa cup he was out wide. That is his game coming inside or at least that was his game. his game now is sitting on his lard waiting for his £90k a week contract to run down so that he can leave for zilch and claim a similar wage for another 3 years off of some other mug team. You have to face facts 16 of the 18 there tonight are our best players with poldolski and diaby the 2 absentees. The likes of fabianski squillaci djourou santos arshavin and chamakh need to join denilson park and bendtner in the taxi queue out of the emirates. That would free up 9 squad places and if diaby cannot get fit then he should f off too.

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      • I feel Wenger’s approach to positional assignments for his players has always been to decide very early on and not waver too much from the plan. Which is why I am sure Theo (if he stays) will eventually play a CF/ST, as Wenger intended him to, Arshavin will continue to play on the flank, and Cazorla will play the CAM role every ‘important’ (league and CL) until his other two CAMs (Diaby and Rosicky) are fit for rotation. He does have his young utility players in Jack, Ramsey and Coq who he feels more comfortable moving around.

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    • The biggest concern with Cazorla is that he looks out of sync and simply worn out. Every opponent who plays us seems to have learned and understood how to nullify him on the pitch, and he simply has played too many games without proper rest. Along with the timing of substitution, a situation like this is where Wenger’s in-game management gets questioned. His stubbornness is the greatest source of his success but also the greatest enemy.

      What is up with the passing overall? I possibly cannot fathom how terrible and unnatural our passing has become. In certain situations, especially near the box, Everton’s quick, accurate passing looked more like ours from the past. We may have more possession in terms of percentage, but most of them are from back passing and/or what I’d call “rotational passing” that really poses no threat to the other team.

      Our back line never looked comfortable these past few games. Granted, there were moments of brilliance, but there were also moments of self-imposed vulnerability in the back with poor passing and clearance. Just like any other Gooner, I am highly concerned with many things about our club at the moment; these concerns are resulting in a great frustration.

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    • Decent result in a vacuum. Bad result when considering the rest of the season. The problem with the current Arsenal lies in the expectations. The board, the manager, the players , and the fans all expect Arsenal to be a title challenging team. These expectations haven’t been met for some time yet the board, the manager, and the players still insist each and every year that Arsenal can realistically challenge for the title.

      The fans will always feel hard done when every year we hear how we can challenge for the title but end up falling flat. There seems to be a failure to realize and/or publicly acknowledge that the current squad model cannot challenge for the BPL title. Though this may be changing given the new sponsorship deal…

      I said all that to say that this draw is frustrating because if the Arsenal want to be contenders you need to pick up more than 2 points from a possible 6.

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  3. If we had beaten Villa, this would be acceptable. But we didn’t. and then we had to deal with our managers arrogance with the “ I have been in the game for 30 years” bullshit. Saying it like it means his mistakes can’t be questioned.

    Fucking sick of it. We don’t even play good football anymore, not just jumping on the bandwagon but Ramsey would not even make the bench of any other top team. And the fact that he keeps making the same mistakes again and again makes me thing Wenger is doing nothing about it on the training ground.

    On top of all this we have to see interviews about how szczesny thinks it’s a 6 point game and Vermaelen talking about his approach to being captain. Win some fucking football matches first!!

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    • oh the whingeing!

      not a bad result at all. chelsea are in freefall, it’s the manchester teams we have to worry about. villa may have been a one-off, given the 3 matches in 7 days or whatever.

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      • maybe I am Whingeing. I am only doing so because I don’t like arrogance. up to 1 or 2 weeks ago I was fully supportive of Wenger. but to see a manager use his experience and past success in the game as a defence for mistakes is just fucked up. It shows that he thinks he can get away with anything just because he was a fantastic manager in the past. and that is unacceptable because i love this club and it comes first. not Wenger and his ego

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      • Don’t worry Aussie Gooner, we would beat the Swan next week by one odd goal and all the happy meal kids will be back to tell us about the great man again.

        I have been saying the man is finished for the last 3 years. Has been, stuck in the past but some wouldn’t let go as they think there will be no more Arsenal after him. Some happy kids even claimed he is an Arsenal fan and not doing it for the money while he is the highest paid manager and his world class players the lowest paid players. Surprise they are leaving???.

        He will not spend no matter how much money he has.
        He will keep shit players in high wages and play them.
        He will keep as he knows football and the whole world not.
        He will keep lying to keep his job no matter what.
        He won’t leave with dignity, because in his head he is the only one right.
        He made a lot of money for the club but he milked it for himself as well.

        Arsene is the problem.

