Ramsey welcomes Wilshere, feeling more confident


Aaron Ramsey is delighted to see Jack Wilshere put his injury troubles behind him and get back to first team football with Arsenal.

The Welshman suffered similarly, but far more traumatically, spending close to 12 months out after having his leg Shawcrossed, and he knows how hard it is not to be playing.

Speaking in today’s Sun, he said, “He had been out for a bit longer than me and had some complications. He is a very determined character and I thought he came through everything well and hopefully he can now stay injury free.

“Jack likes to work a lot on certain things. He is often the first in to training so he can put the time in. He puts in a lot of hours trying to get in the best shape and hopefully he can get the rewards for his hard work.

“People do not always see what goes on behind the scenes. In my case, there were too many people to name. It is not nice to be out for a long time. You only realise how much football means to you when you are not playing.

“I had a couple of conversations with Jack while he was still recovering from his injuries and he always remained very positive. Very upbeat.”

And Ramsey, who has struggled to find form this season, has urged fans to get behind the team and that players know when they’re not playing as well as they should.

“The fans let you know when someone is not doing the right thing but they have to be patient and get behind the team and individuals.

“They have to realise that. It can be such a massive help. I have played wide a few times. It is not my position but I was asked to do a job there.

“I have got my confidence back and I feel sharper. If I carry on improving, I will become a better player.”


    • Aaron, you need to focus on what you’re doing not on what the fans are doing.
      Stop making excuses for yourself. If you continue to fuck up you will be booed and rightly.
      You’re performances this season have been continually underwhelming. Hardly Arsenal standard. We can’t keep carrying you.

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      • Coquelin has been quite good this season so far. If I’m honest. Ramsey hasn’t been even close to good.

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    • Of course I could count the posters who did not doubt Walcott 2 years ago, and now I can count the posters who doubt Walcott today.

      Then there were also fans who doubted Henry the first few weeks he came in. That or Alex Song. Oh, and what about Gibbs. Right, we also had Mertesacker. Oh right not to mention Koscielny.

      Really, doubting gets you nowhere in today’s Arsenal.

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      • Yeah, I sounded like a douche, but more to the point:

        Your opinions aren’t qualified, and there have been numerous instances where players ‘destined to flop’ have come out on top and proven themselves.

        Fickle fans can have their say how many times they want, but I’ve seen enough young players not playing well in the start and bloom later on. The most recent example I can think of is of course Alex Song.

        There are always players like Denilson and Carlos Vela, but assuming all young players not performing well to flop would be fallacious to the bone. Imagine what they would have said about Giroud when he was in the lower divisions of French football.

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  1. Why the hell do a lot of people hate Ramsey? Lay off him, you try getting hated by the very people who are supposed to get behind you at the very least.

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      • So you hate Squillaci? That doesn’t make sense.

        Why hate a human being who’s doing his best for a cause you support, fails due to lack of ability and hate the person? Does that even make sense?

        Not to mention his age.

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      • Hating a 22 year old player (or any player for that matter) because they ‘aren’t good enough’ isn’t very clever. Hate should be reserved for traitors and rival scummers, not your own fucking team.

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      • While I have my doubts whether he fits in this Arsenal team, it’s not his fault that he’s here and that he’s playing. It’s the manager who chooses to keep him and to play him, so booing him is just about the most retarded thing you could do and won’t change anything.

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      • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this time i think you full of it!.. Ramsey easily has the quality to be in this squad. He may not of been out as long as Jack, but his injury was way more horrific ( look at Rosicky, it took him a good two seasons after his injury to get back to the level he was at before )

        Ramsey has not had a chance this season to establish himself in one position, he has had to play on the wing or centrally, two very different roles and I think he has performed well in both positions. there is many other players who are limited to just one position, so having someone of his versatility is a plus in my eyes.

        Hopefully by end of this season, he will have his confidence back you will realise the error of ways and see why Ramsey was touted early on to be a future great!

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      • He is not failing because of his lack of ability. It is because of his ability he was signed from under the red nose of another manager who recognises ability. Lets look at his Arsenal career. His early days he showed great ability. Then he was mashed by a thug and put out of the game for a year. When he came back he had to play every game because our captain and another chinless cunt wanted off, and he was burned out after half a season. When his performances dropped this Seb and the likes were on his back, and the hate mob managed to gain momentum and get into the heads of some of the sheep. Also bear in mind simultaneously a manager who made him captain of his country that he was obviously close to went tragically. Now, all this between the age of 17 and 20.

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  2. I wish more people got behind Ramsey, it wasn’t really him who was picking himself for so many matches last season, and he’s not even 22 (he’s 21).

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  3. He does seem to take an awful lot of flack sometimes, but there must be a reason Arsene picks him infront of several other players, i don’t know what it is, there must be something i’m missing, seems a good kid though and let’s not underestimate the effects of being twatted by that twat…(England centre half my arse)….it’s a tough one cause i’d love to see Ramsey do well, but at times it’s just as if his “football brain” doesn’t work quick enough.