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      • To Cygan’s magical LF:
        If u really think Arsene’s the problem, then I’m sorry you have no clue.
        I accept its his team & frankly his team isn’t good enough.
        But when he leaves, that’s when you’ll realise how privileged we were to have him!

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    • Mate I’m with you. I was up at 530am watching this Shit and at the end of it I’m sitting there going why the Fuck do I bother. 2 points from villa and Everton, not to mention ALL the teams above us dropped points this week.

      Same old arsenal. Same old Wenger. Same fucking excuses

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      • I have been up all night, havn’t gone to sleep yet so I make sure I don’t sleep in and miss the game. thats how excited i was to watch the Arsenal play. and then I watch this shit where half the players don’t even seem bothered that they can’t win.

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      • Same here from China. Up at 330am to watch that game.
        I support this team 100% , but so far I have been 100% disappointed. It really looks like Arsene has lost it, his tactics this season have been very poor and player management is at all time low ( getting harder and harder to have players commit to the club – VP, Walcott, Sagna and now there are even talks about Wilshere … wtf! )
        It’s just not about the draw at Aston Villa or the draw tonight, it’s about Arsenal not being able to win against teams like Norwich, Fulham, Stoke, Sunderland, Aston Villa and Everton and overall playing poor football.
        I can accept a draw or a loss once in while, no problem with that it’s a game after all and you can’t always win otherwise it would be boring, but at least I want to see my team playing nice football or trying.
        Last night except from Wallcot, Giroud and Wilshere, it looked like nobody really cared about the game, no f** spirit!

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  4. If we hadn’t drawn at villa I would hav thought this would have been an alright result. We are seriously under pressure now, two homes games in a row now we cannot afford anything under 6 points

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  5. Gibbs’s return has added that stability back in our side! But our attack has become slow and shit, not our forwards but the build up play. This point would of been amazing if we had gotten all 3 at Villa, but we are lacking a new buzz in the team and it is really sad to see in an Arsenal team. Maybe a flair like player needed with midfield abilities ?

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    • First piece of text I wanted to comment on, because you are dead on.
      Our BUILD-UP is very lacking, and I know I will get thumbed-down to death, but the reason can be part traced back to a player everyone likes, even myself, and if we would stop trying to build our attack from him, we would be faster… the BFG.
      Great defender, but slow, slow, slow in getting us going. I see it way too often: Arteta runs into trouble or pressure, turns, passes to BFG, who passes to Sagna/Jenks to relieve the quick pressure, who in-turn passes back to the BFG and then… he looks, looks tap-tap, looks, looks, passes up field or settles for another small pass to someone close.
      In the meantime, the whole of the opposition have gotten back to their shape and defensive positioning – now we have 11 to get through.
      I think the BFG is a great defender, great reader of the game, but not the person to start our attack. Last season it started with Song, this year is a bit further back, starting with Mert.

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      • Absolutely. I too have the same feeling. The BFG is really slow when it comes to initiating raids. If I can, I ll give two thumbs up to your comment. Our attacks are astonishingly slow. Frankly. the last 2 games, with Gibbs & Chezzers returning, I am relaxed about our defence. It’s the offence that I am worried about.

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      • I agree about the build up play and that the problem is a player we all love, but I think it’s a different player (and I will actually get the thumbs down for it) — Arteta. He’s asways passing it back to Mert. But it’s the whole team’s fault — they are too scared of loosing possession to play with any speed. Look at how Man United just confidently run or pass the ball through midfield without even having very good midfielders, and then look at us with excellent midfielders stuck on the halfway line. But the middle three also has no expererience playing with each other.

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      • Completely agree on the build-up play and the team’s inability to adapt to teams pressing Arteta. It seems that the only answer Arsenal has to Arteta being pressed high up the pitch is to pass it backwards.

        I don’t necessarily think that’s a knock on BFG but the system itself. It works wonders against teams that allow a perfect storm of lax pressing and not committing 8-9 behind the ball. Now that teams know to press Arteta and keep players back, I haven’t seen a solid offensive performance in a few weeks aside from Tottenham (but that falls into the perfect storm category).

        A winger willing to take players on (and can do so effectively, sorry Gervinho) could do wonders, I think. It would allow Carzola/Wilshire to drop a bit deeper in situations when Arteta’s getting pressed to help build the play faster. Also, isolation out on the wing without being certain that the ball is going to be crossed to no one or lost adds another dimension. Theo’s getting better but I wonder what life would be like if Hazard hadn’t been such a twat and chosen to play with Gibbs on the left instead of Cashley.

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    • oh shut up.
      let me guess before the start of the seasion
      you was saying theo was the most over rated worst player in the league

      now theo is the best player in our team.

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      • Yeah before the season I wasn’t as bothered as Gervinho had had a sparkling pre season and I was hoping the Ox would kick on from his debut season, didn’t happen and Theo’s been the best player in this team by a country mile, when we don’t play Theo Giroud gets isolated and we don’t play as well

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    • From the multiple thumbs down, Im guessing some people still can’t accept reality & chose to live in denial!!!

      letting Theo leave on a free instead of giving him £300k a week(for example) is bad business, makes more sense to give him what he wants now
      & sell him to City/Chelsea or whoever wants him in the summer for £10M

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  6. If we keep up at this rate, we should atleast get 38 points guarantee safety….

    But in all seriousness what has Happened to our arsenal. This team, the way they are playing, the constant turn overs, the lack of creativity, its fucking appalling. Since when have arsenal been the team happy to sit back with ten men crowding the box hoping for a draw….

    I’ve seen crayons that draw less than this team. I really hope Wenger is smart enough to realise something needs to be done about this team In January. But if were out of the champs league by that stage then I guess we know where that extra 25 million revenue is going next year.

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  7. negatives – sagna’s crossing is woeful, wilshere can really do with some long range attempts, cazorla could not weave his magic, gervinho is well gervinho. Baffles me why the boss has more faith in him than the Ox..

    positives – vermaelen, gibbs immense, wilshere, ramsey and arteta had tidy games, walcott looks our most likely attacking outlet, BFG bossing fellaini for the entire 2nd half..

    A hard earned point away but then, I would’ve loved early and decisive substitutions by the boss..

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    • At least Szczesny had a great game. A keeper like that who can win us games. Unfortunately we have no one to convert in the other end at the moment..

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    • main attacking negative:
      giroud plays with his back to goal.
      slows all of the team down and gives carzola no movment to play a though ball to him.

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      • He’s a holding Forward – supposed to play with back to goal.
        The attacking mid-fielder is supposed to benefit from him playing like that in close-quarters play (lay-offs, flick-ons, etc…). When play is not wide-open and not close-quarters, he makes the diagonal runs as he is supposed to (drawing defenders, creating space or running to space). When play is wide open, you see he clears the lanes for thru-balls, but we tend to start our attack too slow (or it’s gets held up halfway into the start of it), so the lanes close up real fast.
        This team has a formation crisis – are we playing 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3.
        4-3-3 and Theo won’t stay wide (like last year) because he has prove he can play centrally.
        4-2-3-1 and the attacking midfielder needs to stay centrally so he can feed off Giroud’s holding abilities.
        Arsenal would benefit more from a 4-4-1-1, where it can flex into 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 very easily and quickly, all while playing to our players strengths.

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  8. Wouldn’t mind half Chelsea’s recent trophy haul though but hey fans not allowed to whinge any more so ill just sit here quietly and console myself with the knowledge that 4th (if we make it) is like a trophy.

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  9. cannot count how many crosses were hit by Theo and Sagna directly to an Everton player… cant even clear the first defender…
    its 3.30 am here in India and my sleep is Fucked.

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  10. Can we all just agree that today was Ramsey’s worst game in an Arsenal shirt? He was dispossessed after dawdling on the ball in our own box, another time to force a yellow card from Gibbs, and again in the buildup to the goal… all in the first 25 minutes. Didn’t improve much from there, either–he wants far more time on the ball than he has, and often holds it with his head down until it’s taken from him.

    He needs a loan. Playing him out of position on the wings is not helping him or the team.

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    • No it wasn’t worst. He won a corner and had a few passes. Dnt be so negative! He’s our future, He’s GREAT. but not for Arsenal.

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    • In all seriousness someone gives us the stats on Ramsey. I cannot remember the last time he started in which we got the 3 points, west ham?? And before that? Manchester united 0- arsenal 1 2010? We have fucking 3 proper wingers on the bench Wenger. Stop trying to turn him into something he’s not.

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    • he got a fuckin assist. was miles better than Santi today. and wasn’t the only one to misplace passes, esp. at the back in the first half. i’m not his avid supporter, but don’t make him a scapegoat again.

      today was alright, we fucked up the game before that.

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      • I honestly thought Ramsey was our second or third best player…Giroud did nothing except cross for from some floating forehead that’s not very good at floating, Walcott did little other than score, Mert was a beast as usual. Santi was terrible today, he really needs a rest. I don’t think Arteta was all that great either but to be fair on him it was pretty much him vs Fellaini and hes quite the powerful driving midfielder!