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    • He gets a lot of games in a lot of different positions I’m confused as to what kind of player he is. He was Wales captain now he’s not . He gets a lot of negativity dumped on him but he has never hidden for a minute on the pitch wherever he plays. Being a well used sub seems to be his level at the moment and it seems to suit him.

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      • I think Arsene tends to bring him on when we are trying to close a game out (never been our strong point) probably for his energy and work rate, but i fear that as he can play in several positions he will never establish himself in one.

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      • He needs to have a long think where he feels he fits and concentrate on acquiring the skills to be world class in that position. I think the Arteta position from last year would suit his style.

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      • I think at Cardiff he was a hard working centre midfield player who had an eye for goal, but at Arsenal there are better players than him in that position so he seems to have lost his way a bit, just needs to keep working hard cause Wenger seems to have an awful lot of faith in him..

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  4. ramsey is far more effective than diaby and rosicky at least he is fit enough to take his place in the squad. Sure if diaby and rosicky were fit (yeah right!) then they would be in front of ramsey and coquelin for that matter but they are not so the two youngsters take their place on the bench. lets not forget ramsey is younger than craig eastmond so still has plenty of time to improve.

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    • That’s a fare point, part of the problem is Ramsey seems to have been around for ages so people think he’s at the top of his game…

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      • More importantly, he spent 4 years in the spotlight, so more impatient fans would believe it was ‘forever’, whereas no one can remember how long Coquelin’s been with us (also 4 years).

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  5. It’s worth keeping Ramsey just for squad depth IMO. I don’t think he’s the player we signed at 17 but he still has a phenomenal work rate. Add to the fact he’s only turning 22 next month, time is very much on his side

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  6. Look at the confidince Wilshere gets. If we support Ramsey like that he will be a better player. You can see he plays wonderfull when he came of the bench, because the pressure is less hard. When he starts he gets nervous.

    He’s a great player and he will be a our future in the midfield with Wilshere en Chamberlain.

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  7. I think Ramsey will have to be happy as I can’t see him breaking into a starting spot unless arteta, Wilshere or cazorla get injured (no thank you!). Excellent back up though and what a player to bring on during a match.

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  8. Wow, so amazing majority of the gunners can get behind thier players no matter what. Dun get me wrong, ramsey is a fantastic player but sometimes, he just stirs you blood up. But, hey, even gervinho, or maybe even wilshere or even messi can give that feeling to the fans. So, pls get behind him! COYG!

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  9. People forget he has not had a breather since he has been back…. I say give him a few more weeks and after xmas he will be back to his best.

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  10. Many gooners have slated Ramsey for ages, but there you go, the man himself has spoken. It’s a good thing he’s said they know when they are not doing well, but they still need your support. Ramsey is in Arsenal because he deserved to be there. He will prove that.

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  11. i think ramsey has enough skill to make it at arsenal, but i think being appointed captain of wales at such a young age has done more harm than good. he plays like he has to make something of every play, and carry the team on his shoulders. when playing for his country, he doesn’t exactly have the support he needs (except for that a$$hole, bales) and he has to carry the weight. but at arsenal, he needs to understand there are 10 other players on the pitch as good as, or better than, himself and he doesn’t need to go it alone all the time. i think he’ll prove to be a good investment for 5m

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      • Why do you read his comments? I just skip them. Truth be told, I only actually read 1 in 15 comments here. At this point, you know who can make a concise, accurate point, express their opinion, and not be a dick about it. I’m not one of those people, but what the fuck……

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  12. For me Ramsey is still learning firstly what position he plays and secondly how to play at the top level, he has a lot of critics at home games and is probabley all too aware of them personally think he will a top player, perhaps 6 months at somewhere like Villa may be the making of him because at the moment he’s not good enough for the Arse.

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  13. Ramsey has the chance to prove his doubters wrong against Villa. He starts and Jack gets rested.
    Booing a current Arsenal player is stupid, but I do understand the frustration of those who cringe when Ramsey enters the pitch.
    Inspire us young Aaron! I will gladly eat my words if I see an inspiring performance from Rambo. The Ramsey vs City this season is what I would like to see on a regular and more consistent basis!

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    • Inspire us young Aaron????

      Just LOL.

      People here he is learning!!!. We are the Arsenal not a training or learning school, send him on loan to learn how to play for our team that have not won anything for 8 years and our best players leaving as a result.

      Arsene will mess up our season to prove to the world that “young Aaron” is a good player, just like he did with Almunia for 4 season and some happy meal kids here will come to clap and scream Arsene the great.

      Arsene know???????????. I don’t think so.

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  14. […] 就我个人来看,拉姆塞的体内还是有着一个好球员的本质的。一旦有机会,他被激活之后,就会脱胎换骨。不可否认的是,现在拉姆塞的表现确实有些小问题。而一旦他在比赛中犯了错,满世界都会是愤懑之情。他知道外面的一切,所以最近这么说: 一旦有人发挥不佳,粉丝们会立刻让你知道。但他们需要更有耐心一点,支持球队和每个球员。他们需要明白这点,这会是极大的帮助。” […]

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