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      • Probably Santi’s worst game for the club as well, but even as an attacking player, it’s difficult to be “miles worse” than someone who gifted two big chances and a yellow to a defender by dawdling on the ball.

        Besides, it’s not really productive to argue which player was better or worse when both played badly. If you want to make comparisons I would say this. We have seen much better, recently, from Cazorla. Ramsey, on the other hand, keeps making the same errors time and again, shows no signs of speeding up his decision making, and this cripples our buildup play. Honestly, if you can’t see this then we must be watching different games.

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      • i don’t know how can you compare Ramsey to Santi on the long run. the latter is playing week in, week out, is being played in his position, the team is often based around him, and he’s already an established player. compare Ramsey to Chambo. based on this season (and not the last), i’d go for Rambo.

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  11. Really poor performance although a point’s not a disaster at Goodison.I can’t remember us passing the ball worse than tonight,even Santi was struggling.
    Lucky the ref was crap as well,Everton should definitely of had a penalty-mind you,they should’ve got about 25 yellow cards as well,swings & roundabouts I guess!!

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 2

    • you forgot the montpellier game. that game was 1000 times slower than this. still we managed to give the ball away.
      this game was fast and naturally error prone.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  12. Not a bad result against a good everton side.

    I know I’m going to get thumbed down for this but… Ramsey needs to sort himself out. He was disposessed countless times. I have always defended him but I don’t know anymore.

    Anyway, bring on the next game
    (and the next pint)

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 9

  13. we put on an effort to win. but this was against everton at their turf. remember MANUre lost here. we drew. draw is a fair result here.

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 4

    • yeah mate, but Man U managed to beat Aston villa after beating 2-0 down. thats the difference. their players give a shit, ours don’t

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 12

      • there. who changed the game? their striker-cum-impact sub. they fucking have 4 international striker. same with chelski and shitty. we fucking have one (maybe two but not four). the depth is a real problem.

        Thumb up 19 Thumb down 0

  14. Vermaelen played well today….hopefully back to the form we need him in. Need to really start to pick up points before the city game in the new year! We have a good chance with the fixtures coming up but the team is so inconsistent I’m not that confident.

    Really hope we keep Sagna though! Love the guy….Gives 100% all the time is just SOLID

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 3

  15. Self inflicted goal……yet again.Need to tighten up at the back still. Confident that we will be in top 4 by season end.It will all click together soon.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

    • the goal wasnt becouse we was bad at the back..

      they scored coz we lost the ball in midfiled more then once.
      first it was ramsey, then sagna
      thats how they created the goal…

      our defending was good considering everton has a good attack.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

  16. Pffffff. W5, D6, L3 tells you this team is pretty average. Can’t even be bothered to comment further. I’m going to bed.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

  17. Ramsey was anything but ‘tidy’. I’m not getting on the Ramsey hating bandwagon, but I am being honest.

    He was not tidy. He gave the ball away a lot and slowed the attack down. At one point jack broke from our box, drove forward and fed Ramsey. Ramsey hesitated until the counter attack was off, then gave the ball away. He’s too casual.

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 6

  18. 5 wins out of 14. Enough said.

    At least in previous seasons we didn’t have any trouble going forward, this season we look toothless as hell and our passing is so predictable and slow. None of the attacking flair from previous seasons were to be seen.

    Whats even more worrying? Oh right, our only goalscorer in the game has 7 months left on his contract!

    Sort it out Wenger. This season is quickly getting all the recipes to become a disaster.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 3

  19. why does Wenger leave his substitutions so late in the game? 15 minutes is not enough to make an impact. I don’t know what’s going on with the players or what tactics Wenger was trying to use but I still have the right to question such decisions that on the face of it are baffling… I can’t be the only one thinking this, right?

    Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

    • you can’t question him mate. remember he has been at the top level management for 30 years so he is allowed to do what he wants and no one can question it

      Thumb up 17 Thumb down 13

      • He didn’t say no one can ‘question’ his decisions in the way you imply – he said you will judge his performance. He also said that he’s not going to explain every single one of his decisions as if he’s some up and comer with something to prove to the expert panel of fucking antagonistic journalists with their condescending shit about ‘the arsenal fans deserve to know’.

        Wenger is quite evidently a very smart man and is generally considered as one of the best managers in the world. He makes mistakes, but he has reasons for his decisions and he shouldn’t have to explain every one of them at each press conference as if he’s a school boy sitting an exam. The disrespect and arrogance shown by the media is fucking ridiculous.

        Thumb up 15 Thumb down 4

  20. Better than at Villa and about what you would expect from a strong everton side. Baines was outstanding.

    Would not be a bad result if we were not in trouble. The problem is not failing to beat Everton away, it’s failing to beat Sunderland, Stoke, Villa, Fulham, Norwich, ect…

    Walcott pretty much disapeared after his goal, Giroud had a poor game, Ramsey got caught far to often. The team needs Rosicky and/or Diaby plus backup winger/strikers. Ramsey should not be playing on the wing and there is no backup for Giroud.

    Unless we put on a run like last year we are looking no better than the teams around us, second tier teams with a hope of fourth place.

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0

  21. That was a 4th place derby. This is where we belong. Already 12 points behind f…n rvp. We don’t have a bench at all, even a players like you-know-who are playing in the starting 11. Crazy how average we are.
    We must be satisfied with a draw.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  22. @ Alex. Why the fuck do we have to worry about the Manchester clubs. Do you seriously think we are in any way contenders.
    Bet their jumping for joy with our draw up there. Before this game fergie must have been shitting himself with our surge up the league.
    Oh can we still afford to sell walcot. We can’t but we will.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3

  23. On nights like this I’m glad I play 6 aside footy at 8.30. Reading the objective analysis on Arseblog news sounds so much more appealing than watching the actual game on some dodgy stream.

    Sounds like a point won which is kind of frustrating but hey ho, two home wins, as bit of precious momentum and up we look.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

  24. this team is poor
    something is not right.

    attacking looks very very poor
    over the past games we have created what one or two chances.

    we need a center foward whos making runs
    olivier plays with his back to goal
    slows all the team down.

    and it dose not give likes or walcott, carzola to give him a though ball.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5

  25. I’m sure they’ll be the usual excuses “we showed a lot of determination etc etc” but the players don’t seem to give a crap against lower teams (Villa) and the manager can’t seem to motivate them anymore. Our squad is threadbare, and I’d imagine they’ll be no January business either aside from the cheap Henry move papering over cracks, will it take us falling out of the top 4 for things to change? Quite possibly, but I don’t want us to take that risk, most likely we’ll crawl home in 4th because the teams below us are too shit and then we’ll get waxed lyrical at the next AGM about the potential of this team, 2014 and how we’ll fight for trophies. This team doesn’t seem to be fighting whatsoever, and thats the manager’s fault if he can’t motivate his team. The clubs imploding, self destructing, stagnating or whatever other colourful adjective you care to use to describe our pathetic club. Anyway, get behind the team next week, nothing other than a win will do, and preferably a decent one, not that shitty 1-0 we had against QPR when we tried our best to throw the game away. Oh and we’re below Spurs now, Wenger Gazidis and whoever else it may concern, just sort it out…

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 3

  26. we can blame Ramsey as much as we want but the whole team(except one or two) was absolutely sh*t today regardless of where we played. just very hard to defend a performance like this.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 4

  27. I’d love to know when the rotational fouling tactic came into play. I’m sure there have always been tough tackling teams, but now the likes of Stoke, United, Everton etc foul our players all the way through the game, get brought off when they get a yellow card, and the sub does the exact same thing. Frustrating…

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  28. Oh dear.

    At least we got 3 points against Villa.

    At least two of our first team players aren’t leaving in the summer.

    At least we’re keeping up with the pack.

    At least

    At least the only fans who question the club’s direction are called “”

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  29. Even if we go buy the most expensive player there is, we will struggle.
    The problem is & always has been Wenger’s lack of Plan B. For eg, we won a few games in the beginning because of Cazorla & Arteta’s partnership but the other teams have worked out that by closing them down Arsenal will struggle. Its the lack of tactics from Wenger that is hurting us the most.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  30. Everton 1 – 0 Manchester City
    Everton 2 – 0 Chelsea
    Everton 1 – 0 Manchester United
    Everton 1 – 0 Spurs
    Everton 1 – 1 Arsenal

    Get a fucking grip.

    Thumb up 31 Thumb down 11

      • Different games, different opponents. I’m not denying Villa away was poor, because it was. This game however, wasn’t.

        Thumb up 13 Thumb down 7

      • Absolutely. When it is merited. I personally don’t think the Everton game deserves annoyance, they are a very tough side. Villa I would understand, it annoyed me as well.

        Thumb up 15 Thumb down 0

      • “Different games, different opponents.”

        Isn’t that your exact Everton argument? Or are you simply going to cherry pick the results that suit your agenda?

        Thumb up 1 Thumb down 4

      • My agenda? Come off it.

        What I’m saying is, we should have beat Villa. I am not disputing that, it should have been won. This result vs Everton, a different team to Villa, who are a much bigger handful, and have beaten both Manc clubs, Chelsea and the Spuds, is actually quite respectable.

        You’d think we’d just lost 0-6 with 3 own goals or something with the way people are reacting. It was a tight and frenetic game that ended in a 1-1 draw away at Goodison Park. I think that is quite decent all things considered.

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      • where are you getting these home results from? villa haven’t even played spurs and liverpool at home yet, and they lost to man City away.

        Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  31. seriously guys need to wake up and smell the coffee. an Arsenal fan contented with a point today just because man u didn’t get any at everton is being lame.can somebody remind me which position man u is compared to us.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 14

  32. I am missing RVP,he left because he want to win something and as things are going now he will win something and he is contributing a lot to make his dream come through.Arsenal will likely not make the 4th place,I doubt even 5th,this time SPUD will do better.If any one think that Wenge will do something that will change our situation,well sweet dreams.Honestly speaking we are not a top team any more,many are in our line up who will not make even the bench at Everton let alone the top 4,now we are getting satisfy even with a draw,the boss too,he packs the box with ten players to secure a draw.
    But it is not the end,bright will come not only now,Swansea are on fire to think that we willjust turn up and take the 3 points,many of us will be dissapointed.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 8

  33. it wasn’t just ramsey giving the ball away. it was the whole fucking team. even ScSZ gave the ball away. sometimes I wondered if I was watching a basketball match considering the amount of fucking turnovers from our side. Feeling really sorry for giroud. he fucking tried to change the game.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

  34. So we have officially become a team that competes for 4th place and it is not even december. Whatever happend to this great club of ours?

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3

  35. Abloslutly gutted! Where has my beloved Arsenal gone? I have always given Ramsey the benefit of the doubt, but my patience i running thin. He looks out of pace, and out of touch…

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 6

  36. average result from an average team. not that there weren’t bright spots, but we were certainly a bit lucky not to lose today.

    this team needs a boost of confidence from… themselves? a new signing? if they don’t find some form soon, they’ll be battling for a europa league spot come april/may. overall, this season so far – not. nearly. fucking. good. enough.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  37. We need to work on speeding up our counter-attacks, enough of this tippy-tappy shit which allows our opponents time to regroup.

    When we score early as we’re guaranteed to concede. But it was a good goal with superb work from Theo.

    There didn’t seem to be much understanding between the players – lots of stray balls and running into each other. It all looked a bit slapdash. I think we missed Poldi’s finishing today. After such a fast-paced match, I fear our players will be knackered for the weekend.

    I guess it’s not a bad point but we’re now 9 points worse off than last season when comparing the same fixtures:

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  38. Fuck Wenger and the whole of this team…The manager lost his footballing pillosophy…Am really sorry mr.Arseblog…But I have to say it!

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 8

  39. We have to stop giving Ramsey a free pass. It sucks that we have another player ruined by injury, but at the moment he is costing us points every game. Don’t believe me? Without another stupid Ramsey turn, dispossession, and terrible pass the game today is 1-0 Arsenal. Every time he plays, there is no fluidity in our midfield whatsoever. On another note, the defense was awesome other than the goal and Szczesny was top class today.

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  40. Meh… it’s blatantly obvious over the season so far that we need a decent centre forward. Podolski and Giroud are **all right** forwards but there is still a huge gap left by Van Persie. The only way to actually get a really decent player, on the whole, is to spend big – all the other big teams do it for a reason. They don’t fuck around with this last minute bargain bin signings or some failed youth experiment.
    Wenger has announced that come January he has a huge pot to spend (how many times have we heard that before) courtesy of the new sponsorship deal. He better pull his finger out his arse in January then.
    Of course, he has less than two seasons left with us and he will have to go someday… perhaps we had better start looking for a new manager now then…

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  41. ramsey didn’t cover himself in glory, but if we’re blaming him for the goal (we can), then we have to give him credit for the assist.

    still dwelled on the ball and gave away possession much too often. as he often seems to do. anyone have wenger’s phone number so i can let him know what the problem is?

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  42. Why does Ramsey start ?? When we have arshavin, Ox — && we overused Sagna on the right wing. He couldn’t. Get a good cross in today. Walcot should had been there. And arshavin should had been placed on the left wing. That would have given Giroud a better chance in the box. But fxk knows .. I sometimes think.. wenger has lost the fxking plot or he just to ignorant to see what’s happening on the pitch .

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  43. A point at Everton is actually a decent result. The games against Fulham, Norwich and Villa are the ones that have really hurt us – as well as that early-season draw with Sunderland.

    But let’s just face it: we’re average. I hope that today finally shuts up those idiots who ever thought that we could challenge for the title – that was always a fantasy. We have won just five games out of fourteen this season – that’s mid-table form.

    I totally agree with Cygan’s Left Foot above: the sooner Wenger goes, the better. We now desperately need a new manager to provide us with some fresh ideas and a new direction.

    Hopefully we’ll nick fourth, but it looks like it’s gonna be as tight as last season.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 5

  44. So many people on here who should have Wenger’s job… Bet they’d all get us back up the table in no time!
    I keep faith in him and will assess the situation at the end of next preseason. Yes, we are dropping points and the title definitely seems out of reach but we are still in the run all competitions. I reckon we are still on par for 3rd in PL.
    And look at Jenks, Chambo, Gibbs, Wilshere, Walcott if he stays – that is 5 players that could all play for England together in the near future – I’ll grant you that’s another team that hasn’t won trophies for a while, but I can only see that association as a good things for both teams. Those players are going to grow together. We need to tie down their contracts and watch the revolution begin.
    Oh yeah and let’s use the next transfer window to bolster that squad – we do have a new sponsorship deal after all.
    I’m thinking long-term and optimistic. COYG!

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  45. No other top four Premier League manager would survive 7 seasons without a trophy.

    But that’s all very negative, so I’ll finish on something positive. Here, have one of these +

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  46. Well, its hurting to see us play like this, Ok I know Everton are a good team, but against so-called ‘lesser’ opposition, I am a little concerned.

    We tend to make average players look good and decent players look world class.

    Apart from tonight’s start to the match, Its almost like, they have the team talk, the team go out, whistle blows , and its like all instruction has been forgotten.

    – i cant recall the last time our goal area was bombarded like that- lucky we have BFG

    We really need to win our next two home games…..i just hope wenger has got an ace up his sleeve in Jan


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  47. individual errors cost us.

    ramsey lost possesion at the dge of the box and everton neaarly got the equaliser. instead of clearing it he decided to play it out??????. really now???.
    lost possesion at the centre of the pitch and this time everton equalised through fellaini. without that it would have been a hard fought 1-0 win to the arsenal.

    verm is wiser, he now knows to clear the ball away is the first priority.
    i feel like we lost and this hurts.

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  48. Every time Theo scores it getting more and more frustrating that he’s closer to the end of his contract and doesn’t look like extending.
    For the first time I saw an interview with him where he’s starting dropping hints, thats he’s “not playing as much as I would like” and “showing everyone what I can do”.
    He’s obviously become a player that makes a difference for us. Whether thats based on his improvement, or the team’s decline, is up for debate

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  49. I am afraid of ourself Fans of this great Football club Arsenal…One day Arsene wenger,may end up with bullet inside his stubborn heart…by angrily Fan…Cuz it’ll only be the solution to bring back the old Arsenal we all knew…But as long as he’s alive our fucking board would never change their minds…I HATE U ARSENE WENGER(The killer of our beloved club)..Am always praying for you to DIE!!

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 30

  50. I agree that we need to replace the Dutch Skunk or at least sign someone who has that predatory killer instinct in front of goal.
    Top strikers are always expensive, and when you don’t dish out you end up with the Bendtners, Parks, Chamachks and Velas of the soocer universe.
    Llorente from Bilbo has to be for sale in January and he should be in Arsene’s price range. Is Hunterlaar down to the final year or 2 on his contract as well?
    Point is, we can’t be cheap in the striker dept. especially after losing a world class centre forward. Poldi & Giroud are good players but they would be even better players complimenting a world class striker.
    Forget the Manchester clubs – it’s a two horse race this year and with Chelsea struggling, there should be a good fight for 2 Champions League spots. That is our fight until next season when the sponsorship money starts kicking in.

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  51. I think under normal circumstances, a tie at Merseyside is a decent result; it’s Aston Villas, Norwitches and Fulhams of the world that we have to beat in order to be in 4th or above, otherwise we are all fucked.

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  52. Someone said lets wait until january before w should start to get worried… Yea when our only player who’s performing right now also gets sold because with all that “new”money we wont even spend the extra 10 grand needed to keep lil ol Theo!

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  53. Excellent point in isolation, poor with whats gone before, it Caz needs a rest hopefully Tomas can provide cover how massive is December next six league games all winnable positive thoughs only gooners

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  54. Stayed up until 7 am to watch this game.

    Worryingly, every game we play I am expecting to lose or draw. I really am. This season could be our downfall. It seems a case of glass-half-empty rather than glass-half-full. We’ve been nicking CL qualification for years now, and it seems we’re on a downward slide whereby one of these days we’re gonna miss it, rather than win it, by law of averages.


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  55. I’m not too upset about the result, it’s the tactic & the strategy that bothers me lately.

    For instance, why can’t we play Arshavin on the left & Theo on the right?

    It’s such a waste to have somebody like that on the bench yet we’re tryin’ to buy somebody new instead.

    What’s wrong with Wenger these days, man?

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  56. I’m from the United States, I’m no homegrown Arsenal supporter. I didnt inherit my Arsenal bloodlines from family, in fact my family have no clue who Arsenal is. Point is, there had to be something special to make me become a diehard supporter of a club thats a world away.

    My first premier league game was Arsenal v United in 99′. I was 14. United won that match 2-1. However, instead of falling for united I became positively addicted to The Arsenal. Even in defeat. This was thanks to three ingredients.

    The style: crisp, fluid passing. Quick, creative movement off the ball. Unbelievable technical quality.
    The attitude: motivated, hungry, competitive, prideful.
    The World Class talents: Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Overmars, Vieira…all those ingredients expertly mixed together by Mr Wenger produced some amazing moments and memories for me ever since. For that Im grateful.

    I sit here now, not saddened by the results, similarly to the way I was not saddened when Arsenal lost to United in 99′. Instead I am saddened by the lack of style, spirit, and quality put before us. I am not doom and gloom, I will always and forever support this club, but I am saddened to see what made Arsenal so special to someone that lives so far away, seemingly slowly fall apart.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 0

    • I’m not a native fan of Arsenal.Football is not our traditional strong sport here, but there are still a lot of football fans here. We know that Barca is the best team in the world in recent years. Even in PL, there are some other clubs more competitive than Arsenal. But we love arsenal. I don’t care about the trophies, or results. I just love the way arsenal played. I love the passing, the skills, the spirit, and those talented players…I think Arsenal’s games are much more attractive than Barca’s somtimes. But recently, I feel there is something missing in the team. I don’t see the desire to win, the confidence, and the passions are all disappeared, which is UNBEARABLE!
      Financially, the most difficult days are gone.I can’t figure out somebody else could do such a great job as Wenger did under that circumstances. In fact, Wenger is one of the biggest reason we love arsenal as foreign fans. May he still have the ability to lead the team to win more tropies like he did.
      Please buy Fellaini! We can’t count solely on Diaby’s return, since we all know his injury prone. And a decent striker is definitely needed. Gev is not good enough for Arsenal, although he luckily scored some goals in the first few games.
      Forgive my grammar mistakes.

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  57. I lost track of the Amount of times I yelled oh fucking hell Ramsey this game, he is not suited to wing play. And no need to point out he had our assist, I know. But anyone could have played that ball.
    Our substitution policy has me tearing my fucking hair out why wait 80 minutes

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  58. I must add that Baines is a fucking monster that dude just does not fuck up I pray he stays at Everton because I don’t want him strengthening any of the title challengers

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  59. Ramsey just doesn’t look the same player he was before he got injured, he looks like he’s lost a yard of pace and it also seems that his decision making is poor.
    Anyway, all things considered it isn’t a bad result. not many teams get a point at everton, and we had chances to win it. in the last 20 mins i thought it was only us that was going to score.
    We need to control games more away from home, sometimes we attempt stupid passes when just keeping the ball would be better. To pull the opposition defence around, and find little gaps.
    I did actually see a slight improvement last night, i thought the only thing lacking was our final ball which could have been better, but that will come.
    If we can cut out our individual errors then we should be ok. Not too keen on Ramsey, Giroud though, i think they are players to bring on, not starting players. Would like to see Podolski up front, purely because i’d like to have him in the box more. with Walcott (who is looking more and more dangerous in every game) and Gervinho.

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  60. Much as I expected, I will not be eating my own shit with a rusty spoon.

    Looking forward to the impending player quotes….”We will get it together and win the next game”…blah blah blah.

    Even Blogs is beginning to sound like AFC press. I’m sure he said a few weeks ago that after the Manc defeat we had a few games coming up that we should get the points from, i.e. Fulham, Spuds, Villa, Everton. We took 6 points out of 12. And today’s blog talks about a couple of very winnable home games. I’ll believe when I see it!

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  61. last night was a good result. Everton away?? The problem wasn’t last night, it was that we needed/wanted more from it due to the dropped points against Villa. We need to stop dropping points against teams we should be beating comfortably. It puts pressure on us to get results beyond what is reasonable. A 1-1 with Everton away where we created chances delivers on reasonable expectations.

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